Beautiful Necklaces Crafted from Broken China & A Shirt I Need in My Wardrobe

Recently when my dear friend, Teresa, was in town, she and I got together for dinner. We had so much fun catching up that evening. I had forgotten what it was like having dinner out with friends!

Egypt, Camel Ride in the Sahara Desert


Teresa and I are ready to go back to Egypt–what a trip that was!

Silly Camel, Giza Plateau


You may remember our crazy “Lucy and Ethel” adventure when we tried to have dinner in the Old Cataract Hotel.


Old Cataract Hotel Entrance


One of the highlights of that night was touring the room where Agatha Christie stayed/lived during the time she was writing her famous novel, Death on the Nile. If you’re a Christie fan, you’ll find that previous post here: Following in the Footsteps of Agatha Christie.

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel


During dinner that night, Teresa surprised me with two lovely birthday gifts. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to share them with you. I almost saved this post to share for a future Tablescape Thursday because it would be a fun one for that! Beautifully wrapped, I uncovered two lovely necklaces, both crafted from vintage china pieces!

Necklaces Crafted from Vintage China


This one is made from a piece of Blue Willow china and Teresa had the artist add an “S” initial to the necklace. Love that little detail!

Necklace made from Blue Willow China


I love Blue Willow, it’s one of the dish patterns that I use every day here in my home. (View this table setting in detail here: Blue Willow China in Autumn Table Setting.)

Fall Table, Blue Willow, Bark Edge Chargers


The other necklace Teresa had made for me is just as beautiful! Teresa could not have picked two better patterns because the other necklace is made from another one of my favorite patterns, Spode Copeland Tower. My Spode Copeland Tower china is the oldest dish pattern I own, so I truly treasure it.

Spode Copeland Tower Necklace, Craft with Broken China


I’ve used Spode Tower in quite a few table settings over the years. (View this table setting here: Vintage Copeland Spode in Springtime Table.)


Valentine's Table, Eyelet Napkins, Pierced Chargers, Copeland Spode Tower


Such a beautiful pattern!

Antique Spode Copeland, Tower


Isn’t it gorgeous as a necklace?!

Spode Copeland Tower Necklace from Broken China


I was browsing the artist’s shop today and spotted so many beautiful necklaces. This one is made using an old Currier and Ives pattern. I’m not sure of the pattern, do you recognize it? I love how she captured this scene for the necklace. I think she uses broken china or chipped pieces that she finds. I was wondering today if she does commissioned pieces–I wouldn’t be surprised if she does. So the next time you break a bowl or a plate, save it! It would probably make a beautiful necklace!


I love this adorable heart-shaped necklace–great Valentine’s Day gift. (It’s available here: Heart-Shaped Necklace.)



She also turns broken china pieces into cute bag charms. If you would like to see the pieces she currently has listed in her shop, you’ll find those here: Vintage China Crafts.


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, have you seen the adorable Valentine’s Day Collection at Talbots? They are having a sale right now on all their new stock and I’ve been drooling over some of their Valentine’s Day sweaters and tops. (This one is on sale here: Red Heart Sweater.)


Is this heart shirt not the cutest?! I love the contrasting cuffs! (Shirt is available here: Heart Shirt.)


It looks so cute poking out of the top of a sweater! I love this sweater–I think it’s my fave of all the sweaters they have available right now. It’s available here: Heart Sweater.

You’ll find all these pieces on sale here: Valentine’s Day Collection.


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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  1. Michelle Baker says

    What beautiful necklaces. Just went to her shop and was so surprised to see I live in the same town 🙂 Magnolia, Texas is not a big place, so I was excited to see someone from my area making such beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Wear them in good health! What a good friend you have!

  3. Franki Parde says

    Just lovely…jewelry & story!! franki

  4. Debora Nezich says

    I would be super interested if you all plan a group tour to Egypt again.

    • Victoria Tyson says

      I would as well..I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and new I’m semi retired and ready to travel…..

      • Egypt was a dream of mine, too! I’ve always, always wanted to see the pyramids in person. I’m sure I’ll blog about it if we do plan another one. Not sure when we’ll be able to travel again out of the country.

