January Favorites & My Absolute Favorite Cozy, Warm Shoes for Indoors

Definitely one of my most favorite purchases during the month of January was a new pair of Ugg boots. I love wearing Uggs inside, especially when I’m working at my desk because they keep my feet sooo warm. And if your feet are warm, that’s half the battle to staying warm all over, at least it is for me.

I had a pair of pink Uggs I purchased a year or so ago, but shortly after I purchased them, they began to look dirty. I was stumped as to why until I realized my dark denim jeggings were transferring their color to the boots. Arggg! I kept wearing them inside since they were new, but learned my lesson about buying very light-colored Uggs. In addition to the denim transfer, the light pink color got dirty very easily. I went on the search for a more practical color Ugg and found these. They were exactly what I needed and are super comfy.

Tip: If you like wearing Uggs without socks, I recommend getting your normal size. I prefer to wear mine with THESE awesome merino wool socks I shared earlier this winter, so I purchased my Uggs one size up.

I can’t even begin to explain how comfortable these booties are, they are pure luxury for the feet. Plus, they are completely practical since they’re black. After wearing this pair for the past month, I will never, ever be without a pair of black Uggs. For comfort, warmth, and practicality, they cannot be beat!

Just noticed today, they are currently on sale 40% off in several colors (including black) here: Fluffy Ugg Boots. They are also available here where the price varies according to the color you choose: Ugg Boots.

I’m buying a second pair today because I never want to take these off when I leave to run errands. I have to force myself to take them off. lol With two pairs, I’ll have one pair to wear inside and another for outside so I won’t have to worry about tracking in dirt.


January saw me completely obsessed with these gorgeous lipstick cases! I’ve collected several colors, I could not help myself, they are so pretty!

House of Sillage Lipstick Cases, Summer Pastels


The House of Sillage lipstick that fits inside the case is excellent. It feels wonderful on the lips and it doesn’t feather. I will not purchase lipstick that feathers and this does not.

These cases are a bit of splurge since each one is covered in over 300 Swarovski crystals, but if you are looking for a special gift or just want to treat yourself, you’ll find them available here: Bow Lipstick Case.

House of Sillage Lipstick Cases in a Rainbow of Colors


Of course, I had to include these beautiful leather wallets that are an absolute steal! I purchased them in several colors since they are so affordable at $13-15 each. They are perfect for smaller bags or even for larger bags where you want to carry a lot of items and don’t want a big wallet taking up too much space.

Also important, they have RFID protection so a thief can’t scan your credit cards as one tried on me in Egypt. (Read that story here: How I Foiled a Thief in the Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo.)

The adorable bee version is available here: Leather Bee Wallet. They were out of the black and the pink for a while but it’s looks like they have them back in stock again. I think these would make excellent gifts, as well.  (Note: The pink is a bit darker than it appears in the photo below, which actually worked great for the bag I wanted to use it in.)

Leather Card Holder, Pink, Red, Green, Navy, Black


They also make this wallet with a cute fox motif. I purchased this one in brown for another bag and love it! You’ll find it in several colors here: Fox Wallet.

Fox Wallet, Leather Compact Wallet


This next item was life-changing for me! As I’ve gotten older, sections of my eyebrows have been starting to go white or turn gray. I absolutely hate using brown gel color or pencils because you have to apply it every day and it often makes my skin underneath itch.

I read about this brow color somewhere and decided to give it a try. It’s supposed to be similar to what they would use in a professional salon. It’s amazing! It lasts around 4 weeks and doesn’t wear off like cheaper brands that I’ve tried.

Best Eyebrow Coloring-Tine

I purchased it in the brown color and that has worked out well for my hair color, but it comes in a lot of different shades. It has been a life-changing product for me because I no longer worry about doing anything with my brows on a daily basis. I just color them every 3 to 4 weeks which takes about 5 minutes and I’m done.

I had fairly full brows before, but it has made my brows look even fuller because white/gray eyebrows don’t show up well unless you color them. I love this product and highly recommend it. It’s not cheap but one tube lasts a long, long time because it only takes about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the product each time. Totally worth the cost and this is another product I will never be without! You’ll find it available here: Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint.

Best Eyebrow Coloring-Tine

The eyebrow color above does not come with developer so I purchased the same brand for the developer and it works great! You’ll find it available here: Cream Developer.



I’m still loving the battery-operated sweater shaver I purchased last month. I like that it’s rechargeable. Not only does it work great on my sweaters, it also does a great job on the merino wool socks I wear all the time. They tend to get fuzzies in the wash.

