10 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter: My Winter Survival List, 2016

Those wonderfully high temps we had here in the Atlanta area this past week are starting to fade away. It got rather chilly last night. As I write this mid-afternoon, it’s still 59° outside. I know that’s not cold to most folks but it definitely falls into the category of “sweater weather” for this girl.

Each year I put together a post with my favorites for surviving winter in comfort. Since our temps are starting to head south, I thought it was time to share what I’m pulling out this weekend and what I look forward to using this winter.

Flannel Sheets

I actually swapped out my summer sheets for my favorite flannel sheets a couple of weeks ago. I know that was a bit early, but I hate being cold. Have I mentioned that a time or 10 over the years? 😉

These sheets are so comfortable, I’m always reluctant to remove them come spring. They are the best flannel sheets I’ve ever had on my bed, and I’ve tried a lot of different ones over the years. Besides being super thick and warm, they don’t pill up when washed. Love that! I also like that they are 100% cotton. The reviews totally speak for how awesome they are. You’ll find these available here: Flannel Sheets



Warm Mist Humidifier

I purchased two of these Warm Mist Humidifiers last year, one for my bedroom and one for my office. I could not survive winter without them! I was so much more comfortable, I kept one of these running day and night. Loved it and will definitely be using both again this winter. You’ll find it available here: Humidifier 

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Working After Cleaning Minerals from Heating Element


Heated Throw

A couple of winters ago, I purchased a heated throw because I always felt cold while working at my desk. I’m still using that original throw and love it!

Funny story (or not so funny): I could never understand why I was so cold here in the office during the wintertime. This past summer I had two of those gigantic outdoor roaches appear here in my office, a few weeks apart. We grow them HUGE here in the south!!! I mean, you could saddle them up and ride them, if you could catch them. Ugh!

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and Buffalo Check Curtains


After the second one appeared, I called my termite company and had them spray around the outside of my home. About a week later I discovered that both the windows in my office were slightly open at the top, just enough to let a big bug come inside. Fortunately, I haven’t seen a single bug since I raised the windows. I’m also guessing that’s why it was so cold here in the office every winter because my son tells me it was never cold when this room was his bedroom.



I still love having a heated throw for my legs when working at my desk, though. It keeps me toasty warm when I’m not up and running around doing stuff. This is the throw I purchased and have really enjoyed and it’s available here: Heated Throw

Velvet Plush Heated Throw


Last winter I purchased three of these throws when they were on sale. I bought one for my upstairs family room and two that I gave as gifts for Christmas. I love it and I’ve heard from my dil that she loves hers. It’s big, soft and super warm! You’ll find it here and I just noticed it’s on sale again this year: Faux Sheepskin Throw



Mermaid Blanket

Have you seen these Mermaid blankets? I think they are a riot!



They have great reviews, I may just have to order one. Be great as a Christmas gift! lol



I love the colors of this one: You’ll find them for both children and adults in a ton of colors here: Mermaid Blanket


Thermal Leggings

I discovered these thermal leggings early last winter. They were inexpensive so I ordered a couple of pairs. I loved them so much, I ordered two more shortly after the first ones arrived.

About the sizing: The first time I ordered them, I ordered them in “large” because I wanted them to be super comfy and not at all snug. I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve ordered thermal leggings/long underwear and after a few washings/dryings, they became too tight.

The large size of these turned out to be a little too big, so I wear those to sleep in at night sometimes. The second time I ordered, I ordered them in the medium size and they fit great. So I’d say these run true to size. These aren’t the super thin “silk” thermals that cost a lot more, but I find these are great for wearing under pants during the winter. I love them and you’ll find them here: Thermal Leggings




I’m still wearing the boots I purchased for my trip to Italy. Love these so much! (To see all the boots/shoes I wore in rainy Italy during my 16 days there, check out this previous post: 6 Pairs of Shoes That Kept Me Warm, Cozy and Comfortable in Italy)

These boots are waterproof and super warm. I purchased them in black…Teva Boots in Black

…and in brown. I’ve enjoyed them so much, I purchased a second pair of the black ones because I was afraid they would quit making them.

