Workstation Computer Glasses, A Major Quality-of-Life Improvement

Welcome to the 433rd Metamorphosis Monday!

The week before I left for Morocco in mid-March, I forced myself to purchase new eye glasses. At one time I had two pairs for everyday use, but one pair mysteriously and unpredictably snapped in half one day for absolutely no reason. I lived in fear the other pair would do the same at any time.

I have contacts I wear occasionally, but they don’t work very well due to a bad case of astigmatism in my left eye. I’m not sure exactly why, but heading off to Morocco for 16 days with only one pair of glasses had me really worried, worried enough that I decided to finally break down and get new glasses.


I always dread getting new glasses, primarily due to the expense and the arduous task of choosing the perfect pair. Instead of using Costco or Sams this time as I have done in the past, I decided to try an eyeglass shop that’s just a couple of miles from my home: Lenscrafters. After this experience, I will definitely use them again.

Their eye-glass selection was awesome, so many pretty frames from which to choose! I settled on a pair of Tiffany & Co. frames. I love, love, love that Tiffany blue color and somehow getting that gorgeous Tiffany blue in my glasses made having to wear them (instead of contacts as I have most of my life) a little less painful.

Here’s a side view of those glasses from this previous post where I shared them after returning from my trip. I love the little Swarovski crystal butterfly accent on each earpiece. These frames are also available here: Tiffany & Co. Glasses. I think mine are the 51 mm size.


When I purchased these glasses for everyday use, I talked with the Lenscrafter’s technicians about a problem I always have, one that’s unfortunately very common to anyone over the age of 40. My regular glasses are great for driving and everyday use, but they stink when it comes to viewing the computer screens in my office.

I’m super, duper near-sighted, so when I want to read an article or an email on my cell phone, I just take off my glasses and I can see fine. I’m so nearsighted, I could read the inscription inside a ring. But trying to view a computer screen that’s around an arm’s length away while wearing my regular progressive lens glasses is a pain. I end up tilting my head way, way back to see through that little area located at the bottom of my lenses. Sound familiar? What a pain in the neck–literally!


I swore once I returned from my trip, I was going to address this situation. I have really enjoyed my new Tiffany & Co. glasses, and the process I went through to get them had been painless. So, I wasn’t dreading this second trip near as much as I had the first one. It’s amazing how I build up stuff in my head to be so difficult, then often, it isn’t.

Lenscrafters has some type of newfangled technology (maybe all Optometrist do now–not sure) where you sit and look into a little machine/camera and it takes a picture that perfectly determines how to design your “progressive” lenses. Apparently, this takes out a lot of the human error factor that used to occur when this was done by the technician.

For working at a computer, Lenscrafters recommended what they referred to as “Computer Station” glasses. They are designed where the vast majority of the lens has the prescription you need for seeing a computer that’s sitting in front of you about an arm’s length away.

A small area across the bottom part of the lens is for reading or looking down at something on your desk while a small area right across the top sees further out beyond the computer. That’s in case you work in an office environment where occasionally someone may walk up to your desk in front of you. It keeps you from having to change your glasses in order to see them clearly.


I don’t have that issue since I don’t work in an office with other people, plus my desk faces right into a corner. But that feature does help when I want to read something I have on the bulletin board above my desk.


It’s also great for watching the TV above my monitors as the very first cars eagerly follow the police and DOT over the newly rebuilt I-85 bridge! Yay! The bridge is back! lol


The glasses on the right are the new “computer-station” glasses. Hard to see in this photo, but they are a pretty nautical blue. I went for larger lenses this time because I wanted LOTS of space for the computer-viewing part of the prescription.


I paid zero attention to the brand when shopping for these, I only cared about function. The ones that looked the best on me and gave me plenty of computer-viewing space are these frames by Vogue. They are really light-weight, which I love! They have little bows with crystals on the side which is fine, but I really didn’t care what was on the side.


In this photo below, taken this morning in the room I call my “morning room,” it’s easier to see the pretty blue color of the new work-station glasses on the right. Lenscrafters gives a big discount on the second pair of glasses, so that helps when purchasing two pairs. Plus, this time I discovered they give discounts for the insurance I have. I wish I had known that when I purchased the first pair because it saved me a lot on this pair!

I wanted to share these work-station glasses with you for Met Monday because OH. MY. GOSH., what a change it has made in how I work. It’s wonderful no longer having to lean my head back to see through that tiny area at the bottom of my everyday glasses. I should have gotten these workstation glasses a long time ago!


