So Many February Favorites!

Happy weekend! What are you up to this weekend? It’s been raining non-stop here for a few days, but I think it may finally slow down a bit today. I hope so, I never thought I was a person to be affected by weather, but I think this non-stop rain is starting to get to me. I need some sunshine!

I had way too many favorites during the month of February to share them all, so I have tried to narrow it down to just the ones that I thought were too good to miss. So, little story her: Last December I stopped into Publix to purchase a few bags of “Mixed Nuts.” I used to always buy those every Christmas, not sure why but I never saw them in the grocery store except at Christmastime. When I couldn’t find them anywhere in the produce or snack/nut section of the store, I asked an associate for help. I was stunned when he said they no longer stocked those at Christmastime. What?!!! How can they just stop carrying those? It made me wonder if I was the only person who bought them each Christmas.

Disappointed, I drove home and decided to see if they were available online, and they were! Not only that, they were a lot cheaper than buying the little bags in the grocery store. I purchased a large 6 lb bag, part of which I shared with family when I saw them during the holidays. I still haven’t made it through that original bag but it’s starting to get low, so I just repurchased them. In the evening, if I start getting the munchies, I love to snack on nuts because just a few satisfy that hunger craving when it hits in the evening.

I like buying mixed nuts in their shell. There’s just something very satisfying about cracking open the nut yourself and I find it slows down the eating process which is good when you’re enjoying an evening snack. Since I enjoy snacking on these during the day sometimes, too, I purchased an attractive, inexpensive bamboo tray that I keep here in the office. I just wanted to share this in case your grocery store has stopped carrying mixed nuts in the shell, as well. I’m actually kinda glad they did that because otherwise, I would never have discovered I could buy them so much cheaper online.


The ones I have purchased each time are available here: Mixed Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Brazil Nuts). If you don’t like Brazil nuts, they are available without those here: Mixed Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans. I’ve noticed that the bags never have a lot of Brazil nuts in them, and since those are one of my favorites, I just recently started buying those here: Brazil Nuts. The pretty bamboo tray I display mine on here in the office is here: Divided Bamboo Tray.


I have a set of these nutcracker tools with picks and they work well. The picks are very handy for getting out any little pieces of nut that are more difficult to remove from the shell, although that doesn’t happen a lot. Nut cracking tools and picks are available here: Nut Cracker.


A couple of months back I purchased this nutcracker. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it better than the traditional tools, but it has definitely grown on me. It makes cracking walnuts and larger nuts a lot easier, especially if you’re starting to get some arthritis in your fingers, but it works for smaller nuts, too. You’ll find it available here: Nut Cracker.



Last month I set a fun bee-themed table to celebrate the coming of spring. There were so many new favorites in this tablescape!

Bee Skep Centerpiece for Bee Themed Table Setting


I am still crazy about the new bee napkin rings and gold-accented bee flatware that I found for this table setting. Love those so much! If you missed that table you’ll find it here: Bee Themed Table for Spring. The bee napkin rings are available here: Bee Napkin Rings. The flatware is no longer available where I purchased it but I found it on sale here: Bee Flatware with Gold Accent.

Wallace Napoleon Bee Flatware with Gold Accent, on Sale


I first purchased four of these adorable bee salad plates last year. I like this dinnerware pattern so much, I purchased another 4 plates last month.

Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Plates and Bee salad plates


Such a cute design and I love how each of the four salad plates depicts a different bee-themed scene. Bee dinnerware is available here: Bee Plates.

Bee Salad Plate, Bee Themed Dinnerware


I was smitten by these adorable beeswax candles! Sooo cute! Those are available here: Beehive Candle.

Beeswax Bee Votive Candles


I also made a honeycomb cake that I drizzled with a honey glaze after finding the recipe for the cake and glaze on the label that came with the pan. The little sections easily pull apart for enjoying. The honeycomb pan is available here: Honeycomb Pan. I may just sprinkle powdered sugar over the cake the next time I make it. This was so easy to make, just don’t forget to tap the pan a few times on the counter (like I did) before placing it in the oven to avoid leaving little air bubbles in the cake batter. That will stop the little holes from appearing in your bees. I hadn’t baked in so long, I forgot that little tip!

Nordic Ware Bee Honeycomb Pan


This colorful lemon/lime squeezer is another purchase I made last month. I have an electric lemon squeezer that’s great when making lemonade where I need to squeeze a lot of lemons, but since I only needed two tablespoons of lemon juice, I didn’t want to get out the electric one which is a bit more work to clean. This cute tool works and I like that it has a separate section for squeezing limes, too. You’ll find it available here: Lemon and Lime Squeezer.


Last month I had something weird happen to my back. I was driving home in my car and I suddenly started feeling a dull pain in my back, right where that dimple is in the lower back. My back was perfectly fine that morning, so it was odd that it started hurting on the drive back home. Within a couple of hours after arriving back home, I was in terrible pain and couldn’t even stand up straight. So bizarre! It took 4-5 days for my back to get back to normal, but during the time it was hurting, I realized that I don’t own a heating pad. As I shopped online for one, I spotted this adorable pink one that’s covered in white and yellow daisies. Sooo cute! It works great and I’m so glad I have it in case that mysterious back pain ever comes back again. You’ll find this cute heating pad here: Heating Pad with Timer.


