They’re Back, and They’ve Brought 12 New Friends!

Welcome to the  477th Tablescape Thursday!

This past week has been a super busy one, and a tad stressful. It was filled with major updates being made to the blog/site, which thankfully went well, Christmas tree shopping and dentist/doctors appointments. Remind me to never schedule both of those in the same week! Too crazy!

Life definitely got in the way of me putting together a new tablescape for this week, but I have something to share that I think you’re going to love! Actually, two somethings that I think you’re going to love!

Remember this table setting from a few Christmases back?

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


In that table, I used these adorable Better Homes and Gardens salad plates with the cutest scene ever of a bunny sitting near a snow-covered tree. I have the coordinating dinner plates but mixed it up for that setting using plaid dinner plates. (View that table setting here: Christmas Table Inspired by Nature.)

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plate


I know a lot of folks wanted this set of dinnerware and it appears they’ve brought it back! You’ll find it available here: Christmas Dinnerware.

They’ve created a new salad plate this year featuring a cute snowman. You’ll find a set of just the salad plates here: Salad Plates.

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas China, Beautiful

I was also happy to see they brought back another one of my favorite plates that I used in this table setting one Christmas. (Table setting can be viewed here: Christmas Table Setting with Victorian Dollhouse.)

Victorian Dollhouse in Christmas Tablescape


Remember the woody car, bringing home the tree. 🙂 Love this so much!

Better Homes and Garden Christmas China, Woody Car


You’ll find the woody car available in this set here: Christmas Dinnerware. I can’t tell if that set has a mix of plates or just woody car plates, but all the plates are wonderful. I’ve collected as many of the different patterns as I have been able to find over the last few years. Love them all!Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Dinnerware with Woody Car

Beautiful 12 Days of Christmas China

Oh, Better Homes and Gardens, why do you do this to me?! lol I don’t need more Christmas dinnerware, but how can I possibly resist their new line of Christmas china featuring the 12 Days of Christmas!  I saw the salad plates in Wally World, but didn’t realize there was a whole beautiful set available.

This set is so pretty and it’s actually porcelain! Better Homes & Gardens is definitely stepping up their game with a porcelain set. I ordered two sets of this dinnerware this morning with free shipping, so look for a table featuring this beautiful pattern sometime soon. You’ll find this set here: 12 Days of Christmas. I’m sure it will go fast as all their Christmas sets do this time of year.

Christmas Dinnerware, 12 Days of Christmas, Better Homes & Garden

Here’s a close up of the salad plates. If you would just like a set of the salad plates, they are available here: 12 Days of Christmas Salad Plates.

Better Homes & Gardens 12 Days of Christmas Salad Plates


There’s also a beautiful platter–it’s available here: 12 Days of Christmas platter. Love this pattern!

12 Days of Christmas Platter


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Oh, all three sets are gorgeous! I love the new Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Woody set. Some one commit me if I buy anything new! We are two people alone in a huge house and I have filled every corner with plates and tablecloths and flatware, etc.! I could be committed as a tablescape hoarder!!!

  2. Jill from Southern NH says

    I love Wal-Mart! I supplement my wardrobe from Talbots, Ann Taylor and Loft with their pants and tops each season, and I love to shop there for home treasures as well. Can’t wait to see your 12 days of Christmas Tablescape during the upcoming holiday season! I’m sure it will be fantastic and inspiring like your other creations!

  3. Foresight putting up those new dish/storage shelves!!! 🙂 franki

  4. Better Homes and Gardens and SUSAN, why do you do this to me? I have no more storage for Christmas china. These are wonderful, but I’m trying to not click on the links in your post. I have to keep asking myself where I would put it. Thank you for TT linky, but not for the temptations!

  5. Bought the when I saw your post two years ago and added more last year. Crazy, kids all grown and gone! Love it! And they have darling ornaments too!

  6. There wasn’t much in at my Wal-Mart but perhaps I’ll have to
    go again. Better check what I have already. Beautiful
    tablescapes, as always!! There’s only two of us but it’s nice
    to see and use holiday dishes. Hopefully it brightens things up
    a bit for hus. He’s disabled and gets his meals served on trays.

  7. In the reviews of the complete BH&G set, the reviewer states that the salad plates are the same four designs offered in the stand-alone salad plate item…snowman, woody, deer and tree. Hope that helps anyone who had a question about what is included.

  8. Wow- I wonder if our Walmart has them in. I “need” more dishes like a hole in my head! LOL…. it’s fun though isn’t it!

    • Just saw some this afternoon while out and about. Bought a set for me and one as a hostess gift. There was just one more set there. Let me know if I need to try and snag it for you!

  9. None of these beautiful dishes have been in our local Walmarts… but as soon I saw this post, I ordered 3 sets of the Heritage Salad Plates. Love them, and I also will be pairing them with my Tartan dinner plates. Thanks so much for the info!

  10. I could not resist, I just ordered the twelve days of Christmas.

  11. These are so cute. I was in WM yesterday and saw them all….like a magpie drawn to shiny things, of course I veered right over. I resisted! I know next time I go back they’ll be gone…..I hope. 😉

  12. Debra Bartels says

    Just ordered the 12 Day of Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Juanita in OH says

    This is a wonderful post. I LOVE everything Christmas, especially dinnerware. I too, am trying to restrain myself because The Twelve Days of Christmas is so important to me. I can’t cook anymore and I don’t have enough room for more than six to dine. I am trying to talk some sense into myself, lol. I think you are simply one amazing woman. TFS.

