My Favorite Chest Is On Sale & An Update for My Deck

Yesterday I stopped by Pier 1 to look at their outdoor furniture. I really need to replace the table and chairs I currently have out on my deck. I didn’t find the outdoor set I wanted but while I was there, I noticed they have my favorite chest on sale. I purchased this chest a few years ago when I was creating my home office.

Back then, I searched and searched for months for a chest to go beside the chair in my office. I had this idea in my head what I wanted but couldn’t find it. I was thrilled when I came across the one you see below. It was exactly what I had envisioned for my office.

Ashworth Chest Chairside in Reading Nook

Older photo…have different mirror above the chest now


It’s the perfect height and has tons of storage which is exactly what I needed and wanted for this spot.

Ashworth Chest Beside Reading Chair_wm


It also has a few extra features that I love, like this pull-out shelf that provides additional space when needed.

Ashworth chest_wm


I think the most amazing part of this little chest, besides how cute it is, is that the drawers are actually dovetailed! It’s so hard to find furniture today where they have taken the time to dovetail the drawers, instead of just stapling them together.

Dovetailed Drawers on Ashworth Chest_wm


It’s advertised as being a bedside chest and of course, it’s wonderful for that, too.

Update: A couple of folks have asked about the gorgeous comforter in this photo. You’ll find it on sale here: Savannah Duvet

Ashworth Chest for Bedside Table


It now comes in 8 different colors including a natural whitewash. I think this navy would be great in a boy’s bedroom. It would also be great in a room with a nautical look.

Ashworth Chest in Navy


I love it in pink for a girl’s room or any room that has a feminine vibe.

Ashworth Chest in Pink


Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this chest so I wanted to share the sale before it ends. It’s currently on sale 20% off for the next two days, plus they are offering free shipping with the code FREESHIP75.

I love this chest and consider it one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my home. I hope they don’t quit making it because I may buy one for my guest bedroom room at some point. You’ll find it available here: Bedside or Chairside Chest

Ashworth Chest Chairside in Reading Nook


Switching gears, this is what’s going on in my garage right now.

Priming Cap Posts for Deck


Remember back in spring of 2013 when I changed out my old copper-colored post caps on the deck…

Porch Cleaning


…for these pretty solar post caps? (See that post here: Solar Post Caps for the Deck)

Porch Cleaning


I absolutely love how they looked, but over the last three years they have begun to weather pretty badly. They were looking as bad as the post caps they had replaced. Plus, the solar part was no longer working very well. The solar windows (or whatever you call those) just looked super cloudy and dull. Having so many trees in the backyard doesn’t help.

I have 17 posts between the two decks and the stairs going down. That’s a  lot of posts caps to buy! The solar post caps are too expensive to have to replace every 3 years. I had already replaced a couple last year. They would probably worked longer and better in a yard without so many trees.

Solar Cap Lights for Deck Posts


So, I’ve decided to go with regular wood post caps. That way when I clean the decks or have the decks pressure washed every few years, they can be cleaned, as well.

Unfinished Cap Posts


They are all primed now, just need to get busy painting them with my exterior house paint.

Post Caps Primed for Painting


So, you know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Priming Cap Posts


Do you have any plans for the weekend? It’s gorgeous here! I hope you’re seeing some beautiful spring weather in your area now.

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  1. I do love that chest and I need a new one for my bedroom. We’ll have to think about that on. I do want to ask where oh where did you find the wrapping station in your office. It is exactly what I am looking for. Your entire office is to die for. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the caps for your deck.

    • Thanks so much, Clearissa! I bought the wrapping paper organizer in Pottery Barn several years back. It looks like they have a different style in now. I love the style of the new one, too! You can see the it HERE.

    • I just looked again and it says that it’s no longer available. Clearissa, if you don’t find one you like, check Pottery Barn closer to the holidays. I bet they’ll get it back in by Christmas.

  2. Diane Dixon says

    Love the chest and it is perfect for that space.

  3. Linda Page says

    I just saw a video on what to use to made your car headlights look new again and not foggy. You take an old sock and heavily spray it with Off or another brand of insect repellant, then rub it on your headlight and the cloudy appearance changes to clear. The only caution was to keep the repellent off your car paint or rubber. I wonder it this would work to clear the light Windows on the solar post caps. Also, most solar lights have those tiny round batteries that can be replaced instead of tossing the light. Just a suggestion for anyone else that has solar lights or foggy headlights, etc. My cousin posted the video on Facebook and said it worked on his car headlights.

    • Thanks for that tip, Linda, that is good information to know! I would have tried to do something with them if the faux-copper finish hadn’t look so bad. Whatever they make them out of, isn’t real copper since copper is so expensive. So instead of aging nicely and getting that patina that real copper always gets, they end up covered in black spots. Plus they dent very easily since the metal is so thin. I love how they look and would probably be willing to replace them every 2-3 years if I only had a few posts. But with 17 posts, I’m hoping the wood caps will be the final solution that works.

