Shopping In an L.L. Bean Store & A Little Treat For Your Delivery Person This Season

I’ve been out of town this past week for Thanksgiving. Just got back in late last night around 11 PM. It was a bit of a rough drive since I’m still sick with a yucky cold, but at least the weather was perfect for the trip home.

On the way home and just 45 minutes into my trip, I got a wild hair and did something completely unplanned. It was totally a spur of the moment decision. This past week a friend and I were emailing back and forth talking about L.L. Bean and how we wished they had a physical store in each of our states: Georgia and Texas.

During that interchange I Googled to see where L.L. Bean currently has stores. I was surprised to discover there was one in Cincinnati, Ohio, only about an hour from where I would be visiting family for Thanksgiving. I actually pass through the heart of Cincinnati every time I head to Ohio.

Yesterday, while headed back home down I-75, when I started seeing signs for Cincinnati popping up, I asked Google Voice for directions to L.L. Bean to see how close it was to the interstate. When the directions/map popped up on my phone showing it was only 6 miles (about 10 minutes) away, I knew had to stop!

Okay, let’s go inside the Cincinnati L.L. Bean and do a bit of shopping. Everything was 20% off when I was there yesterday!

L.L. Bean in Cincinnati


I didn’t take a ton of photos but the store is quite large. It was well staffed and everyone I talked with was super nice. I was so excited to be inside a real L.L. Bean store, I shopped for at least two hours! I had to force myself to leave. lol That’s one of the reasons I was so late getting home last night!

It looked to me like they had pretty much everything in the store that you typically see online. Just as online they were out of sizes for some of the more popular items like the women’s Fisherman sweater.

I barely resisted buying more flannel shirts! I’ve already purchased six this fall but I saw one more that looked much prettier in person than it had online. I often find that with L.L. Bean, the clothes look better in real life than they do in the photos on the website.

(You’ll find all their flannel shirts available here: Flannel Shirts.)

L.L. Bean Flannel Shirts, Christmas Stockings


I didn’t take time to try on any of their iconic boots or shoes since I already have a pair.

L.L. Bean Boots


These were super cute! I don’t see them online.

L.L. Bean Rain Boots, Plaid


I’ve been eyeing their plaid/tartan flannel PJs online, so it was nice to actually get to see/touch them in person.

L.L. Bean Flannel Pajamas


It was like being in a candy store…so many awesome goodies that I’ve never even noticed online.

L.L. Bean Water Bottle, Thermos


There was a lot camping gear and a whole section dedicated to doggie supplies and treats.

So what did I buy on this real life excursion to an L.L. Bean?

Camping Supplies at L.L. Bean


I purchased another Fisherman Sweater. I already have it in cream as seen here, and recently I purchased it in a beautiful deep Cherry color.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


I had hoped to find the lighter gray color that’s out of stock online, but it was out of stock in the store, as well. But they did have it in this Black/Slate color which is much prettier in person than it appears online. It’s not near as pale/faded looking in person as it looks on the website. I know I will get a lot of wear from this piece because I’ve been wearing my other Fisherman sweaters so much.

You’ll find it here, though I’m not sure what sizes are left at this point: Fisherman Sweater. That’s an L.L. Bean Flannel shirt underneath it. I love how their shirts coordinate so nicely with their sweaters.

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater Black-Slate


Another sweater I had been eyeing online and really loved in person was this Fair Isle Fleece Pullover. The neat thing about it is that the fleece is on the inside. I really like that since I’m not a huge fan of fleece sweaters where the fleece is on the outside. This sweater is available here: Fair Isle Fleece Sweater.

L.L. Bean Fair Isle Pullover


I don’t normally like a prominent logo on my clothing, but the L.L. Bean logo is so cute I was actually looking forward to buying one of the pullovers with the little L.L. Bean patch. Loved this beautiful sapphire blue, it looks more purple to me than blue, and that’s usually a good color for me.

L.L. Bean Sweater


This sweater also has soft, warm fleece on the inside, too. Love that! See what I mean about the cute L.L. Bean logo. They have a special name for that cute little patch, one of the associates shared the name with me yesterday. Totally escapes me now, though.

