Beautiful, Elegant Table, Hand-Crafted Runner & Star-Covered Champagne Coupes

Welcome to the 793th Tablescape Thursday! I have a beautiful table to share this week, a special table that is set with elegant, vintage/antique china. Tish, a lovely BNOTP reader, wrote, “We found a tea service years ago and only in the past year or so have found other pieces. It was produced in occupied Japan, so 70-ish years old.”

Noritake Number 4785, Made in Occupied Japan (1)


Tish described her favorite china as “Noritake pattern number 4786, sometimes also noted as Goldbeam pattern, which is VERY close, but not exactly the same. Some pieces are marked ‘made in occupied Japan’ and some are marked ‘made in Japan.’

Noritake Number 4785, Made in Occupied Japan (3)


“As mentioned, my husband & I saw the pattern as a tea service. We were thrifting with my cousin near Hanover PA. The antique mall was having a terrific sale, so we bought it. I started prowling the internet for the pattern but with limited success. Happened to mention it one day to my husband and suddenly, he had a mission! Boxes started arriving, and I have enough for service for 10! So sweet of him! I did not pick a china pattern for my wedding and am so thankful that we waited for this one to find us. The short stemware is Claudia, a wedding gift. The tall stemware is Lenox Encore Gold, also thrifted.”

Noritake Number 4785, Similar to Goldbeam


Tish hand-made her beautiful table runner saying, “My runner is wrapping paper bordered in velvet ribbon, held in place with glue dots!” I love that! What a great idea and just imagine all the table runners that could be created using that technique!

Antique Noritake Dinnerware


Thanks so much to Tish for sharing her beautiful Thanksgiving table! This table would be wonderful for a special Christmas or New Year’s dinner, as well.

Noritake Number 4785, Made in Occupied Japan (1)


Beautiful Champagne Coupes:  Speaking of New Year’s, recently I was watching a YouTube channel that is one of my faves. The hosts of that channel, Kirsten and Joerg, often travel to interesting places across Britain, taking us along to see the wonderful sites they visit and stay in during their travels. In their most recent video, they visited a wonderful storybook cottage. It truly fit that description in every way! (See that video and follow their adventures here: Whimsical, Playful English Cottage.)

During Kirsten and Joerg’s stay in the storybook cottage, they discovered a small bar area in the cottage that was hidden away inside a beautiful antique cabinet. When Joerg, opened up the cabinet, they found beautiful champagne coupes inside that were all covered in stars! I wasn’t sure if they were antique, vintage, or newer, but I loved them as soon as I saw them and started doing a little research to see if I could locate them.


After a bit of online searching, I think I may have found them! If I’m right, they are hand-blown, made from lead-free crystal, and the little stars are all hand-engraved into the crystal. They are so pretty! I was so happy to find them available in one of my favorite online stores that actually ships to the U.S.  You’ll find them available here: Crystal Star Champagne Coupes. These would be perfect for toasting on Christmas Day or for a New Year’s Eve party/New Year’s Day brunch.

Beautiful Champagne Glasses with Stars


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  1. Happy Tablescape Thursday, Susan! I like Tish’s classic style, and the glassware is fun. Let’s carry on with the merry, shall we? Thanks for having us. Looks like I was the first to arrive at the party!

  2. Thanks Susan, the gold table is beautiful and so are the champagne coupes, so glad you found them!

  3. I absolutely love Kirsten and Joerg! I’ve been following them for several years and they never fail to inspire me with their travels, home updates and decor. Aren’t the adorable???

  4. I don’t know what I love more, vintage/antique china and glassware or the stories and memories they evoke!!!! Either way they are a treasure!!!! Thank you for sharing Tish’s wonderful table!!!

  5. I follow Kirsten and Joerg also. Haven’t seen the post you mentioned but I’m off to watch now. Just love those two.

  6. Beautiful table and I love the stories too. So glad she bought the coupes with stars. Some things only come along once in a lifetime. When I was moving out of state I visited a antique barn, and passed up some pale pink goblets with raindrops. I decided I could not buy everything on the store and left them. I have spent nearly 50 years looking for more. Please don’t tell me they are on eBay.

  7. What a beautiful table of Tish’s, and what a wonderful story of how she got her china! That’s so sweet – a true gift of love. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for hosting! Happy Thursday!

  8. Not a tablescape but I have a small chest in front of a picture window. Over the years, I’ve made different scarves/runners for it to protect it from sun damage. I usually place seasonal items on top of the appropriate runner – think Easter eggs, Fourth of July red, white, and blue items, fall gourds, etc. I don’t sew as much as I used to and recently decided I wanted a new Christmas runner. I looked on-line at Amazon and ordered a very elaborate curtain valance to use as a runner – quite elaborate with fringe, etc. It could never be used as a curtain in my humble kitchen but works perfectly as a festive runner. When setting up a table, if you can’t find a runner you like, try a curtain valance!

  9. Oh my goodness, loved the tour You Tube: Whimsical & Playful!!!! Love you and the wonderful things you share with us.

  10. Love the contrast between fine china and wrapping paper runner w/velvet. My kind of style. Gives more interest and depth to the setting.
    If I had those champagne coupes, it would be champagne every Sunday dinner!

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