Sweater Depiller, Lint Remover


I haven’t had any problems with it damaging my sweaters so I feel confident in recommending it. It’s fast to use and I’ve heard good things about it from you guys, how it has transformed your sweaters, as well. One BNOTP reader left a comment saying that she had several sweaters she was planning to donate to a thrift store, but after using the sweater shaver on them, they look brand-new and she can wear them again. Love that!

Tip: To avoid ever damaging a sweater, make sure you always use the shaver with your sweater laying on a flat surface (not a bed or while wearing it) and always look your sweater over for pulled threads that may be sticking out, prior to using it. You’ll find this sweater shaver here: Sweater Shaver.

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


I’ve shared these awesome blackout buddies in previous posts. I love them because if the power goes out, they automatically turn on so you never find yourself in a dark house. They can be unplugged and used as a flashlight, as well. They are available here: Blackout Buddy.

Blackout Buddy Lights


In January, I ordered another Black-Out Buddy in a different style. I already had one of these in my guest bath and loved how it functioned. This style works great as a night light, without putting a glaring white light in your face. My favorite is the “blue” mode, but it has a green and a white mode, as well.

The way it works is it glows with a soft blue light (or green or white…whichever you choose) and when you walk into the room, it senses your movement and the blue light gets a bit brighter, but not so bright it hurts your eyes. It’s super easy on the eyes and provides enough light to see at night. You’ll find it available here: American Red Cross Blackout Buddy.

Blackout Buddy in Color


Around Christmastime, I  purchased one of these microwave plate covers. I really like this one because it’s collapsible so you can easily store it away in a very small space, then pull it out whenever you need it. It’s available here: Vented Microwave Plate Cover.


Cover for Microwave


I haven’t had a chance to use these but had to share them. It was the beautiful aqua color that caught my eye…love that color! They are little wine tumblers for using outdoors and are designed to keep your wine nice and cold in the hot, summer heat. I ordered the set, then accidentally shipped them to my son and daughter-in-law’s home. D’oh!

I’m looking forward to using them this summer when I’m there visiting and we’re barbecuing outdoors. They are available: Colorful Summer Tumblers.


Insulated Summer Tumblers, Great for Wine


Do you feed your outdoor birds mealworms? My birds really love them, especially my bluebirds, titmice,  chickadees and robins. This is the best deal I’ve found for dried mealworms, so much better than what I’ve paid in the past. This bag is HUGE compared to what I normally find online and in the birding store, so I can really spoil my birds! Spring is almost here so I know the birds will really appreciate these when they are nesting.


My bluebirds were very happy to see these when we had a bit of snow a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen this photo when I shared it at Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram. (Follow on Instagram here: Between Naps On The Porch.) I took the photo below while peeking out the breakfast room shutters.

You’ll find these mealworms available here: Dried Mealworms. Check out the reviews, they are really good!

Bluebirds Eating Mealworms on a Snowy Winter Day


Still loving the long cashmere sweaters I ordered in January when they were on sale. If you missed the post where I shared these, you’ll find it here: Two Hilarious Videos & Ordering Cashmere from a Company with a Sense of Humor. 

I think the black one may be currently sold out but the pretty ginger color is still in stock, or at least it was the last time I looked.

Long Black Cashmere Sweater on sale


You’ll find it in this pretty Ginger color here: Long Cardigan Sweater.

Long Cashmere Sweater on sale


Hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of my fave finds from the month of January. See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Thank you for keeping me notified of the Talbots sales. I found the plaid crew neck long sleeve t-shirt in my size at my local Talbots. Super cute and comfy, so glad I didn’t miss out!

  2. Biodynamic Barb says

    I’ve been wearing sheepskin boots for YEARS! I also only buy black but I’ve found that if the fur inside is black, and you don’t wear socks (I don’t), the dye can transfer to your feet and make you look like your nails are dirty so I look for boots where the fur inside is natural color.

    • I haven’t had that issue with these but then I’ve only worn them without socks a handful of times. I’ve always preferred socks, just have to make sure they are either cotton or wool…at least that’s what it says in the Q/A section I read on the Ugg website. They said as long as you wear them with a natural material…nothing synthetic, that’s it fine to wear them with socks. I think they feel extra cushy that way, as well…and you don’t feel the sheep fur stuck up between where your toes connect to your foot. I don’t like that feeling when I wear them without socks.

  3. Be careful with the mealworms, i think they will attract moles to your yard.

  4. I think I added at least 4 items to my shopping list. Naadam’s videos were great. Question: have you used the sweater shaver on cashmere? I have a couple Frontgate cashmere throws and they have fuzzies all over them! Thinking I might try the shaver on it. Mr. P. has a really old shaver from the 1970s lol, I’m afraid it would destroy it.

