It’s The Battle Of The Ninjas–Which One Will Win?

Welcome to the 775th Metamorphosis Monday! I’ve often shared with you in previous posts how much I love my Ninja Air Fryer.

Love My Air Fryer


I use it almost every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. If someone said to me, you have to give up either your microwave or your air fryer, I wouldn’t even have to think twice. The microwave would get the boot because I can’t imagine not having this air fryer. I’m not a person who particularly enjoys cooking–unless it’s for a gathering or friends or family, but having an air fryer has been a complete game changer. For me, it has made cooking a million times easier and less time-consuming.


This is where my air fryer lives full-time in my kitchen. Note the surrounding space and its approximate size.

Love My Air Fryer


Here’s an online photo showing the size of the drawers and what it will typically hold.


When I was putting together the “Shop” page with all of my favorites this weekend (read about that HERE) I discovered that Ninja has created a larger version of my air fryer. I’m not sure if they even still make the exact model that I currently own. Take notice of the controls on mine in this photo below.

Ninja Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


The first thing I noticed with the newer version is it’s described as being XL in size. The baskets are 5-quart each, making it a 10-quart air fryer. My current Ninja air fryer may be 6 or 8 quarts–not sure which. I just know that the drawers are definitely, smaller and hold less than this newer version.


The other thing I noticed is the time/temp controls are very different. They have split them up which makes a lot of sense. Initially, until I got used to it, it was a little confusing when setting the temperature and time for drawer #2. I never really understood why it was designed the way it was which required a bit of backtracking when setting the temp/time for that second drawer. That inconvenience seems to have been corrected in this newer version as the controls for each drawer are completely separate, making it super easy and user-friendly.


I loved the idea of having a bit more width/depth/space in each drawer since sometimes it can feel a teensy bit crowded when I’m trying to add seasoning to whatever I’m cooking, especially since I now use paper liners for easier cleanup. The paper liners tend to tilt inward a bit and get in the way. Plus, I really liked the layout of the new control panel. So I ordered the newer version on Saturday and it arrived the very next day. Here’s how it looks in my kitchen. It’s taller and a little bit wider, but it fits just fine. I haven’t used it yet, the tape is still in place on the drawers. I just placed it on the counter to see how it looked and how it fit in that space. (Air Fryer is available here: Ninja 10-Qt Air Fryer with Easier to Understand Controls.)

Ninja Fryer, XL version with separate controls


So, why haven’t I used it? Because an hour or so after I ordered it, I discovered there’s an even newer version of this air fryer! Argggh! Sometimes I wish companies didn’t give us so many choices. The newer version (also a 10-quart size) was a lot cheaper than the one I had just almost half the price! Plus, it came with an attached thermometer that can be inserted into whatever you’re cooking, so food can be cooked to the exact temperature/doneness one would like. That may be above my pay grade since I’m not that fancy a cook!

Ninja Air Fryer, Double Basket, DualZone


I’m not too sure about the design of the control panel. I can’t tell if it’s as logically designed as the one I just had delivered, or if they’ve reverted back to the previous design that’s like my old air fryer. Update: It arrived while I was writing this post. The controls have a different design/layout, but it does function very logically. You just press the drawer number, and the cooking mode you wish to use, then adjust the time and temp up or down as needed. The temp is adjusted on the left while the time is adjusted on the right. For the second drawer, those same steps are repeated. At first, I couldn’t find the probe/thermometer, it was tucked away in a little storage compartment on the side of the unit.

Ninja Air Fryer, Double Basket, DualZone



Since this newer version was on sale, I went ahead and ordered it so I could directly compare the two 10-quart air fryers side-by-side. It was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I received a text this morning saying that it’s arriving early–it will be here today! (It did arrive as mentioned earlier.) Unfortunately, the price has gone back up just since I ordered it on Saturday. If you wish to see it and read more about it, this is where I purchased it: Ninja 10 Qt. Air Fryer. It’s also available here: Ninja 10 Qt. Air Fryer.

Ninja Air Fryer on Sale

Do you have either of these newer versions of the Ninja Air Fryer? I will not be using either air fryer until I decide which one to keep. I really couldn’t decide which I would like from the information I found online, so hopefully being able to compare them side-by-side will help me make up my mind. If you have either of these two latest versions, I would love to hear your thoughts! Either way, I’m really looking forward to that extra drawer space!

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  1. I love my air fryer too Susan, so handy! Have a great week~

  2. I have to get mine out and use it more often. It was so heavy when we first got it I couldn’t maneuver it without my husbands help. You’re motivating me to try again. The food looks delish. Thanks for having us over, Susan. Have a great week.

