Lipsticks That Won’t Creep Into Lip-Mouth Lines, Plus A Sneaky Sale

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve almost completely stopped wearing lipstick. I’ve never smoked and have rarely used a straw over the years, but somehow over the years I’ve still managed to get a few small lines around my lips. No matter how many different lipsticks I’ve tried, they have all had a tendency to creep into those little lines we start to get around our mouth as we get older. The matte finishes aren’t as bad about doing that, but I don’t like how drying they are on my lips and how dull they look unless you apply a gloss on top for a little shine.

Since I couldn’t find a lipstick that didn’t creep, I eventually just started wearing clear lip gloss, but I’ve missed having color on my lips. A year or so back when I was flying out from the Atlanta airport on a trip, I saw a Kiehl’s store there. I’d heard so many good things about Kiehl’s products but had never had a chance to shop in one of their stores.

I ended up buying two of their “Lip Treatment” lipsticks in the colors, Pure Petal and Touch of Berry. They are awesome and I’ve continued wearing them over the past year. They go on satiny smooth and add color to your lips, as well as moisture. Plus they don’t do that creeping thing that some lipsticks do. I also like that they have an SPF rating of 25. Today when I looked online, I found them available here: Butterstick Lip Treatment.

Kiehl's Lip Treatment, Great for Mature Lips, Doesn't Creep Into Lines


After my success with the Kiehl’s Lip Treatment lipsticks, I decided to try another product I’d heard good things about and I thought would be somewhat similar–the Sugar Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments. Their SPF rating is 15.

The two colors I’ve purchased so far in the Sugar Fresh lip treatments lipsticks are Rose and Petal. As you can tell, I really like the pinks, but they and the Kiehl’s lip treatments come in a huge range of colors. The Sugar Fresh lip treatment lipsticks are available here: Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment and here: Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment.

Sugar Fresh Lip Color, Great for Old Women, Doesn't Creep Into Lines Around Lips


I’ve pretty much been sticking to the Sugar Fresh and the Kiehl’s until I was visiting with my son and daughter-in-law recently and my dil suggested I try a Clinique lipstick she loves. I told her about the “creeping into the lines” issue, but decided to give it a try.

To my amazement, it didn’t creep! She had several brand new ones in each color since she likes them so much, so she gave me one to take home. Since then I’ve purchased a second color. I’m really happy with the Clinique lip balm and haven’t had any problem with the color creeping out.

You’ll find the Clinique moisturizing lip balm in a ton of pretty colors here: Lip Balm.

So happy to have finally found some lip products that add color and shine to my lips, but don’t creep into those tiny lines we sometimes get as we get older.

Lipstick for Older Women, Doesn't seep into lines around lips


An Exclusive Sale 

Just as I was writing this post this morning, I got an email with a sneaky sale. Apparently, this sale isn’t being advertised on the website because I’m not seeing it on there.

With the code EXCLUSIVE30 , just for today only, you get 30% off everything you purchase. Just passing this sale along in case you are looking for some cute, summer clothes, but were hoping for a sale.

I’m super tempted to order this for my trip to Egypt this year. It just looks so comfy and cool!  It’s available here: Maxi Dress.

Summer Maxi Dress in White


Love this summer tee with it’s “island” motif. It says, “Island Survival Kit.” It’s available here: Island Survival Kit T-shirt.


If you like statement necklaces, they have some really cute ones this year. I think the EXCLUSIVE30 code is good on all sale items, as well. I like this one with a shell design…it’s on sale here: Shell Statement Necklace.


This is one of my favorites, love the nautical/beachy design! It’s on sale here: Beachy Nautical Statement Necklace for Summer Vaca.


I think this is my favorite of all, I LOVE the colors! It’s available here: Summer Statement Necklace.


Okay, this is totally random, but I love these readers they have on sale. I wonder if I could buy these and have my prescription put in them. They are so cute for summer! I would totally wear these! They are available here: Readers.


Let me know if the EXCLUSIVE30 code works! It should based on the email I got this morning. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Carmelee says

    I have been you a product by MAC to prevent my lipsticks from bleeding. I apply it around my lips before applying lipstick. I am glad to know about these products.

    • I’m lazy, just wanted a one-stop application. Knowing me, I’d probably forget to reapply lipstick after eating and be walking around with outlined lips all day. 😉

  2. I love your informative product posts, although they usually cost me $$ I’ve been using Sugar Fresh lip treatment for years (no color EVERY bedtime) & I have completely new lips! That sounds weird, but, I have terribly dry skin, including my lips, & this balm has made an amazing difference. I have them in my purse, our cars, my nightstand & in our boat! I am never without it. I am going to try the Clinique—it looks similar to Chubby Sticks that they discontinued.