I wear a size 7 but bought these in a size 7-1/2 because I like to wear pretty thick socks during the winter. So I recommend going up a half-size if you’ll be wearing heavy socks with them. The price is also very good for suede boots. You’ll find them available in four colors here: Waterproof Boots

Teva Boots

Ugg Shoes/Boots

Still love my Uggs that you guys suggested I try a few years back. Thanks for suggesting them! I purchased two pairs that winter and I’m still wearing both.

The pair on the left is the pair I wear at home around the house and out in the yard. They still look pretty great considering I practically lived in them for the first two winters after I purchased them.

I don’t wear the pair on the right outside in my yard or around the house very much, I wanted to keep them looking new/nice for when I am going out some place. Every single time I wear them out, I get compliments from complete strangers. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know what it is about those boots, but people love them.

If you are super cold-natured or live where it gets really, really cold, I can’t say enough about how these boots keep your legs/feet warm. The rest of you may feel the cold, but your feet certainly won’t! You’ll find them available in a gazillion styles here: Ugg Boots/Shoes and here: Ugg Boots/Shoes



I’m eyeing this pair now. I don’t have a short Ugg boot and I love how they look! They are available here: Ugg Boots



Corduroy Pants

Continuing with my theme of staying warm and cozy this winter, I  live in soft, comfortable corduroy pants all winter long. I buy mine HERE. I love the “straight leg-curvy style.” They fit me great and come in a ton of colors.



Long Sleeve T’s

I’m still wearing these long-sleeve t-shirts (that I’ve shared before) under my regular shirts during the winter months. I purchased several in various colors a couple of winters ago in Wal-mart. The next year I found them there again. I’m going on my 3rd winter wearing them, so they’ve held up super well, especially since they are only around $6-$9 each, and less than that when you can catch them on sale. They are also cute enough that I don’t mind when the sleeves show under my 3/4 length sleeve shirts. Love them! Just look for them in the women’s department in Wally World.

No Boundaries Shirts


Scented Candles

Love burning candles on the porch at night during the summer, but I especially love burning them during the winter here in my office. One of my favorites that I just discovered this winter is called, Fresh Balsam. If you follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram,  you saw when I posted about it and some of the others I purchased on the last day of the Bath and Body Works sale a week or so ago.




Can’t survive winter without my favorite books! I listen to a ton of books on Audible, but my favorites to curl up with in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night are my decorating/design/recipe books.

Lenox, Winter Greetings with Hot Tea and Chocolate-Covered Peppermint Sticks in Front of a Cozy Fire


You’ll find a lot of the ones I’ve featured from my office library here: Decor Books I Love (Click any picture link on that category page to read more about a particular book.)



What are your favorite ways to keep warm during the wintertime? Love hearing your suggestions!

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  1. The mermaid blankets are really cute and clever, but you would have to make sure you didn’t forget and jump up and run to answer the phone or the door. 🙂

  2. Great suggestions, Susan. I’m ready for some cold, snuggle weather. We like to sit by a fire cured up under a wool throw. I read or stitch when I’m inside during the winter months.

    • What a great way to pass the winter months. I miss crocheting. I hope needlework never vanishes completely. I don’t hear about that many people knitting or crocheting anymore.

  3. Great round-up….I love flannel sheets! Pam @ Everyday Living

    • Thanks, Pam! Me, too! I remember when I’ve mention them in a previous winter survival post, someone said in a comment that they left their flannel sheets on year around. I would be so tempted to do that, but since I don’t run the air very low during the summer, it might be too hot. Sure would be soft, though.

  4. Susan…
    Great list! Will run to my LLBean catalogue and look up those super soft
    flannel sheets! Sound warm and so soft!.
    One more thing for your list you might enjoy….Ghiardelli Cocoa!! The
    very best for a cold winter’s night when curling up with you fave books
    and heated throw! Have a toasty and tasty winter!

