Favorite Frozen Pizza That Doesn’t Taste Like Frozen + Silicone Liners for Air Fryers

Welcome to the 759th Metamorphosis Monday! I hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend! I had four things that I wanted to share today, and I swear, as soon as one of those things entered my brain, it exited right out the other side. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but sometimes I’ll think of something that I need to purchase at the grocery store and seconds later I’ve had 5 more thoughts and can’t even recall the item I was going to add to my grocery list. It’s almost like I need to carry around a piece of paper and a pencil with me 24/7 to jot down a thought the second it enters my head. Anyone else experience this? It’s maddening!

I have a few interesting updates to share for Met Monday and if I think of the fourth one I was going to share, I’ll come back and add it later…or maybe it will hit me before I finish typing this post. Ha! So, ya know how I’m always mentioning how much I love and use my Air Fryer?

Best Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


Seriously, I love this thing and use it almost daily, especially since I’m currently awaiting the delivery of a new microwave. But even when I have a working microwave, I’m always using my air fryer. I love how fast it cooks and how food comes out so nice and crispy. (Mu air fryer is available here: Air Fryer.)

Ninja Air Fryer with 2 Baskets


As much as I love my air fryer, cleaning it is not a lot of fun. A while back I shared these liners I discovered that were designed for use in the 2-basket style air fryer that I use. They have been a game-changer, for sure! I can use my air fryer multiple times now before it ever needs cleaning.

Air Fryer Parchment Liners


A week or so ago I noticed I was starting to run low on the parchment liners so I hoped on Amazon to purchase some more. While shopping I noticed silicone liners are available now to use in air fryers. Interesting! I thought I’d try a set, thinking I could just pop them into the dishwasher for washing. There are a bunch of these liners for sale online and they all look pretty much the same. I ordered a set that was on sale and was disappointed when they arrived. The set I received was a fair amount smaller than the baskets in my air fryer which greatly cut down on the usable space, so I’m returning them today. Do you use silicone baskets/liners in your air fryer? If so, is there a brand that you really like? I may try ordering them again, but from a different brand so would love your suggestions if there’s a brand you really like.



Recently, I shared this La Fermiere yogurt that I discovered while visiting family in Ohio.

La Fermiere Yogurt


Last week, I visited a Fresh Market that carries their desserts and was finally able to try their Creme Chocolat. It’s really good! Just wanted to mention it if you have a store near you that carries this brand.


The last thing I’m sharing today is a frozen pizza that I’m fairly obsessed with. Obviously, we all love fresh homemade pizza or pizza from our favorite Italian restaurant, but when you’re in a hurry and just want something that’s fast, this Mexican Pizza by Culinary Circle is the best frozen pizza that I’ve ever tasted.


I don’t like a thick crust on pizza and Culinary Circle Pizza makes a line they call “Ultra Thin Crusts” pizza, and they are soooo good! Ironically, I first discovered this pizza while shopping in Dorothy Lane Market in Ohio. If you’re not familiar with Dorothy Lane, it’s a rather fancy place to shop. All the employees where black pants, white shirts, and black bow ties and their meat department carries the finest cuts of meat anywhere! Their deli foods and dishes are amazing! They have three locations in the Dayton, Ohio area–actually, I think they just added a fourth in Springboro, but sadly they are only local to that area. DLM is by far my favorite grocery store ever! It’s almost enough to make me brave the cold winters and move to Ohio just so I can shop there. Dorothy Lane carries Culinary Circle Pizza and apparently, it sells very well because they are always well-stocked.


But get this, in order to buy Culinary Circle pizza here in my area, I have to drive to a grocery store whose locations are all in the most sketchy parts of town, the areas where crime is the highest. I have no idea why Publix and Kroger, do not carry it. Anyway, this is their Ultra-thin Crust Supreme Pizza and it’s my second favorite of those in the Culinary Circle Ultra-thin crisp line.


When I shop for this pizza here, I go during the middle of the day when it feels a bit safer, and I buy quite a few so I don’t have to go back for a while. I usually buy around 15 pizzas and inevitably when I’m checking out, the cashier will ask if I’m having a pizza party. Ha! No, just stocking up! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to share the Culinary Circle Ultra-thin pizzas because I can’t get over how not frozen-pizza-tasting they are! They are addictive, especially their Mexican Pizza!


