A Christmas Table Setting for Cat Lovers

Welcome to the 480th Tablescape Thursday!

We’re back in the breakfast room for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, only there’s no sunshine today. It was a rainy, dreary day out, so I decided to make my own sunshine inside.

My centerpiece is a bit tall for this spot, so had to slide the table over slightly due to the chandelier.

Christmas Table Setting with Tree and Bird Centerpiece


If you are a cat lover, you’re going to love the dishware I’m using today. I tripped over it on eBay a few months back, and it was love at first sight.

Christmas Tablescape for Cat Lovers


After I had this tablescape completed, it seemed to need something. I placed a pretty tree skirt I’ve had for many years in the center and loved how it looked in this setting. Sometimes you have to get inventive with your tablecloth. lol

Kitty Cat Plates in Christmas Table Setting


I let the cats decide on today’s centerpiece. At first they wanted Christmas mice decorating their tree. When I explained I was having trouble finding enough mice, they went with another favorite: Birds! πŸ˜‰

Christmas Table Setting with Bird Tree Centerpiece and Cat Dinnerware by David Carter Brown


Found these adorable little birdies dressed in their winter plaids and stripes in the ornament section in Target.

Bird Tree Centerpiece for Christmas Table


The dinnerware I’m using in this table is by one of my favorite artist, David Carter Brown. It’s by Oneida and the pattern is called: Christmas Kitties. I have so many plates with his beautiful images, such a talented man!

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties with Plaid Plates, Bark Edged Chargers


As I admired each plate, I knew two things for sure: David Carter Brown loves cats and must have several of his own.

Christmas Kitties Dinnerware by David Carter Brown, Plaid Dinner Plates, Bark Edged Chargers


Only someone who really knows and loves cats could depict their sweet faces as he has in these paintings.

David Carter Brown's Christmas China, Christmas Kitties


I was only able to find four plates, hope to find at least four more at some point.

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties, Bark Edged Chargers


Look at that sweet face! I’ve often seen that loving look on the face of my kitties in the past. I love all the plaid Christmas packages surrounding each kitty.

David Carter Brown's Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties


I paired these kitty salad plates with plaid dinner plates from here: Tartan Dinnerware.

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties


Each kitty salad plate contained a lot of plaid, making them perfect for pairing with plaid dinner plates.

Oneida, David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties


I think this sweet furbaby may be my fave. Oh, I can’t pick a fave, they are all adorable!

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware with Christmas Kitties


Just look at that sweet, sweet face. You know you’ve seen that look on your kitty’s face many times! Love these plates so much! Gaaa!

The beautiful bark-edged, wood chargers are available here: Bark-edged Chargers. Have enjoyed using these so much and wish I had purchased them years ago. They look great with so many patterns!

Christmas Dinnerware for Cat Lovers


I paired velvet-trimmed, linen napkins over plaid napkins. I love the contrast of the velvet edging against the more rustic look of the linen and the wood chargers. Reindeer antler napkin rings are available here: Antler Napkin Rings.

Reindeer Antler Napkin Rings, Red Flatware


Merry Christmas to all animal lovers everywhere! Hope this table brought a smile to your face. πŸ™‚

Christmas Table Setting with Tree and Bird Centerpiece


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, I love your tablesetting! The sweet faces of the cats on the salad plates definitely brings a smile to my face! The textures and colors are perfect!

  2. Cute theme with the cats and birds, and I know many a cat lover who would go crazy over those plates! My theme was deer and fruit, lol. Love how you improvised with the tree skirt as topper – it looks great! Thanks for having us in.

  3. Oh, my gosh! I love these salad plates! From the moment my first kitten adopted me, I have loved many cats. I agree, Susan, on your favorite. Overstock.com has that one done in a wrapped canvas, which is even more of a great thing. =) Those plaid plates and chargers make the best holiday and winter backdrop for so many salad plates. Your table is lovely; thanks so much for sharing!

  4. As always, wonderful table. Thank you! Didn’t take a picture Tuesday of my table. Oh, well…

  5. Those cat plates are darling and I love the plaid packages, which you picked up so well in your tablescape.

  6. Now you’ve gone and done it! I. Must. Have. Those. Plates. Gorgeous table setting.

    • lol That’s how I felt about them. You must be a cat lover, Robin. Keep an eye out on eBay, I think eventually they will show up again. I noticed the matching mugs for sale there this morning. Just search for Christmas Kitty mugs if you would like those. I never use mugs since I don’t drink hot coffee.

  7. How cute those are! He is a genius. Every time you use his creations, I love them. I love using tree skirts on tables, and this one does a beautiful job of warming up the table. Thanks for hosting.

