Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland: Bigger and Better Second Time Around

Welcome to the 514th Metamorphosis Monday!

I had hoped to do an update on the installation of the Ring Doorbell today, but I need one more part to fix an issue it’s having. Hopefully, the part I’ve ordered will arrive this week, then I’ll be able to complete that final post. So watch for that coming up real soon.


Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland Gets an Update

Many, many years ago I came across this beautiful image in a Pottery Barn catalog. I thought it was beautiful and I could not get it out of my head. For several years it reappeared each Christmas in their catalogs and on their website. Though we don’t often get this much snow during the winter here in Georgia, I finally decided to try and recreate the beautiful ornament-covered garland.

Make this Pottery Barn Inspired Garland for Your Home


I purchased my plain, lit garland in Old Time Pottery and was able to make it for much less than what it would have cost to purchase it. I liked how it turned out, but I always wished the garland was just a little longer and a bit fuller.


Have you noticed how most garland comes in 9 ft lengths? That really wasn’t quite long enough to fully go around my columns so I had to improvise as best I could. This photo shows how I improvised on the back of the column at the top. I had to do something similar at the bottom, too.

Over the years I’ve been keeping my eye out for some slightly longer garland. When I could find it, the prices were always ridiculous, so I just kept making do with my existing garland.


It’s been a few years since I used this garland on the columns.


I made the garland back in 2010 and over the years it has continued to get more and more sparse. It was also starting to look a bit faded.

Christmas Porch Decorated with Garland and Boxwood Wreaths


This year I looked again and came across some very affordable garland HERE that had great reviews. It is 12 foot long so plenty long enough for the columns, plus it looked a lot fuller. Also, the lights are battery powered, so no electrical cords. Like that!

Straight out of the box it was pretty squished down.

Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland


Here’s how it looked all fluffed up. I kept the side it was laying on flat, with intentions of the flat side being the side that would wrap around the column.

Update: I’ve had several questions about the plaid lamp here in the kitchen. I purchased it in HomeGoods several years ago after seeing it in Linda’s pretty 3-season Christmas porch. I first posted about it here: Plaid Lamp for the Kitchen.

I don’t know if HomeGoods still has this lamp, but I found a similar one just now here: Red Plaid Lamp. I couldn’t resist and ordered one. Not sure where I’ll use it, but it’s so cute I would like to see it in person–and it’s only available online. If I end up keeping it, I’ll share it in a future post.

Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland Tutorial


It took a couple of hours one night to remove all the ornaments from the old garland. Most were still in great shape, despite several years of use in the winter weather.

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Garland


Last time I made the garland, I used some fairly thick green wiring that I already had. This time I remembered that I had some much thinner green wiring from my wreath-making phase many years ago.

Make Pottery Barn Garland


When making this garland, I always start with the largest ornaments first and then move on to the medium and small ornaments.

Create Your own Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland


I finished one garland last night, will work on the other one today. I hope to finish it today. I may not wrap them around the columns this year. I’m toying with the idea of placing the garland around my front door instead of the live garland I normally use. I’ll have to see how it looks tomorrow (once I complete the other garland) to decide if I’ll use it or some live greenery. I do love how much fluffier this garland is than my old garland!

NOTE: You’ll find the tutorial for making this garland here: Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Garland.


If you decide to make this garland for your front porch, this is the garland I used as my base to make it this year: Christmas Garland. I’m really pleased with how full it is and I’m looking forward to hanging it!

Christmas Garland, Pottery Barn Inspired Garland


Remember this fun “Christmas Vacation” themed wrapping paper I used last year to wrap Christmas presents?

Christmas Vacation Wallpaper, Perfect for Christmas Presents


It’s back again this year! I thought at first it was sold out because they had so few rolls showing left last time I checked. But apparently, they’ve found more because it’s currently showing available. Not sure how long it will last since it tends to go quickly each year.

Fun Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea for All Ages


You’ll find it available here: Wrapping Paper.

Gift Wrapping Idea, Chevy Truck with Christmas Tree on Christmas Vacation Paper


I also love this and had to order a roll. Sooo cute! You’ll find it available here: Red Christmas Truck Wrapping Paper.

Red Truck Christmas Wrapping Paper


I ordered a couple of these 1955 red Chevy trucks to go on top of the presents wrapped with the paper above. Last year I covered all my grandson’s presents with vintage cars and trucks after wrapping them in the “Christmas Vacation” wrapping paper. They loved it!

