Packing for Travel to Egypt and a Cruise Along the Nile River

In a few short weeks, I’ll be heading off on a new adventure. I’ll be leaving for a 16-day trip to Egypt. This will be my third time visiting the continent of Africa–somehow it keeps drawing me back.

It’s going to be quite hot in Egypt, I’m guessing very much like the summers here in Georgia but with less humidity since it’s really a desert environment. Today I’m sharing the wardrobe I plan to pack, although I’m sure there will be some last minute additions and subtractions.

And before I get any criticisms about how much I take along when I travel, yes…I know it’s possible to pack light when traveling, but that’s not what I enjoy. I love clothes and I love dressing in something I really like each day on a trip. To me, that’s part of the fun of travel.

If you prefer to travel for a 16 day trip with just the clothes that will fit in a carry-on suitcase, occasionally washing clothes along the way, that’s awesome! I prefer to not have to wash clothes while traveling, although the places we’ll be staying do offer that service. I hope you’ll still find this post helpful even if you prefer to travel super light.

I’m making a few changes this time regarding luggage but one item that will definitely make the trip is my travel handbag. Since I first started traveling, I’ve always taken along bags that had RFID protection, cut resistance or cut-proof design and latching pockets to thwart pickpockets. I upgraded to this particular bag just before leaving for Morocco because of the two pockets on either end designed to hold a water bottle.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag for Travel


I will definitely be needing that feature again on the trip to Egypt. From what I’ve read, I’ll most likely need to avoid drinking the local water. Plus, I’ll need to stay well-hydrated in the heat. I really like how the pockets on this bag collapse down flat when not in use as seen in the photo above.

This bag has a ton of safety features, including RFID pockets so a bad guy can’t scan your credit cards or passport. The zipper openings cleverly lock to prevent pickpocketing and it’s slash resistant so someone can’t slice it open at the bottom in a crowd. It’s also roomy enough to hold my large DSLR camera with a good size lens on it.

You can see all the colors it comes in and read more about the design and layout of this bag where I purchased mine here: Secure Travel Bag.

Best Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Holds Water Bottle


Clothes for Hot Weather Travels

Okay, let’s dive into the clothes I plan to take on this trip. I’m going to be sharing a lot of shirts/tops in this post that I plan to take and wear on this 15-16 day trip. For the bottom half, I’ll be wearing mostly white jeans. White is reflective so I’m hoping white pants will help reflect the sun.

I have a pair of casual white linen pants that I bought many years ago for wearing to the beach, but they are just a little too see-through for me to feel comfortable wearing them in Egypt. So white jeans will be my primary “pants” for when I’m out and about.

I already have a pair of these white jeans, I wore them a ton this summer. I just ordered two more pairs a few days ago since I love how they fit and they are currently on sale. For blue-denim jeans, I often go with Jeggings, but for white jeans I find the “Slim-Ankle” fit to be more flattering than a jegging style which is a lot snugger.

You’ll find my favorite white jeans here: White Jeans. I wear the “curvy” fit because the regular fit jeans tend to gap at the waist on me. If you don’t have that problem with pants, you’ll find the regular fit jeans here: White Jeans.

Note: The tops I’ll be wearing are longer tops so they will cover my bottom. That’s a flattering look, but also a modest, “non-attention-drawing” look for traveling through Egypt.

White Jeans on Sale


As I was taking photos for this post, I kept including the white jeans in the photos. I finally just focused on the shirts since white jeans will go with all the tops I’m taking on this trip.


The Tops

I purchased these two shirts a couple of months ago. I purchased the top on the left online, along with a dress. The dress didn’t work out for me, but the shirt was perfect! When I stopped by the store to return the dress, I spotted the shirt on the right (below) and decided on a whim to try it on. Oh my gosh, I instantly loved it! It’s silk, so a lot more $$$ than I would normally spend on a shirt, but it was so pretty on, I had to get it!

The design of the shirt is super flattering. I have a feeling it would be that way on almost all body types because of how it’s designed. Both of these tops are very flattering!

Linen and Cotton Clothes for Traveling to Egypt


Here’s how the silk top above looks when worn. I love the bell sleeves, they are so feminine and just flow so beautifully as you move your arms. I don’t own anything else with bell sleeves so I was surprised how lovely they are.

