My Favorite Christmas Decoration of All

Yesterday I finished decorating the tree and hung all the wreaths up on the windows. Seeing the wreaths on the windows is my favorite Christmas decoration of all. Just love the look of wreaths in windows so much!

It will be after Thanksgiving before I’ll hang garland since I always like to use fresh garland around the door. I’m looking forward to sharing the porch all decorated for Christmas real soon.

See that big row of Carissa Holly shrubs? I had them all trimmed this past summer, but the guy who trimmed them was afraid to cut them back very much since it was summer and quite hot. They are getting a drastic pruning this spring. Hope they survive it, but either way, it’s time!

Christmas Decoration, How to Hang Wreaths on Windows


I’ve got a fun idea for wrapping gifts this year and can’t wait to share it with you. I’m waiting the arrival of a couple of things, but I hope to share the gift wrapping idea on either Monday or Tuesday.

How to Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows for Christmas Decorating


I think the dovecote (bird house) needs its own wreath, too. Even the birdies deserve a bit of Christmas cheer, right? 🙂 If you’re interested in adding wreaths to your exterior windows this Christmas, check out this previous post where I share how easy it is to do: Add Wreaths to Exterior Windows.

Hanging Wreaths on Exterior Windows, Brick Walkway


As I was writing this post, I got an email alert that Talbots has a “25% off everything” sale with the code 25ALL. Check it out here: Talbots Sale.

Happy Holiday Shopping, I’m off to look for a few things today…working down my Christmas list to get a jump on the gift wrapping.


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  1. Uh-oh, a Talbot’s sale could get you in trouble. The wreaths look great! Maybe a red bow around the roof of the dovecote?

  2. Carolyn Ericson says

    Loving all your wreaths! Can you feel me coveting your beautiful Magnolia Tree? Looking forward to your gift wrap ideas. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I inherited that tree when I moved in 27 years ago. It’s a little close to the house, but I love it and don’t have the heart to cut it down. I really like using the leaves to decorate with at Christmastime.

  3. Deena Salvatore says

    Beautiful as always!
    I’m going to Talbots tomorrow. I have 3 rewards coupons burning a hole in my pocket!

  4. Your home dresses up nicely! I too love it when you put your wreaths on. We just put ours out along the side of the deck and in front of the garage. It’s cold and lightly raining today. Not fun unless your a duck! I haven’t looked at Talbots in a long time- I had a jacket from them I wore so long the kids made fun of me! LOL… have a nice weekend!

  5. Andrea Nine says

    Your house is gorgeous with all those wreaths! I do the same thing, except we’re moving into the house we built in about 3 weeks and there are several more windows so I got all new wreaths at Michaels and I’m so excited to hang them. Just feels so festive and I love your red hanging ribbon!

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your house looks very much like Christmas, i love those lovely wreaths you put up each year. Yes i got a book telling about the sale and i have some things i want. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Juanita in OH says

    Now your Christmas decorating is complete. I think those wreaths are so beautiful and complete the house perfectly. TFS.

  8. Beverly Anderson says

    Your house looks beautiful with all the wreaths in the windows! For the birdies, you might hang a little “seed wreath” for them?

  9. Your home is simply lovely!

  10. WOW!! We’re off to get wreaths tomorrow!! franki

  11. How christmasy already, but what a magnificent magnolia!!!

  12. Looks awesome, Susan. It’s a lot of work but sure has a WOW impact from the street! Well done. Happy shopping.

    Spent a few hours in Bed and Body Works today – huge sale on soap, lotions and candles – it was sheet madness in there and I couldn’t wait to get out. I was talked into going with my daughter and I just walked my cute grand daughter around in her stroller trying to stay out of the crowd’s way!

    I did end up buying, because the soaps and lotions are only $2.50 today only and the 3-wick candles only $12.50 – these make amazing gifts!

    • Thanks, Michele! It went very quickly this year, much faster than normal. Guess I’ve done it now so many times, it doesn’t take that long anymore. Oh, I love to shop their sales! My two favorite candles/scents from Bath and Body Works are Bow Ties & Bourbon and Pumpkin Woods.

  13. Love it all, especially love the dollhouse with the moose bringing home the retiree with the green truck !!

  14. Cindy Hodges says

    I was wondering what Christmas tree you ended up with after the Balsam tree was a dud.

  15. You are seriously throwing me into a frenzy. I ran out this morning to get all my baking goods – it took me 3 stores to get everything – while everyone else was buying their Thanksgiving order. I came home to start cookies and realized I didn’t have some of the items I need for cooking regular meals this week and then realized I have to get some serious cleaning and moving around in the basement before I can get out the decorations and my den is already full of boxes to donate stuff that can’t leave the house until the day of the scheduled pickup and I can’t get the stuff out of the basement until the den is clear. Did I mention I was going to start by baking cookies? When will you be available to come organize me?

  16. I just love how you hang your wreaths – a beautiful and classic look!

  17. Nancy of Lake Stevens says

    Susan, I have loved your house since the first time I read your blog. And I love it most of all at Christmas when you have it all decked out and especially the wreaths. And if you are game I would like to pick your brain. Here in the Pacific Northwest many of the houses have slider windows: two windows side by side, one side remaining fixed and the other side slides inside the fixed window. There is a frame right down the middle of the two windows. I have finally figured out a way to hang a wreath in each window set by putting a suction cup on the middle frame. What I need help with is the size of the wreath since the wreath will overlap the two windows. I was thinking a wreath big enough to go from center of right window to center of left window. A wreath that would go from side to side as yours do just seems like it would be too big. Any thoughts.

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