If you missed my previous post on shopping in Dorothy Lane Market, you’ll find it here: My Favorite Grocery Store, Dorothy Lane Market. Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Yep, I am having the same issue. I think of something I want to write on a list and by the time I get to said list, I can’t remember what it was that I wanted to write down. LOL Frustrating to say the least but funny that I’m in this stage of life. Love the idea of a silicon liner for the air fryer, but yes, it needs to fit the air fryer. I wonder if they offer them in different sizes?? I wish I could get that yogurt here, but in my small town I can’t and I don’t drive to the city. It sure looks yummy as does that pizza! There is a California frozen pizza that I like, a buffalo chicken one, but haven’t seen it in my grocery store in a long while. And just a few of the other flavors. Isn’t that the way it always works when you find something you like?! LOL I sure am glad you stock up Susan, I don’t like the idea of you having to go to parts of the city that aren’t the safest! Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda, that makes me feel better that I’m not alone! I think it’s because we have 10 more thoughts before we get to the list to write down that first thought. Our minds are going too fast!
      I know, it’s so weird that it was so small because they show the same type air fryer in the ad for the silicone baskets, but they were ridiculously small. I may try another seller since there are quite a few on Amazon.
      I know, it makes me a bit wary. I need to get my Publix to order them for me, I’m going to ask when I’m next there.

  2. Those pizzas look totally amazing. Thanks so much for having us over, Susan. Hope you have a super week!

  3. Have you asked your local Publix to order the pizza for you? Several years ago I asked if they could get the Pawleys Island Palmetto Cheese Spread for me. They did and have stocked it since then. It is the closet brand to homemade I’ve tried.

    • Not yet, but I should definitely do that. I love that Pimento cheese, it really does taste so much like homemade! The Publix near me stocks it, too.

  4. I love my air fryer too, we use it all the time~ those pizzas sound great, I will have to look for them and the yogurt too. Thanks Susan!

  5. Elena MacDermant says

    I almost always have my phone with me so I use the notes section to jot down whatever it is I need to remember. I also have an ongoing shopping list on it. As I add items from my list to my shopping cart I erase the item on the list. I rarely forget things now!!!!

    • I couldn’t believe how fast the thought flew out of my head. I’m going to have to tie a pencil and a list around my neck! lol That’s a great idea about recording things you want to remember on your phone!

  6. Tina W Reynolds says

    I call this my latest “life hack” (that’s what the younger crowd calls it!). I have tons of cheap little notepads. In the kitchen, in the bathroom (to list items we’re about to run out of in that upstairs area), husband’s office, my desk. Now my new problem is gathering all of the lists! Well, if I could find them, I’d be all over that chocolate yogurt like Cookie Monster on the cookies. YUM! And, the pizzas, too! Lately I have been making home-made pizza, but I can’t quite get the crust just the way I’d like it. Plus, by the time I do the crust and chop all of the nice toppings, I am just as worn out as if I had cooked a big dinner! We like it, but it is by no means a fast process! I would stock up on those frozen pizzas, too. That is what a deep freezer is for! Have a lovely end-of-summer week! I’m feeling that end-of-summer-blues feeling since the grandson moves back to college on Wednesday.

    • I should have notepads in more areas. I do have one in the kitchen where I was standing when the idea hit. I should have stopped right then to write it down…lesson learned.
      That is a big job, making homemade pizza…but it is sooo good! My son has made pizza on his Big Green Egg. BG makes a slate or whatever you call it to hold a pizza. It was delicious but a lot of work to prepare and bake/grill.
      Yes! I’ve been taking advantage of having a freezer after not having one for the majority of my adult life. They do come in handy for stocking up on favorites.
      Awww, sorry about your grandson, I know I would feel the same way. He’s going to miss you, Tina!

  7. SharonFromMichigan says

    I grew up near Chicago, so I was raised on deep dish pizza, but when I moved to Michigan I began to really enjoy thin crust pizza. Our fav here is Home Run Inn frozen pizza or Connie’s frozen. I know both of those are midwest brands so they may not be available in the south. I’m a member of the “forgetfulness” club too 😉

    • I’ll have to check to see my local grocery stores carry those brands. Yeah, you can eat a lot more slices when they are on a thin crust. Ha!
      Our brains are just going too fast, Sharon…we have too many thoughts at once. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

  8. What kind of air fryer do you have?

  9. Sabrina Holmes says

    I just checked & there aren’t any stores that carry the pizza in the Huntsville, AL area.

