Garage Storage Cabinets, Progress Has Been Made But There’s Been a Few Glitches

Welcome to the 708th Metamorphosis Monday!

As I type this, I’m waiting for the second garage door repairman to arrive. Hopefully, I can get this post up before he arrives. I will have to create a post sharing all the things that have had to be done and redone multiple times so you’ll know life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns up in here. Ha! Seems like every project I embark on has had a major glitch (or ten) along the way–well, except for the garage flooring. That went off without a hitch. Thank goodness!

Soooo, here’s how my dish storage in the garage used to look. I had 6 storage cabinets down this wall of the garage.

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


I liked this a lot but unfortunately, the cabinet on the far left was starting to show some wear since it’s right up against the wall by the garage door. Garage doors are not hermetically sealed so moisture can creep in that wee opening running down either side of the garage door. Since I was going to move everything out of the garage for this renovation, this seemed like a good time to change things up a bit.


Here’s how that wall looks now. Instead of having six cabinets on that wall, there are just five now. Did you notice the configuration has changed, also?

SystemBuild Cabinets in Garage


With just five cabinets down this wall now, I no longer have a cabinet so close to where the garage door opens.

Cabinets for the Garage


Here’s how the storage looks inside, so far. I’ll create another post sometime soon sharing some closeups with more information in case you’re interested to see exactly what’s stored here. When I rearranged the cabinets for the garage makeover, I also added another 2-drawer cabinet to the mix. I have napkins stored in the drawers of the other cabinets and wanted one more cabinet with drawer space since my napkin storage is getting pretty tight.

Dish Storage


With an additional cabinet here in the garage, I decided to move this beachy china that was stored on the shelves of an island I have in my laundry room, to the garage. Now the laundry room island shelves are holding large platters that were formerly stashed away in two different pantries.

Beachy China Dinnerware


Two cabinets that used to be on the side wall of the garage are now on the front wall, along with two new cabinets I just recently added. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the hinges on the two new cabinets, plus I need more shelves for one of them. I’ll share more about that storage once I have it all sorted out.

Waiting on Missing Shelves


One cabinet on this wall will hold charger plates, as shown.

Charger Plate Storage


The charger plates used to live in the top half of one of the 2-drawer cabinets. I didn’t have enough space for all of my chargers, so three sets (bark-edged, beachy driftwood, and the extra-large grapevine chargers) were stored on the top of the cabinet.

Charger Plates Storage


Now they all fit here in this one cabinet. Yay!

Charger Plate Storage


Previously, I only had one cabinet for glassware. Once I receive the additional shelves for the cabinet to the right, there will be two cabinets for glassware–with room to spare.

Shelving for Glassware


Here’s how the paper towel storage dispenser looks with the cabinets in place. Try to imagine this view with doors on the charger cabinet to the right. lol

Paper Towel Holder for Garage


I really, really love this paper towel dispenser and it’s getting a ton of use already!

Paper Towel Holder, Perfect for Garage


I didn’t show the other wall of the garage–the one with windows. It’s still covered in plastic. The painter should be back tomorrow and will hopefully finish up this week. Looking forward to sharing the completed garage sometime soon!

SystemBuild Cabinets in Garage


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Hello Susan. Wow you have had a lot going on in your garage. The organization of all of your dishware is amazing. I can’t wait to see when everything is completed. You are correct, things do not always go as planned. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Some of my favorite blog posts are those in which people show how they store things. I love so much that you have all of your tableware in the garage. How much more convenient that must be than, in my case, having most of it stored downstairs. You did a similar post a number of years ago, and I drooled over that one, wondering how I could fit something like that in my garage. At the moment, I don’t think that’s possible, but I am so encouraged by your post, that I definitely need to do something new. Thanks, Susan, as always, for the inspiration.

  3. Susan your cabinets are amazing! Even I could be organized with those beauties! My husband is in awe of your garage flooring. Thanks so much for hosting each week!

    • Thanks, Debra! I’m still amazed by it when I go out into the garage. I had no idea it would be such an upgrade in appearance and function. I love being out there now and the floor is so easy to blow off and wipe up any messes. I definitely recommend it! If I ever move, it will be one of the very first things I would do in a new home, right after plantations shutters and hardwood flooring.