You’ll find this sweater here: Sweater.

L.L. Bean Sweater in Bright Sapphire Blue


This cotton rugby shirt was so reasonably priced, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s available online here: Cotton Rugby. The turtleneck is by Sundance and available here: Turtleneck.

L.L. Bean Navy Sweater


I purchased several gifts for friends while shopping, they have so many cute things right now that would make great stocking stuffers, including these adorable keychains. Something tells me future trips to visit family will often involve a stop by L.L. Bean on the return trip home. lol

L.L. Bean Keychains


Ralph Lauren Sweaters Arrived

Earlier today as I was working on this post, two other sweaters I ordered this fall, arrived. You may remember I recently purchased this cute Bear sweater at Ralph Lauren online when I caught it on sale.

Though it wasn’t available in women’s sizes, I have discovered I can wear a Boy’s Large and/or Extra Large in Ralph Lauren. This sweater fits me in the Boy’s Large, so if you’re a size 6-8 top or less, keep that in mind when shopping at Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater & Prince Charles Edward Tartan Flannel Shirt


The other sweater I ordered was this adorable Reindeer sweater. I first ordered it in a large since the bear sweater had worked for me in a large. Though it fit pretty well when it arrived, I knew it would be a bit snug with a heavy, flannel shirt underneath which is how I thought I would probably wear it. So I reordered it in a Boy’s Extra Large and it fit’s great.

I love this sweater! It’s a cotton-wool blend and feels so high-end. All the Ralph Lauren sweaters feel substantial and well-made. This sweater is currently on sale here for what I consider an excellent price: Reindeer Sweater.

Ralph Lauren Reindeer Cotton Wool Sweater


The other sweater that arrived and I’m also thrilled with is this beautiful Aran Wool-Cashmere sweater. The Boy’s Extra Large (XL) again fit perfectly with lots of room underneath for a heavy flannel shirt.

Ralph Lauren Cream Aran Wool-Cashmere Sweater


Words can’t describe how soft it feels! I seriously wish I had a blanket made out of this blend of lambswool and cashmere! It is luxurious!

Ralph Lauren Cream Aran Casgmere Wool Sweater


I kept trying to take photos that would really, really show how soft it is. Why don’t they make sweaters in this style for women? I love it! I just looked and unfortunately, I think the XL in this sweater is sold out. If you love it, check back in a few days and maybe they’ll have it restocked. It’s currently on sale here: Aran Wool-Cashmere Sweater.

Ralph Lauren Wool Cashmere Sweater, Cream


Before  I close out this post, I want to share something really neat that I saw on Instagram yesterday. I’m not sure who started this idea, I think it may have been Linette Lyles on Instagram, but I do love the idea. Some folks have started leaving little treats for their delivery folks to show their appreciation for their hard work during this crazy holiday season.

Special Way to Show Appreciation to Those Who Deliver Our Packages

Photo from linettelyles on Instagram


Isn’t this a neat idea?!

How To Show Appreciation for Delivery Men and Women

Photo from robyna11 on Instagram


I’m not sure who posted this one, didn’t see a link for it, but you can see their name at the bottom of the note. I may do this since I do so much Christmas shopping online this time of year.

A Treat to Show Your Appreciation for Delivery Folks

Photo from the Balmenti Family on Instagram


Update: Thanks so much to Brenda for creating this sign so we can all print it out! You’ll find the one Brenda made here: Sign. Once at that link, click on the “Open” button and print it out. I don’t have a color printer, but the sign looked great even in black and white, so I’m going to use it that way on my porch.

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday…and stay well, dear Friends!

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  1. Susan, friends threw your blogging that I read every single day and you get me in more trouble with your shopping. Girl, your the shopiness person I know. Just absolutely love it. Lol

    • lol I’ve gone nuts over sweaters this fall! I went through all my clothes this past summer and got rid of a lot of sweaters that I no longer wore…either out of style or just worn out. So I’ve been replacing them all with really high-quality pieces. I love sweaters and boots more than just about anything, probably because I hate cold weather so much. Well, that and I just love the feel of soft, warm fabrics.