  4. Renee Cook says

    That IS a great chest, Susan! You can never have too much storage. I think part of its charm is the round legs and it goes so well with your sweet feminine chair. I know you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Hope you have a nice weekend! If it’s as windy there as it is here, your post caps will dry in no time!

  5. Great minds think alike. This is the little chest I want for my bedside table so am saving my pennies right now so I can surprise myself with it as a gift for maybe my birthday in May??? It looks good anywhere and for pretty much any purpose.

  6. Patricia says

    Hi Susan, I have the same copper caps and totally agree they weather abysmally and are not worth the constant upkeep if you have a multitude of them. I currently have 21 in various stages of ‘aging’. ugh! I even tried coating the copper with a marine grade poly but can attest in my North Carolina sun this just flakes and peels and further adds to the ugliness. I honestly don’t know why they sell them. Next round, I will replace with solid wood too.

    • I was worried they were going to do this, but they are so cute, I took a chance. I think if I only had a few posts, I might be willing to just replace them every 2-3 years, but not with 17 posts! Last year I replaced 3, I think…and some of the others were looking really bad. You definitely gave them every chance you could, even using a marine varnish. I know it’s frustrating. I’m going to use wood glue to attach these so they’ll stay put when I have the deck and the rails pressure washed occasionally. I’m just ready for a permanent solution.

  7. Iris McCloud says

    I live in Pa. and we had such a mild winter but now it has alternated from 20 -67. Spring sprang in the trees and flowers but a hard freeze knocked the blooms off. We did enjoy a gorgeous Easter spent outside. Enjoy every minute of your good weather because having lived in the South I know how hot it can get in the summer.

    • I grew up in Macon and Atlanta is so much nicer in the summer than Macon. Charleston and Savannah are pretty hot too due to their location near water. Atlanta really is that bad. I’m so cold natured, I love hot weather. I’m sorry about your blooms. We’ve had springs like that here and it always make me so mad because we get cheated out of a beautiful spring. The last few years have been great and we did get a full spring. I hope you see some warmer temps soon, Iris! Hopefully this is winter’s last hurrah!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I’m disappointed to see how your solar caps have aged. I remember when you put those on and I coveted them. One day I hoped to add them too. I guess I should thank you for saving me some money.

    • Yeah, me too. They were so beautiful in the beginning. That faux-copper finish just doesn’t hold up unfortunately.

      • I just bought the chest on the phone sight unseen because I can’t get to the store today! Thanks for the info. I plan to use it next tot a chair in my rec room. Now I’ll have to buy a lamp, etc Ha!

  9. That chest is adorable. I have to start checking Pier One. I forget about it most of the time, but would never have looked there for a piece like that anyway. Wish I had seen it before I bought the ones I did buy. Not crazy about them, but they will do. We are expecting a lovely spring snow tomorrow here in Northeastern PA. Not exactly porch weather!

    • Mary Anne, I was so shocked when I found the chest I had dreamed up in my head there because I had looked everywhere. I hate when I do that, dream something up and then can’t find it anywhere. I purchased that one several years ago when I created the office and I’m glad to see they are still carrying it. It must be pretty popular for them. I hope your snow passes on quickly…doesn’t it know it’s springtime! 🙂

  10. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan: Thanks for bringing our attention to this wonderful chest. I’ll keep it in mind! Also, you are inspiring with your home maintenance projects. I’m planning to work in my yard/gardens tomorrow! My yard man already mulched, but I need to move a few plants and do early spring feeding for my roses and perennials. I’ve been holding off because of my back injury, but thankfully, I’m practically back to normal! I’ll be careful though, and no heavy lifting! Have a great weekend!! Jane xo

    • Jane, don’t you overdo. I know how easy it is to do that, especially when you’re itching to get back into the garden. Glad your back is feeling so much better!

      • Jane Franks says

        Thanks, Susan! I’ll be careful!! How is your friend who broke her foot? A lot of people getting injured these days! Reminder to be careful! xo

  11. Marlene Stephensonm says

    You are a busy person. I have been thinking about buying those post lights for my deck, so guess I better look into the wooden ones. Thanks for the info on them.

    • Yeah, I love how they look and if you only have a few posts and don’t mind rebuying them every couple of years, it might be worth it. Definitely not worth it for my decks though…I need too many to change them all out every few years.

  12. Well, looks like I’ll be donning my winter coat again this weekend, and hoping the winds don’t blow me down! We are getting warned of a hard freeze (my azaleas have buds which could get freeze-dried, and my hostas could possibly go to mush). I may try to cover them, but the winds are expected to be howling….I’m also in the midst of a porch/balcony redo, so I’m hoping the tarp at least stays in place and keeps things dry.

