Don’t Do This With Your Speed Queen Washer, Plus, Affordable Christmas Gifts

Do you own a Speed Queen washer or are you thinking of getting one? If so, be super careful if you use the bleach dispenser that’s located in the left front corner! After I shared a post recently with a quick update on how I’m using and loving my SQ washer, I heard from a lovely reader, Cathy, who warned me about using the bleach dispenser. Her Speed Queen washing machine is around 4 years old and she is having a big issue with rust in that area, and apparently, that isn’t included in their warranty.

When I read Cathy’s email, it brought back bad memories because that was a huge issue with my GE washer that lasted 43-1/2 years. My GE had the exact same style bleach dispenser–it was even located in the same spot on the machine. It took quite a few years but eventually, that area of my GE washer also rusted very badly–it even rusted/deteriorated the lid of the washer where it touched that corner when closed.

Speed Queen Bleach Dispenser, Rusting Issue


What happens is when you pour liquid bleach into the dispenser, often a small amount will splash out around the opening. You may not notice it since bleach is clear, but you’ll definitely notice once rust starts appearing–and then it’s too late! So, my advice is to avoid using that dispenser as much as possible. Bleach is now available in little pods that can be added to the wash. It’s also available in powder form. I rarely use bleach–if I have a bad stain on a pair of white jeans or a white top, I usually use a Clorox bleach pen that I purchased years ago (not sure if those are still being made) or I sprinkle a small amount of Clorox bleach powder on the spot and immediately dilute it with water to scrub away the spot. When washing white sheets, I often use a brightening detergent like OxiClean White Revive. I try to avoid using actual bleach as much as possible since I know it can be harsh on fabrics. I have zero intentions of using the liquid bleach dispenser on my Speed Queen because I do not want my SQ washer rusting out in that area the way it did on my GE washer. Just wanted to share this in case you already own, or, plan to buy a Speed Queen washer in the future.

Speed Queen Bleach Dispenser, Rusting Issue


Okay, on to something fun! A few days I visited my local Williams Sonoma to purchase these chargers (shown below) that are currently on sale here: Chargers.


While there, I saw so many pretty holiday table settings!

Red Plaid Charger Plates, Christmas Table Setting


I have this serious love affair going on with Tartan Chargers, love them so much! I was happy to see the red and green tartan chargers I purchased so many years ago are still being made.

Beautiful Red Plaid Tartan Charger Plates in Christmas Table


I love this gorgeous red tartan charger because it goes with so many different china patterns! (Red tartan chargers are available here: Tartan Chargers.)


They’ve brought back their beautiful berry collection, too!

Pretty Holiday Tables, Christmas Tables


I don’t think the chargers are available in the berry pattern this year, or at least I didn’t see them online.

Tartan Table Setting, Twig Flatware


But the rest of the beautiful woodland berry/bird dinnerware is back and available here: Woodland Berry/Bird Dinnerware. I really hope to collect some of the green tartan charger plates this year–love them so much! They are available here: Green and Red Tartan Charger.

Green Tartan Charger Plate, Bird Dinnerware for holidays


Another absolutely gorgeous charger that I saw during my visit was the red and gold charger. Pictures do not do it justice–it’s stunning in person, truly elegant and so sparkly and beautiful!

Beautiful Red Charger Plates, Perfect for Christmas


I love this place setting from the WS website–a great example of how patterns can be combined beautifully together. You’ll find the red and gold charger plates available here: Red and Gold Charger.


I would love to collect some of this tartan design, as well! Tartan must be very popular still since Williams Sonoma is carrying so many wonderful tartan charger designs this year. You’ll find these charger plates available here: Tartan Plaid Charger.


I’ll close this post with a cute gift idea for the little ones. Whenever I visit my grandsons, I almost always have a small gift for them. It’s usually LEGOs since they love them so much. For Halloween, they each received this set that’s still available here: Halloween Cat and Mouse LEGO Set. After they finished putting it together, we placed them in both corners of the kitchen window to enjoy. I  wish I had thought to take a photo, they were so cute on display in the window!



