A Woodland-Themed Valentine’s Day Table With A Touch Of Spring

Welcome to the 750th Tablescape Thursday! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I put this table together very late last night and it was super cloudy out as I took these photos. I long for sunny days! Spring is coming, we just have to hang in there a little while longer.

Valentine's Day Table Setting, Tulip Centerpiece


My Australian friends are winding down their summer. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience Christmas in a warm, sunny climate.

Valentine's Day Tablescape, Tulip Centerpiece


Do you remember these tulips? I shared them last year (or was it the year before) when I went in search of faux tulips that look pretty darn real. (Tulips are available here: Faux Realistic-Looking Tulips.) Tulips are very difficult to grow here in the south. They will come up the first year, but the next year you get nothing but a bunch of green foliage. It’s a lot of work to plant them for one year of beauty. I have planted them in big containers before, but that’s just not the same as seeing them in swaths across a garden. They are so beautiful! I’m pretty sure I found the “Love” pitcher in Old Time Pottery. That would have been many years ago. I need to visit them again, haven’t been there in quite a while.

Celebrate Valentine's Day


I think this is the first time I’ve ever used these heavy, glass charger plates, a find in Williams Sonoma a few years back. You may remember that I purchased them in both green and red. I love them! They are super substantial and look/feel so much more expensive than they were back when I purchased them.

Deer Salad Plates for Valentine's Day Tablescape


Here’s the green version from this previous Christmas table setting. It appears they currently have an all-gold version available here: Braided Chargers.

Green Chargers, Braided Glass Chargers


I fell in love with these toile salad plates when I came across them in Pottery Barn quite a few years back.

Tulip Centerpiece for a Valentine's Day Table


I love the woodland deer pattern! They would work well at Christmastime, but really I think they work great anytime during the fall and winter months.

Woodland Deer Plates for Valentine's Day Table


I love any dish pattern with a woodland design! My heart can not resist!

Woodland Deer Salad Plates


I found these napkins, both the beaded-edge napkin (on the inside) and the red organza-style with gold trim, in Pier 1 many years ago. I’ve rarely used either but I wanted a bit of sparkle to go with the gold braid in the charger plate for this Valentine’s Day table.

Valentine's Day Table in Red, Red and Gold Chargers, Woodland Salad Plates


The beaded dragonfly napkin rings were also a find in Pier 1, back in the day. Don’t remember where I found the flatware–could have been Pier 1.

Dragonfly Napkin Rings for Valentine's Day Table


I hope this Valentine’s Day table brings a bit of romance and spring into your day.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Tulip Centerpiece, Faux Tulips


Happy Valentine’s Day and happy spring! Spring is only about a month away now and the daylight is staying with us a little longer every day! Love that!

Valentine's Day Table Setting, Tulip Centerpiece


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  1. I love everything about your table. Those plates! I would not have thought to use those for a Valentine’s Day table, but they really work. So beautiful.

  2. franki Parde says

    Oooh, those “chargers” are da bomb…I LUV THEM!! Your tablescape is truly “Outstandind!” KUDOS!! franki

  3. What a sweet table, Susan. I love, love, love those charger plates. I remember encouraging you to get them in both colors, lol. (Hey, a girl can live vicariously.) But they are one of my all time favorite chargers of yours. Those and the cut-work Horchow chargers that everybody loves. Both so elegant.

    I don’t remember seeing those salad plates. I don’t know if I’m just getting forgetful, or if it really has been that long since you used them in a table setting. They are gorgeous! (I agree about a woodland design.) I love everything about them. Even though the pattern is very different, they remind me of some Juliska red on white Christmas plates that I loved so much about, 15 years ago. They would go well together in a mix and match table setting.

    And I’m so glad to see you using tablecloths more! They really add another whole dimension to a table scape, imo and can make a table look so different. Dress it up, dress it down, add color. That is a very pretty tablecloth, too.

    Thanks for this setting. It’s mostly sunny here today. Yay! We’ve needed that. I hope you enjoy your weekend, Susan. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I was just thinking about that today. I remember buying the red set and then agonizing over whether I should get a set in green. You and a few others said, go get those! lol I’m glad you guys did and glad I listened! 🙂
      You can see that previous table here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/sharing-my-new-dinnerware-and-chargers-for-this-holiday-table-setting/

      The dinnerware in that Christmas table stole my heart that year with all the adorable cottages and beautiful homes featured in the pattern. I started out by buying four place settings, then went back and purchased another set of four. It’s so reasonably priced–just shows you don’t have to spend a bunch to get a wonderful pattern for Christmas.
      I realized yesterday, I really like using tablecloths in the winter. It adds a much-needed warmth/coziness to a table, but come summer, if I’m setting tables on the porch, I love the clean, white background of that table with most of my summer patterns.

