Going Square: Added Six (6) New Pieces To My Ma Maison Collection

Welcome to the 776th Tablescape Thursday! Last week for Tablescape Thursday, I shared a table with one of my most favorite dinnerware designs, Ma Maison by Tabletops Unlimited, designed by Dario Farrucci.

Hydrangea Centerpiece paired with Dario Farrucci Ma Maison


As mentioned in that previous post, I came across this beautiful dinnerware while shopping in HomeGoods many, many years ago. The HG stores only had a few pieces each. I loved this design so much, I ended up driving around to 3 or 4 HG stores that day in order to collect enough pieces to set a full table.

Adorable Cottage and Garden Depicted on Ma Maison, Dario Farrucci


Here’s how the dinner plate looks for the pieces I collected that day so many years ago. Keep this design in mind for a moment.

Ma Maison by Dario Farrucci, Dinner Plate


I was also able to collect these small, square plates. I thought they would be great for serving dessert. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered Tabletops Unlimited had actually produced dinner plates in this square design, as well!


After I shared last week’s table setting, out of curiosity I looked on eBay to see if any pieces from this pattern were showing available there. I was so surprised to find a bunch of the square-shaped dinner plates listed!

Summer table, Roosters and Sunflowers, Ma Maison Dinnerware


The seller had a couple of listings on eBay. One was for square dinner plates that had a fair amount of crazing, but one of his auctions was for square dinner plates without any crazing or chips. The seller had two sets (with four plates) available and I purchased both since I already have the square salad-size plates.

Summer August Dining


The next day, the seller contacted me to let me know that 2 of the 8 plates had some crazing, so he refunded back for those and shipped the undamaged plates to me. They arrived a couple of days ago and I couldn’t wait to put a table together with the new dinner plates and my existing square salad/dessert plates.

Rooster centerpiece for summer table


I have a set of rattan, square charger plates, you may remember when I purchased those to go with some square-shaped beach dinnerware. (Square chargers were found here: Square Charger Plates.) I liked how those looked with the dinnerware, but for today’s table, I really wanted something that felt a bit lighter.

Square Rattan Charger


I pulled out these fun cabbage leaf placemats found in Pier 1 quite a few years back. Mr. Rooster was already in the center of my breakfast table and I could just envision a few chickens running around the outside of this adorable cottage, so I decided to let him remain as our centerpiece this week.

White Rooster for a fun summer table


I don’t think I’ve ever used round placemats with square-shaped plates, but I really like how this looks!

Na Maison Square Salad Plate


It’s been ages since I pulled out this twig flatware, it felt like it added an earthy tone to this setting.

Stick Flatware and Ma Maison salad dessert plates


I had a tough time capturing the pretty design of this dinnerware because it has a really shiny, high-gloss finish that catches all the light.

Stick Flatware, Ma Maison Dinnerware, Cottage and Garden


This is the square dinner plate I ordered last week and it works beautifully with the square, salad/dessert-size plates I already had.

Ma Maison Square Dinner Plates


The design on the square dinner plates is very similar to the design they used on the round dinner plates. I think there are a few more pots of flowers since the plate itself is a bit larger.

Ma Maison Square Dinner Plate


Here’s the round dinner plate.

Ma Maison by Dario Farrucci, Dinner Plate


And here’s the square dinner plate. I really love them both, especially the scalloped border design they created for the edge.

Ma Maison Square Shaped Dinner Plate, Garden Design, Blue Skies


Keeping with the garden theme of this pattern, I chose these cheerful, sunflower napkins. (Napkins are available here: Sunflower Napkins.)

Beaded Green Napkin Rings, Stick Flatware


The beaded napkin rings were a find in Old Time Pottery many, many years ago. I remember they were around $1.50 each and they’ve held up really well over the years. The twig flatware is from West Elm, again many years back. They often have unique dinnerware and flatware on their site.

Beaded Green Napkin Rings, Sunflower Napkins, Twig Flatware


Colorful Rooster Glassware


Forgotten now where I found the rooster glassware, but the green wine glasses are from Dollar Tree.

Rooster Glasses for a summer table setting


See how dark it looks outside in this picture–that’s why I set this table inside. It has rained almost every single day now for weeks and weeks. We have had some crazy storms with strong winds come through recently that left large branches in my and my neighbor’s backyards. Fortunately, none appear to have hit the house. There’s a gentle rain falling now as I write this–great weather for curling up with a good book or taking a nice, long nap!

Summer table, Roosters and Sunflowers, Ma Maison Dinnerware


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. Wonderful tablescape! I have always loved those plates!

  2. I have been following your blog for a long time, and admiring all of your beautiful tables. I must say that this is one of my favorites. I have been in love with that dinnerware ever since I saw it in your hutch. I’m a big fan of Dario Faruci, and am fortunate to have some of his dinnerware, many of which I also found at Home Goods at amazingly low prices, but I never stumbled upon this design. Now that I tend to only set a table for two, I think I need to be more serious about acquiring a few pieces of this pattern. Beautiful, Susan.

    • Thanks, Pattie! Yeah, the prices in HomeGoods for his designs were so much better than you find in other places. The only place I ever see it now is on eBay.

  3. How exciting to find more Ma Maison, it is such special china! I love it paired with the roosters and sunflowers, your table looks fantastic~ Thanks for the table sharing fun Susan!

  4. Oh those square plates are just darling Susan! I love how you used them too, with the round placemats and the garden theme. Really fun and pretty, and I’ve always loved Mr. Rooster! Thanks so much for hosting the party – it’s just not Thursday without my tablescape fix! Take care till next time.

  5. Beautiful plates! Same pattern, but two entirely different table looks. Both are so pretty!

  6. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love this table! “Ma Maison” is so warm and cheerful…I feel as if I am in the South of France! I admit, I am also partial to those rooster glasses. I once had some 6 oz. rooster-themed juice glasses from Williams Sonoma. They depicted the crowing rooster and the words “La Reveil”. We loved them and used them daily! Over time, they were all broken! I have not been able to locate any since. But, as your post well illustrates, the fun is in the hunt! These pieces are so cute, and it is wonderful that you have found them. I have the cabbage leaf placemats, too and find them surprisingly useful. I often use them with Portmerion Botanic Garden. Gosh, I only have six plates in that pattern, a discount store find. Around here it is not ‘mix and match’, it is more “MIX”! Ah, but I can dream of acquiring more!

    • Thanks so much, Tina! Oh, I can see how the cabbage leaf placemats would be really pretty with Portmeirion Botanic Garden! lol Some of the best tables are “mix” 🙂

  7. I love this entire table setting!! Perfection. Thanks for posting.

  8. Rebecca Dexter says

    One of the prettiest sets you have!

  9. What a lovely tablescape. I like the plates very much and the rooster centerpiece. I’m so glad you were able to add to your collection. The hunt is part of the fun.

    • Thanks, Nan! I guess it was meant to be that I found those…excited to add those to the collection. You’re so right, the hunt is def part of the fun.

  10. Really cute set, Susan. I love eBay for exactly the way you found these. I did the same recently to make a set of a pattern I had that was incomplete (just the dinner plates).

  11. Such a darling, whimsical pattern! The pairing with the sunflower napkins is so perfect for transitioning from Summer into Fall, love the setting!

  12. Susan, that’s exciting! I’ve always admired these dishes. I’m thrilled you found some to add to your set. It’s a lovely setting, perfect for your porch table. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for hosting! Come see my French Country alfresco setting.

  13. franki parde says

    SCORE!!!! “Hearts!” franki

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