The Only Place I Really Feel Comfortable Shopping for Pre-loved Designer Handbags

I had never purchased a pre-loved or pre-owned designer handbag until this past spring. Even pre-owned, designer bags can be a bit on the pricey side, so I was always leery I’d get a bag that wasn’t as described, or worse, a fake! What finally prompted me to take the plunge was discovering a pre-loved site that gives you a full 30 days to decide if you like the bag enough to keep it.

I had been toying for a while about buying a particular handbag and was on the waiting list at a local boutique. After waiting for quite a few months, I began to feel I’d never get the bag. I checked in with the boutique several times and their answer was never encouraging. The last time I inquired about the bag, I was told they only get a “handful in each year in the color I wanted.” That was the moment that pushed me to take a look at the pre-loved market.

I had always heard good things about Fashionphile in the many, many handbag unboxings I had seen on YouTube. Seemed like every time a YouTuber unboxed a bag they had purchased from Fashionphile, they would inevitably exclaim that the bag was in better condition than they had expected and better than the description had indicated at the Fashionphile website.


Image from Fashionphile


That was very encouraging but the thing that really gave me the confidence to try Fashionphile was their 30-day return policy. As long as I didn’t cut the Fashionphile tag off the bag, I could return it at any time during the first 30 days. I knew that would give me time to look the bag over, try it on with a few different outfits and have it authenticated by one of the trusted authenticators I’ve heard so much about via YouTube and the Purse Forum. Even though I didn’t believe Fashionphile would ever knowingly sell a fake bag, I still felt better having it independently verified for my own peace of mind.

I ordered the bag and it arrived quickly. It was in “Excellent” condition, just as it had been described! To my eyes, it looked brand new and I loved it! I immediately took a bunch of photos and had the bag verified by a trusted authenticator. It totally checked out as the real thing. I had paid more for the bag through Fashionphile than the bag would normally sell for in the boutique, but that was understandable since it was an impossible-to-find bag.

Before cutting the tags off and officially making it mine and unreturnable, I gave my local boutique one more call just to make sure they hadn’t by some miracle gotten the bag in. They had not, but there was something in the voice of the sales associate that gave me a little hope. I told her I had bought the bag at Fashionphile and had 30 days to decide if I wanted to keep it or return it. So if a miracle happened in the next 2-3 weeks and the bag I wanted came in, please give me a call. The sales associate said she would.

After hanging up I decided to wait a few days before cutting the tag off, just in case that miracle did happen. A week passed and I had heard nothing from the boutique. I came so close to cutting the tags off during that week! I was dying to start wearing the bag, but a little voice inside of me kept saying, wait just a little bit longer, you’ve got 30 days!

Remove the Tag, Own the Bag


A few days later, about 1-1/2 weeks into my return period, the phone rang. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the boutique had finally received the bag I wanted that very morning! I picked up the bag that day and the next day I called Fashionphile to let them know I’d be returning the bag I had purchased from them about 1-1/2 weeks earlier.

They congratulated me on getting my bag from the boutique and with zero hassle, they sent me a prepaid return label that even included insurance. I dropped the bag off to UPS that same day. Per tracking, the bag arrived back at Fashionphile the following Friday morning and my credit card was credited back that very same day.

I was so impressed with how professionally the Fashionphile transaction had been handled from start to finish. Shipping was free both ways, including insurance, and returning it had been completely hassle-free. Yes, I had had to pay more for that particular bag when I initially purchased it, but I totally understood why–it was a very difficult bag to find. It was strictly a matter of supply and demand and you’ll always pay a bit more for rarer bags, especially if they are in New or Like-New condition.

