October Favorites & Some Would Make Great Gifts

It’s time to share a few of my favorites from the month of October.

Toiletry Travel Bag

Last time I was in Ohio visiting family, I ordered this travel toiletry bag and immediately switched all my stuff into it during that trip. I was tired of having to search in multi bags and pockets in my suitcase to find the item I needed. I LOVE this bag and will never travel without it again!

Best Hanging Toiletry Bag for Travel


Everything I need from makeup to medicine to miscellaneous toiletries is stored in one place and neatly organized into different pockets. For this trip I placed all the over the counter meds I like to take when I travel in one pocket, my daily wear makeup items in another pocket and I’m using the other two pockets to hold miscellaneous items I like having on hand when I travel. I love it and highly recommend it for your travels! You’ll find it available here: Toiletry Travel Bag


Hanging Toiletry Bag with Compartments for Travel


Puzzle Board

Of course, I had to mention this beautiful puzzle board I purchased toward the end of October. Such a back saver and makes puzzling a lot more fun! You can read more about it in this post: Cozy Winter Updates That Would Also Make Great Christmas Gifts.

You’ll find this puzzle board available here: Puzzle Board

Puzzle Board for Working Puzzles While Standing or Sitting


Thermal Underwear

While I’ve been here in Ohio, the weather turned really cold! I didn’t bring any thermals with me so I decided to order some. I really wanted them to wear under my clothes for Trick or Treating since I knew it was predicted to be very cold. It was! First time I’ve ever Trick or Treated with snow falling! I didn’t care for that at the time but looking back now, it was kinda magical. What a night!

Anyway, leading up to Halloween, I ordered several sets of thermals and kept having to return them. The first two sets I ordered, the pants didn’t fit properly. They were way too short from the waistband to the crotch. What do you call that…the rise? When I tried the pants on, they would dip down in the back. I can’t imagine how they would have functioned if I had actually bent over in them, the cut was just so bad. They must be designing them for people who have no booty! lol

I was so glad when these arrived and they fit! They came up to my waistline as they should and had plenty of space in back for the tush area. I ordered them in the medium size because I didn’t want the waist to be too tight. I’m very pleased with how these fit and you’ll find them available here: Thermal Underwear


Buffalo Plaid Napkins

Remember the buffalo plaid napkins I ordered last month in Halloween colors? I was so impressed with those, I ordered them in three more colors.

Orange & Black Buffalo Plaid Napkins for Halloween


I ordered them in white and tan which will go with so many table settings.


I also ordered them in red, white and blue which will be great for patriotic table settings. I’m eyeing the red and green for a Christmas table. You can’t beat the price! They are only around $20 for a dozen all-cotton napkins.

If you need some cute buffalo plaid napkins for layering in your holiday tables, you’ll find these here: Buffalo Plaid Napkins

A New Faucet for the Kitchen

My son and daughter-in-law just changed their kitchen faucet out for this high-tech Delta faucet and we are all loving it! When your hands are yucky, you just touch it with the back of your hand or arm anyplace on the neck, handle or base and it comes on. I especially love the little light at the bottom that glows blue when the water coming out is cold, purplish if the water is warm and red if it’s hot. So before you ever put your hand under the water, you know what to expect.

The pull-down sprayer is magnetic so it re-docks easily, never hanging down loose. We are all enjoying it so it had to make my list of favorites for October. You’ll find it available here: Delta Faucet

Delta Kitchen Touch Faucet


Lip Protection for Winter

I started using this Aquaphor lip balm as soon as the weather turned cold. So far, my lips have stayed chap-free. I try to remember to apply it right before bed each night, as well. I always find I need something for my lips, especially with the heat running in the house so much. You’ll find it available here: Aquaphor

Aquaphor Lip Balm


My daughter-in-law and I used Cutemol religiously throughout the year, but we step it up when the cold weather hits. It’s the only way we’ve found to avoid getting painful, split fingertips in the wintertime. It’s great for that! Would not be without it, especially this time of year. It will also transform your feet! I love it! You’ll find it available here: Cutemol

Woodland Flannel Sheets for Fall and Winter

Before I left home for my trip to Ohio, I was really enjoying my new flannel sheets! (Tartan bedding is currently on sale here: Tartan Bedding.)

Tartan Red & Green Bedding


These are perfect for fall and winter and you’ll find them available here: Flannel Sheets.

Woodland themed bedding, Flannel Bedding


Shearling-lined Winter Boots

Since it has turned so cold, and especially on the rainy days, I’ve been living in these shearling-lined boots. They aren’t cheap but I feel they are worth every penny. They are handmade right here in America, amazing quality and will pretty much last a lifetime. You’ll find them available here: Women’s Boots.


Hope you enjoyed this overview of some of my October favorites! See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Love the Aquaphor products–ointment and the lip balm. I checked out the boots link and at the bottom of the icons running down the side, there is a video one. Very fascinating how they make them.

    • It is! I love that they are still handmade. For a few years, they were so extremely popular, they implemented a third shift and were making them around the clock…and there was still a 6 month waiting list. It was only November and when I wanted to order them, the delivery was predicted for April. I lucked out and found them in an actual store and had them shipped to me. I think they are fairly caught up now, although I havne’t checked in a while. Hopefully, there’s not such a long wait anymore.

