A Bit of Autumn Wardrobe Styling and It’s Almost Flannel Season!

Just popping in for a quick update for the fashion lovers. I’m starting to get super excited about shopping for a few new winter clothes. If you are following me on my new Instagram account, UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias, you probably saw this posting where I shared a new scarf I just purchased recently from Hermes. I paired it with a few old favorites that I’ll definitely be wearing again this year.

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The cashmere turtleneck is from Orvis a couple of years back. I caught it on sale in the store the year I bought it. I don’t think they are on sale right now but you can see this years colors here: Cashmere Turtleneck Sweaters. I may try to pick up another one this year because they are incredibly soft and warm!

Autumn Clothing, Frye Boots, Hermes Cashmere Houndstooth Scarf, Orvis Cashmere Sweater


The red puffer vest is from Tommy Hilfiger. I think I found it in Marshalls one year. Don’t see this exact same one available right now online,  but this one is pretty close and it’s on sale: Red Vest. The boots are Frye boots purchased online here a few years back: Frye Boots. I can’t remember where I bought the paisley cords but they are the Jones New York brand. I love cords with a pattern like this! They are almost like a neutral when pairing them with other pieces.

I’ll try to do more of these “outfit” posts both here and on Instagram for fall. I love mixing all the different colors, patterns and textures to create new looks!

Autumn Clothing, Frye Boots, Hermes Cashmere Houndstooth Scarf, Orvis Cashmere Sweater


I just noticed today, L.L. Bean has a 20% off sale going on right now that ends today. You’ll find the sale here: 20% off Flannel Sale.

It’s on everything they make that’s flannel. I’m obsessed with their flannel sheets, especially their Heritage Flannel! It’s amazing! I can’t wait to put them on my bed as soon as the first chill hits the air!

They are currently on sale here: Flannel Sheets.


I think I need a set of these flannel sheets!

Best Flannel Sheets


Wouldn’t they be cute under my red/green tartan winter bedding? It looks like this bedding is back in stock, you’ll find it here: Tartan Bedding.


You’ll find them on sale here: Flannel Sheets. I think I’m going to get a set, can’t resist getting them while they’re on sale!

Best Flannel Sheets


I love L.L. Bean’s flannel shirts, including their and fleece-lined flannel shirts. I have quite a few now since I’ve been adding to my collection each year. I pretty much live in them during the winter months! This is one of my favorites that I wear around the house during the winter moths. You’ll find it on sale here: Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt.


Here are few looks I’ve shared in the past where I’ve paired them with some of my winter sweaters.

J. Crew Red Wool Sweater, L.L. Bean Flannel Tartan Shirt, Stewart Victoria


Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater, Prince Charles Edward Tartan Flannel Shirt


Talbots Patchwork Sweater, L.L. Bean Flannel Shirt, Princess Mary


You’ll find all their flannel shirts on sale here: Flannel Shirts.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


Have you done in fall/winter clothing shopping yet? I’m started to get excited about sweater weather!

Sweater Weather Pumpkin for Fall


See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. This ensemble is lovely. Could you tell us about the beautiful purse?

    • Thanks, Kathi! It’s from Hermes. I just got it last May and though I’ve enjoyed carrying it this summer, the color is really perfect for fall, I think.

  2. Hi, cute outfit! I’m just wondering. How cold does it get in Atlanta? I’m a transplanted Houstonian that’s lived in NJ for the past 35 years. I definitely understand flannel, cashmere, and fireplaces up here! We are downsizing and moving back down south. We are actually not considering any place with a fireplace, LOL! As far as winter items of clothing we are shedding all of our woolens and flannels. Not really any need for them in the south. I guess it is a function of becoming acclimatized to the north and then finding that the winters in the south are not cold at all?

    • Robin, I think this picture says it all. lol


      It can get very, very cold here in Dec-February, so I would not give away your warm clothes. We even get snow and some awful ice storms some years. I pretty much don’t go outside in January and February…I hate the cold. You won’t need wool sweaters for indoors, as long as you have a good furnace, but there are def days you’ll want them when you’re outside.
      I think I love a fireplace more for the coziness and the ambiance than for the heat. Fireplaces aren’t known for generating that much heat anyway, but they add a ton of coziness. I love nothing more than having a holiday or winter party with a fire blazing away in the fireplace. It just adds so much to Christmas and the winter holidays.