Since this shirt is all silk, it hangs beautifully, just skimming over the body as it softly flows with your body. I’ve found it to be incredibly comfortable and flattering to wear.


I’ve been wearing the other top a lot this summer! It’s cool, comfortable and again, very flattering on. I love the neckline, it looks great with a pretty necklace. This top is available here: Floral Top.

Cute summer top


I’m going to take along a few pairs of my favorite scalloped white shorts, but I won’t be wearing those out on the streets of Cairo/Egypt since it’s best to keep the legs covered when out and about. I think the shorts will come in handy when lounging around the pool at some of the places where we’ll be staying.

I don’t care for swimming, I’m just not a “water” person, though I can swim. So, I won’t need a bathing suit on this trip, but shorts should work well if I want to walk along the beach in Hurghada or lounge around the pool at the hotel where we’ll be staying.

I LOVE these shorts, I have 5-6 pairs now. Each time they’ve gone on sale this summer, I’ve bought a couple more. They are super comfortable and much more flattering on the legs than non-scalloped shorts. I’ve worn them almost every single day this summer while at home and running errands. In fact, I’m wearing them now. They are super well-made so should last me for many years. They are currently on sale again here: Shorts.


These two tops will definitely make the trip, I absolutely LOVE both of these and have worn them to death all summer. You’ll find them on sale here: Sleeveless Pansy Shirt AND Floral Lace Shirt.

I’m super tempted to buy another one of the floral lace tops seen below on the right. I already have two of the pansy shirt. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know that I tend to do that…buy two of a top if I really, really love it and it goes on sale. I love having a spare in case one’s in the wash when I really want to wear it.

Cotton & Linen for Travel to Egypt


I will be taking all of my long linen shirts along on this trip. I purchased several of these long, 100% linen shirts last summer and the summer before. They are soooo cool and very flattering on. My favorite feature of all is how the sleeves roll up and button, so if you’re out in the blazing hot sun and need more protection for your arms, you can easily roll down the sleeves to protect them.

By the way, this is also an outstanding style of top/shirt to take with you on a safari. You stay cool but protected from bug bites for the most part. LOVE this style shirt and buy them whenever I come across them in a color/pattern I like.

Linen Shirts for Travel to Hot Places


Here’s a close up of the fabrics. Vertical stripes are always so slimming…super flattering. Again, I’ll pair these with white jeans. I’ve had these for several years, so not sure if they or somthing similar is still available. If I can find it online, I’ll link it later in this post.

Linen Shirts Cool for Travel to Egypt


I just purchased this shirt this past summer and it’s really pretty on! It’s super cool since it’s made of linen, and vertical stripes are always so flattering.

Linen Shirt for Traveling to Egypt


Here’s how it looks on…sooo pretty! For sizing in case it’s helpful, I took a small in all the shirts I’ve shared thus far.

I found this shirt runs a bit big. I ordered a medium to start with and it swallowed me whole…had to exchange it for a small. You’ll find it on sale here: Striped Linen Shirt. Update: I think this shirt has sold out. That link will take you to other striped linen shirts, though.


These are oldies but goodies that I’ll take along with me. The shirt on the left is linen, so again will be nice and cool. The other is all cotton, so should also be cool in the heat. Can you tell I’m obsessed with cotton and linen for summer! lol

Again, both tops have the sleeves that roll up and button. Love that! Neither of these is available now, unfortunately. Again, I plan to wear all of the tops with my white jeans, although I am taking along one pair of blue denim jeans.

Linen and Cotton Clothes, Travel to Hot Places Like Egypt


I will be taking several pairs of Sperry Topsiders with me on this trip. I’m sure I’ll take along a couple pairs of sandals, too. I’ve heard it can be very dusty when walking around the pyramids, so shoes tend to get quite dirty. On past trips, I’ve found my topsiders to be very comfortable for walking a lot, so I know from experience they work well for me while traveling. They also clean up pretty well, so these and another pair or two shoes that will accompany me on this trip.

Sperry Topsides, Great for Travel


This is one of the other pairs of topsiders I’ll be taking on this trip. The mesh sides should help with the heat. You’ll find all of Sperry’s current topsider styles here: Topsiders. They are a staple in my wardrobe year around. I love them! I also love their rain boots and have several pairs. They make quality stuff!


This is what I use to clean my leather shoes and purses.