They don’t need more cars/trucks this year since they still have all the ones they received last year, but I couldn’t resist wrapping at least one of their presents that way for this Christmas. You’ll find these cute red trucks here: Red Truck.


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. What a challenge with the garland! You created a gorgeous new decorated garland and I’m sure it will be beautiful on your porch. Love all the truck wrapping paper and the little trucks you added for your grandsons last year. The red truck theme is even more popular this year and so cute. Looking forward to the details with your doorbell.

    • I’ve been doing all my shopping online so didn’t realize that. Thanks, Mary! I hope to share those by the end of the week. I think I’m going to really enjoy having it, just have to work out one glitch.

  2. It’s going to look wonderful Susan! I’ve followed you long enough to remember when you originally created the garlands. Looks like you found a good source for some new ones. Love the wrapping papers you’ve found and the little trucks are adorable.

  3. Anne Shaheen says

    Our Ring makes me feel so much safer. The chime rings as soon as someone or something enters our front area. So sensitive even deer set it off!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment before, but thank you for all you’re wonderful posts! Last year everyone in my family received a present with a car with a Christmas tree on top to match what they drove. Thank you for that inspiration!

    I’ve always loved that Pottery Barn garland, so will look forward to seeing your next post!

    I love the beautiful lamp in your kitchen with the plaid lampshade. Do you know if it’s still available?

  6. Linda Page says

    The garland looks great. You are so talented. We are heading to Natchitoches, La. to see the Christmas lights and the boats floating down the Cane River with each boat fully decorated in lights.

    • Ohh, that sounds wonderful! There was a scene like that in Jacquie Lawson’s Seaside Village Advent Calendar a few years back. Did you get that advent calendar that year, Linda? Take photos, I know it will be beautiful!

  7. Loved that wrapping paper; my family had a station wagon and a trailer just like that when I was a kid, and then my first car was a VW–so it’s perfect! So much work making that garland that it’s a good thing they last for years. It will be so beautiful around your red door. (Or the columns.)

    • I know, it’s not hard…just time-consuming. The old garland still looked pretty good, I probably could have gotten a few more years out if, but it was never as full as I had wanted. I think this one will look a lot better. Thanks, Mia!

  8. Thanks Susan, your garland is beautiful!

  9. I made this garland using your directions when they first came out. I still love that garland. I wrapped my posts until we moved. Now I put it along the top of my porch. Each year I have to re-glue some of the ornaments. Some of the red ones have slightly faded but you can’t tell by looking up. I love your wrapping paper and toy cars. Thanks for hosting. Merry Christmas.

    • Oh, so glad you are still enjoying it after all these years! The only ornaments on mine that were looking really rough were some of the white glossy ones. Glossy isn’t the right word for the finish on those, but I can’t remember the word right now. Arggg, hate it when that happens.
      Fortunately, I still have several of those left over from when I made it, so I’m just replacing those.

  10. 12 foot garland with battery powered lights,where have you been all my life!?

  11. Thank you for hosting Susan!

  12. Barbara Haunton says

    Unlike most of what you do, the kitchen garland loks like an early April Fool, regardless of how it’s lying.

    If there were “world enough and time,” I’d be the octogenarian Martha Stewart. It’s a vicarious pleasure to follow your ambitious decor creations.

  13. I realize it’s a little late, and your new garland is beautiful, but….why didnt you just buy a third 9′ garland, cut it in half with wire cutters, and twist together half on each existing garland making each side 12′-13′ depending on the overlap? I’ve cut and pieced together garland many times to hang around single or double French doors. I’ve yet to start decorating as we’ve been painting the house. Hopefully some time this week! Your blog is a welcome lunch-time break!

    • That would have been way too long, wiring together two 9-foot garlands. That’s 18-feet. The 9-foot garland I’ve been using all these years was almost perfect for my columns, I just needed a couple more feet. If I had done what you’re suggesting, I guess I could have run it across the top of the porch on the inside to keep it hidden from view from the road, but I think that would have looked really weird to anyone standing on the porch. Not sure, though…maybe it would be pretty going across the top on the inside. If I do use it around the door this year as I’m thinking I will, what you’re describing would have work for that scenario. Fortunately, I think the two 12-foot garlands will be enough to go around the door…keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

      • No, what I was suggesting was cutting a third 9′ garland in HALF and adding each half to both of your 9′ garlands…. You could trim to the size you needed. Doesn’t matter, what you ended up with looks great!