    • I haven’t used it on my really lightweight cashmere sweaters because they are so light and delicate. I did use it on Naadam hooded sweater and it worked great. Since it’s a cashmere throw, it’s probably got a little weight to it, so I think it would be fine. Just check it over for any pulls that could be sticking up, you don’t want those to get cut. And be sure to use with the throw spread out on a very flat surface. I love this shaver! I’ve used it almost every day since I bought, revamping all my sweaters.
      Yeah, I would not use an older shaver. I used to have a very small, battery-operated shaver and I did not trust it. This one is way better than the one I used to have.

  5. Hi Susan, I bought the small leather bee wallet after seeing them, when you put them on the older post. I knew if you said they were good that they would be.
    I was not disappointed, I bought the red with the bee and my friend bought the red with the rose. I think I will get a few more for gifts.
    They are a great size, really good for the day trip up to London or anywhere for that matter and they keep my cards safe.
    Thanks for the post.
    Hope you’re having fun and maybe planning another trip somewhere special.
    Take care

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    I know I have mentioned it before, but it’s worth telling you again, I love those socks! You are totally right, they are awesome! Thank you again for recommending them. Also, lately I have been getting a few stray white eyebrow hairs and I just pluck them out, but the other day I accidently grabbed a few brown ones with it and now I have a tiny bald patch, so I have had to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in/ smudge to cover up the bald spot, so I have saved your eyebrow tint to my Amazon list for future use. I love my de-pilling de-fuzzing combs you mentioned, they work great AND I love my new navy wallet, hehe. Thanks so much Susan! Win, win, win, win!

    • I know, aren’t they amazing! I literally have thought about taking all the other socks out of my sock drawer and just sticking them somewhere else because these are the only ones I’ve worn the entire winter. They are so much more comfortable than all my cotton socks because they’re so plush and of course they’re incredibly warm.
      Before I was doing the same thing, I would try to pluck out the gray ones but there just got to be too many of them. What’s interesting is when I started using this brow dye, I had to color my brows every couple of weeks at first because the gray hairs I had been plucking we’re growing in. Now I only have to color them about every 4 weeks because most of the ones I had been plucking have grown back in and have been colored. So you end up with thicker brows in the end, which is good. I wish I had known about this stuff years ago because it definitely works better than some of the methods I’ve tried in the past. If you try it, let me know what you think Cyndi.

  7. Hi Susan – On the eyebrow tint why did you use the cream developer too. Is it really important and what does it do? Thanks so much.

    • I’ve never been exactly sure what developer does but I know when I color my hair, I have to use a developer then, too. I just googled and a website I found said that developer is an essential element in the hair coloring process. It said that creme developer contains hydrogen peroxide which opens the hair cuticle so that the color can penetrate deep into the hair fiber and without the developer, you would never be able to achieve a significant change in the color of the hair. The hair dye is actually activated when it’s mixed with the hair developer. So developer activates the process, helps provide consistency in the color, delivers the color to the hair and results in better color in the end. Hope this helps, I never really understood how it worked so learned something new today.

      • I color my hair every 4-5 weeks (sometimes sooner) and had the same issue with graying brows. One day while applying hair color, I decided to very carefully use a bit of the same color on my brows and it worked perfectly. (I currently use L‘oreal Preference) Years ago, I always had my hair professionally colored and recalled seeing other patrons having their brows colored this way!!! Now, 20 minutes to process hair & brows .. I love it and especially not having to visit a salon for 2 hours every month!!

        • I’ve done that, too…but it just never took well. It would always fade out after a few showers. It just didn’t seem strong enough for the gray in my brows. I bet when they do it at the salon, they are using something stronger on the brows in the same color. Glad that it works for you, Barbara. Maybe my brows are just resistant to color, so it takes something that more “salon” quality to work.
          Yeah, I totally agree…the few times I’ve had my hair professionally colored, I really hated the wasted time in the salon. It feels like it takes forever! I also didn’t like that I couldn’t always schedule the appt. in time and had to walk around with gray roots for few days. Ugh. So I much prefer coloring my own. I’d rather spend that saved money on handbags. lol I am probably going to get a few highlights this spring. Those last quite well for me and the person I go to for that does a great job.

      • Thank you for your info. I’m definitely ordering this on my next amazon purchase.

  8. Hi Susan, I love the wintry photo that you took from you window. It’s so beautiful! I paint and I found it inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Hi Susan,
    Usually your posts cost me bucks because I can’t resist your great finds. Today, you saved me bucks! I’ve always purchased my mealworms at Lowes. 20oz for $15. This post will make my birds even happier. Great savings on 5lb bag.

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