  2. How do the LL Bean flannel shirts wash? Do they need ironing, shrink?

    • I was all my tops (including my L.L. Bean flannel shirts) in the hand-wash basket of my ancient GE washer, and so far they have done great. I haven’t noticed any fading or shrinkage and the info online says “minimal shrinkage.”

  3. You would go absolutely nuts if you were to visit the Freeport, ME store. It’s LL Bean on steroids.

  4. Carol L. Taylor says

    Do you have a link for the sign? We would love to do this for our delivery people, however, I do not know how to get the logos to put on the sign. I am hoping their is one we can just print out. Thanks…. love, love, love your blog!

    • Thanks so much! No, I was wondering about that myself. Since some of the signs are different with the company logos in different places, I am wondering if they copied/pasted the logo to a word document, then printed it out and glued it onto the sign. I don’t have a color copier, so mine wouldn’t be in color if I did this.
      Carol, if I find a way to do it, I’ll let you know. I love the idea!

      • Carol L. Taylor says

        Thanks…. I love the idea also. Please let me know. And Susan, I wish you the merriest of Christmases.

      • Susan, love this idea! Let me know or post in your blog if you discover where we can get the signs. They must be online somewhere, because I notice the signs in the two photos you posted are the same. I googled and couldn’t find them. I like the official logo idea because that will catch the eye of the delivery person. Thanks!!

        • @Jane: If you are interested; I created a sign and posted it on my PINTEREST board under Christmas Crafts with one option re printing it off. Google Search: Pinterest mrsben2 boards. Hope this helps. -Brenda- P.S.: Though a Canadian, I also made an American version of it πŸ™‚ .

          • Brenda, thanks so much for doing that!

          • Jane Franks says

            Thank you, Brenda! I’ve saved it and will certainly use this!! Appreciate that so much! Where in Canada? My grandmother was from PEI. Beautiful place! Visited there and Nova Scotia in 2007.

            • @Jane: You are more than welcome as it was my pleasure to do so. As to PEI and Nova Scotia (which I agree is beautiful) is far East of me as I live in Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours.
              @Susan: and … thank you for being so gracious in allowing me to share the template and my exchanges to Jane. -Brenda-

              • Jane Franks says

                Hi Brenda! Growing up in New England/Boston area, I remember taking at least one trip to Ontario with our family and I remember the impressive parliament building; then we went over to Toronto and Niagara Falls. All of it outstanding! And in 2007, my husband and I took a cruise out of Montreal and stopped in Quebec City, up around the Gaspe Peninsula and around to Cape Breton and on down to Maine and Boston. So we’ve seen quite a bit of Canada. Love it up there!
                And thank you, @Susan for letting me share with Brenda. Hope you are soon over the crud!! Awful stuff. Jane xo

          • Hi Brenda, I was just trying to find your sign again for a BNOTP reader. Did you remove it from your boards? They were hoping to print it out.

  5. You must live in the Dunwoody Sandy Springs area! Do you do speaking engagements to garden clubs. I have followed your blog for years .

  6. Renee S Cook says

    What a fun post… I love the idea to remember our delivery men! I also love L.L. Bean. I actually got to visit the original Freeport, Maine store in 1989! I was so excited. They had a large housewares section, which I really enjoyed. I remember buying a cutting board with the logo. Our 25th anniversary is in 2019 and we plan to take a New England tour to celebrate, and Freeport will be on our list of stops!

    • What a great way to celebrate your anniversary, Renee. I need to see that area one day…it’s on the bucket list! Would also love to see the flagship store one day. It sounds like you need a half day just to shop there. πŸ™‚

  7. I had no idea how spoiled I was; we have 2 LL Bean stores in the area. Your sweaters are so cute and comfy and I hope you have NO laundry challenges like with the polka dot blouse. What a thoughtful idea with the delivery person snacks. I hope it spreads fast.