Leather Cleaner Wipes


Last night I got these shoes out as I was planning what I would take on the trip. I was shocked to see this dark streak across the top. I have no idea if I dripped something on them or what caused that.

Leather Wipes for Cleaning Shoes, Bags


I got out the leather wipes and gave them a quick cleaning. I wasn’t sure if the wipes would getthe stain out since I’m not sure what caused it, but I hoped they would. They were completely dry within about 15-30 minutes and the stain was gone! Love these leather wipes!  I definitely recommend these for cleaning leather shoes…very pleased with how they worked on my topsiders. ! You’ll find these leather wipes available here: Leather Wipes.

Sperry Topsiders Cleaned with Leather Wipes


I’ll take along one shorter dress, in case I want to wear it at some point…maybe on the Nile Cruise portion of the trip. I purchased this dress in Maui this past summer and have worn it several times. It’s sleeveless, so I’ll take along this lightweight sweater in case it gets a bit chilly on the cruise in the evening.

Linen and Cotton Clothes, Great for Travel to Hot Locales


Here’s how this dress looks on, except it comes down an inch or two longer on me since I’m only 5′ 3-1/2″. I will pair it with sandals if I have the opportunity to wear it. I love the color! I’m obsessed with this “Tiffany-Blue” color and each year that obsession seems to grow! lol

This dress is still available here: Sea Glass Linen Dress. Have no idea why it looks so pale in the photo at that link…it’s a beautiful blue in person.


This maxi dress will also make the trip. It was another purchase from my trip to Maui. I think it will be nice for dinner one night as we’re cruising the Nile River. It’s seems so surreal to say that! I’ve heard about the Nile River my entire life, can’t wait to see it in person. Did you know the Nile River flows south to north? Apparently, quite a few rivers do that from what I’ve read.

Cotton Maxi Dress, Travel to Egypt


I love the “frog” buttons down the front of this dress. I found it in a shop on Maui called, Blue Ginger. I didn’t see it at their online shop when I looked today.

Blue Ginger Cotton Maxi Dress for Summer


This dress will also make the trip…it’s another purchase from Blue Ginger in Maui. It’s all cotton so should be nice and cool for this trip. Not sure if/when I’ll wear it, but these cotton maxi dresses take up almost no space in a suitcase, so I’ll take them along just in case I need them.

Blue Ginger Cotton Maxi Dress, Great for Summer


I ordered this dress last night. I’ve been eyeing it all summer long. I think it would be nice and cool to wear on this trip. If I wear it out somewhere, I can pair it with my lightweight, white sweater so my arms are covered for a more modest look. It’s fully lined, I like that! It’s currently on sale here: White Maxi Dress.

Summer Maxi Dress in White


I’ll definitely be taking along one of my straw hats for extra sun protection.

Summer Hats, Hat Rack


Will probably take this one or the one with the navy bow.


Oh, almost forgot. I will take along this rain jacket in case it gets chilly on the cruise. I purchased this jacket in 2015 and it has gone with me on so many trips, including my trip to Italy in the fall of 2015. That’s Bramasole (the home of Frances Mayes) behind me. Remember the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun? My hair was so light back then, it’s a lot darker now and much longer.

I was really layered up in the photo below. I was wearing a thin long-sleeve t-shirt, a navy and white striped shirt and a green sweater under my coat. lol I was afraid I might be cold for a minute! 😉 Those are Sperry boots on my feet. They are so comfortable for walking and touring in. So cushy!


I love this jacket so much, I just purchased it again in the exact same color. That’s the new one on the right, it just arrived yesterday. I had purchased it in pink a year or so ago, but returned it. The pink was so light, the gray lining seemed to show through and dull down the pink color of the jacket. But I love it in this aqua color so decided to just go with the same color again.

My old jacket still looks great in person, despite regular wear over the past three years and being crammed into the front pocket of my large suitcase on every single trip, but I was ready for a fresh one. This is THE jacket that goes with me on every single trip (even if I take along other coats) because it takes up no space and keeps me both warm and dry. It’s old reliable! I especially love that it has a hood, which means I don’t have to lug around an umbrella when traveling. If it starts to rain, I just tuck my camera inside my coat.

So this jacket will definitely make the trip, just in case I feel extra chilly one night on the cruise. I probably won’t need it, but would rather be safe than sorry. You’ll find it available in a lot of different colors here: Rain Jacket. Update: This coat is also available here: Jacket.


