A Growing Hermes Perfume Atomizer Collection & A Cozy Addition for My Bath

Welcome to the 643rd Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters!

Is there something you love to collect? Maybe you have a beautiful doll collection. Or, if you love handbags as I do, perhaps you have a growing handbag collection. If I were a guy, I think I’d have a big necktie collection. lol I love shopping for ties for my son–both Hermes and Vineyard Vines make really fun ones!

These days, I try to avoid starting any new collections because I tend to go whole-hog once I start. I guess that’s the way it is with any collection–if you are passionate about whatever you collect, it’s natural to want to add to it.

I’ve been collecting Hermes Perfume Atomizers now for a few years. Can’t remember where/when I first discovered Hermes made these colorful atomizers, it may have been at the Purse Forum. That’s a dangerous site to visit–so many pretties posted every day!

When I started my collection a few years back, Hermes was still producing these colorful, leather-covered atomizers on a yearly basis. Typically they would produce them in the same leather colors they were making their handbags and wallets in for that year. The year I started my collection, Eglantine (the pale pink, third from the left) was one of the leather colors for that year. Etoupe (fourth from the right), Chocolate Brown, and the famous Hermes Orange (third from the right) are their staple colors that I think Hermes has always made available year to year. They continue to produce and sell those now at that website online.

This was my collection a few years ago–9 colorful, leather-covered atomizers. No one does color like Hermes! They are the expert in dyeing leather in the most beautiful, rich, pure colors! I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy collecting their atomizers–it’s an easy, affordable way for me to enjoy each of the beautiful colors they create for their handbags and leather accessories.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, Perfect for Carrying in Handbag


You may remember when I shared my atomizer collection in this previous post: My Hermes Perfume Atomizer Collection & the Perfumes They Hold. At that time, I had fun pairing some of my favorite perfumes with the atomizers, trying to match the perfume to the atomizer in the most logical, natural way. For example, the perfume Love in White, had to go inside the white atomizer. The only perfume I have by Cartier, Cartier Carat, definitely belonged inside the red atomizer. I’m not sure which Hermes “red” that is because Hermes has literally hundreds of different shades in any particular color that they make! My Tiffany perfume paired beautifully with the only blue atomizer I had which I think may be in the color Bleu Atoll. Or it could Hermes’s Ciel Bleu.

Though this was a fun system because I could easily remember which atomizer held which perfume, as my collection has grown, I found this system was no longer working.

Hermes Refillable Perfume Atomizer, Perfect for Carrying in Handbag


Now there were two blues–and a green, a purple, and a yellow.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, So Colorful


As my collection grew, I started keeping them in a small, acrylic container that I think was designed to hold lipsticks.

Storage for Hermes Perfume Atomizers


I normally store my atomizers in the same cabinet where I keep my small handbag collection. That’s convenient because I can match the atomizer to the bag and pop it into the bag before I head out the door.

Though this has worked quite well over the years, recently I began to wonder if a chemical reaction could ever occur that would cause one of the atomizers to spontaneously combust or explode. Hermes atomizers are very well made and I’ve never had one even leak, but I know that it’s possible for any liquid to potentially become unstable and weird stuff can happen.

One night while lying in bed thinking about this, I “Googled” the topic on my phone. Sure enough, I found a few articles where perfume bottles (not just atomizers) had suddenly broken or exploded. None of the articles mentioned the brand of the perfume. It’s very, very rare for something like that to happen, but it made me think twice about storing my atomizers in the same cabinet with my handbags.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, Colorful


Over the past couple of years, I’ve added three more colors to this collection. I added a golden-brown atomizer in the Hermes color “Gold” seen on the 2nd row, far left. Hermes “Gold” was a color I had wanted to collect for a while since I have a handbag in that exact same color. I’ve also added one in Chocolate Brown (back row, third from the left) and a second red atomizer (second row, far right) in a bright red color.

Hermes Perfume Leather Atomizers, Colorful


I would still love to find a Hermes atomizer in the lime-green color that Hermes calls, Kiwi, as well as this darker green color shown below. I know they are out there somewhere! lol

About the only place you can find these atomizers today is on eBay. You can see those that are currently available here: Hermes Atomizers.

