Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Last week for Tablescape Thursday,  I took you inside the beautiful Victorian home of Governor Roy and Marie Barnes.  If you missed that post where I shared four beautiful tablescapes Marie created for Christmas, you’ll find it here: Four Beautiful Table Settings, One Gorgeous Victorian Home.

I have so many wonderful rooms to share with you, it’s going to take several posts to share them all.  I want to show them all now because they are all so beautiful, but this post would be way too long and would take forever to load if I shared them all at one.

Upon arriving at the Barnes’ home, this was the view.  The Barnes built their home in 2008 in the style of a historic Victorian home. It has all the wonderful features and charm of an historic home, but without the upkeep and headaches that come with an old house.   Marie told me it took 18 months to build, which actually turned out to be less than the two years they had expected it to take.

Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Of course, before you can get to the house, you have to get past the nice Mr. Policeman first. πŸ™‚  I see the Barnes have planted a magnolia in their front yard.  That will come in handy each year for decorating.  Their magnolia appears to be the type that has leaves that are brown on back.  My magnolia doesn’t have that, instead mine are green on back. I wish my magnolia did have the brown-backed leaves because they make the best garland and wreaths when you can show the brown side and create contrast between the front and back throughout the garland and wreath.

Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas


I loved this beautiful nativity scene out on the front lawn.  It had lights focused toward it so I know it must be wonderful to view at night while passing by.

Outdoor Nativity Scene for the Lawn


As I walked up the front walkway, this was the view on the right. πŸ™‚

Large Ornaments for the Lawn for Christmas Decorating


And here’s the view on the left.   Sooo fun!  Notice the lanterns lining the walkway.  Must be lovely at night!

Large Outdoor Santa with Sled and Reindeer for the Lawn for Christmas Decorating

The front porch was decorated with beautiful garland.  Each window sported a big Christmas wreath.  Do you see the candy hanging from the porch ceiling?  I love, love, love all the whimsical touches Marie includes in her holiday decor!

Porch Rail on Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas


The front door was thrown open on this unseasonably warm day.  Love the color!  I wonder if that’s Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red…the color I painted my front door?   Isn’t it beautiful?!  In this post, I’m also taking you inside the stunning powder room you can see just to left.

Red Front Door with Glass Top and Paneled Below


You’re not going to see this in the entry floor of most homes.  It’s the Great Seal of Georgia and is a tribute to Governor Barnes service and love for our state.

Great Seal of Georgia in Entry Floor


This whimsical display greets you as you enter.   See the door on the left…that’s Governor Barnes study/library and I can’t wait to take you inside in my next post.

Christmas Decorations in Entry of Victorian Home


This portrait of Governor Roy and Marie Barnes was painted from a picture that ran in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution  the morning after Governor Barnes was elected as Governor.

Painting of Governor and Marie Barnes the Day After Election


The main staircase leading to the second floor was decorated beautifully with lit garland.  I love how Marie decorated the sconces with wreaths.

Stairway Decorated with Lit Garland and Ribbon for Christmas


A gorgeous display for the newel post…

Newel Post Decorated with Colorful Ribbon for Christmas


Christmas whimsy continued at the foot of the main staircase, where another staircase leads to the terrace level.  Notice the pictures with Santa on each step. What a great way to display those!

Christmas Decorations in Beautiful Victorian Home


Here’s the powder room we saw a hint of above.   It’s too beautiful to be just a powder room, isn’t it?  Very dramatic and truly elegant.

Black and Gold Powder Room


Love the sink and the wonderful mirror and sconces.  Wish I had noticed the guest “towels” there on the sink.  I see they are embossed with what appears to be the Georgia Seal and something else.  I know I missed several things on the tour.

Black and Gold Powder Room


Next time we visit this beautiful home, I’ll take you into the paneled library, living room and dining room…maybe we’ll squeeze in the kitchen and breakfast room, too. They are all decorated for Christmas and I can’t wait to share them. You’re going to love them all!

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Four Beautiful Christmas Table Settings, One Gorgeous Victorian Home


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  1. Thanks for the lovely tour! What a beautiful home! Everything looks so wonderful and festive for the holidays!

    • Viewing this beautifully decorated home raised my Christmas spirit…it was lagging, I confess, and now fully restored! This home has wonderful decoration themes and they are designed joyously…such beauty and the full feeling of Christ in Christmas, Santa and his presents, the Tree and the family celebrating the Holy Day and the holiday of Christmas. It was so wonderful taking a walking tour of this home. Thank you, Susan, for your hard work, diligent attention to detail, and your good taste, and for your blog and the beauty and all aound wonders of the Old South that we folks in the Chicago area do not have…if it wern’t so hot in Georgia or any state in the South, we woul be moving your way…afraid we can’t take the heat. God bless, Merry Christmas to you and your family, and your little sweet faced puddy cat, too!