  2. Susan Gentry says

    I always love your favorites. I have ordered several of them for myself or for gifts.

    I know you have said before, but please remind me where you got the tartan bed skirt. It really makes the bed (pun intended).

  3. Love love your favorites. Always great suggestions. I’m wanting the puzzle board. Do you have a favorite brand of puzzle? I worked 3 last year and they were very different regarding the pieces. I use Aguaphor for lips every night. It’s the best. Bought the Cutemol on your suggestion.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Just ordered the cutemol as both sides of my right thumb and both sides of my right index finger have cracks. I use the liquid New Skin band aid to seal the cuts, but will try this as a hopeful preventative to stop getting the cuts. Our weather turned cold quick, ( as you recently experienced on Halloween) and with all of the raking we have had to hurry and get done, my hands are really dry, even though I had knit gloves on under a pair of all weather rubber gloves also for added warmth. Today we finished up the raking with snow pellets hitting us! Good grief! But we had to laugh in spite of it, as you never know with Michigan when snow can hit! Lol Thanks Susan for these favorites, I’ve also added the long underwater to my Amazon list and will order soon. I need a new pair to wear when using the snow blower.

  5. Victoria Morgan says

    Thanks so much for revealing to us where the puzzle board came from. I have seen it in pictures of your office for many years. It’s in my cart now!

  6. I have those napkins in a set that was assorted colors. They’re nice and substantial. Luckily, since my trip to London my makeup essentials are soooo pared down. I got my makeup done at Trinny London and bought all that I will wear. All except the BFF which is like a BB cream/foundation comes in little pots that click together and stack. Life changing. She’s on Facebook or at trinnylondon.com
    It’s not cheap but boy, this stuff is great! I have never gotten so many compliments and NEVER before told how beautiful my skin is. I sound like an infomercial but I get no benefit posting about it.
    Stay warm and I hope your cold is gone.

  7. Melanie Emshoff says

    I ordered the travel makeup bag after your first post about it, used it on a recent 2 week trip to Greece and it was perfect! Thought it might be overkill for 3-4 night trips but it’s definitely not. Even with all pouches
    full, it compresses so well!

  8. Susan, I always enjoy your “Favorites” posts. I’ve been using the Aquafor Lip Balm for a few years on the recommendation of my dermatologist. Recently I’ve found the lip balm with SPF 30 and that’s my go-to now. I had to search a little to find it as our Walmart doesn’t carry Aquafor with SPF 30 but CVS does carry it.

  9. So funny that we are talking faucets. We have always purchased Hansgrohe fixtures. A pre-party emergency repair forced me to get a Delta faucet so something would be working. Wow what a surprise! I really really love it and it was half the price. Mine has the new Shield Spray feature. It gets so much gunk off the dishes without splatters. It’s a really great invention and now I can’t live without it.

  10. Snowing on Halloween! I would LOVE that! I bet the kids loved it. 🙂

    Susan, you crack me up with your thin little southern blood and need for thermals and shearling lined boots. :D:D:D I guess Chip and Nancy have adapted to the cold and of course, the boys have been growing up with it. When you finally relent and move north, you’ll probably have thermals in every color. (I know you.)

    Those napkins are so pretty and such a bargain! And I love the idea of being able to touch the sink with your arm when your hands are icky, which is often whilst cooking. Great recommendations. I’m going to order that Aquaphor right now. Have a safe trip back.

  11. Mary from Virginia says

    Always such a good list of things I’d like to have!

    Tried getting the tan and white buffalo check napkins, they are out! I’ll check another time.

    Hope you are well!

  12. Hi! I’ve been eyeing those Bean boots for over a year – but the reviews sound mixed. A lot of complaints about the inside seam rubbing the skin. Have you had any problem with that? Do you wear them with socks or barefoot?


  13. I have that Delta faucet, only the non-high tech version. Our is almost 10 years old now, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Great faucet. Will have to try the Cutemol cream. My hands are starting to get really rough, and it’s not even cold here yet. Thanks,

  14. I have been looking for black and white buffalo checked napkins, and then I saw your post. Unfortunately, I don’t see any in those colors, but I might order the red and green. Thanks for all of your tips.

  15. I bought the puzzle board and I’m loving it! I was trying to figure out a way to be more comfortable while doing my puzzle! This was the ticket! Thank you for sharing it.

  16. Hi Susan, Your favorites post is always a favorite of mine. Thanks for the thermals link (yup, that’s the “rise”, and it’s always too short these days), the boots, and I couldn’t help but see your Color the World lipstick in Cashmere kitties shade, in your travel bag! I love Color the World’s philosophy, and you can’t beat their price!

  17. Debbie Moore says

    Hi Susan,

    Have recently found your blog and am enjoying catching up on reading all your posts. Lots of fun and useful information — thank you!

    Like you, I love jigsaw puzzles. My favorites are those made by Liberty Puzzles in Boulder, Colorado. I think they are amazing — you can check them out at http://www.libertypuzzles.com. While they are a bit pricey, they are a joy to work, beautiful, and I think are of heirloom quality.

    They are a fun thing to have one in the works for family visits during the holidays. They have several Christmas themed ones that I could see fitting in with your Christmas setting 🙂

    The Brits also make a really nice puzzle, Wentworth, but I have to say that I think we Yanks have them with our Liberty!

    Happy Holidays,

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