    • I use mine so much, I decided to just leave it out fulltime. I like my counters pretty clear so if you see anything on my counter, you know it’s getting used a lot! I just love how food comes out so much more than when it’s heated/cooked in a microwave. And it’s so fast! Hope you get a chance to use yours more Debra.

  3. Well that sounds fun! I still haven’t gotten on the air fryer bandwagon, but I’ll be watching for your comparison, and I expect I’ll be won over at last. Thanks as always for hosting, and Happy Monday!

    • I decided to give the one with a probe thermometer a try last night–fixed a steak for the 1st time in ages since I know longer have a grill. It turned out great and was cooked exactly the way I wanted. It’s amazing to me that this air fryer can cook a steak to the exact that you set/want. I will definitely do that again. So I kept the one with the probe and returned the other one, although I really like it, too. Barbara, just check out the reviews of any air fryer you’re thinking of buying. I really like the ones that have the double drawers.

  4. Do you have an air fryer cookbook that you especially like? I made zucchini fries in mine when I first got it and now it sits in the garage. So wasteful of me.

    • No, I know there are a bunch out there, but I just throw stuff in (mostly chicken) and set it for however long I think it needs, then forget about it. That’s so not like me because normally when I cook anything, I prefer having a recipe–but it’s really hard to screw anything up in an air fryer, or at least that’s been my experience. After you cook a few things, you quickly learn about how long various food need to cook. Things cool rather quickly. I usually cook most things at whatever temp it defaults to when I turn it on, which is 390 degrees. There are stickers that come on the Ninja that give you a lot of info regarding recommended cook times and the booklet it came with has that, too. If I’m in doubt how long to cook something, I’ll start with a shorter amount of time, then add more time if needed.

    • Janet, another thing you can do is just Google for whatever you wish to cook. I just now did a serach for “Does steak cook well in an air fryer?” because I’m thinking of trying that since I saw reviews that mentioned steak as cooking great in the air fryer with the probe/thermometer. Anyway, a bunch of recipes popped up when I did that. So you can do a search for whatever you are thinking about cooking and I’m sure you’ll see a lot of recipes come up.

  5. Cyndy Cook says

    All right, girlfriend, you’ve never let me down before, so I’m going to go for it with the air fryer since you’ve sourced a larger one (we have four kids and 3 of them are teenagers who are hungry all the time!) There’s a $46 off coupon at amazon right now. Right now we have this one, (, which we use all the time but I don’t really air fry in it because of the mess. It’s a great mini convection oven for individual items when I don’t want to use my main oven — and the kids know how to use it.

    • That’s what I used to buy the one I bought, too. Now I have to decide if I’m keeping the Ninja 10 qt one with the probe or keeping the Ninja 10 qt I purchased from Amazon. I like them both for different reasons! I know either will be great since I loved my other smaller Ninja one so much.

  6. I am a super happy camper with my AF, best thing I bought in years.
    I visited you via Metamorphosis Monday 775
    I linked up this week with = Ready-made Puff Pastry Cream Puffs and Intensely Chocolatey Puddle Cakes

  7. Susan,
    I do not even own an air fryer nor do I want to!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it!!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. I bought the second model you listed a couple of years ago. Love the way it roasts a 5 pound chicken, pork chops, fries, hamburgers. Steaks come out great using the broil option. I have even cooked eggs in it and have reheated pizza!

  9. A huge fan of the airfryer and your blog. Love cooking in the airfryer and am so impressed with chicken and salmon airfried.
    My airfryer is a great toaster oven style that tilts up and out of the way, but it is a pip to get it clean! Unfortunately, cleaning the airfryer is becoming a reason not to airfry. As an extraordinary neat and tidy person which airfryer model that you featured are you finding easier to clean?

    • Thanks so much, Jo! I’ve only had the Ninja Air Fryers and they aren’t that difficult to clean since they seem to have a non stick coating, but because I use my so much, I’ve started using the parchment paper liners that were designed for the Ninja. You can see those here: . They work great and work even better since I updated my fryer to one with the larger drawers/capacity. I really like those and use them a lot. Whatever brand you have, check on Amazon or online and they may make parchment liners for it.

  10. Too many choices ! I worry that as they have more bells and whistles, they get larger and more expensive. Did you try the silicone liners ? I don’t like to cook either. Three ingredients or less. LOL
    Let us know the final decision.

  11. Try try again. LOL
    Susan, which air fryer did you like best and keep ?
    How long are you visiting the kids for Christmas ? They are only little once. Fun times. Stay warm

    • I ended up keeping the one that has the built in thermometer, although I probably won’t use that feature a lot. I think they both are great, though. I love the control on the other one. I was tempted to keep it, too…but I don’t need to air fryers!
      I’m not sure just yet, I try to soak up as much time with them as I can…they are growing up way too fast.

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