A couple of times I have forgotten that I had them on and have worn them out of the office. When I run downstairs to have lunch or check the mail, I can pretty much see everything just fine. I totally forget I even have them on. It’s only after a few minutes that I sometimes notice the chair down the hall or something at a distance is kinda fuzzy.

A few days ago I drove all the way to the post office and back and didn’t even realize I had on my computer glasses until long after I had gotten back home. So, though they are not for driving, they worked pretty well since I never even noticed a problem.

Of course, when I switch back to my regular glasses, then I notice how much better I can see at a distance. You definitely wouldn’t want to accidentally wear computer glasses when driving to a new place where you would need to be able to read road signs from a distance or at night. It’s definitely best to always wear glasses that let you see long distances when driving, but at least for my prescription it isn’t the end of the world if I forget and accidentally wear them on a short trip to the grocery store.

Update: I notice a huge difference if I forget and wear them in the car at night. As soon as I drive out of my driveway, I realize I’m wearing the wrong glasses and have to turn around and go back. They definitely do not work well enough to drive at night.

Hope this is helpful if you’ve been struggling viewing a computer screen. I wish I had gotten these years ago! Such a lifestyle improvement, for sure!

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  1. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – your post could not be more timely for me – thanks so much as I’m heading to the eye doctor for my annual exam next week and suffer from the same dilemma you describe with my progressive lenses. I will be sure to get a pair of the computer station glasses instead ! So excited to know this. You’re a peach XO Hugs, Dorinda

  2. Thea Reynolds says

    I also got a pair of these special lenses when I got my new glasses. My doctor called them “in-between” lenses meant for that arm’s length distance to the computer screen. I love them. And since I had older frames I just recycled one of those frames and had the new lenses put in them. It is a lifesaver.

    • That’s a good name for it! πŸ™‚ That’s an awesome idea, recycling some older glasses. I didn’t have any old ones but that is a great idea, Thea!

  3. It’s about time for a visit to the eye doctor, so thank you so much for all this information.
    Both pair of glasses you have are really pretty.

  4. Susan, I love your new glasses!
    Well, I hope your week is off to a great start. I know mine is….all workers have left the building – for good! Thank you for hosting Met Monday – whoop! whoop!

  5. Cynthia Raines says

    Thanks Susan for the great information. I too am very near sighted and don’t need anything to read or to do close up work, but have used “cheaters” – the dime store glasses to use for computer work with my contacts. I’ll keep this in mind for my next eye appointment.

    • I tried that, bought several pairs, but I could never make it work for me because of my astigmatism and my contact prescription. It was such a strain trying to see anything with my contacts in, and we tried so many pairs. Every single time I go in for an exam, I ask the doctor if they have come out with anything for folks like me and he always answers, no. He said if/when I get cataracts, they can install a whole new lens, but I’m not looking forward to that since I have a feeling that will make me lose the super close-up vision that I have now. Right now, reading a book or a label with tiny print is effortless, but I have a feeling it won’t be that way if they do the lens transplant one day.

  6. Wonderful to know they have that technology available. Next time I shop for glasses I will have to remember them. The blue is just too pretty.

    • Thanks, Jan! Yes, I was afraid it would be pain switching glasses during the day, but I really don’t have to since the computer glasses work find around the house. I just need to remember to change glasses before I leave the house or do something requiring good distance vision.

  7. Gayle Kesinger says

    This particular post was very informative. I am having such a problem with glasses that will perform multiple tasks. I spend a lot of hours working on the computer, watching tv, reading and I have two sets of glasses. I am going to Lenscrafters and talk to them about your solution. Thanks for the post!

    • I’ve been very pleased both times, Gayle. Hope the one near you is as good as the one near me. I haven’t had to go back once to even have anything adjusted. I had all kinds of issues with my last glasses from Costco!

  8. Mary Shissler says

    thanks for the article on glasses. I only wear for closeup reading, but my husband definite has the problems you mentioned regarding reading, distance, etc. I will definitely let him read it, regarding Costco and Sams. We will try Lenscrafters again. (we used them in the past, many years ago)
    Thank you so much

    • Thanks, Mary! It’s so frustrating, I know. I’m happy to finally have a solution for my computer reading woes. πŸ™‚

  9. Your new Tiffany glasses are so pretty! I got some rx sunglasses from Costco and the price was right but I HATED them. Went back to my eye Dr and splurged on some Kate Spade, 2x the price but I love them…Thanks for the party Susan~

  10. Susan…You made my day! It’s off to Lenscrafters ! Also liked the suggestion another made here about using older, larger glasses lying in my
    dresser drawer ( you know, the Nancy Reagan kind) instead of having to get new frames too. Nobody sees me in my little office so perfect idea for people like me on a tight budget. I too have been using cheaters ( the OTC type) glasses at my computer because using my everyday glasses with progressive lenses in these smaller frames produces a crick in my neck within seconds. Thanks a million for this post! Another goody!