  2. Truly incredible. I especially like how she placed family photos on the ends of the stairs. Very creative.

  3. Susan the garland on the porch looks like your PB one…
    Thanks for a wonderful tour.

  4. I am so in love with this house, it is incredible. Those huge displays on the lawn are so impressive. Do they open their home each year for a tour? The powder room is so elegant, can hardly wait for the rest of the photos. Stop teasing us Susan!! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for taking us with you on these tours.

    • lol Sorry about that Megan. I can’t wait to share the rest of the rooms! I’m not sure if they do it every year or not. I hope they do because it’s too good to not share!

  5. Meant to add: I hoped you flashed your BNOTP I.D. card to the policeman! πŸ™‚

  6. Lacey Somers says

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing this! I was so smitten with the giant ornaments in the front
    lawn! Were they inflatables??? And that wrap araound porch is to die for….. :))
    Love Love Love it all!!!!
    Lacey in Mississippi

  7. Sharon McMurray says

    Love love love those ornaments on the lawn! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well, you did it again! Another wonderful tour! I am so glad that we are getting to revisit this beautiful home and see more decorations up close. I love the Nativity. I think it is the prettiest outdoor nativity I have seen. I especially loved the little lamb climbing over his mother to get a look at the Christ Child. Big animal lover here!!! I, too, am enthralled with the lawn Christmas ornaments. I can’t imagine having to store them and keep them from breaking or getting scratched since they are not inflatible. I wonder how long and how many people it takes to fully decorate this house. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us.

    • Marie starts decorating in August because she does it all herself. The only part she gets help with is bringing up the trees and the heavy pieces, like the lawn decorations. Otherwise she does it all herself. Truly a labor of love!

  9. What Fun! Everything is so beautiful, but I think I especially like the giant nativity and the giant ornaments on the lawn.

  10. What a beautiful home. Can’t wait to see the rest. Love those ornaments in the yard. Thanks for taking us along!!

  11. I have been DYING to see these posts!!! This house is truly amazing and so is the Governors wife evidently! Does she have someone (or a team of someones) do the decorating? I know you said she does all the trees but all this too????? I adore the HUGE ornaments on the lawn and wonder where she found them and where they STORE all this!!!!!!!!!!! That is the prettist outdoor nativity I have ever seen. I hope you go back again and agin to show us every detail of this house. XO, pinky

    • Pinky, amazingly Marie does it all. She starts decorating in August and told me she does a little each day. The only part she doesn’t do is bringing the trees up…and climbing up high on ladders. You’ll see some decorations soon that are up quite high in the bedroom she created for her granddaughters. Those she had help with due to how high they had to go. It really is a beautiful nativity…you are so right. So glad you are enjoying it…I had so much fun seeing it and couldn’t wait to share it!

  12. From the peace and calm of the Nativity Scene to the whimsy of Santa and his entourage, what a treat this is to be touring Governor Barnes residence.
    Those ornaments on the front lawn are so much fun! A few exercise balls, some spray paint ‘n stencils and a few other miscellaneous supplies, some patience, creativeness and skill (which I know the latter three you do have)
    …… “I think it would be an excellent project for ‘you’ to do next year and post a tutorial on ‘How To’……winks!”
    Warm hugs -Brenda-

    • Brenda, you may have something there with the exercise balls…that would be just about the right size. They put out huge, round, red, ornaments and full-size reindeer who are “sitting” on benches in a nearby shopping area and I always love seeing those. πŸ™‚

  13. merle turner says

    So much decorations, that house is truly amazing.