I’m sure I’ve left some things off, but this is what I know I’ll be taking for now. I’m taking a different carry-on bag this time. It will arrive on Tuesday and I’ll create a post sharing more info about it after it comes. If you have any questions about anything in this post, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer it if I can.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

Update: As mentioned, I’ll take along a pair of pretty sandals to go with some of the dresses I may wear on the cruise or to dinner in the hotels, but I will also be taking along this practical pair of sandals. They are outstanding for walking long periods of time. If I find my topsiders are too hot, I’ll just wear these every day with my white jeans and deal with the sand/dust as best I can.

I LOVE these sandals. They have great arch support and are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned! You’ll find them available in a ton of colors here: Sandals. I have them in this neutral color shown below because it goes with every thing.

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  1. Don’t apologize for not doing carryon only. I don’t either and never will. If I did carryon for a couple of weeks I would want to burn those clothes after 5 days. Besides, I can no longer lift a carryon into the overhead bin and frankly, what I see people hauling onto the plane shouldn’t be allowed and don’t get me started on the number of times I have been hit in the head by backpacks while sitting in my aisle seat when the owners turn around in the aisle. If folks want to only do carryon, more power to them but I won’t and with all the traveling I have done, I have never lost a suitcase yet.
    Check out some no iron 100% cotton blouses as well. They stay crisp. Happy travels!

    • Oh man, that would be annoying. They must forget that it’s on their back and how big it is. I just purchased a new carryon bag and I hoping it’s not too large. If it is, the company has a 100 return or exchange policy so I can downsize to a smaller carry on. I don’t want to be that obnoxious person who takes up all the overhead space. 😉 Another reason I love a big suitcase (or two) is more space to bring goodies back! hee, hee

      • Exactly! That’s one of the pleasures of traveling is shopping. And by the way, Lord Carnarvon of Highclerc Castle/Downton Abbey is one of the men who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb so with your trip to Egypt that will make a trip to Highclere/Downton even more interesting if you make it to London.

  2. I agree about not doing carry on. It’s neat for those who want to do it, but not me.

    Question: what are topsiders like to walk in all day?

    And the linen blue dress is beautiful! Linen has always scared me though b/c of the wrinkling. I haven’t owned anything linen now in 30 years. Has it gotten better somehow?

    Speaking of Egypt, we visited the Michael C. Carolos museum at Emory last weekend. They have a traveling exhibit called the Divine Felines — and showcase insanely old cat artifacts from Egypt. Super cool. (I’m in Suwanee.)

    Have a wonderful trip — and I hope you’ll write about how you navigate through travel safety concerns in Egypt.

    Thanks for your fun posts!


    • Surprisingly, they are awesome for walking in all day. The topsiders I used to wear in college had no arch support. I ordered a pair a few years back and was pleasantly surprised to see they now have support. I’ve worn them on many trips including Italy and Ireland and they were great. I always wear them the day I travel because if my feet start to swell on the plane, I can easily kick them off, but normally they are roomy enough, I don’t have to do that.
      Wow, that sounds so cool about the exhibit! I would love to see that!
      What kind of safety concerns are there? I signed up for STEP for this trip, or at least I think I did. Maybe I better check and make sure I did that. Have you heard about STEP? If not, you can read about it here:

      • Martie Noll says

        I went to Egypt a few years ago. I travel a lot including parts of Africa and villages in India but I have never been as frighten as I was around the pyramids. The merchants (?) are totally in your face! Do not be friendly like I did but very firm. The minute my husband walked off 4 surrounded me and were right next to me. Two security men from our cruise ship saw it and got out their bazookas! I am not kidding! I was shaking. BTW they offered 5 camels for our daughter! So please be firm and don’t act interest in whatever they sell. You can get that stuff everywhere. (But do take advantage for great photos!

        • I’ve read a bit about that, how aggressive they are. Thanks for the warning, Martie! I’ll share this with my friend who will be there with me, as well.

    • Well, I had not signed up…going to do that now!

