Fall Wreath Idea, A Porch with a River View & Dreamy Fashions Inspired by Fashion Week

I have quite a few fun things to share today, starting with this beautiful fall wreath Carol created for her front door this year. Carol said, “I saw your fall wreath and wanted to share with you my fall wreath. I am always finding something new and I add to it every year, so it has morphed into this now.”

I love this idea! What a great way to update an older wreath. I especially love the monogram pumpkin and pheasant feathers Carol added! If you already have a great fall wreath but would like something new for this year without going out and buying a new wreath, add some new accents like pine cones, feathers, etc… to create a whole new look! Thanks, Carol for sharing your fall door decor!

Fall Autumn Door Decorating Ideas


Screened porches aren’t just for summer, they are wonderful spots to get in some bird watching and to enjoy the colorful transformation of the trees as autumn moves in. Debra has a wonderful porch that she and her family enjoy year around.

Screened Porches for Year Around Enjoyment


In addition to areas for dining, there’s a cozy seating group that will be perfect for sipping hot chocolate with a warm throw this autumn. Regarding the painting, Debra said, “This picture we bought at a local festival. The artist painted in on a piece of docking that was destroyed during Hurricane Isabel. We used it as our inspiration for the whole house. We also had to replace the rug this year. It is a dark brown and tan diamond design.”



Debra’s porch is quite large. Debra put that space to good use creating different seating areas for different purposes. What a great place to entertain family and friends!



As if this wonderfully large porch is awesome enough, check out the river view! There’s even a fire pit to extend the outdoor fun into fall/winter. I’m sure there have been a lot of marshmallow roasts here over the years.

Debra, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful screened porch and fabulous outdoor entertaining spaces!

Screened Porch Overlooking the River


Fashion Week

Were you keeping up with Fashion Week this year? In the past, I never paid much attention to it but this year I noticed it popping up a lot on Instagram, so I got curious and Googled to learn a bit more about it. In case you’re not very familiar with how it works (like me) Fashion Week is when a lot of designer brands/houses showcase their upcoming clothing styles for the new season.

Back in the day, Fashion Week focused more on future seasons, meaning when Fashion Week was held in the fall, the clothes being presented were spring fashions. The fashion houses wised up though and started focusing more on their customers instead of on the buyers/retailers, so now the fashions that are being showcased in the fall during Fashion Week are actually for fall and winter, while the fashions presented in early spring are for that year’s spring/summer.

There are four big Fashion Weeks in the fall and spring and interestingly, they run a staggered schedule. This fall New York’s Fashion Week was September 6-14, London’s was September 14-18, Milan’s was September 18-24 and Paris was September 24-October 2. I’m not sure if it’s always in that order each year. The next Fashion Week will be held in early spring.

I kinda hate to say this, but most of the fashions I see on the runways don’t really appeal to me. Most aren’t the kind of fashion I would wear in my daily life. Maybe my life just isn’t exciting enough. Ha!

I’m not sure if it’s in response to Fashion Week or not, but Neiman Marcus has a great fashion sale going on right now. Out of curiosity, I hopped over to their site to check it out.

Fantasy Fashion (at least for me…but a girl can dream!)

Two gorgeous pieces caught my eye. They are completely and utterly out of my budget, but I wanted to share them with you since we’re on the heels of Fashion Week and because I thought they were so beautiful.

This gorgeous dress by Carolina Herrara is made of silk faille and is covered with paillette embroideries. Is it not stunning?!  Unfortunately, it cost about the same as a used car, but it’s gorgeous!

You can read more about it here: Evening Gown. If the 25% off sale applies, that would definitely help, but it’s still way outside my budget. It would make a gorgeous wedding dress for someone who didn’t want to go with traditional white. I love it…it’s a fantasy dress to me.