    • I never thought to do that before, will have to see what other tree skirts I have now. lol Thanks, Laurie! David Carter Brown definitely has my number! I love everything he does!

  8. Mary B Wendt says

    You always out do yourself. I love it! Some red balls of yarn would b fun 2.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    LOVE the kitty plates, and miss my fur babies so much. Lately, I have thought about geting another, but it is SO painful when they leave us. Your table is pretty, love the ruby goblets. As far as a tree in your bedroom, per yesterday’s post, I say go for it. I keep a small Christmas tree decorated with birds and white lights in my dining room year round. For each season, I add a touch of seasonal decorations. It is in the corner which faces the living room, so I can enjoy it from where I sit. It creates such a sweet calm atmosphere, I love it and you would too. Glad you are feeling better!

    • Me, too Cyndi! I hope we get to see them again one day. Somehow. I’m with you, I can’t do it anymore. They are like fur children and it’s so painful when they leave us.
      Oh, I didn’t know you did that…love that! I used to get questions alllllll the time when I had a small, narrow lit tree on the screened porch. Folks would leave comments asking why I had a tree on the porch in June, etc… So I finally did remove it. Some folks just can’t fathom having a lit tree out year around, but I do love the idea.
      I should put one in my bedroom…maybe in the corner so when I photograph that room occasionally for the blog, it won’t even be visible. πŸ™‚

  10. That is the absolute cutest tablescape ever!! I think the cat and bird theme-perfect, the plaids. LOVE IT

  11. Yep! Kitties love Christmas, so these plates are purrfect! A few years ago I saw some miniature yarn ball ornaments that were adorable. I didn’t buy them because I thought ” I can make those.” Did I ? Well, nooo. Not YET. But I have to wonder if putting them on the tree with mice and birds would just be asking for disaster? lol! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen your cats on the blog???

    • That sounds so cute, Rhonda. I don’t have any kitties now. My sweet Max passed away with cancer a few years ago and it almost killed me. I get so attached to my cats that I don’t do well when they pass. In fact, I have a feeling that’s what put me in the hospital for three days back then…I was hemorrhaging inside, which pretty much matched how my heart felt as I was watching him go through chemo treatments. So I’ve decided to not get any more pets, I just can’t handle them passing away because it breaks my heart. You can see Mr. Max in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-story-of-adoption-and-healing/

  12. Oh this is hilarious! I used the same plates this week, Susan. I haven’t posted it here, as I thought it might be rude…kind of like wearing the same dress to a party! I found them on eBay about a year ago. I have seven. Maybe we should get together! Lol.

    • Too funny! Helen, be sure and link up so I can see your pretty tablescape. It gives me hope that I’ll be able to find four more eventually.:)

      • I’ve added the link, Susan. I’ll keep my eye out for you for another four plates and let you know if I find any. They’re hard to track down! I just need one more. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

  13. This is such a cute tablesetting. David Carter sure is talented, he truly captured those kitties. So festive and fun!

  14. Selma C. Kessler says

    Oh. Em. Geeeeeee! I happen to be a cat fancier, and why I don’t already have these plates is an absolute mystery! I gotta say, Susan, of all your holiday tables, this is my personal favorite! Whimsical and so, SO charming! As you say–Gaaaaaah!

  15. Adorable kitties! I really like their faces. Very cute. Look great with plaid chargers. I hope you get another kitty. Missing your kitty Max.

  16. Hi Susan. I haven’t written for awhile but I ALWAYS read your blog. It’s my
    favorite! So glad you are feeling better.
    Love, love, love the table setting! I have admired how you use plaid in your
    decorating and this year I’m doing the same. The tree skirt picked up the
    exact colors of the dishes.

    • Thanks so much, Phyllisa! I was thinking this year as I was out shopping and noticing so many plaid decor items everywhere, I hope folks don’t get tired of it. I really love it year around.

  17. Elizabeth Roderick says

    This is purrfect…sorry there were not enough mice to go around but I love birdies too.

  18. Very cute plates! Merry Christmas, Susan!…Christine

  19. I love all of your tablescapes an ideas. Will we get to see Marie’s house this year/

    • I was just texting with her the other day…the night of the Christmas Home Tour. I’ll see if I can get over there to take pics. Wish I could take them right now, I bet it looks beautiful with all this snow!

  20. Toni Fleischmann says

    Soooo adorable! Puuurrrrrfect!

  21. 480! Wow! This table is adorable Susan, the bird tree is the best!!

  22. Guess when you fall for something (or someone?) you fall hard. Chargers, plaid and cats etc. Glad you feel better and that pesky cold is giving way.

  23. Hi Susan
    Would you please tell me again about your tree from Home Depot.
    Kind and size.
    Iam going to go and get one.