    • Hi Robin, I live most of the year in Fl (East Coast, halfway down the state), and I have TWO fireplaces in my home that we use, although it never got cold enough last year to bother with filling the propane tank for our one gas fireplace. Besides, without a fireplace, where would you hang your stockings? (By the way, in Fl, if the temp goes below 70, people break out their parkas and Uggs!!

      • LOL Bernie, Now THOSE are my kinda people! I recently told my friend who lives in Bend Oregon, anything below 75 is cold to me! 🙂

      • Too funny. Our daughter landed in Houston from NJ. She freaked out when the Houstonians brought out their Uggs & fur coats at 60 degrees. She wears an occasional sweater and a lightweight pea-coat. I will keep my fur coat but refuse to wear it unless it is a dry 32 degrees or lower (my rule for NJ cold snaps).

    • Lynne Taylor says

      Hi Robin, it can be hot one day and cold the next here in Atlanta. Plan on wearing layers in Oct, Nov, and maybe your sweaters in Dec, Jan and
      Feb…. This year it was really warm but we are expecting a cold winter for a change. I dress in layers and I’m always putting on or pulling off a sweater or cardigan. I think you will love living here in Georgia!

  3. I have some of those same LLBean flannel shirts. Love them and everything LL Bean! Your fall outfit looks beautiful. The leather boots and purse have such a rich fall color. They are both classy and timeless classic styles.

    • Thanks so much, Mary! I do too, love everything L.L. Bean. I discovered a year or two ago that there’s one in Cincinnati and whenever I visit family in Ohio, I literally drive within 15 minutes of it since it’s not that far off I-75. I stopped once and had a blast shopping there! I def need to stop again on one of my trips back home. That’s the time that works out best…when I’m headed home since it’s always too late to stop when I’m driving up. Have you ever visited one of the stores in person?

      • No, I’ve never been to one of the stores, but I would love to. We spend too much time in southern Arkansas and East Texas. I’d love to make a trip to the northeast for a few weeks.

  4. GeezLoueeze, er…Susan. The last thing I need is more sheets. But, of course, I ordered a set. They are just perfect for my winter bed/room. *sigh*

  5. The evergreen ones. I do wish they had them in CalKing, but I have sheet garters that I use for sheets that aren’t quite right.

  6. Love your outfit, Susan. Thanks for sharing. Kay

  7. I stopped in one of their stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area last fall. I wanted one of everything. I got one of their super warm fair isle sweaters and a very heavy flannel shirt. I wore the shirt all winter and am looking for another one for this year. I thought the sweater was a bit warm for here in Atlanta. I wish the store I visited had their petite sizes because the sleeves were too long on some of the things I tried on, but I love the quality of their clothing.

    • Ha, that’s the same problem I had! I saw so many things I had never noticed on their website. Pam, you may enjoy their Fisherman sweater. It’s all cotton and really cute. I have it several colors and it’s great for when you don’t need a heavier wool sweater. I love their fair isle sweaters, too! I got hooked on the Fair Isle sweater design a few years back and try to add one to my sweater collection each year. They are just so pretty!

  8. Hello Susan!
    I always learn so much from your posts and enjoy them. I think the first time I read your wardrobe post was when you were heading on a trip, Germany? And you shared the clothes you were packing. Your style is classic and very much like I wear. I appreciate your beauty and makeup secrets too. Your new Instagram account for fashion is stellar.
    Happy Houndstooth,

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! I’ve been thinking about starting that Instagram page forever, glad I finally got around to doing it. So glad you are enjoying it!
      I do love classic styles in clothing for the majority of my wardrobe. They never go out of style and you wear them for so many years. Every once in a while I’ll add some kinda fun like the Old Gringo boots I bought (from Sundance) that are covered in flowers. 🙂 lol I think I may post a photo of those on Instagram sometime soon…not sure how it will go over. Hee, hee

  9. Oh I love flannel sheets and tartan! Thanks for the heads up on the sales. I’m really enjoying your new Instagram by the way, and so happy to hear more of the details in your post. And wow – who would have thought it snowed in Atlanta? 🙂 Take care down there!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! Oh yeah, we def get it some years…not every year. I don’t mind the snow so much, it’s the evil ice storms that really wreak havoc when they hit.

  10. Check out Lord and Taylor for cashmere sweaters too. If you don’t need them right now they drop in price right after Christmas.

    • Ohh, good tip! I used to love, love, love shopping there and then they closed all the stores here. I keep forgetting that they are online. I need to check them out. I’ll keep my eye out for the sweater sale after Christmas. Thanks, Kem!

  11. LOVE the bear sweater! Where did you find that/brand?

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