    • Oh, you are so lucky, Mia! L.L. Bean would be a big hit here, I even know the perfect spot for them to place their store. I have it all figured out. πŸ™‚

  8. I love the idea of leaving treats and drinks out for the delivery people. But, how do you keep the critters out? I can see the chipmunks and squirrels going crazy once they find this on the porch and then there wouldn’t be anything left for the delivery people!

    • I think if it’s in a sealed bag, they probably won’t smell it. I wouldn’t put anything out that wasn’t in a sealed wrapper/container. Of course, you would want to bring it in at night. You could also put it inside a large, clear bin with a lid and the sign nearby. That way, they definitely couldn’t get to it, but I would still bring it in at night.

  9. I’d love to be in one of their stores and be able to try on all the boots. I did go check out that top and love it too!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Yesterday we ordered 3 of those wonderful flannel shirts for hubby as he can get a chill, where I on the other hand am dressing in layers and peeling clothes off, ha. I would have liked a flannel shirt for me , but just too hot at this time in my life. Glad you made it home safely, hope you were able to enjoy the 70 degree weather we had here in the north before you left for home. Trusting you are on the mend from the cold.

    • I was so sick by the time it started warming up, that I didn’t get to spend any time out in it, other than the day I was driving home. We’ve had gorgeous weather here, too. This cold still has me, though, so all I want to do is sleep–but no time for that! Be glad when it’s gone. I’ve been craving orange juice like crazy, so there must be something to Vitamin C helping. I just bought some Zicam today, hoping it will help speed it up.

  11. Great post and great idea leaving goodies for delivery guys !!

  12. I love L.L.Bean. I’m from New England and it’s a go to place for shopping up there. My sister was in the Maine store this summer and said it is fabulous. I live in the middle of the country so it’s a bit far, but I’ll google and see if any are near me. By the way, you may know this, but if you use the L.L.Bean Visa credit card, you get free shipping all the time both ways, and 3% on all purchases; and when your rewards total reaches $10 they’ll send you a $10 coupon to use on future purchases.

  13. Jill from Southern NH says

    Great finds, Susan, that will last forever! Nice to see the treats out for the delivery people. I always thought it strange that it’s customary to give gifts to the mail carrier and newspaper delivery person but not the hard-working delivery drivers that service us all year, so during the holiday season on a day I’m expecting a package I’ll tape a Dunkin Donuts gift card in an envelope marked UPS Driver (or FedEx if applicable) to the side door of our garage where are deliveries are left. We live on a private drive but if others want to do this they could simply tape a note that said UPS, etc on the door and have the gift card underneath it so it’s out of sight to passersby.

  14. Diane Tavolacci says

    I always thought this was so very thoughtful when parents left them for our cheerleaders near homecoming time. Glad to see more people are doing this.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  15. I love this idea. We were just talking about how to thank them as there isn’t one guy anymore. I had four different people deliver to my door yesterday! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love LLBean flannel shirts i just throw mine in with my colored clothes cold wash, had mine for 10 yrs. I would love to see their store .

  17. Only saw this now but earlier today, actually ordered the Nordic ‘casual’ boot this morning from LLBean due heavy snowfalls are being forecasted for our region in the next two months . That said; though shipping was free the taxes were a bit of ‘an ouch’ ($47.91 U.S. funds to be exact) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will fit me (since I’m cursed with slim legs) and will be appropriate for our Canadian weather … . Regarding leaving treats for delivery personnel, I think that it is a wonderful idea! To conclude, thank you again Susan for sharing your shopping experiences. -Brenda-
    P.S.: I purchased two of the metal boot trays (by Larry Traveso) as gifts that you highly recommended and am very impressed with their workmanship.

  18. Hi Susan, great post as usual. Several people at school here in Massachusetts have a nasty, lingering cold, too. You are so lucky you can wear boys sizes in the Ralph Lauren sweaters! I’m also looking for that sign. Hope someone can find it and let us know.

  19. The snacks for delivery persons is a great idea. However, our city is experiencing a rash of thefts of packages from porches where people aren’t home or are at work. Thieves are even following delivery trucks around to see where they drop items off. I’m sure these creeps wouldn’t be above taking all the “treats” also. Sigh …..

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