There are many bags on the Fashionphile website that are listed in “New” or “Excellent” condition that are well under the price you would pay in a boutique. I would never hesitate to purchase a bag listed as “Excellent” at Fashionphile because of the gazillion unboxings I’ve seen on YouTube where a bag listed in “Excellent condition” had arrived looking practically brand new. I get the impression Fashionphile tries to err on the side of under hyping a bag rather than having you expecting more, then being disappointed. I like that about them!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Fashionphile has no idea I’m sharing this experience, they only know me as a customer who has purchased a bag from them and returned it. Since then, I’ve also sold 3 bags to them that I was no longer using. Those transactions went very smoothly, as well. Overall, I feel very good about recommending Fashionphile for both buying and selling handbags (new and used) or for finding designer bags at a discount.


Awesome Deals Currently Available

Last night I was looking at their current offerings and found some incredible deals! There are a couple that I want to buy so badly, but I’m trying hard to resist. If you see something you love, do not wait. I can tell you from experience, the good deals do not last long before they get snatched up!

Fashionphile sells a lot more than just handbags, although it’s the handbags that always draw me to their site. They also sell jewelry, watches, belts, bag charms, shoes, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses and other designer/luxury goods.

Here are a few of the incredible deals I found last night. I’ve tried to include the cost when purchasing in the boutique (if I could find it) as well as the price it’s currently listed for at Fashionphile. I want every single one of these bags! Argggg!

This beautiful Chanel bag in the “Jumbo” size and listed in “Excellent” condition normally sells for $6,200 in the boutique. It’s currently available for $3,895 here: Chanel Bag. I have this bag in a very similar color in the mini size and paid almost this much…and it’s just a mini! So this is beyond awesome for the jumbo size in this bag!


This gorgeous Fendi bag is on sale 30% off for $1,015. I’m not sure how much it originally sold for but I love the color and Zucca print! You’ll find it here: Fendi Tote.

Fendi Zucca Bag on Sale


Love the color of this Louis Vuitton bag in pink Magnolia and the Damier Ebene print! It’s $1,990 at the LV website but in “Excellent” condition for $1,515 here: Louis Vuitton Bag, Damier Ebene and Magnolia. That’s close to $500 off!

You’ll find it in black, also in “Excellent” condition for $1,675 here: Louis Vuitton Bag.

Louis Vuitton Clapton Bag, Black and Damier Ebene on sale



I love the look of this beautiful Tureene bag. I don’t see it at the LV website but it’s listed in “Excellent” condition for $1,275 here: Louis Vuitton Turenne PM.

Louis Vuitton Turenne Bag on sale


Unfortunately, this adorable Chanel Mini flap bag sold out some time last night after I saw it online. It was listed in New condition and I remember it was on sale for about 10-20% less than what they sell for in the boutique! Kicking myself I didn’t buy it last night…that was an incredible price. You can see more photos of it here: Chanel Mini.

See what I mean about how they don’t last on the site. If you see it and you love, don’t wait!

Chanel Mini Flap Bag on sale, New

This adorable Fendi bucket style bag is $2,100 on the Fendi website and it’s on sale for $1,665 at Fashionphile here: Fendi Bucket Bag.



Okay, at least this one is still available, although I don’t expect it to last long. I love a yellow bag and this one is adorable! This bag is currently listed in “Excellent” condition for $2,425 here: Chanel Extra Mini Flap Bag.

Chanel Mini Bag on Sale, Yellow


Neiman Marcus has now partnered with Fashionphile (read about that HERE) and I think that says a lot about the company. I don’t believe NM would partner with them if they didn’t trust their knowledge of the pre-loved handbag market and how they treat their customers. My interaction with Fashionphile has only been positive, so I wasn’t surprised to see Neiman Marcus placing their trust in them, also.

If you would like to see more of what’s available, you’ll find all their newest arrivals here: New Arrivals and their further discounted items here: Discounted/On Sale.

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  1. Wish I had known you when I gave my Chanel bags away. Had a few I bought in NY who I lived there. Wear your new darling in good health.

  2. that is when not who. sorry.