  4. Carol Norton says

    Love the Woodland setting. With tulips as a nod to Spring coming soon.
    If there are squirrels around–that’s where your tulips go after the first year. I didn’t know that until I moved to Nashville, and complained about it to a neighbor who was with the Parks Department. She just laughed! As she said, “Tulip bulbs are a feast for squirrels. They will find every bulb!”

    • The bulbs are still there because I’ve dug them up before, unfortunately, just the foliage comes up–no flower. I had this happen at another home. I think it doesn’t get cold enough during the winter. This explains a little about why the flower part doesn’t normally come back. https://www.walterreeves.com/landscaping/tulip-reblooming/

      • Susan,

        Regarding tulips, I have read it is because tulips have been so hybridized (is that the right word and spelling?) you will only get one or maybe two seasons from them. I focus on lots of daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths and keep tulips to a small planting, whether ground or container. Animals do not like daffodils!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I am absolutely SWOONING over the charger plates and the salad plates! This table has EVERYTHING one would dream of in a Valentine’s Day celebration table. So pretty! I will be dreaming of finding those same pieces myself (pretty sure it will be an impossible find!) for the rest of my days!!!

    • Vickie, this was where I purchased the chargers a few years back. https://bit.ly/3XkWpNR It appears they still have them in gold. I think the price was around $20 each back then if I’m remembering correctly. Like everything else, they appear to have gone up a little. Hopefully, they’ll get them back in this coming Thanksgiving/Christmas.
      I just searched and found a bunch of the deer salad plates here, although the prices are ridiculous: https://bit.ly/3XyYplL . Maybe you can set up an alert on eBay to be notified when they have more listed. Those prices are out of hand.

      • Not seeing a link to the chargers……and you are correct: the pricing on those salad plates is OBSCENE! But they ARE lovely………

        • Oh, sorry…here’s where they still have them in gold: https://bit.ly/3XkWpNR

        • The plates were nowhere near that price when they were in Pottery Barn. I’m not sure why they are so overpriced in that ad. I would just keep my eye out on eBay for a more reasonable ad. Set up an alert on eBay, that’s what I do when I’m trying to find something that is no longer in stock and it has helped me find a lot of things in the past. Just wait until they show up for a more normal price.

  6. I lived in the Caribbean from 1982-2010 and then retired to Mexico. There is nothing better than a Caribbean Christmas. I loathe cold weather and never have to deal with. Born and raised in St. Louis and will never go there in winter.

  7. Love your table, Susan!!! Love all of it! Also love the faux tulips which look SO real. Can you tell me how many bunches you have in your Love pitcher? They look wonderful and like a full grouping. Need to get some of those. Thanks for all of your wonderful posts!

  8. Very lovely table. The woodland plates are gorgeous. The chargers are exquisite! Love everything about the table setting. So romantic for Valentine’s Day. It just screams…LOVE!

  9. Beautiful table Susan! Yes, its been a drearier winter than usual for us in PA as well. We get some sun, but not as much as we used to get. Still, better than some get so I shouldn’t complain. I have a couple of friends in Aussie too and I often dream of what a hot Christmas would be like as well. They can’t imagine a cold, possibly snowy Christmas where they couldn’t swim in the ocean. LOL I can imagine swimming in the ocean Christmas Day! I am enjoying the days getting longer bit by bit. Bring on spring! Your dishes are gorgeous, loving the scene on them. The tablecloth, beautiful, as well as the napkins. Well, everything is gorgeous. But I am so loving the pitcher full of tulips, so beautiful for a Valentine table! A very elegant Valentine Time! Happy almost Valentine Day! Hugs, Brenda

    • I should look up the rainfall numbers here, it has to be approaching a record! It makes you REALLY appreciate the sunny days, doesn’t it? I hope your area starts getting some spring sunshine soon! I can’t wait!
      Too funny! I can’t imagine being able to swim on Christmas Day, either.
      Thanks so much, Brenda! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ♥♥♥

  10. Beautiful table Susan. I love how the light yellow tulips play off the gold accents in the napkins and design in the chargers. Love anything toile! Very lovely. Toni in San Diego

  11. I love those chargers, Susan. I keep looking at them, trying to be good. Both of your place settings are gorgeous, both the red transferware and the village scene plates! I do not remember that green tablescape. Please send the link.

  12. Thank you for sharing this lovely Valentine tablescape.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  13. Susan, my hat is off to you.
    Every week you come up with something more creative than last time-and bring hoarders, I mean like minded people, together for how many years now ?
    Everybody posting their tables every Thursday are really talented. Thank all of you for sharing because we learn so much and get some awesome ideas.

    • Thanks so much, Myrna! Hahaha! Well, at least we are selective hoarders, mine is mainly dishes and perfume lately. 😉 We have the most wonderful dearhearts joining the party every week! I love them all!

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