DIY Festive Christmas Nails, My Ninja Air Fryer Decision & A Fun Way To Pop Popcorn

Just popping in (pun intended) to share some fun things today! Many, many years ago I used to have a microwave popcorn popper. It always made great popcorn. I was thinking recently about how I like popcorn, but do not like prepackaged microwave popcorn. Whenever I’ve eaten it, it always leaves this disturbing coating on the roof of my mouth. I have no idea what that coating is, but I figure it can’t be good. I don’t eat canned biscuits for the same reason–they leave the same weird coating on the roof of my mouth.

I came across this adorable little popcorn popper a few days ago and ordered three of them–one for a friend, one for a family member who loves popcorn, and one for myself.  It’s super easy to use–you just measure popcorn up to the fill line in the little red lid, dump it into the container, add butter to the top–if you like butter on your popcorn, place it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, removing it when the popping sounds are more than 2 seconds apart. For my microwave, that’s around the 2-minute mark. I’ve found it makes just about the right amount of popcorn for two to enjoy. (Popcorn popper is available here: Microwave Popcorn Popper.)

Microwave Popcorn Popper


I don’t know what put me in the mood, but a few days ago I was craving some fun nails for Christmas. My lovely daughter-in-law, Nancy, always has the most beautiful nails and she often does festive ones for holidays throughout the year. Here’s how she did her nails for a previous 4th of July. I LOVE these!


Here’s another look she’s done for every day…


Following the detailed steps my DIL shared, I attempted these faux nails a while back. They came out pretty good for my first attempt.

My first time using KISS Gel Nails


These are the nails I put on yesterday. Since it had been a while since I had done my own nails, and I wanted them to last for at least 2-3 weeks, I referred back to the tutorial that I previously shared here: Finally Got Up the Nerve to Do My Own Faux Nails. I love how they turned out–they make me laugh every time I look down at them. 🙂 (Grinch nails are available here: Grinch Christmas Nails.) Note: I didn’t use the adhesive that came with the Grinch nails, instead, I used this adhesive that I had heard good things about via YouTube: Nailene Super Strong Fast-Drying Nail Glue. Also, after I took this photo, I trimmed mine down a little because I prefer them to be shorter. It’s easy to trim/file them to the length you like, just wait around 12 hours before you do that to make sure the adhesive is nice and dry.

Christmas Nail, Grinch


I shared them in a text with Nancy since she was the one who first taught me how to do them, and she shared this photo of how she has her nails dressed for the holiday season.  Sooo cute! I love the peppermint accent nail!

Nancy's Christmas Nails


Switching gears, I’ve had a few questions about which Ninja Air Fryer I decided to keep. I was trying to decide between this one (available here: Air Fryer)  AND…


…this one that is designed with a built-in temperature/probe that will let you cook steaks and various types of meat to the exact doneness that you like. I cooked a steak in it the first night I had it and it came out exactly as I had programmed it. Either of these air fryers would be great, but I’m excited to have a way to prepare a steak occasionally that’s pretty much foolproof. Air Fryer with built-in temperature probe is available here: Air Fryer with Temperature Probe.

Ninja Air Fryer, Double Basket, DualZone


Now I just need a good marinade recipe. My steak was tender and cooked exactly as I had specified, but it could have been a bit more flavorful. Do you have any great marinade suggestions or recipes for steak, something to marinade it in overnight before grilling or cooking?

Ninja Air Fryer, Double Basket, DualZone



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  1. Carla Chapman says

    Dukes marinade for steaks. Buy anywhere.

  2. Carla Chapman says

    Dales marinade not Dukes. My memory is not what it should be.

  3. Cute nails. How do you remove them ?

  4. All of those nail covers are so neat! But I think the July 4th ones are my favorite.

  5. I have the same popcorn popper and love it! I also brought them in a package of three, kept one for myself and gave the other two away for Christmas gifts several years ago. I just didn’t want all the chemicals and processed crap in bagged microwaved popcorn, thus why I went to this one. Love the fun, festive nails. I use nail polish strips, they are like a sticker and cure fully once on the nails. No glue required and they last for 3 weeks, will last longer but by then the nail bed has grown out and they need to be changed. Love them and they are cheap. It’s always fun to dress up the nails all year long! LOL Loving your new air fryer! Hugs, Brenda

  6. I use Allegro marinade. I have been using it for years. I buy steaks when they are on sale and freeze them. When I’m ready for a steak, I take one out of the freezer and pour some marinade on it. By the time it has thawed, it is seasoned and ready to cook.

    • Thanks for that tip, Bobbie! I had frozen one and I let it thaw before I poured the Dale’s marinade on it…now I know I can pour it on before it’s thawed. I will look for Allegro…love trying different marinades!

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