Hermes Perfume Leather Atomizers, Colorful


A Big Change

I’ve completely changed how I store my atomizers. Now, it’s just the empty leather container that I keep stored here inside my handbag cabinet alongside my bags.

Hermes Perfume Leather Atomizers, Colorful


The actual perfume vials are stored in the vanity/sink area of my bathroom…

Hermes Perfume Atomizer, Perfume Vials


…the same area where I keep the rest of my perfume collection shared in this previous post a few days ago: All the Perfumes Currently in My Fragrance Collection.

Pretty Perfume Display, Perfumes Displayed on 3-Tier Shelf


This system is working out well. Now I just choose the perfume I wish to wear that day and pop it into the leather perfume case that I’m using for the day. Even when I don’t freshen up my perfume during the day, I love seeing that happy color inside my bag whenever I open it throughout the day.

Hermes Perfume Leather Atomizers, Colorful


I feel much better storing the actual perfume further away from the handbags. Again, chances are very slim that a bottle would ever suddenly leak, break, or explode, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Hermes Perfume Atomizer, Perfume Vials


Before I end this post, I have to share these towels I just ordered recently. Have you ever tried Turkish Cotton towels? They are AMAZING! I ordered them in white initially and loved them so much, I immediately ordered another set, this time in a summery lemon-yellow color.

They are sooo soft and so absorbent. I hate it when a bath towel (or dishtowel, for that matter) isn’t absorbent and you have to rub and rub to remove the water. These are super absorbent and a definite improvement over my old towels. If you’re in need of new bath towels, you’ll find these in full 3-piece sets (towel, hand towel, and washcloth) for a great price here: Beautiful, Soft, Absorbent Towels.

Turkish Towels, So soft and absorbent


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Susan, thanks for the information about the puzzle trays. Ordered some right away.

  2. I see you have a variety of perfume but what are your favorites?

  3. Thanks once again for hosting this charming party!! I appreciate all the work that goes into doing so!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Barb Reid says

    Susan, I love the beautiful fragance containers! I am a Chanel fan but I find with so many places now “Fragrance Free,” I cannot wear it. I always used to layer the shower/body products and then only a tiny spray to top it off….sigh

    • Thanks, Barb! I’m sure some work places are that way now. I try to not over do it when I wear perfume, just a couple of spritzs, mainly for me to enjoy. 🙂

  5. The Hermes atomizers are really beautiful, what a fun collection to have.
    Hey, they take up a lot less space than dishes LOLOL.

    I used to have a variety of fragrances (Eternity, Isse Miyake, Kate Spade In Full Bloom, Jo Malone(s), Estee Lauder Pleasures, several more.), but eventually I settled on just one. It’s this fragrance (and only this fragrance) for which total strangers stop and ask me what I’m wearing: Philosophy Amazing Grace. I don’t even use the spray perfume, just the body lotion which I always put put on my hands, arms, legs and feet after every shower. I love this fragrance, it’s very clean, pure and simple.

    I don’t know what it is about Amazing Grace, but as I said, I regularly get stopped by total strangers asking me what fragrance I’m wearing. I’m also able to buy the large 32 ounce bottles of the shower gel and body lotion from QVC at discounted prices, so I’m happy about that.

    Thanks for sharing your really sweet collection of atomizers. Have a beautiful Metamorphosis Monday!

    • lol That’s true!
      Oh, you brought back so many memories…I remember wearing Eternity. Another fave of mine back in the day was Romance…was that a Ralph Lauren scent?
      I love Amazing Grace, it’s one of my faves so I’m going to look for their body lotion! Thanks for sharing about that, Elena! It is such a beautiful, fresh scent, perfect for summer!

  6. The humidity and steam in a bathroom will cause the essential oils of perfumes to break down quicker. Store perfume away from sunlight and preferable in a cool, dry area. I have a huge collection of over 500 antique perfume bottles. It all started when I was a makeup artist many years ago. A wealthy, lovely lady who was one of my favorite customers gave me her fabulous collection of about 75 antique perfume bottles. She had been a perfume buyer for a major department store in the 1930s. She taught me all about perfume and wanted her collection to go to someone who would appreciate them. I was only 24 at the time. I have them beautifully displayed in an Art Deco cabinet. Some of the most expensive, Parisian perfumes still smell wonderful and they are close to 100 years old!