  14. I saw these in store and they were all so nice. The 12 days set reminds me of a much more expensive set at Williams Sonoma!

    • Tanya, I thought the exact same thing when I saw the salad plates in the store. I couldn’t get over how nice they were and thought that these were every bit as nice as what I normally see in Williams Sonoma. I peeled up the label on the back enough to read what it said underneath and noticed it said “Porcelain.” They really do feel/look nice, much higher end than the price indicates.

  15. I will NOT get these 12 days of Christmas! I have every other set they have come out with and can not fit anymore:):) I did see them in my 2 local Walmarts but have resisted!!!

  16. I don’t go to Wally World often but I will go just to take a look at their dinnerware (wink-wink). Thanks for the inspiration and for the standing weekly invitation.

  17. Noooo, not porcelain too! That platter will be coming home, and 4 more of the cereal bowls please, did someone say ‘bunnies’?!!! Oh my!

  18. These are all so cute but our local Walmart never carries them. Went online for both .ca and .com but did not find any of these sets and looked and searched everywhere. Especially love the woody car scene.

    • Wende, I just looked and couldn’t find it on the .ca site. Can you order from the .com site and have it shipped there? Not sure how that works.

  19. Before I started following BNOTP, I bought the BH&G plates with red amaryllis thinking I was such a dork for buying plates in Walmart. Look at me now–ahead of my time! Love how they put 3 days/plate so that they didn’t have to be tiny pictures.

  20. Ann Seigman says

    Susan, you find the cutest things! It is so difficult to, “Just say NO!”, but so far, so good! Ha!

  21. Susan, your Christmas tables are always fun and festive. I don’t have any of these Christmas pieces, but I do have plenty of other Christmas dinnerware. My husband gave me a set of the William Sonoma 12 Days of Christmas some years ago. Sadly I’ve not used it because we’ve never hosted dinner for 12. I need to just set a table for virtual guests and have fun with it. It even has the cutest place card holders. Hummm… where are they? Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. So funny, I just bought the Twelve Days of Christmas salad plates this morning. They go perfectly with my ivory gold rimmed dinner plates. They are beautiful and for the price you can buy the whole set and not feel guilty!! I didn’t see the bunnies and will check next time I go. I’m sure they will come home too.

  23. Katherine Frasher Schmitt says

    The place settings are all just so lovely? I love the bunny plates

  24. Beautiful china! Have to go check it out – though, yikes, my hubs may not agree I need more china haha.

    Thanks for hosting – so excited to be joining in on the fun!

  25. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I linked up this morning but had to hurry out the door to a couple of appointments of my own. I then ran a few errands which included a stop at Walmart. I SAW AND BOUGHT those 12 Days of Christmas salad plates!!!! Not only did I buy myself a set, but a set for a fellow blogger who I will be visiting this weekend!!!!!! How funny to get back home tonight in front of my computer to actually read your post and see that you are touting the virtues of those salad plates!!! They really are nice, and I look forward to using them either on the wall, on the dining table, or both! I see from your link that there are dinner plates, too. They didn’t have those in the store, certainly not as open stock like the salad plates. I will look at a couple of different Walmart locations tomorrow to see if I can lay hands on some. Geez…great minds think alike! 🙂

    • My Wally World didn’t have the dinner plates either, wonder if they just haven’t gotten them in…or maybe they are only available in the sets online. When you order online, you get two day shipping and it’s free. Walmart must be learning from Amazon! Love fast, free shipping! 🙂 Alycia, if you want the dinner plates, you may want to return the salad plates and just buy the sets online. I had purchased 6 salad plates a couple of weeks ago, but I think I’m going to return them now that I’ve ordered two full sets online.

      • Alycia Nichols says

        I looked online, and if I read it correctly it seems the dinner plates may be coming to my nearby Walmart on November 21st. We’ll see! I’m going for it!!!!! ,

  26. I love the heritage plates. To bad wallmart only delivers in the U.S. and not to Europe.

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    Was in Walmart a week ago and purchased 5 more of the salad plates with the sweet deer on it. I will use them with my Christmas Niko dishes. It will be great to use them on into January and February with my snowman dishes! Love mixing it up. 🙂

  28. Ran out last year and bought the Woody set salad plates and thought with my red & green Fiestaware (bought as seconds in Brimfield) that I was done dinnerware shopping—but oh no! I have so many dishes that I am storing them under my couch that has a ruffle to cover their existance! Where to store now??! Augh!

  29. Marilyn Craighead says

    I was in Walmart and the woody car plate was in stock! I was so happy as I missed getting it last year. Thinking I need to go back for a couple more!

  30. Thanks for posting about the 12 Days of Christmas plates. I found a set at GoodWill in a round wooden box with red on white dishes, but it was missing the first plate. Loved them so much, I bought them anyway. So many dishes, so little cabinets. Show us those cabinets in your garage again. LOL
    Our local Wally World didn’t have the Christmas plates last year either.

  31. I’m heading to Wally World today! Great find and perfect for Christmas! Susan, Did you see the Black Friday special for Talbots? Half-off one item. Hard to choose!

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