  4. Cowgirl Diva says

    OMG…Those garage cabinets are A DREAM COME TRUE..!!
    What a BLESSING..!!

  5. Looks amazing Susan, I love how organized your table settings/glasses are! I hope you can resolve the glitches soon and I hope the painter will be done soon too. I know you are anxious for life to return to normal once again. The garage is looking amazing, so well worth all you have had to endure. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! Lots of character building going on the past few weeks! Ha, ha! I was fit to be tied last night when the hinges weren’t working on the cabinet doors…got some replacement ones coming though. I will say, Dorel, the maker of the cabinets, does answer their phones quickly with no long hold times and they don’t argue about sending out replacement parts/pieces if something isn’t as it should be.

  6. I love your garage floor!

  7. Thanks so much Susan! You realize we all have serious dish storage envy, right? Your garage looks awesome~

  8. Tina W Reynolds says

    I always love ideas for storage and organization. I have read so many books on that topic. My husband says that I need to organize all of my books and magazines about organizing! True! Your garage is just tops. You have worked hard to get it to this place. I know you will enjoy the ease it will bring to your daily life. No unicorns and rainbows here: we are about to embark on a fence repair project. New fence is out of the question. I am feeling so uncertain about the repairs. It could be more involved than the repairman thinks, and he already told us that. Ugh. He just can’t know everything until he gets to work on it later this week. This will not be a fun, glamour job but is necessary for safety and security. I love your cabinets and I am sorry that they have been a complex thing to get right. Ahh, all of these things take so much time…

    • lol I like your hubby’s sense of humor. It makes me think of all the books I’ve purchased on the topic of the love of books, book collecting and book storage. lol One of my favorites is, A Gentle Madness by Nicholas A. Basbanes.
      You sound like me, Tina…I always imagine all the stuff that can go wrong. It’s enough to paralyze you if you think too much about it. I love this Mark Twain quote and say it to myself at least once a week: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”
      I hope your fence repairs go off without any hitches and cost way less than expected!

  9. Susan, your garage looks fabulous, and so pristine. You must have an electric vehicle. I hate to rain on your parade, but I can only envision what would happen with all the exhaust from an internal combustion engine, and what will happen to your china and breakables if there is an earthquake? Maybe you don’t experience earthquakes where you live, but I’m a Californian, so I take that into consideration.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Earthquakes are extremely rare here, so don’t need to worry about that. Even if a miracle happened and we had one, the cabinets are attached to the walls via studs so the dishes couldn’t go anywhere. But again, I’ve lived here 65 years and I’ve only heard of two earthquakes and they were hardly noticeable. We just don’t have that issue here in Georgia like they do in CA. If we did, I’d move! Ha! Also, the dishes have stayed nice and clean inside the cabinets over the past 4 years, they’ve done great.

  10. Kathy Keeley says

    Oh what a lovely new organized space. And that flooring is dynamite. May I ask is that a 2 or 3 car garage? You are such an inspiration and I appreciate your daily ideas. Enjoy!

  11. Stephanie Huber says

    Lucky you ! What great storage for all your dishes. Can’t wait to see it finished. Your whole site is wonderful, I’ve followed you for years and love all the things you do.

  12. When we had the house built seven years ago, I had the garage walls painted and the floor done, and I filled the back wall with open shelving units from Ikea. After seeing your garage, I would have done a few things differently. I would have chosen your type of floor and I would have used closed cabinets. The open shelves tend to draw clutter and things don’t always get put back where they belong. I have loved seeing your garage transformation.

  13. You are my inspiration for organizing!! I always get so many ideas from you. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Looks so clean! Love it! You always give such great tips also!

    • Thanks so much, Sheri! Shouldn’t be too long now. I stood so long yesterday, my feet actually hurt at the end of the day. lol So I’m giving myself a day off. Ha!

  14. I think the garage redo gave you the best opportunity ever to organize all of your dishware. Just look what you did with the chargers. Do you have a sink in the garage, can’t remember seeing one? The cabinets look so nice and organized. Here would be my problem. I have crafty things in gray tote bins and I was forever always opening each bin lid because I could never remember what was inside. I had to make a list and tape it to the outside of the bin. lol I’m thinking I would do the same thing with the cabinets! I hope the painter gets the job done correctly this time around! You are so motivating with your ideas and projects.