While we’re putting together a fantasy ensemble, this beautiful clutch would be wonderful with any evening gown. I might actually splurge on a special bag like this for a holiday party. All it takes is one stunning accent piece to completely elevate an outfit. Love this! Read more about it here: Crystal Clutch or here: Crystal Clutch

The other fashion piece I saw and loved is this beautiful Carolina Herrera ball skirt in crisp silk faille. I love this blue color, but…

Silk Ball Skirt by Carolina Herrera


…imagine wearing it in red or green for a Christmas party.  Again, it’s way outside my budget, but it’s absolutely classically beautiful!  I will say one thing for the dress above and these beautiful ball skirts below, they will forever be in style. You can never go wrong with classic designs.

If you would like to drool a bit, this being the end of fashion week and all, you can see the other colors this skirt comes in here. Silk Ball Skirt. The pink and sunshine yellow are gorgeous, too!


Pulling my head out of the clouds, this beautiful Fair Isle sweater I blogged about last winter is back in stock if you had wanted one but missed getting it last year before they sold out. I love this sweater and wore it a ton this past winter. It was definitely a go-to piece in my winter wardrobe.

You’ll find it available here in several colors: Fair Isle Sweater. I’m going to add the green/cream/gray one to my wardrobe this year. I love the burgundy one too, I may have to get both!

Fair Isle Sweater


By the way, Talbot’s 25% off sale ends today and they are offering free shipping on everything! Check out the Anniversary Event here: Talbot’s Anniversary Event. The white jeans I ordered last week, came today, so I think I’m set now for my Egypt wardrobe.

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I do that too, Carol; I add to/subtract from the fall wreath over time. And it’s a bit different in September than in November.

  2. I love pheasant feathers and they look great on Carol’s wreath. As for the clothes, my style is definitely the fair isle sweater kind of girl, but that Carolina Herrera full skirt is a true classic for when we do go to balls, even if in our minds only. It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite pins with Sharon Stone in her husband’s Gap white shirt with Vera Wang long silk skirt (though it was much straighter).

    • I love it! I wish I had a ball to go to 🙂 but yeah, my life is much more the Fair Isle lifestyle, too. I noticed they have it paired with a more casual style shirt. I think for an elegant party, I’d go with something a bit more slinky or elegant.

  3. I was absolutely speak less when I saw that porch. Oh what a dream. I want one on the south side of my house.

    • Margaret, go for it! You will enjoy it through all the seasons. Even when it’s cold out, I love looking out at mine and just seeing mine…the promise of warmer days ahead.

  4. Rebecca Dexter says

    Any clue as to where she got the monogramed pumpkin? Would be very fun to have one.

    • Rebecca, I emailed Carol to ask, I’ll let you know what she says when I hear back.

    • Rebecca, here’s what Carol replied back: “I found it in a little shop in Greenville but you can search on Etsy for monogrammed wooden pumpkin sign and they have several to choose from at different price points.”

  5. Sandra Brown says

    Ck out Danielle Rollins’ designs for those of you who love those full, long big skirts. They r one of her signature pieces.

  6. I found a perfect buttery yellow leather blazer by Carolina Herrera in a resale shop here for about $40.00 in perfect condition.

  7. If only I were four inches taller. I said recently If I win the lottery with big money, I will start a company for older fluffy women with short waists. Kind of like when I wear a hat, I look like a mushroom. Those skirts are beautiful but that ship has sailed. Last week I saw a Vera Wang short black jacket in a thrift shop for $4.00 !

  8. Elizabeth Speicher says

    If you can sew those skirts would be very easy and considerably more affordable. Mood fabrics has a wide variety of silk faille, some even from Carolina Herrera for $54 or less per yard all of it 54 inches wide so it wouldn’t take as much yardage as you think. I bet Vogue patterns has something close to the design.

  9. Debra’s screened porch and firepit are wonderful.
    I like the different color chairs and the interlocking stone by the large firepit.
    The porch looks very inviting and who wouldn’t enjoy hearing the sounds of nature and watching activity on the river.
    It takes an hour to get my gazebo ready for guests, wiping things down, pounding the dust off cushions.
    I’d rather, plop right down on her colorful seating. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Merlin Parde says

    So FUN!! Thanx!! franki

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