  3. YOU nailed it! Great selections and I LUV those mesh topsiders!! I’m wearing denim ” boat shoes” right now!! Exciting trip!! franki

  4. Having traveled in Egypt I want to share with you that is the most foreign feeling place I have been. I would only carry long skirts and loose slacks with long tunic tops and sleeves. Wherever you go you will be in the presence of locals and women there are expected to be covered. Also, if you plan to do pyramids, tombs, etc., take hiking boots and socks. Cargo pants with a tunic length tan shirt and travel vest is good. The sand is pervasive and terrain rockier than it appears. Keep a scarf and servicable folding hat with you. Also, keep tissue with you as well as a water filtration bottle. I hope you have a safe trip.

    • Yup, I’ve read about that…which is why I’m wearing shirts with long sleeves, pants and maxi dresses. We are staying in a lot of nice hotels/resorts where I’m sure the dress will be more relaxed, especially around the pools. I will definitely be taking a scarf in case we go inside a place that requires that. The friend who is going with me is taking a water filtration device. We will have a guide with us fulltime throughout the trip. The jeans I’m going to be wearing are not tight…they aren’t jeggings. I hate hiking boots, I’d rather just wing it in my topsiders or the sandals I showed at the end of the post…they are great for hiking. I’ve been to Kenya and Morocco so I’m imagining the big cities (like Cairo) in Egypt to be a lot like Nairobi in Kenya or like Fez, Marrakesh or Casablanca…my least favorite places I visited in Morocco. Thanks for the tips, Tina!

  5. Suzy Wheeler says

    I agree you should take what makes it a vacation.
    The trip begins on the plane and every minute should be enjoyed.
    Have a great trip.

  6. Bernadette M Gibson says

    You should have seen the luggage my daughter and I had when we sailed the Queen Mary II. 4 large suitcases, two carry ons, and rather large pocketbooks to carry even more stuff. We were gone for 3 weeks. Question: How do you keep your linen clothes from getting wrinkled?

    • lol Bernadette! I like the way you roll! You and I would get along just fine. 🙂

      My linen shirts/dresses do get wrinkled but I don’t worry about it. Little story: Many years ago, it’s been about 17 years now, I was shopping in Talbots and purchased two linen suits. When I was checking out, I asked the Talbots associate if they were going to wrinkle badly since the label said they were made from “Irish Linen.” I’ll never forget what she said. She told me to not worry about it and added, “the finer the linen, the more it wrinkles.”
      I have no idea if that’s true, but that’s what she said that day. Since then I wear my wrinkles with pride. lol
      The dresses I purchased in Maui in a Tommy Bahama store there, wrinkle whenever I wear them, but it doesn’t bother me because I know that just means they are made from a quality fabric, a fabric that helps keep me cool and comfortable on really hot summer days.

      I noticed on Instagram this past summer, the CEO of Sotheby’s in France, Alexander Kraft, was often wearing linen pants. I could tell because of all of the creases across the front from where he had been sitting. He is probably the snappiest, most debonair, most elegant dresser I have ever come across. Much of his wardrobe is bespoke, I bet more than half. He even has his shoes handmade. So if Alexander Kraft will wear wrinkled linen pants, that’s saying something! 🙂
      So don’t worry about the wrinkles, it’s just the nature of this quality, natural fabric.

  7. The Ecco sandals are fabulous. I’ve used mine for four overseas trips and they wash great in the washing machine. For quick clean ups after walking through sandy garden paths I used travel wet wipes and they cleaned up nicely.
    I feel the same way you do about liking clothes. I would go crazy if I wore the same thing every other day not to mention there is no time or energy to be hand washing clothes after a full day of sightseeing.
    I love all the clothes you are taking. Safe and happy travels!

    • I’ve washed mine by hand but haven’t tried the machine yet…that’s good to know! I’ll have to remember to take plenty of wet wipes with me. Thanks, Bonnie!

  8. I love when you post about a trip you’re planning and the outfits you will take. I too love to travel and like you I like to dress nice. I’ve been on many trips in Europe and going back to Germany in June next summer. You make traveling so interesting to your Facebook family as we feel we’re traveling with you. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful trip.

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! I need to visit Germany during the non-flu season. lol The last time I went was a disaster since I came down with Influenza A about halfway through the trip. June sounds like a great time to go…no flu! 🙂

  9. My best friends are all from Egypt. Their advice for any female tourist is no shorts anywhere and always keep your shoulders, cleavage and knees covered. Loose tops and long flowing skirts are very appropriate for tourists. Most Egyptian women will avoid you on the street if you are not properly attired. You may get unwelcome male attention if you wear jeans on the street. You choices are beautiful but you may need to rethink some items. I have always wanted to visit the Pyramids. I can’t wait to read your posts. They are always so descriptive and enjoyable.