  14. Oh, Susan,
    I love the portrait of Governor Roy and his lovely wife, Marie Barnes. They have such a beautiful home!
    I wouldn’t never stop ooohing and aaahing… πŸ™‚ and I guess you need to go visiting at least twice to notice everything! Susan, I wonder if Marie is a Libra woman? I know the Libra woman loves balance, romance and harmony, she is lovely, charming and very sociable… If she is not a Libra woman, it doesn’t matter… I’d say all of these adjectives describe Marie and her great taste, anyway… As I already said, I love everything about her beautiful house, inside and outside! Those giant ornaments are stunning!
    Susan, I hope you don’t make us wait too long for the rest of the house… πŸ™‚
    Thanks again to you and to Marie for these beautiful pictures!
    ~Hugs to you~

  15. Hi Susan, I too wanted to say WOW! It is all so amazing! It is so much fun to see these beautiful decorations, and inspiring! Like others, I love, love , love each and every scene and can hardly wait for more! I love the wreaths on the cupboard doors, and especially the outdoor ornaments and Santa! Wow! I am inspired to walk through even my small home and see where I can tuck this or that! I’m seriously thinking of framing my kitchen windows inside with the pine garland like they have–its simple but gorgeous! You have such an eye for the beautiful, as does Mrs. Barnes as well, thank you for sharing with us ! Helen

  16. Dorinda Selke says

    All I can say is WOW! Thanks so much for this amazing house tour – I cannot wait to see the rest ! I absolutely loved the pieces of “candy” hanging from the beyond gorgeously beautiful breathtaking wraparound porch. I could just sit there every morning with a cup of coffee and watch the birds fly by! I cannot imagine going there in person – what a treat and what a way to get into the Holiday spirit ! Hugs, Dorinda

  17. Wow! What a wonderful lawn display! There is a lot of love inside this home! The vanity in the bathroom is unlike any I’ve ever seen before. The wallpaper is fabulous. Love the embellished stairway- the bows, garland and pictures are lovely.

  18. This is an amazing home, Susan. Would love to see it in person! I sent the link to a couple of my friends who will enjoy it also.
    Thanks so much.
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Wow! Stunning displays! What a treat!

  20. Susan, Good Morning !!!! The countdown is on until Christmas. Upon waking in the morning I reach for my computer to see if BNOTP has posted anything. When I see that you have my spirits are lifted. What a beautiful victorian home that was shared with us today. Absolutely stunning. Your home though is my favorite and cherished. Once again, thank you for uplifting my spirits. All the best to you and your creative process πŸ™‚ Kim, NH

  21. This is amazing!! Hugs, Leena

  22. Susan….their home is simply magnificent….decorated so beautifully inside and out….just love the porches around the house!!!…

  23. Rattlebridge Farm says

    What a warm, beautiful home. It makes me wish Christmas was right around the corner!

  24. OMG Susan, this is spectacular!!! Thank you so much sweet lady, as this is great to have for the very son C’mas decor ideas! MAZINGgggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just knew it, lol!
    Big hugs,

  25. Just realized Marie of the gorgeous decor is the First Lady of Georgia! xo

  26. Susan-What a spectacular home. Beautiful and so full of the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you and the governors wife Marie for letting us share this .

  27. Tamiko joyner says

    I love your Christmas orniment in your front yard. Please tell me where I can find them.

  28. I love that they chose to build a new home in an old style. It speaks of their value of tradition and heritage. Thanks for sharing!

  29. crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I didn’t realize Marie and Roy’s was a ‘new – old home.’ I thought it was an actual old Victorian. How fun! I agree about the worries regarding things like old electrical wiring and plumbing. What a marvelous job they did making it look and feel so authentic. I’m so glad you posted that link for Alyce. I’ll have to take the rest of the tour, as well. The sink in that powder room is gorgeous. It’s ALL gorgeous. πŸ˜€

  30. Tabitha walsh says

    Do you know where I could find this wallpaper in the powder room?? I am looking for it and can’t find it anywhere!

    • Tabitha, I asked Marie about the paper a few weeks ago and she said she doesn’t remember the name now. The home was built in 2008 so I don’t know if it would still be available at this point, anyway. Sorry I don’t have more info for you.

  31. Karen Witt says

    Just found your blog and am enjoying it so much. Question – have a new dining table and am worried about glasses sweating on it and damaging the finish. Notice all the tablescapes use placemats but glasses are sitting directly in the wooden table. Please explain – hoping you can calm my concerns

    • Usually a formal or dressy dining table will have a polished/gloss finish that can tolerate having a glass on it for the duration of a meal. I probably wouldn’t leave it on there overnight but for meal is normally fine. It just depends on the surface of the table and how it was finished. If you’re worried I would definitely use coasters at each place setting. A tablecloth might help, too, especially if it’s lined.

  32. Susan,
    Thank you so much for sharing this most amazing home. This woman is absolutely someone I would love to meet. God Bless

  33. Sooooo gorgeous!!! Does anyone know where I can buy the ornaments???

    • I believe Marie purchased those from Grandin Road a few years back. I just Googled for large lawn ornaments and saw quite a few online, so try that if you don’t see them at Grandin Road.

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