  3. Enjoyed seeing the bags from Fashionphile. Just one question….unless I misunderstood, you paid more for the handbag you bought at Fashionphile than you did at your local boutique where you purchased the handbag brand new? Did I misunderstand?
    In the past I purchased 4 designer handbags on Ebay, and ultimately never used a single one. In fact, after two house moves I discovered that I had an unopened box from Ebay, which contained one of the handbags which was a total fake!! Unfortunately so much time had passed that I couldn’t do anything about it. I actually blame myself more than the person who sent me that fake item. I eventually sold the other real designer handbags on The Real Real. I learned a lesson….I should only buy what I really intend to use!!

    • Yup, the bag I wanted is almost impossible to get so it always sells for a lot more on the resale market, if you can find it in great shape. If it wasn’t so impossible to get, I’m sure it would have been less on Fashionphile. It’s the old “supply and demand” law of nature. I don’t blame them for asking more for bags that are almost impossible to find. The good thing is you can get in the color you want, when you want it, so you naturally are going to pay more when that happens with those hard-to-get bags.
      Yeah, I don’t think I’d ever buy a designer bag on eBay…just heard too many horror stories from YouTubers who have done that.

  4. I love the color of the yellow Chanel bag. I gulped when I bought my LV Iena purse new but it’s the only purse I took to England and carried it everywhere and there are NO signs of wear. My LV bucket bag got carried for over 20 years daily and I could still carry it but it is a little worn looking. I decided that’s where my ashes will reside when I die & get cremated. I will be in my favorite purse on my niece’s bookshelf.

    • Ha! I love that image, that is too funny and awesome at the same time! I told my son to sprinkle me in a bunch of different gardens so I could fertilize the flowers and come back as a flower. 🙂

  5. You GOT it!! What a coup!! ENJOY! franki

  6. Looked at everything at Fashionphile. I can go broke in no time there.
    Looking at a Smythson journal, but will buy a Hermes notebook cover for so much less on this site.
    Thank you Susan. May you never loose your black belt in shopping

    • I know, I feel the same way! I wanted to buy that blue bag so badly, good thing someone else bought it because I think I would have caved today! Ha!

  7. Beautiful bags. Glad you had such a good experience and have the new bag you wanted.
    Could you suggest a way to clean a light pink leather bag? I have some marks on one that looks similar to ink, but I don’t know how or when I could have gotten ink on the bag. It is a similar color of the Louis Vuttion pink magnolia bag you showed. I tried leather cleaning wipes I had used on my car seats then the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Neither one helped. Any ideas?

    • Ummm, it almost sounds like it’s really gotten into the leather and more of less, dyed it that color. Magic Eraser is usually my go-to nuclear option when nothing else is working…at least that’s how I’ve dealt with denim transfer on my car’s leather seats. The other product that I’ve used before going to the Magic Eraser, again on my car’s leather seats is this stuff:
      I would be afraid to recommend you use it on your bag since I have no idea if it would effect the color, but it worked great on my car’s leather seats to remove denim transfer.
      If it’s really bad and you feel you have nothing to loose, you may want to try it. Maybe try it first in a tiney spot on the very bottom of the bag just to see what happens.
      If Magic Eraser didn’t work, not sure there’s anything that will get it out. Let me know if you do find a solution, Mary. So sorry you are having to deal with that.

  8. What a frustrating post, Susan! You didn’t show us the bag you ended up getting, but I suppose that’s just your sneaky way of generating suspense. What a tease! I’ll be watching for a later post to see the wonderful new bag you’ve added to your growing and impressive collection. (Drumming my fingers on the table, waiting…)

    • I promise I wasn’t trying to create a tease! lol I wouldn’t do that on purpose. Since I didn’t end up getting the bag from Fashionphile and it ended up coming from the boutique, I figured it wasn’t really relevant for the post. Plus, it wasn’t discounted like all the other bags in this post.
      Debbie, if you like, I’m happy to email you a photo of the bag I purchased at the boutique since I doubt I’ll create a post about it.