    • MerriJo, I’m glad you shared that because I have a tiny one of the Sugar Fresh that’s the no-color kind and I’m going to start using it every night to see if it will help my lips. I, too, have super dry skin, always have…so I will try that!

  3. I always use a lip liner pencil. Thanks for giving us other options, Susan.

  4. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Lip liner fan here too but I’m going to try one of those lip balms. I like most everything by Clinique. The readers I use are Peepers. I have found them in gift shops and of course on line. I have a pair like these except the lens frame is a coral red. My husband encouraged me to buy them. Recently we were in a restaurant, a man at the next table told me how nice they looked and the perfect color on my skin. My husband was there reminding me “I told you so”.

  5. Kelly W. says

    Thanks Susan! Love your product picks posts. Say that 3 times fast, ha ha! This post came at the right time with our vacation just a week away. I’d like to try one of the two with an spf since we’ll be out in the sun. I haven’t noticed the fine lines out of control for me personally but the lack of pigment in my lips really bothers me, and my lips are dry on a normal basis. This seems like a nice solution!
    The maxi dress is really pretty and would be awesome for your trip! ; )

  6. Beatrice says

    Susan, be sure to take a versatile light wrap to Egypt…your arms will need covering, and if you want to see historic mosques you will need it to wear over your hair. Even in relatively permissive UAE, I occasionally felt the lingering glance that tells you, “Cover up!” Of course you’ll see the occasional gormless tourists wearing short-shorts , but they get unpleasant attention.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation on lipsticks! I tried to use the promo code for Talbots…it didn’t work. It said that it expired?! lol

  8. Thanks for the information about the lipsticks. I tried using the promo code and it said that it expired?!

  9. I am so glad to learn about these. Love that they have SPF included in the formula. When I want to wear a particular color lipstick with an outfit, I always use Loreal Color Riche Le Lip Liner Magique Transparent so that I don’t get the lines. I have used Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Lip Protection Stick at night since I can’t remember when.

  10. Late to the party myself, but great timing on such good tips! I like pinks too.

  11. Susan, I have felt the same way about traditional lipsticks for a while now. I feel the colors creep and are not flattering on my skin anymore. I have also been using the Sugar lip balms and love them. And I also use Clinique lip colors. They seem to have a nice range of soft colors and I find they stay where they belong!

    • That is good to know…I think I’ll try some of their other lip colors. There’s a real need to lipstick that stays put!

  12. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    What exact color are you using in Clinque?
    Thanks for the tips!

    • The one my daughter-in-law gave me that she said looked really good on me is the color, Mega Melon.
      The one I’ve ordered but hasn’t come yet is, Super Strawberry. It’s supposed to be one of the more popular colors, so hopefully, I will like that color. I ordered it here:

  13. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Susan, you might want to double-check on wearing sleeveless garments in Egypt. I seem to remember it’s a no-no. Oh, and I returned and re-ordered the Calista hair brush and my replacement model works just fine. I must have just gotten a dud the first time around. Like it so much I’m going to order another one to keep on our motorhome. Love your product reviews/recommendations.

    • I will check that, thanks Cynthia for mentioning that. I think it will be too hot to wear it with a sweater over it. I’ll probably end up taking a lot of my long sleeve linen shirts, the type I can roll up to 3/4 length. I purchased another one from L.L. Bean recently. They will probably be perfect for that trip.
      I’m so glad the second one worked! I’m still crazy about mine, it’s all I use to style my hair now.

  14. Susan…I can relate to lip lines however I think mine are worse than you describe. I like Clinique lipsticks and have been using this one since it came out. Clinique Pop Lip Colour+ Primer which comes in a variety of shades. I think the primer helps the color stay in place but I also use their Quickliner lip liner with all lipsticks and have for ages.

    Give it a try you might like it in addition to their Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balm your dil suggested which I also use!! : )

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    What perfect timing! I’ve just started searching for new lip colors that don’t bleed and,voila, BNOTP comes through once again. Thanks so much for sharing this info., Susan. I haven’t begun getting the lines (yet!) but my lips have lost their plumpness with age, causing my lip shape to flatten out enough to make the lip color look more smeared than defined. I can’t wait to have some color again! Hugs!

  16. I love the white midi dress, thanks for letting us know about the lipstick. I am always wiping the corners of my mouth. This is such a great lesson for us!

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