    • I think they must be still expanding into other markets because the first time I checked which was a year or two ago, no one here carried it at all. Finally one store started carrying it.

  10. Hi Susan,
    Oh yea, I hear you about remembering things, same thing happens to me and hubby. Hubby puts grocery items in the phone, and yea, if it doesn’t make my list it might never get done!! lol
    I chkd for that pizza but we shop at Publix so I checked a place called “Fresh Market” that in another town close by, but they don’t carry it.. Tried their website search for that brand, none in Florida. Poo…..it did look good.
    Thanks for hosting hon, and hope you have a great week ahead.
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. Oh Yea, I was gonna tell you the same about Publix, our Publix will special order things too, and especially if you buy a lot at once, I am sure they will do it.

  12. Hi Susan
    I am wondering about the tray/platter you have next to your airfryer, I have been looking for one to go in the corner of my kitchen too…I have a Christmas platter I use there in the season but haven’t found another platter to go there the rest of the time–hopefully it is something that is still availabe? TIA

  13. I’m so hungry now! I find my memory lacking when I’m online and see something I want to investigate further. So I open a new tab and…that quickly forget what I was going to look up! Hubby does it too! And earlier today while we were running errand, we passed a Whole Foods and I said that there was something I wanted to look for there but couldn’t remember so we didn’t stop. It was la fermiere!!! Remembered just now when I read about it above, lol

    • Ugh, I’ve done that so many times, too!
      I hope your Whole Foods has a good stock of the La Fermiere yogurt. The one near me only had 2 flavors, but I found a lot more flavors in Fresh Market, including the Chocolat dessert.

  14. I use paper liners in our air fryer. They fit the one we had previously but don’t fit our new Ninja. I’m on the hunt for some the right size. How odd about the pizza that the stores you named don’t carry them. I did a search here and found that Food Depot in a town a few miles away carries them. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Nan, they have them that are right size for the Ninja on Amazon, or at least that’s where I purchased my last ones. Do you have the 2-drawer/basket Ninja? These are the one I purchased before for my 2-basket Ninja: https://amzn.to/3KEVVOS
      That’s what you see in the basket in the photo higher up in this post.
      That’s the same store that carries that pizza brand here…before they started carrying it, no one carried it in my area.

  15. Susan, ask your manager at Publix if they have a personal shopper to go get your pizza. As I told them once “You are losing money when I have to go to another store because I will buy other things while I am there”
    About the shopping list. I am not one to put my list in the phone. Always forgetting my grocery list, so my new method is use a Sharpie and write it on my hand. Hand sanitizer takes it off. It’s a mental block on groceries; not that I am way older than you. LOL

    • I will definitely ask when I next go there. Maybe if they start carrying it, it will sell well and they’ll keep it up.
      lol I like your method because we always have a hand available to write on even if a pad isn’t nearby. 🙂 Good to know that hand sanitizer is good for that type thing.

  16. So you’re saying there’s a Dorothy Lane Market here in Atlanta just in a sketchy part of town?

    Well, welcome to my memory world! I’m so bad I get embarrassed sometimes! lol

    • No, unfortunately no Dorothy Lane Markets here…they are all in Ohio. I just managed to find a store that carries the pizza, it’s just not in an area that I want to visit due to the crime in that area. I wish we had a DLM here but I doubt it would be the same. I think one reason DLM is so special is they don’t have too many locations so they are all run really well.
      I totally get it…I’d be lost without my calendar and my sticky notes that I jot things down on each day.

  17. I cannot tell you how often I’ll think I want to Google something, and by the time I open up my computer I’ve forgotten what I planned to look up!! I have a theory that those quick thoughts don’t really embed in our memory and are thus quickly forgotten.

  18. Glad so many others are having this crazy, sudden, forgetting thing!
    Other thoughts just pushing out something! I think the whole Covid thing put us in some sort of mild PTS situation. Nearly everyone I know is having the same problem! I have taken to sending myself a quick text. The “notes” is more complicated on my new phone. Texting, I’m used to. Quick and easy! Sometimes I have to use them (texts), sometimes not but at the end of the week, I am often shocked when I see how many texts I have sent myself! Inevitably, often here is that one text that I neglected to look at and I needed it several days ago!
    Glad the microwave is in and working. Just went thru that the X2 in 4 years. I live in fear of Appliance Failure!

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