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen! No, no sink in the garage. I don’t have trouble remembering what’s in each cabinet since it’s in my brain from going in them so much over the years. Also, I tried to store everything as logically as possible. I have napkin rings (in bins) and napkins in the first one of the left, followed by Christmas dinnerware in the next cabinet. Next I have flatware (in bins) and napkins, followed by holiday china patterns (St. Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween Thanksgiving, Easter, etc…) in the next cabinet. The last cabinet has the aqua-colored beachy dinnerware I shared in the post. Across the front of the garage there’s the cabinet with chargers, followed by two cabinets of glassware, followed by a cabinet filled with china that I don’t use as often, but do use occasionally. The issue I have is knowing which flatware is in which bin and which napkin rings are in each bin. At one point I had black and white photos of the flatware on each bin but didn’t like how that looked and held up with use handling the bins. I may eventually label them now that I finally have room to spread everything out into different bins. Fortunately, the bins are clear so I can usually see what’s inside them.

  15. Hi Susan! Can you tell me where you purchased your wooden chargers? I’ve been hunting everywhere…with no luck. Thanks in advance…

    • Do you mean the bark-edged, acacia wood chargers? Those came from Target several years back. I just looked and I don’t see them on their website right now. Pottery Barn also had them but they were a lot more expensive there.
      I just found some that are very, very similar…may be from the same manufacturer. You can see those here: . $14.97 is a great price, I think that’s better than what I paid when I purchased mine from Target.
      To use as chargers, you want them to be at least 12 inches across, preferably 13 inches. I had to order them a few times from Target to get enough that were the correct size, returning the ones that were too small. If you order these on Amazon, it says “free returns” so I guess you could return any that were too small and reorder. I have one really large one that you can see on the bottom shelf, at the bottom of the stack on the right side, and I use it as a platter or a centerpiece base. It’s probably 15 inches across…too large for a charger but great for other uses.

  16. Georgia has hot and humid weather. Humidity and heat take a toll on items stored in the garage. Is your garage air conditioned?

    • Thanks for your concern, Ginny. I really do appreciate you trying to protect me from having problems in the future. I was born in Georgia and have lived here my whole life, actually here in this house for 32 years, so I know what you speak of regarding our hot, humid summers. 🙂 No need to worry, though. I placed the first 6 cabinets out here in garage in 2018 and everything I’ve stored here has done great. No problems in 4 years. My garage stays pretty moderate, even during the summer. I think that’s because the laundry room and kitchen are behind the cabinets in the first photo, the kitchen is at the front of the garage, my bonus room is above the garage and the basement is below. So the only unheated/uncooled sides of the garage are the garage door which faces east and gets the morning sun and the north side with two windows that’s protected by a huge Magnolia tree. So far, I haven’t had any issues after 4 years of storing dishes here. That’s why I feel comfortable adding 3 more cabinets for additional storage.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow Susan, what a great butler’s pantry, oops , I mean garage! Lol You have worked so hard, but it really has paid off. Excited for you and hope you can park your car in there soon. Also, wanted to mention some weeks back I went to the show and saw the movie, “Where the crawdad sings”. It was really good and the title caught my eye as I think I read on your blog from other readers that the book was very good, so I had to see the movie. Have you seen it yet? If so, did you like it?

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow Susan, what a great butler’s pantry, oops , I mean garage! Lol You have worked so hard, but it really has paid off. Excited for you and hope you can park your car in there soon. What an awesome garage! Also, wanted to mention some weeks back I went to the show and saw the movie, “Where the Crawdad Sings”. It was really good and the title caught my eye as I think I read on your blog from other readers that the book was very good, so I had to see the movie. Have you seen it yet? If so, did you like it?

  19. Susan,
    WOW!! I wish I had storage like that in my small house!! good for you!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  20. Susan, your storage system is amazing and your collection incredible. Thanks for sharing, so much fun getting a peek!

  21. Susan! I love love love your garage re-do! So much storage! Thanks for sharing great ideas!

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