    • I’m sure I’ll talk about it here on the blog if we do plan another one. Not sure when we’ll be able to travel again out of the country.

  5. Such beautiful necklaces! I had to go back and read your posts about your trip to Egypt. Then I read all about Agatha Christie’s hotel. You two must have had a fabulous trip. What wonderful memories!

  6. Those are gorgeous Susan! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I would be totally fun if she did take commissions. I’ll go check out her site – I have plenty of broken china in my favorite patterns! 🙂 Cute shirts too! Thanks!

  7. Hi Susan: I think it is from the Currier and Ives pattern that was sold at Montgomery Wards in the 1930’s. I’m an antique Transferware Collector and I love these necklaces.

  8. Hello. I was pretty sure it was the Currier & Ives pattern called The Old Grist Mill by Royal Ironstone since I have quite a bit of it. Every size plate, bowl or platter all have a different scene on them. I just checked all my pieces and do not see this particular team of horses & wagon. Crazy! Maybe its from an accessory item I don’t have.
    Now I am really curious!

    • Thanks for checking, Julie! Shelley (in her comment) mentioned it may be from transferware that was available via Montgomery Ward back in the 1930s.

  9. Very pretty. Nice to have such a thoughtful friend. I love the Valentine heart shirt. Looks really comfortable.

  10. Pretty necklaces, and what a thoughtful idea for us dish lovers. I am lucky enough to have an artist friend who makes jewelry from broken china. She also fashioned a really gorgeous bib necklace which my sister commissioned with flat rocks. Sounds crazy, I know, but it turned out fabulous. Enjoy wearing your china!

  11. Victoria Tyson says

    Susan ….your site is the best one out there…..I love the tablescapes and the clothes, purses and other items you share….and your stories. Victoria

  12. Oh Susan,

    You did again…..I couldn’t resist the dotted hearts blouse from Talbots.
    so, I ordered it! It looks adorable and can be worn all year round with red sweaters and jeans.

    I have been shutdown so long, I miss getting dressed nicely and going to visit friends. Now, we are coordinating masks to match your coat color.
    I understand from my GA friends that the vaccine is easier to get there than most states. Hopefully this too shall pass.

    Then my cheerful heart covered blouse can be worn to express happiness and freedom.

    • I’m glad you got it, Patricia. I have a feeling that will sell out quickly.

      I know, it feels weird to get dressed and go anywhere right now. I felt so weird driving to meet Teresa for dinner. The only places I go now are occasional trips to the grocery store or UPS.

  13. I just reread your Agatha Christie post. What a memorable experience.

    I am an avid Christie fan and have been overdosing on AC movies lately.
    PBS is running Poirot movies on Thursday nights with David Suchet as Inspector Poirot. He is my favorite actor to portray Poirot.

    If you like Hercule Poirot, it is interesting to go back to the original Poirot with actor Peter Ustinov, as a completely different personality. But much fun to watch.

    • Oh, I should look for some of the old movies. I got rid or cable TV a few years back but I bet I could find them online. I will look for those, thanks Patricia!

  14. Love the pendants…especially the blue willow! Yes, got the new Talbots catalog and am drooling….

  15. cleo headley says

    You lucky girl…..both necklaces are beautiful !! What a good friend !!

  16. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    What stunning necklaces, stunning birthday gifts that is tailored to you Susan! These necklaces are indeed gorgeous and what a unique idea to use broken china to make them?! I love that Theresa got you the china necklaces in the patterns you love, how sweet was that?!!! So sweet indeed! Hugs, Brenda

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad you were able to celebrate by dinning out. We have been shut down for so long, we’ve lost several restaurants because of it and my heart goes out to all those in the restaurant industry. But what great birthday gifts and how nice to visit in person, reflecting on good times and making hopeful new plans for the future.

  18. Those are very special. When I read this post it reminded me of a Japanese company doing something (slightly) similar. I have ordered gifts from them (several years ago) and they were lovely.
    Here’s some info

    Thanks for posting!
    Suz from Vancouver

  19. Susan, I love the necklaces — so beautiful and unique!
    Teresa sounds like a fun and dear friend. I agree with Cyndi that it must have been great to dine out together.
    Happy belated Birthday, Susan!

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