    • I hope the weather guys are wrong, Rita! I hate to see the flower buds get hurt. Crazy weather! Hope that tarp stays in place, too!

  13. It’s ok. I like made in usa furniture.

  14. I love the chest, it’s perfect. So glad that you found it and on sales too.

    We are expecting a lot of rain on Saturday and some on Sunday, so it’s a good weekend to curl up with my Kindle and read and sty nice and warm. However, my flowers are loving the rain. Stop by and see my gardens.

    Have a great weekend and hopefully you will get your painting done quickly.


  15. LindaSonia says

    I love Pier 1. They often have really lovely things and your chest is among them. I wish I needed one… 🙂 I just recently purchased an upholstered chair and ottoman that was on sale and am totally pleased. I also like when they offer blue & white ginger or temple jars because I collect them.

    • I’m eyeing some of their outdoor wicker chairs. They look so like real wicker, it’s amazing. Just have to find a table I like first. They do have some pretty jars. I saw a really pretty blue and white garden seat when I was in there the other day.

  16. I’ve always loved your table and chairs! Are they weathering on the porch? I’m sure you’ll buy another white set. Your tablescapes look so pretty on the white. I, too, love your chest!

    • Thanks, Martha! They are doing really well after 8 years of being on the porch full time. It’s the metal set on the deck with the grill that’s looking rough. I may just paint it with Rustoleum and call it a day.
      I had a beautiful outdoor-wicker set on the other deck, the one under the pergola, but the squirrels chewed holes in it everywhere…the arms, the backs and the ages of the table. It looked awful so I had to have it hauled off. Broke my heart since it had barely ever been used and was still great except for all the chewed places. The squirrels visit the deck hoping to get seed from my feeders that hang off the deck and when they can’t get seed, they eat my furniture out of revenge, I guess.

  17. Love that chest and the office. Color me jealous. Have any of you tried to contact the manufacturing company or the store where you bought the solar caps ?

    • No, I’ve already thrown them all out. I should have taken photos of them before I did, but they were already in the trash can and on the curb before I thought of that. Some were even falling apart and were missing their tops. Just not made to last, I’m afraid.

  18. What a job you have. We thought about using some solar light post caps last year…when having new railing put up. But we went with a regular fiberglass sort of top. Fingers crossed those tops will weather ok. Love your white chest, and really, I love your room. I could easily sneak that bee pillow out of your house if left alone. ha. Cold and windy in south central Ky. Boo! sheila

  19. Your taste is impeccable, and your energy always positive! I love to check out your shopping lists, and have bought things I have come to love (and given well,-received gifts) based on your recommendations. NE OH is blanketed in snow this morning, but reading your blog was like feeling warm springtime air. I will be doing some travelling soon, but first I will review your travel advice!

    • Thanks so much, Brenda, that makes me so happy to hear that! 🙂
      My dil sent me a photo today of the view of snow out their front door. She said the groundhog lied! 😉

  20. bobbi duncan says

    I love your sweet little chest–goes great in your office. We are having the craziest spring–it turned warm and now, weeks later, it has turned cold again. Seems mother nature can’t make up her mind. Our blooms have miraculously remained although folks in northern PA haven’t been so fortunate. We had those solar caps until we couldn’t deal with the constant replacement–I feel your pain. Checking out new carpeting this weekend for the three rooms where we don’t have wood. Ours is just five years old, but just a tad above builders grade, so we’re anxious to replace it and get a nice fresh look. Hugs!

  21. Oh, dear…Pier 1…I was just there (pillows, oh, my pillows…some came home with me!!) Now, THAT IS what I need to be doing….painting window mullions, etc. It’s supposed to sNOw!! Someone stole spring…franki

  22. Hi, Susan! Thanks for the info about solar caps! It’s a shame they don’t weather well! I love the chest! My daughter can use the navy one in her son’s room! The needlepoint bee pillow in your office chair caught my attention; I love it! I would like to find one like yours or similar to it. Did you stitch it yourself or purchase it? Your blog is always a bright spot in my day! Thanks!

  23. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I love this chest, especially the pull out. I have a white cottage bedroom outfit, but this nightstand is cuter than mine. I’ll put on my wish list! Thanks for the tip on the solar lights. We were thinking of replacing our deck post caps. Now you’ve saved us some money! So appreciate that! 🙂

    • They didn’t hold up well in my yard…probably work better in a yard without so many trees. I would probably have bought them again if I just needed 4 or 5 but I need too many to keep investing in them.

  24. OOOOOOOOOOOOohhhh I have been wanting that bee pillow!!! Love it.

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