    • lol Love that…the Nancy Reagan kind! I know exactly the type you mean. I think we all had a pair of those! lol
      I love the idea of being able to reuse an old pair. The only thing that might cause an issue is if they are so big that the lower section that’s supposed to be used for reading, turns out to be too far down on the face. Also, some of the older glasses were really heavy and today’s glasses are super light-weight, which I love! But it’s definitely worth looking into! Hope it works!
      Thanks, Alyce!

  11. Me again! Just wanted to comment on your “morning room”! So cheerful and bright and perfect way to start your day: basking in the warm sun. I have a routine each morning where I go about my little house, waking it up.
    Opening draperies, after making beds and setting the tea kettle on for my morning tea. Then I settle wherever the sun is streaking in from outside for those precious moments before it moves on. On days the sun is not shining ( too often in the northeast), the days don’t seem to get off to as
    great a start. There is something about that early morning light…just know your day is going to be a good one. Soon it will be porch weather here and then I will take tea on the porch in the early hours when it is still cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • You are so right! The morning light is my favorite, it just feels so pure and so welcoming! I love that, Alyce…waking up the house. πŸ™‚ That sounds wonderful!
      Our porch weather is here now and I’ve been really enjoying. Yeah, summer!

  12. Valery Shaw says

    May I ask–How much the Tiffany Eye Glasses cost? and also the Vogue “work glasses”? I need some badly and am shopping around.

    • The frames were pretty pricey for the Tiffany & Co. every day glasses…I think in the $350 range, but because I am a AAA member, they gave me 50% off the frames. My lenses were VERY expensive because I went with their best lens that is supposed to be their clearest lens. I’ve forgotten the name of it now, but it’s a lot more than their regular lens. Not sure if it’s that much better but since I knew I’d be wearing these every single day, I went with the best they had.
      Also, I went with the anti-reflective option, basically all the bells and whistles. I can’t find the receipt right now, but I remember the total cost for the everyday glasses was in the $800 range.
      I mentioned buying a spare pair or maybe something to use at the computer. They told me that I would get a big discount if I bought a second pair and they did!
      The Vogue computer station glasses are progressive but they were only $329. They gave me an “insurance discount” on that visit when I mentioned having insurance. I think I goofed by not mentioning that the first time when I purchased the Tiffany glasses, so be sure and ask if you qualify for a discount based on the insurance that you have. They also give a military discount and a discount if you have AAA. There may be others that they offer, so ask what all discounts they offer and hopefully one of them will apply for you. I could have gone with the military discount but the insurance discount was better so that’s the one they used.

    • Oh, forgot to add, that pricing included buying their protection insurance in case of breakage, which was $34.99. It’s only good for one year, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. I have a rule that I strictly follow for glasses and so far it’s kept me from breaking mine. My rule is: I never, ever place my glasses down on a surface that I walk on or sit on. So that means, if I’m sitting on the floor wrapping presents or doing something, I will not set my glasses on a nearby chair or on the floor. Even if it means I have to get up or scoot across the floor, I will only ever place them on a table or a counter. I just know if I ever place them on a chair or something like that, I’m bound to sit on them. So I’m strict about that one rule. lol

  13. Dawne Marie says

    I recently was referred to LensCrafters! I was pleased with my prescription rayban sunglasses purchase with polarized lenses. Your Tiffanys are nice looking! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Just this year, I bought my “in between” glasses. All I have to say is that I love my “computer station” glasses and so glad that you mentioned it in this post. So many of my friends were having trouble with the clarity on their computer screen and have discovered that this is the solution!
    BTW love your selection of frames!

  15. Susan,

    LOVE your new Tiffany glasses. I usually get my glasses at my doctor’s office, but lately have felt the selection was not to my liking. Nothing looked good on me. I went to LensCrafters just to see what styles they had. So many choices! I also tried on a pair of Tiffany frames that I loved but in the end went with a pair of Michael Kors for everyday and Ralph Lauren for my sunglasses. The staff was great and my glasses were ready within a week. Will definitely be going back.