  9. Oh Susan….I was dying to ask you if you were going to show us the bag you purchased, but then decided you had a reason for not doing so. I’m now living my designer handbag life vicariously through you….so, would you consider to include me in that email? Thanks!

  10. I have been on the HUNT for a Chanel bag about 2 years now.
    There is 2 things I want in Life now before my number is called up there, A Black quilted Chanel bag and a vintage Rolex watch

  11. Brenda Lawrence says

    Stunning handbags for sure! Glad you were able to get the brand new one, but how amazing that you found a place where you can find what you want and know that it will be in excellent shape and have 30 days to return if you don’t love it. Can’t beat that! I guess I will have to drool over your handbags, because I will never own a design bag. lol Hugs, Brenda

  12. Jean from Georgia says

    Well, I have a wonderful place to shop for pre owned designer bags, and it is not open to the public. That secret place for me is my daughter’s closet. She still has the first “Louis” purchased in the 1980’s and now my granddaughter is enjoying it. So, when in need, I have a great place to shop.

  13. It’s “…err on the side…” (not “air”).

  14. So glad you got your bag, one way or another! 🙂 That sounds like a great place! Thanks for the insider tip – I’m going to go check it out right now!

  15. Biodynamic Barb says

    Susan, I have lots of designer clothing, shoes, and handbags (some Gucci, some Chanel, some LV) that are either NIB or rarely used. Did you get a good price for the things you sold to Fashionphile? I was going to donate them and take the tax writeoff but if I can get cash, that would be preferable.

    • I thought what they offered was fair. The gave me a great price on a Chanel bag I had carried a lot for a year or two but was still in almost like-new condition. I also sold a Burberry bag to them that I had only carried 3-4 times and was in pristine, brand new condition. That one, I didnt’ get as much as I would have liked but I understood because Burberry doesn’t hold its value like Chanel, LV and Hermes. So all in all, I felt they were fair.
      It’s easy to submit something on their site. Just take photos in good lighting of each item. Also, I gave them a good written description letting them know when something was in impeccable condition. I also noted if I still had the receipt although they never asked to see them. I heard back pretty quickly on the things I sold to them. They sent me a shipping label so I didn’t even have to pay the shipping to mail the items to them. Plus, it included insuring them. I received payment within 4-5 days of them getting the items. So my experience was very good and I would def sell to them again. You could probably get a little more if you sold the item on eBay. however, you would have deal with listing the item, answering questions from potential buyers, shipping the item once it sells, then hope you don’t get a dishonest buyer who tries to claim the box you shipped arrived with nothing in it. There’s some shady stuff that goes on on eBay. Then of course, eBay takes their cut of what you make. I didn’t want to deal with all that.
      Def submit them to Fashionphile first, I bet you could make some decent money on those items…then use it buy something you really want. That’s what I did, used the money I got to buy another bag I had been really wanting.

    • Barb, I’m not sure if they take clothing…they may, I’m just not sure. Anything they don’t take, submit it to Yoogi’s Closet. I had a pair of Hermes sandals that I had only worn 3 times. They looked absolutely brand new except of course the bottoms from where I had worn them. Fashionphile doesn’t take shoes that have been worn, even once…but Yoogi’s closet was happy to take them and paid promptly. Also, you can submit your item to both places at the same time and go with whoever gives you the most $$$.

    • Cami Camello says

      Fashionphile gives very little for your handbags. I’ve sold about 5 bags in pristine condition and lost almost half of what I paid , some a bit more than half.

  16. Christie’s auction house has luxury handbags & accessories on auction now for a few more days… excellent selection… I’m pretty sure one could be confident there are no fakes from Christie’s… just a guess though!

  17. Came across your blog post and this was really helpful to read. Thank you! Quick question – where did you get your bag authenticated? I’d love to buy my first pre-loved bag but I don’t know how I can get things verified.

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