  14. Aw, your struggle with the garland made me think I should do a post for how to make garlands —full. Secret, from a big/box craft designer…use a basic garland under a more expensive one for fullness. And you are right they need to be refurbished every few years. Another thing I learned to do—was to make a string of decorations either on wire or green twine—and then weave that string into the garland. Removing or changing themes is less labor intensive that way. You can even string ornaments/decorations on thinner wire edge ribbon. It’s going to be gorgeous—and the new garland is lovely.

    • I’ve kinda done similar in the past where I took a cheapy garland and inserted live greenery into, like magnolia leaves, etc… Great tip!
      Wow, I love that idea about the string/wire of decorations! That sounds a lot faster and less frustrating, especially when it’s time to redo. I need to try that sometime! Thanks, Sandi!

  15. Karen Glaser says

    Thanks Susan for checking on this! I like the idea of a lamp in the kitchen, especially this time of year – will have to keep a look-out for one as cute as yours. Karen

  16. It turned out perfect Susan! Your porch always looks lovely. I am having a tough time pulling ours together this year. We actually are not going to be home for Christmas for the first time EVER and I think that is what my problem is. I do not want to go all out but I want to do something.

  17. GORGEOUS garland!! franki

  18. Donna zoltanski says

    Your garland is simply gorgeous. Off to checkout red plaid lamp. I think I did last year too. Good luck with hanging garland and success on door bell too. ☺

  19. So pretty!

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    Everytime I see this garland I think I want to make one! It is beautiful! I currently have garland with pinecones that go across my front porch railing and around the two colums. I drape /swag it like you have in the header picture at the top of your post and I use red bows too. The red bows really look good against the white railings, white house and green shutters. I love my wreaths hanging in the windows like you showed us. One of these years I am going to go all out and do the garland with the ornaments with the new suggestion above to string the ornaments and then wrap them around the garland. Love the battery operated garland, such a great feature. Thanks Susan! Also, love the lights on the house in the header and how they flash! Too cute!

  21. Jane Franks says

    Love your Christmas ideas, Susan! I’ve noticed the red truck theme everywhere this year! So Cute! And the garland is outstanding. Don’t you love those pre-wired, battery operated lights? My wreath light I bought turned out fabulous on my wreath. It has 8 settings and is timed to turn on and off each day for 6 hours at the same time each evening. This is the one I purchased: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Lights-Outdoor-String-Waterproof/dp/B074NWSTHC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1543942612&sr=8-4&keywords=wreath+lights+battery+operated (I hope it’s okay to put that on your website!). I’m enjoying your Christmas posts each day! Thanks! Jane xo

  22. Debra Matcovich says

    I just want to thank you for your, how to hang Christmas wreaths with red ribbon and bows. This was for a client and I’ve been dwelling about this for weeks. I’m so glad I came across your article. It made it so much easier. Her house looks beautiful, just what she envisioned. Thanks again,

  23. Love your garland! Just found the truck wrapping paper, on sale, and matching labels at http://www.currentcatalig.com. They also have some plaid that kinda looks like your lamp. Temptation, temptation…

  24. Cindy Anderson says

    Sorry…I misspelled the link for your wrapping paper. It’s http://www.currentcatalog.com. It’s even on sale!

  25. Bobbi Duncan says

    Loved the first one you created and this one is even prettier. Just got back from a week in Williamsburg, which means I’m way behind on our decorating, but we had a ball so it was worth it. Luckily, Michael always strings all the outside lights the day after Thanksgiving, so that’s off our list. Hugs!

    • Bobbi, I know how you feel, I’ve been working on WiFi issues and other stuff, so way behind, too. One of these days I’m going to visit Colonial Williamsburg during the holiday season. I would love to see all the decorations in person!

      • Hi Bobbi, Just wanted to let you know that every time I reply to one of your emails, it comes back saying that it wasn’t delivered because it might have a virus. There’s something wrong with your email service because my emails do not have viruses. Also, that’s why you’re not getting any emails from the blogs that you’ve subscribed too. They are all being weeded out by your email service provider. I really recommend you consider switching email services. I love Gmail and it’s free. I love how you can search for an email, create folders for storing emails, etc… You may want to try it and subscribe to the blogs you enjoy with your gmail email.

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