  10. Jennifer Holston says

    Make sure that it’s okay for you to wear sleeveless shirts. When I have traveled to country where bare legs were considered a no-no, the same went for sleeveless. Of course, you can always wear that white sweater you plan to wear over your dress. I’m sure the company you are traveling with can provide this information. Enjoy your trip! Jennifer

  11. Oh no Susan,
    why should anybody criticize the amount of clothes you are planning to take with you?! Apart from the fact that “live and let live” is one of my favorite mottos, I personally fully understand you as on vacation I usually like to have at least two changes of clothes a day (ask my hubby) lol and never ever would I spend my precious vacation time by hand washing anything! (ask my hubby, again!) 🙂 Love all the clothes you’ve selected for your trip to Egypt and I adore linen! It’s perfect for high temps! No shirts but I own some linen mini-dresses that I like very much but they wouldn’t be allowed in Africa, I’m afraid. (although they’re not too short on me! lol) Susan, I really like those topsiders but you know what? I don’t know how to walk in boat shoes! Isn’t that crazy? I have been told they’re comfortable and I really should reconsider my next purchases but I only wear flip-flops, ballerina flats or high heels (5-10cm) during summer, there’s no in-betweens… this might be the reason why a one-hour walk actually takes almost two hours and we might miss the ferry to the next car-free island… cough… cough… (ask my Dutch friends who only wear proper sandals, of course, but have a heart of gold and an abundance of patience!) 🙂
    Ok, if I were in Egypt with you I’d walk barefoot around those pyramids, I promise! lol
    ~Hugs to you~

  12. Sounds like quite an adventure. Family members who have been to Egypt reported resorts were fairly liberal per dress, but elsewhere they wore khakis and sleeves and seemed to blend in ok. remember, if you visit mosques, you will need to remove your shoes, so may want to pack some socks. Also, the streets they traveled were really filthy in places, including dung, as were the sands around the pyramids. They wore thick soled running shoes and second visit took packs of Clorox wipes so they could clean the soles after being out. Just passing on what they told me…….

    • I better pack my heavier sneakers. I have some that are gray that would probably work well. Yeah, I spent 15-16 days in Morocco and it was the same way. I don’t know if we’ll be going in any mosques, but I’ll be taking a scarf just in case.

  13. Good luck in Egypt. It is a very dangerous place and women are treated horribly, as are non-muslims. Rape, female genital mutilation, honor killings are daily occurrences. Egypt is in constant violation of Human Rights, and non-muslims are persecuted and jailed. 83% of Egyptian women and 98% of foreign women experience sexual harassment. These are very real facts, and not sure if you were aware. Stay safe. More info: ,

  14. I LOVE Blue Ginger! First found them in Honolulu, and each trip back I always stop by. Their cotton shirts are fabulous, great to pack and very wash & wear. I love their black & white collections but their colors are vivid. I will be going to the Middle East next year, Egypt one of the places we visit. I’ll be looking for white pants but more palazzo or gauzy as I detest hot weather and clingy pants. Thanks for the great post!

  15. Brenda Harvill says

    Have you posted before about your camera? I’d love to see yours!

  16. Hey Susan! I don’t do only carry on either. Love all your outfits and I’m sure you will have a wonderful time on this trip. When I went to Italy a few years back I bought PACKING CUBES and they were wonderful. If you don’t have them you might want to consider ordering a set. I loved being able to know exactly where everything was in my suitcase without upsetting all the clothes. Here’s a link so you can check them out.
    Prayers for a healthy, safe trip!

  17. Hi, Are you taking scarves/scarf to wear?

  18. Beverly Anderson says

    Remember to get your Flu immunization NOW! And carry hand sanitizer with you.

  19. Donna zoltanski says

    I am sure you will be the most fashionable pretty lady on the trip. Enjoy it all. I love all your choices and look forward to your picture memories.

  20. I traveled to Egypt in the 90’s and I never felt as if I was in danger. The locals were not as friendly as, say, Israel or Italy but they were not threatening. I do have one or two suggestions, carry a couple pairs of cotton socks. I wore tennis shoes with anklets and the sand at the pyramids tore my feet up! And the sand was much too hot to go barefoot (as well as nasty with camel dung). I would have given a $100 for a pair of crew socks! We also rode camels from one pyramid to the next…. wear your dark jeans (no light weight linen pants… those camel hairs hurt!) if you are planning to ride the camels. I also had many friends and family members who felt fear with my traveling to Egypt, I traveled with safety in mind, but without the extra baggage of fear. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the adventure.