I just purchased two of these to take when I see them for Christmas. I love these small sets because they are very affordable and they don’t take forever to assemble like some sets do. The Christmas Polar Bear set is available here: LEGO Polar Bears in Wintertime. It would make a great gift or even a really nice stocking stuffer.

LEGO, Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. TERESA EZELL says

    I have a Speed Queen that I love but it has rusted in the corner. Not anywhere close to where I put bleach in!. Makes me so sad!

  2. Bleach dispenser – This happened to me with a Samsung washer – I had a separate maintenance agreement and the entire top of the washer – including electronics – had to be replaced (would have cost hundreds, I was told) – N/C to me but the tech said it was due to chlorine fumes accessing the underneath side of the washer’s top/dispenser that was not protected by paint or plastic while it waited to be dispensed into the wash water. Now, I turn on my machine (replacement LG because the plastic transmission on the Samsung broke) – set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and and when it goes off I pause the machine and add the bleach directly onto my kitchen towels once the stainless steel drum is full of water. Live and learn.
    (And, if your sheets “bubble” above the water in your top load washer – by completely soaking them “flat” with a forceful spray after adding them to the drum before starting the washer will eliminate that problem. I’ll never have another laundry room that doesn’t have a laundry tub/water source hose next to the washer and I’ll definitely be looking for a metal transmission, center agitator, ability to choose the water level and a stainless steel drum if I can find them all in my “next” washer. )

    • Thanks for sharing this, Margaret…had no idea bleach could do that with electronics! I think I’ll try to avoid using bleach as much as possible and add it directly into the wash as you mentioned.

  3. I have a SQ that is 5 years old with the same bleach dispenser that I rarely use. I will be aware of the risk. Disappointing that it is not covered in the warranty.

  4. The rust issue is very interesting. I don’t recall having any rust on any of my Maytag machines that were 20 years old. I just looked at my SQ and all ok, but I took a flashlight and looked around inside and my plastic tub had some debris built up on the rim. What I don’t like is that the lid will not pop off and all sorts of crude gets behind it and I can see where rust might start in those spots (metal hinges). My Maytag lids popped off so you could clean good. I never used the bleach dispensers! You’re such a good grandma Susan! Those are cute Leggos.

    • I know, it’s tricky to clean under the lids…I noticed that on my ancient GE washer before I purchased my SQ washer. I like that you could pop off the Maytag…that’s a cool feature!
      Aww, thanks! I love them so much, just wish they didn’t live so far away.

  5. Cute Legos.I don’t know if I could pick a favorite charger; love all of them. Seems odd that SQ would exclude the bleach dispenser knowing it rusts. Keep checking Top Class Actions to see if there is a class action law suit or recall.
    Where does a girl go to get a perfect washer these days?

    • I know, you would think by now they would have come up with a better system or just remove that system altogether and tell folks to add the powder bleach to the wash cycle. It’s easy to pause the machine when you need to. I def won’t be using that dispenser.

  6. Thank you Susan, and Cathy for the heads up. I hope to get a SQ when my old washer goes so I will keep this in mind. Love how the “between naps on the porch” community looks out for each other!

  7. Glad you got the tip not to use bleach. The WS is beautiful…sadly the store closest to me closed last year. Really miss it !

  8. I will have to keep an eye on my Speed Queen. I do not use bleach in any form in the house. DD is allergic. So If I start to see rust I will let everyone know.

  9. Maureen E. says

    I love the new WS green plaid chargers, also. So tempting–but so expensive! The oval rattan placement featured in one of your photos above looks like a brilliant idea; most of the time when I use charger plates, there’s nowhere for people’s flatware to go other than the table top. The oval shape provides more room beside the plate for them to rest.

  10. Sharon Walper says

    Hi Susan. When my boys were younger, I purchased Lego Advent Calendars for them to open a box each day in December leading up to Christmas. Inside is a small Lego kit that fits the Christmas/winter theme. Each boy had their favorite theme: Lego City, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I think they now make a Friends version too. Your grandsons might like this.

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