An Absolutely Ducky Idea for Shelving in a Bathroom or Linen Closet

Welcome to the 553rd Metamorphosis Monday!

How about a little silly fun for your Labor Day? Happy Labor Day to you, btw. I hope you are resting somewhere with your feet propped up, fruity drink in hand. Those are my plans for this afternoon! ๐Ÿ™‚

First off I have to state, this is NOT where I store my linens. I put this bit of fun together last night just so I could share a hilarious, adorable idea that Mary Beth, a BNOTP reader–now friend, shared with me during our recent literary trip to England.

Mary Beth collects whimsical rubber duckies. She came up with the cutest idea to mix them in with the bath linens in her guest linen closet.  So when guests open the closet to help themselves to a towel, they are greeted with something along these lines. Ha!

Whimsical Linen Storage with Rubber Ducks, Duckies


I’m totally blaming this new souvenir addiction on Mary Beth! After touring one of the homes where Jane Austen lived and wrote during her lifetime, we headed over to the gift shop nearby. That’s where we spotted this adorable Jane Austen ducky and of course, several of us had to buy one. I think our group almost wiped out the Jane Austen ducky inventory during that single visit.

Note: The book Jane is holding is nonother than, Pond and Prejudice. Har, har. If you need a Jane Austen Ducky, I just found one here: Jane Austen Rubber Ducky.

Jane Austen Rubber Ducky, Pond & Prejudice


I already had a wee start on this little ducky obsession from a previous trip to Kenya where I stayed in Richard Branson’s Mahali Muzuri bush camp.

(Thinking of visiting Kenya for a safari? Find my previous posts about that trip linked here: Travel to Kenya: Mahali Mzuri and Giraffe Manor.)


During that trip, I was presented with a Maaisi Warrior ducky in my bath.

Mahali Mzuri Rubber Ducky


He’s been a lonely little ducky up until now, but not anymore! He has tons of new friends, now! lol

Mahali Muzur Maasai Warrior Rubber Ducky


I was surprised and delighted to discover a William Shakespeare ducky in the gift shop of the Globe Theatre during my visit to see Henry IV, Part 1.

Globe Theatre, July 2019


According to the scroll in his hand, uh, I mean under his wing, he appears to be contemplating whether “To Quack or Not to Quack.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wiliam Shakespeare Rubber Ducky


In The British Museum, I came across a Queen Elizabeth ducky. Of course, she greeted me with the royal wave!

Queen Elizabeth Rubber Ducky


The British Museum Gift Shop had an extensive rubber ducky selection. Excited to get this ducky collection underway, I went a wee bit crazy there picking up quite a few more. While there, I picked up a Samurai Rubber Ducky…

Samurai Rubber Ducky


…a Roman Gladiator Rubber Ducky…

Roman Gladiator Rubber Ducky


…a Viking Rubber Ducky…

Viking Rubber Ducky


…a Zeus Greek God Rubber Ducky…

Zeus Greek God Rubber Ducky


and finally, a Sphinx Rubber Ducky. I would love to have collected this guy during my recent trip to Egypt but I hadn’t yet met Mary Beth, so wasn’t in rubber ducky collecting mode at that point. I think I’ll restrict my future collecting to picking them up during my travels–one at the time. Ha!

Sphinx Rubber Ducky


I wanted to share this idea because I think it would be beyond cute on open shelving in a bathroom. I could totally see them all peeking out from under towels and wash clothes, delighting unsuspecting guests.

Come to think of it, why save it just for guests?! Consider adding a few rubber duckies to your bathroom linen closet or linen shelves. You’ll find a large selection available here: Rubber Duckies.

Thanks so much to Mary Beth for sharing this adorable idea during our recent trip! Such a simple, inexpensive way to add some fun to what’s normally a pretty boring space!

Whimsical Linen Storage with Rubber Ducks, Duckies


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Happy Labor Day!!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting the party.
    Have a great week,

  3. How cute are these! Who would ever have known that there are “literary duckies out there? And that can you could find them all over the world? Thanks for brightening my day, Susan! Quack, quack!

  4. Oh, noooo…or, YESSS!! It ” could be” a DNA thing…I, too, LUV DUCKIES!! They are in our shower, boat, on top of books..”Moby Dick” aka (“Moby Duck”.) Yep!! franki

  5. Absobloomin’ adorable! Are you familiar with this?

  6. What a cute idea! I can attest to the fact that Highclere Castle/Downton Abbey doesnโ€™t have them in their gift shop (Carson the Butler duck?) as I was there today but Iโ€™ll check the V&A and Kensington Palace. Maybe there will be a Harry duck.