I have a sleep mask that I enjoy using when I want to take a nap and it’s sunny out, but recently I saw one similar to this one advertised on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I love it! I like that it doesn’t have any annoying strap across the back that’s a pain to position. This mask is made of silk and so incredibly soft that I don’t even notice or feel the cushy, silky part that is across the back. Also, it closes via velcro so it’s super easy to put on and adjust for the best fit. If you like sleeping with the thermostat turned down at night, I’ve noticed this mask really keeps your head warm at night. I just purchased another one as a gift for someone I know who also enjoys sleeping with a sleep mask on. You’ll find this mask available here: Best Sleep Mask.


Still very much enjoying this cute lotion dispenser. I have one in my bathroom and one here in the kitchen. You’ll find it available here: Lotion Dispenser.

Lotion Dispenser for Thick Lotion


Last month I purchased a sample of Barbie perfume from the Define Me website, the company that makes this perfume. I like the perfume so much, I went ahead and purchased a full bottle. They just released “Ken” and I had to have it because, there’s just no way I could have Barbie without Ken! How crazy would that be! 😉 Hahaha. I like Ken, too—it has a kind of beachy smell, but thought it’s promoted as being for men or women, I do think it leans more toward being a perfume for the guys. I’m glad I have it, but Barbie is still my favorite. I’m not sure how long this perfume will be available since it sold out the first time they brought it out, but if you would like a bottle, you’ll find it available here: Barbie Perfume. It’s a huge bottle so should last a long, long time.


Last month I watched a video on YouTube where a stylist shared all his favorite hair tools and this Wet Brush was one of the products he mentioned. I decided to give it a try and love it. One thing I learned during the video is that hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. Brushing hair while it’s wet can lead to a lot of breakage if you’re not super careful. I use a leave-in conditioner and the combination of the conditioner and this brush works really well! You’ll find it available here: Wet Brush.

Another favorite brush of mine is finally available again, so I purchased another one last month since mine is getting quite old. This brush is amazing! When I use it, it feels like my hair is getting brushed for the first time in its whole life! lol I’ve never had a brush that could get all the way through my hair like this brush. It feels like it doesn’t miss a single hair on your head when you’re using it! It’s just so different from regular brushes, and very gentle which is so important for taking care of your hair. You’ll find it available here: Favorite Brush.


Last month I purchased two sets of this adorable LEGO bunnies for my grandsons. (LEGO bunnies are available here: Lego Bunnies for Spring and Easter.)


LEGO Bunnies for Spring and Easter


Being a big LEGO fan myself, I treated myself to this darling spring set that includes a mama bird and her two babies in the nest in what appears to be a blooming Cherry tree. I had so much fun putting this set together and I’m really enjoying having it on display here in my office as spring arrives. You’ll find this cute LEGO set available here: LEGO Bird’s Nest.

Lego Birds in Nest, Spring 2024


So many favorites from last month but I’ll leave you with this final favorite, a game called Blokus. My oldest grandson turned 10 last month, and for his birthday, my daughter-in-law recommended this game. She said that both of my grandsons (ages 8 and 10) play it all the time at school and are obsessed with it. If you’re looking for a gift idea or enjoy games yourself, check out the reviews for Blokus here: Blokus Game, AND here with a drawstring storage bag: Blokus Game.


Have a fabulous weekend! I hope you see lots of beautiful sunshine today!

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  1. SharonFromMichigan says

    What does the Barbie perfume smell like? I’ve been searching for a perfume that has a soapy clean smell 🙂

    • I wouldn’t describe it as soapy-clean, to me it comes across as very feminine, elegant and “pretty.” It does smell fresh and clean, though. It basically “smells” the way Barbie “looks” in the opening scene of the movie. Ha! I really do like, it’s almost the only thing I’ve worn since the sample arrived a few weeks back. I used up the small sample bottle in about a week. Once the large fullsize bottle arrived, I refilled the sample bottle again (I keep it on my desk) and I’ve already gone through it again. I just refilled it again last night. I can’t get enough of it! The top notes are Strawberry, Cherry, Pitahaya, and Pomelo. The middle notes are Peony, Magnolia, Rose, and Gardenia and the base notes are Whipped Cream, Musk, and Sandalwood.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Have you tried roasting the nuts in their shells before putting them out? A friend told me she does this. What a difference it makes.Pour the nuts straight from the bag onto a rimmed sheet pan.Then into a 350* oven for about 10-15 minutes. Let them cool completely and that’s it. Once I started doing this that bowl of nuts didn’t sit on the coffee table nearly as long as it used to. Happy Easter

    • Ohhh, that sounds so good, I’m def going to try that! Thanks for sharing that and how to do it, Carolyn! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Franceil Parde says

    Oh, you LEGO Lovers…my granddaughter recently got “flowers” from her “special” guy friend…800 piece LEGO bouquet. Honestly, they were SO cute!!! franki

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