    • I almost did that this time, too…but I couldn’t find any I really liked, either. They had a fairly meager selection. Lenscrafters really does have a great selection from which to choose. Oh, I saw so many great Ralph Lauren glasses…great choice, Leslie!

  16. Thanks so much for the party!!

  17. Patricia says

    Thanks for the tip about the Tiffany glasse. I love those. I have had lasix and had my vision adjusted perfectly corn distance and computer viewing but I do need help with close in work. I’ m getting tired of those dollar store readers I have in every room and every purse. Time to buy some real glasses.

  18. Thank you for hosting us again today. I enjoy checking out all these blogs!

  19. Bunny Rogers says

    Funny you should write about glasses. About 3 weeks ago I got my first pair of computer glasses. I’ve worn glasses or contacts many many years but working at the computer had gotten harder and harder. My problem is keeping my computer glasses at my desk and not wearing them around in the house. I don’t notice they are the wrong glasses until I try to look away like in the yard or the TV . I was constantly having to hop up and down to go get the right glasses.

    Finally I got a chain for my regular glasses in case I walk away from my desk with my computer glasses still on. I’ve stopped the jumping up and down so much but now the chain is irritating my neck. I also find I need to even have my computer glasses on a chain so I will have both glasses with me at all times!

    I’m wondering if there is a chain which holds two pair of glasses so I don’t have twice as much neck irritation?

    • Bunny, I was just rereading your comment and wanted to share, with my workstation/computer glasses, I can wear them full time inside my home because they provide the perfect vision for tasks that are a few feet out…like using my computer screens, cooking, ironing, decorating, etc… They are just not good for distance needs, like driving. They are awesome…changed my life. So maybe you could get workstation/computer glasses that would work for all your needs at home. These even have an area at the bottom for viewing items closer up that you may be holding in your hands.
      I just switch to my regular progressive lenses for driving since the majority of the lens in those is for distance. I wear my workstation/computer glasses full-time at home.

  20. Julie Huff says

    I love my computer glasses. I’m really near-sighted, and I wear a progressive lense to drive; however, I find I can’t work without my computer glasses. My computer glasses have the near sighted script – a tiny sliver at the top of my glasses- about what my biofocal is at the bottom on my usual glasses, if I need to get up and walk, I still can!

    • Exactly! That’s how mine work. I can actually see fine to walk around the house by just looking through the center of my workstation glasses, but the few times I have forgotten and left the house with them on, I just look through the top section of the glasses and I can see fine to drive. I try to remember to switch to my normal progressive lenses with the distance in the middle section before I leave the house, though.

  21. Your glass are so sharp (the frames) and now…I want to go get a new pair since mine are so “mottled” and just don’t seem to clean. Checking on a Lenscrafter shop now….franki

  22. Kathleen says

    Both eyeglasses are very pretty colors. I have reused frames twice! One time I was told I had to have a larger frame to fit my bifocal lens and I hated the glasses and when I went the next year I found out I was given wrong info..that’s when I reused my favorite pair. I also tried prescription sunglasses and that didn’t work for me because I didn’t like changing out to my regular glasses when I went inside (waste of money) so now I get the lens that darkens when you are outside. I am trying rimless glasses now and I really like them. Loved your post.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I love the look of rimless glasses. I tried those at either Sams or Costco, don’t remember which now since I’ve had glasses from both places. Anyway, the ones they sold were junk. The screws kept falling out about every 2 weeks. After about the 3rd or 4th time,I finally gave up and switched to glasses with half rims. Now I realize it’s just the quality of the frames that they carried and that not all rimless glasses are that way. For sunglasses, I buy the glasses that fit over regular glasses at Walmart. They are around $20 and have UV protection, etc… I’ve been wearing those for several years now and really love them.

  23. I just finally ordered my new glasses today through the VA. And I really did pick out a style like your Tiffany’s. I saw them walking into the office and knew that those were for me. Every other paired I picked up just didn’t have that same feeling as my blue “Tiffany’s”.

  24. Nancy Harris says

    Luv your Tiffany glasses!

    I recently had cataract surgery on both eyes but still need a progressive reader lens and opted for a frame by Fregossi.
    If the Tiffany brand is not in your budget check out Fregossi eyewear.

    They are very similar in frame style & color including the Tiffany blue trim but minus the Tiffany logo and price.

    I suggest adding Crizal lenses which is in addition to the cost of the frames and progressive lens but still an affordable option.

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