  7. Hi Susan, now I know why you and Mary Beth disappeared for so long at the Globe that evening, you were both chasing little duckies round the theatre.
    You both managed to keep them quite and well hidden all the way back home.
    Itโ€™s so funny to read this now and imagine the little ducks travelling in your suitcase what a lovely story.
    Hope youโ€™re well and having a nice relax, you donโ€™t seem to have stopped since you got back from England.
    Mary has been out with family in BC the last few weeks and Iโ€™ve been decorating.
    Hope to see you in England again.
    Jann x

    • Ha! Yes, had to get in line to pay for all our goodies from the shop. I could have shopped all day there, lots of cute stuff!
      I know, can you imagine if TSA opened up my suitcase! lol I had them stuffed everywhere. I barely got everything back because my suitcase was pretty full when I left and I purchased a big, fluffy throw in the Stonehenge gift shop. Thanks, Jann! I hope to come back again one day…still much to see!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Love the Shakespeare and Jan Austen captions, lol. And if you ever tire of the collection, off to the grandsons they go!

  9. What a fun thing to collect!! I had no idea there was such a thing as a themed rubber duckie! They are adorable, thanks Susan!

    • I know, I didn’t realize it either…just thought the Mahali Mzuri thing was something special they had created for them. Apparently, it’s a thing! Thanks, Jenna!

  10. Maureen D. Eha says

    What a fun and unexpected post, Susan! I had never seen rubber duckies made to look like anything but ducks until I read your blog, but having been an English major, I can especially appreciate the Jane Austen and Shakespeare versions. One thing: The duckie you said is Zeus looks more like Julius Caesar to me.

    Happy Labor Day!


    • He does look like Julius Caesar!
      I couldn’t remember what he was called and Googled looking for it today and they are calling a Greek God in their gift shop here:

      I thought the Sphinx one looked a lot like King Tut, but I guess the feet are why they call him the Sphinx.

      Oh, I just saw the Egyptian Goddess rubber duck online at the British Museum…I need that one for my Egypt trip, too. lol

      • I just checked that site and saw a lipbalm version of a rubber duck dressed as one of the palace guards!! Adorable! If they make him in a regular rubber duck version, he is a must have. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. HA! Those are DARLING – so fabulous and so fun! Thanks to you and Mary Beth for the excellent decorating (and gifting) idea!

  12. Your duckies are so cute! Karen sent me a Nessie duckie from Scotland, so he is hanging out in the linen closet with the other duckies. Your photo might inspire me to straighten up the linen closet mine sure needs it.

    • Oh, I bet he is adorable! If Laura puts a Scotland trip together for next year, maybe I can find one there.
      I need to move all the huge blankets out of mine so I can buy more towels and get my ducks in a row! lol

  13. I love the duckies, and saw a large display of them in the hotel lobby in Windsor.

  14. Who knew? A whole new world of ducks. Have to admit they are quite cute. I actually have “one” unadorned duck that I bought for my husband as a joke because he likes to take bubble baths/soaks. Sounds like you had fun adding to your collection and a sidekick along with you!

  15. Just “quackers”over your duckies. I have always LOVED these, and have a Santa duckie. Will make sure I get it out for the holidays.

  16. Brenda Lawrence says

    OMGoodness, this is so cute! I love rubber duckies and have always gotten some for the grandchildren. I never knew they made them in “real life people” themed though! How fun and how fun to decorate with them in the bathroom. I just love it! Hugs, Brenda

  17. It’s not ducks who have taken over our house but owls…. it started with a cast iron door stop owl from an antique store, that one lived on the floor, until my 8 year old grandson rolled his eyes and informed me “Grandma, owls need to be up high!!” So that one is up on top of a column and has been joined by three puppet owls.

  18. Biodynamic Barb says

    LOL!! I love them!

  19. I’ve never seen so many well turned out rubber ducks, lol. How cute. Jane appears to be in her bathing costume, lol. Or perhaps that is her dress, but I like the idea that she’s out to spend a day at the beach and has brought a good book to read. I followed your link and the ones in the Hawaiian leis and Magnum shirt cracked me up. Funny.

    I agree. How fun would it be for an unsuspecting guest to come upon some little ducks playfully hiding betwixt and between the towels. ๐Ÿ˜€ So funny. Thanks to Mary Beth. And I still hope you’ll be sharing more of that trip in the months to come. I was hoping to see some pictures so we can put a face to the name of some of the other regular posters. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you had a great Labor Day!

  20. Susan,
    I must admit this post was so fun that it totally “quacked” me up!

  21. Dawne Marie says

    Love the duckies! So fun. Thanks!

  22. I was at Kensington Palace yesterday and found a guard duck with the red jacket and bearskin hat. Of course, I bought him.

  23. The duckies are so fun! I might get the Jane Austen one for a bookshelf. What’s one more collectible, right?
    Amazon notes that this duckie “does not swim upright.” Drowned while reading, poor little guy…

    • What??? lol I haven’t put her in water so I didn’t know that! That’s kinda disturbing! I guess she’ll need to wear floaties (or whatever those things are called that kids wear on their arms) when she’s in the tub. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Susan, I missed this Labor Day post, so thanks for linking back today. I love this darling idea! I have a few rubber ducks, but never thought of them when traveling. I’m going to start looking when I travel. This is such a clever idea! Whimsy at its best! You have an adorable collection. Your grandsons are going to find it fun!

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