  24. Love it!!! I am a cat lover and this is a dream setting!!!

  25. Linda S. in NE says

    Your table is adorable this season. The kitties look like they could leap right off the plates. Thanks for letting us enjoy your table.

  26. I loved this post but I can’t find these cute plates on the internet. I guess they’re all sold out. Hopefully, there will be more available next year.

  27. Ann E Seigman says

    Cute, cute, cute! I live in the country and my house seems to be a magnet for strays. They are always (except one devil cat) so sweet and have such great personalities that I can’t help but adopt them. They live outside, but are well fed and cared for. Unfortunately my little Yorkie, Bear, only tolerates them. I agree, maybe it’s time to find a new fur baby. Max would have liked that!

  28. Thank you for the introduction to David Carter Brown he’s an amazing artist. Our youngest son loves cats and he would get a kick out of these plates. Thank you also for giving me more plaid to drool over, it’s a very pretty table and thanks for hosting.

  29. Another genius moment with the tree skirt. I am a dog person, but yes, those plates did make me smile. They really pair well with the tartan plates under them and the bird ornaments is quite clever. I hope that after all that work, you at least sat down there for a moment and had a cup of tea. Or something πŸ˜‰

  30. Kay Kliethermes says

    Your posts always put a smile on my face. Merry Christmas to you, also. Thanks for your blog.

  31. Your quilt could not be more perfect for your delightful table.

  32. Susan I am totally in love with your cat plates, so sad I can’t buy some of my own!!! I have owned cats my entire life, currently I own four (all rescue/shelter cats). Right now I have a black kitty, a ginger tabby and a grey and white tabby–that’s 3 out of the four kitties on the plates LOL!!!

    Your table is so original and festive, I just love it.

    Thank you for another delightful Tablescape Thursday. God bless!

  33. I absolutely love your cat plates. This was such a delightful post..really put a smile on my face.

  34. Susan I recently found your blog and was instantly hooked. You had me at meow! I know if we were neighbors we would be thick as thieves. I LOVE cats, birds, all animals, gardening, reading, shopping, decorating, travel. I, too, would love to live in a small cottage with a garden one day. For now though its work, work, work as a nurse in Savannah! I wish you the merriest Christmas and most joyful New Year! Thank you for your wonderful blog! You have really inspired me in so many ways!

    • Aww, thanks Donna! Savannah is one of my favorite places…love the times I’ve visited there. I especially love all the beautiful squares. Sounds like we have a lot in common. πŸ™‚
      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2018!

  35. Your tree skirt makes the perfect backdrop for your dishes, I would have thought that you started your creative table with that first!!! Cute table!!
    Thanks for hosting another great party!

  36. Love, love, love this table!! Your tree skirt complements everything purrfectly! Those dishes are adorable. The artist has really instilled a different personality in each cat and I love the details of the pictures he has painted on each plate. Everything about this table brings a smile to my heart. Bravo, Susan. Max would be proud!!

  37. So cute. My table is covered with lights . We are entering the Christmas outside light display this year.

  38. These plates are adorable and perfect for you, Susan. My sister would love these too. Darling table!

  39. Adorable! I wish they had something as cute as this for dogs.

    I have an unrelated shopping tip for you. The Source collection has gorgeous African themed etched glassware that my capture your fancy. πŸ™‚

  40. I agree with Yolie, as I am a dog lover. Very pretty indeed.
    Thank you for hosting this lovely party Susan.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  41. Beautiful in every detail! If wanting more plates; I did see them on ebay. Search: Nib Oneida David Carter Set of 4 Christmas Kitties Dessert Salad Plates (Vendor – Alexis Nicole / Price – $24.99 US funds.) -Brenda-

    • Susan …. just posted it on my Xmas Crafts Pinterest board for you. They don’t appear to have been purchased. Please let me know when you do, so I can delete it. (Thank you!) -Brenda-

      • If you click on the pin and follow it through, they aren’t there on eBay. I’ve noticed that Terapeak often does that. They will show images of items that were available weeks ago to get you to click on them, then when you follow their photo link through, the item is never there. I think they do that hoping you’ll buy something while you’re there and they will earn a commission. It’s like a bait and switch. When I google for something, if I see the item is advertised by Terapeak, I never click on it because they do this all the time. Click on your pin and click all the way through and you’ll see the plates are not on eBay. They probably were at some time, though…maybe a few weeks ago.

      • Thanks for trying to find those though…appreciate that so much!

  42. I have a set of 4 of these plates (dessert/salad plates) and matching mugs from Oneida. Never used. If you are interested to purchase them email me.

    • Hi Linda,
      I just had a BNOTP reader express interest in finding those. I’ll give her your email in case you wants to follow up with you.

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