    • Wow, what an amazing collection! I would love to see pictures of your beautiful collection! Nancy, if you have the time, could you share some photos of your collection? If so, you can email them to me at [email protected]. What a treasure you have, she definitely gave them to the right person! My perfumes are stored in a room that doesn’t get any humidity to speak of (the bath is in a separate room) plus there are no windows in that room. I’ve often wished that room did have a window but it def makes it a good place to store my perfume without it. Thanks for the story about your collection! I loved hearing about it!

  7. Thank you for another wonderful party and I hope you have a great week.

  8. Love all your collections and this one is extra pretty! And smells good too! I’m like you – I’m really careful what new things I start collecting! 😉

    So glad you found a way to store everything with no risk, and still looks great! Happy Monday and thanks as always for hosting!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I wish I had thought to mention a YouTube video I saw in this post, it’s what really got me thinking about how storing perfume near handbags could be dangerous. This particular YouTuber had purchased some type of product that comes in a container and you place it on a shelf in a closet and it will help control the humidity in that area. I guess that’s good for homes in areas where they don’t normally use A/C. Anyway, the container basically erupted and all that liquid inside leaked down into one of her very expensive handbags, destroying it. That bag kinda saved all the other bags since it was the one that filled with the liquid, but it destroyed that bag. She showed it in the video and you would not believe how it looked. Handbags and liquids def don’t mix!

  9. Your collection of perfume atomizers is really lovely.

  10. Hello, Susan, I love your Hermes atomizer collection! The colors are so lovely and vibrant! Also, I have shared my DIY patriotic Picket Fence Bunting this week. Thanks for this lovely party and wishing you a very safe and happy Memorial Day!


    • Oh, that sounds beautiful Tee! I love patriotic bunting! I wish I had a white picket fence around my front yard, I would totally do that for all the patriotic holidays!

  11. Bobbi Duncan says

    I loved seeing your amazing collection of perfumes…wow! I have just a few but, like you, the scents make me feel uplifted. I don’t have many handbags either. I do have some collections, but they are mostly decor & holiday related: Limoges china & decor (I especially love their fox hunt pieces!); Lenox decor, china, & serveware; blue & white porcelain; Waterford decor & table; Swarovski annual Christmas ornaments; several Christmas villages by Dept. 56; Possible Dreams Santas & elves; Herend; and Baldwin & Virginia Metalcrafters brass pieces which were the my initial collectibles that I still love today. My collectibles purchasing days have slowed dramatically the last few years. I’ve actually already started giving my children some items that they truly love because too much was just being stored after we downsized and no longer had all the tables on which to set things. Thank you for the towel set info. I just ordered several sets. As I was folding towels today, I was thinking some of ours were looking dingy so this was perfect timing…and what a great price!!! I can’t tell you how many quality items I’ve purchased due to your helpful advice. Many thanks & hugs!

    • I love anything with a fox motif so your collection sounds beautiful, Bobbi! I love the others you mentioned, I still enjoy Baldwin and VM pieces, they are so classic and beautiful!
      I know what you mean, I try to not start any new ones since if/when I move one day, it would def be a lot to move. What a lovely idea to share those pieces with your children now–I know they must love that!
      Hope you love the towels, I really have enjoyed them! I know I’ll be purchasing more…I have 4 sets so far.

  12. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to display your collection. About Turkish towels: If the label says “Do not use chlorine bleach” don’t. American cotton is really durable and can be bleached, boiled, dyed, whatever. Foreign cotton will turn orange.
    Happy Memorial Day

    • Thanks for that info, Myrna. I purchased 2 sets for my son and dil and she requested white because she said she could bleach them when needed. I’ve already cut all the tags off my white towels–I hate tags and that’s usually the first thing I do when I buy towels or pillows or whatever. But I’ll have her check the tag on her white towels. Thanks again for that heads up.

  13. Thank you for directing me to this entry. It is such a spirit lifter. I wish that Hermes had not discontinued the pink and red atomizer shades, so pretty. Have you tried the makeup? I love the shades of lipstick, blush and polish. I love the Turkish pestimal towels. They are so absorbent and consume little space. Your blog is truly lovely!

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