  21. I traveled to Egypt in the 90’s. I had a wonderful, memorable time and found the locals to tolerate and most were welcoming to tourists. They were not as friendly as say, Italy or Israel, but they were not unfriendly. I do have a couple of suggestions I learned from my trip. Take a couple of pairs of cotton crew socks. I wore anklets with my tennis shoes to the pyramids and the sand was deep enough in some areas that it poured over the tops of my shoes and tore my feet up!!! I would have given $100 for a pair of crew socks, and the sand is too hot and filled with camel dung to walk barefoot. And if you decide to ride a camel wear dark jeans (not light weight pants) those camel hairs are painful! Throw a handful of bandaids and saline nose spray into your makeup case. I purchased a keffiyeh (this is the scarf that the men wear on their heads and keep in place with a braided ring of rope) I wore this under my hat and it protected my neck from the sun and I could pull it across my nose and mouth when the wind blew the sand about. I wear contacts and I found I could not wear them because of the wind and sand on a few of the days. I would suggest if you wear contacts to carry prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses should you have the same issues I had. One of my favorite souvenirs was a camel tassel. It was inexpensive and I bought several as gifts and use one on my Christmas tree each year. I also had many friends and family members who were fearful about my traveling to Egypt. I was always conscious of my safety, but many years ago I decided to live my life without fear …. as you miss so many gifts God has for you when you live in fear!
    Have a wonderful time, make great memories to relish in your old age, and come back here and share it all with us!

    • Jody, thank you so much for these great tips! I will definitely take heed of your comment about the sand…that sounds awful! The camel tassel sounds sooo cute! I won’t be riding a camel this time…did that in Morocco last year. Thinking of taking one of the balloon rides, but not sure how safe those are.
      I don’t wear contacts now…used to for about 30 years but they don’t work for anymore, sadly. So I’ll be wearing glasses with the sunglasses I buy at Walmart for $20…they work great.
      I so agree. At this point in my life, I don’t mind taking a few calculated risks. I don’t want to miss out on life out of fear of the unknown. Thanks again for all these awesome tips!

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Susan, how exciting! I think you have awesome taste and have packed sensibly. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Prayers for you for a safe journey there and home. What fun you will have! Can’t wait to see the pictures! God speed! Hugs!

  23. Topsiders are a lot cuter than they used to be! And now with support! Didn’t know that.

    In the last couple of years, I’ve become less keen on wearing sleeveless–and you have so many beautiful sleeveless dresses and tops! Makes me feel a bit wistful!

    I don’t want to always need to wear a light cardigan (though I hear Anna Wintour does this!). This summer I decided to get a couple maxi skirts, so I could pair them with a short-sleeve or, my favorite, 3/4 sleeve fitted tee or the like. Not quite the same as your sleeveless lovelies, or as carefree as a loose-fitting maxi dress, but a reasonable compromise.

    (have to say, ‘no flu shot’ strikes terror in those of us in high-risk groups, for whom influenza is life-threatening. I think I should maybe just not travel during flu season, but hard not to get on a plane when my daughter lives across the country!)

  24. Happy to learn that you’ll be striking out on another adventure, Susan. Do love your selection in garments and like yourself; for versatility prefer long sleeved tops that roll up. Regarding packing; if you will be travelling with more than one suitcase you might wish to consider splitting the contents up. In other words ‘don’t place all your eggs in one basket’. i.e.: Pack as separate/complete wardrobes. Wishing you a safe journey. -Brenda-
    PS.: For those jeans/pants that gap at the ‘waistband’, I often just open ‘it’ up through the back or side seamS and insert a piece of elastic which provides a snug but comfortable fit. (Search YouTube for ‘How To’.)

  25. Hi Susan,

    Hope you have a great time in Egypt. You may want to re-think the sleeveless tops, or have something to throw over them, at least while out sightseeing. I think bare arms are not appreciated.

    As for not drinking the water, remember that includes ICE!

    Have a great time and please share pictures. I went a few years ago and am interested in how things might have changed.

    • Yup that’s why I’ll take the sweater, but from what I’ve read, you can wear shorter dresses and sleeveless tops on the cruises…and of course in the hotels and around the pools. It’s mainly out on the streets and tourist sites where people don’t wear sleeveless shirts as much. However, if you Google a phrase like “tourist in Egypt” you’ll see a ton of people in sleeveless shirts.
      I know, I sure will miss my ice while I’m gone. I remember how happy I was when I got back from Morocco and I could have ice in my drinks. Actually, we did have ice in our drinks in the nicer restaurants that had sophisticated filtering systems. The hotels we’ll be staying in are really nice so hoping the ice will be safe there…will have to see.

      Thanks…will do! I’ll also share what worked clothing wise in the hotels, pools and on the Nile Cruise.

  26. You convinced me to buy the jacket! It should arrive next week. I have what is supposed to be a rain jacket but I wore it out this morning and came back with the jacket sopping wet (water not sliding off) so that I in turn felt wet. Looks like you are getting lots of advice for your upcoming trip!

  27. Linda Thompson says

    Susan, I’m going to try so hard not to offend anyone. I wrote to you a while ago when you first talked about going. Please, please go to one of the Sports stores, And pick up a bug/sun shirt. We never actually wore our shirts, but carried them if we were out in the evening. The bugs were fierce. Columbia has pretty colors, I think the blue one I have will look nice with your wardrobe. Our sports stores are Cabellas and Shields. Remember, the women in Cairo wears the native dress, modern wear, and some go from one to the other.

    I would just love to go back to Egypt, we visited right after the rebellion, we were treated very nicely by everyone. Even those in the tourist areas. I do wish the sellers would not be so aggressive, one cannot look and shop. But just walk in the center of the walkway, facing straight ahead and let your eyes rove. But don’t comment to them. I told one guy I would look when I came out of the Sphinx area; forgot, and purchased a scarf from a gentleman inside. Ooh, did I get jumped on, he wasn’t rough, but reminded me I said I would buy from him. I know they were hungry at that time with so few visitors…I bought two scarves from him. The little I paid him wasn’t going to bother me and my site seeing…but probably fed his family supper I use them so much for various things…I wish I had more than turquoise, white, and an awesome orange. Other wise, remember walk very briskly out of the sellers areas. We never experienced any rudeness from anyone. Except for when a I wanted to get a massage. That was very bad…what young dude wants a .woman over 66?

    All of your clothing is perfect. We wore capris and shorts with crisp shirts. Jeans could be a bit warm, but the weight and fabric may be ok. I had some little Ecco shoes that resembled water shoes, were nice and trim on the feet. (I have long narrow feet and don’t care for a lot of shoe) and my leather sandals that were ruined from the hot sands of the Valley of the Kings. (It was 118 degrees, but felt much cooler to this gal from Iowa with very humid summers.) I probably had a pair of light flats for restaurants in the evening and our dress up luncheon.

    Do the balloon ride…we were up one of our last days and it was so fun gliding over the places we had been. And, one needs that birds eye view of the upper rooms in the houses…just as if you were walking with Abraham of the Old Testament. And, if anyone in your group is a bit chubby and worried about getting into the baskets…the men will help you very politely.

    Have a wonderful time…you will be so thrilled with everything. I hope you get the Egyptologist we had. His name is Weil…and knew so much; had been an exchange student for a year in Wisconsin, his English was impeccable.

    And, I agree, let someone else carry the baggage around. I carry a very small book bag, with a change of undies and a clean shirt for both of us, along with books, etc. for the plane ride. If your luggage gets lost, hotels have a package of necessities made up for you for free. Love Cairo and the countryside!

    • Thanks for all these great tips, Linda! Your information sounds like what I’m seeing online regarding what people actually wear when visiting in Egypt, so it makes complete sense. I’m seeing a lot of Capris in photos online. I should probably take mine. I know the jeans will be hotter due to the weight of the fabric.
      I’ll have to Google for a bug/sun shirt…see what that is. Maybe it’s the type shirt I see the ladies wearing in one of my local gardening shops. They are very cool, light fabric, but protect them from the sun.
      Yeah, that’s how it was in Morocco…if you ever even glanced their way, they would latch onto you and not stop pestering you. You have to be very firm. It’s a shame they won’t just let you shop in peace. They would probably sell more that way.

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