  5. Great suggestions for cold weather. I love flannel sheets and I use mine year round! In the summer I don’t use an extra blanket just the sheets. I also love my Uggs Ansley slipper moccasins. They are great to wear in the house and I have been known to make a school run with them on. They have great traction to keep from slipping especially on hardwood stairs. Thanks again Susan you always put together the best list of products to try.

  6. Susan, last season I did buy the brown suede waterproof boots and plan to wear then on the plane up to the cold weather in Michigan…they are so comfortable that I can run around any airport in them! Thanks for your recommedations!

  7. Love, love it when you post your “favorites” list. I give each suggestion a good look. I ordered the sheets as you suggested. Fortunately I have an LL Bean card and had a few “Bean bucks” as I call them, to bring the price down. We have a heated mattress pad that makes it even cozier! I have a small Vornado foot heater I saw on Kohl’s website. Price was right & it works perfectly keeping my feet/legs warm at my scrapbook desk. Another favorite, a Thermaskin tank top from Lands End. I wear it spring, fall & winter, when I need that little extra warmth. I tend to be hot, especially taking care of the little grandkids (like 8 months & 3 years), so I don’t want anything too hot. Also from Land End, their Polartec half zip tops or pullover ones. When the grandkids aren’t around, we tend to keep our house on the cool side. (I’m in Northeast PA). This top gives the right amount of warmth for me. My go-to drink of choice for winter – Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate K-cups. Just fire up the old Keurig! Another favorite-I always keep on hand, Nestlé Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer. I’m a flavored coffee person, so when I make a Green Mountain Wild Blueberry iced coffee, it adds just the right amount of sweetness to counterbalance the bitterness of straight flavored coffee. Also goes well with Green Mountains’s Pumpkin Spice coffee, hot or cold. And these are a few of my favorite things!

  8. rebecca dexter says

    Loved all of your suggestions…it gets cold up here in northeast WI! I have had both LLBean and Land’s End flannel sheets and love them both…great quality.

  9. I used flannel sheets for years and thought they were great and them my sister-in-law told me about Malden Fleece Sheets. They are the best ever! Even my husband loves them. I bought mine from QVC. They are warm and snuggly.

  10. Mary Deckert says

    Do you happen to remember the style name of your nice Ugg boots (the ones on the right in the photo)? I just love them, but I’ve never seen that style.
    Thank you.

    • Mary, I just checked to see if I still had the box they came in and unfortunately, I don’t. I bought them in the Atlanta Uggs store about 3-4 years ago and don’t remember the style name now. If I come across the receipt and it says, I’ll let you know. I remember I looked for them online the following year just to see if they were back again, and they weren’t.

      • Thanks for checking Susan. I appreciate you taking the time! It’s a shame they don’t keep the cute styles around longer.
        Love your favorites posts. I bought the lanterns and flashlight you recommended and the quality was excellent. Makes me feel a little more prepared for winter
        Thanks again.

        • Thanks, Mary, hope they bring that style back again! I’m so glad you liked the lanterns and flashlight, I really like them, too. Makes me feel better knowing I have one by my bed at night, especially during storms. 🙂

        • Mary, I just looked down inside the boot and there’s a tag down inside. It says this on one side: UGG S/N 1003188.
          I wonder if the S/N stands for Style Number?
          It says this on the other side: F27013H, have no idea what that number is. So maybe you can search for it by that S/N number.

      • Rita Spittler says

        They should have some sort of number or identifier on the tag inside the boot. I really like them, too, if you find it LOL
        Awesome, cozy article. Thank you for sharing.

        • Rita, I just looked down inside and there is tag…good idea!
          It says this on one side: UGG S/N 1003188 along with the size as it runs in various countries. I wonder if the S/N stands for Style Number?
          It says this on the other side: F27013H

          • Yup, I just googled “UGG Style number 1003188 and found a picture of it at this site: http://sneakerking.com/womenskaterina.aspx
            Apparently, the style is called: Katerina.

            I know nothing about that site though, so if they do by some miracle still have it, you should thoroughly check them out before you order from them since I don’t think that style has been made for a few years.

            • Thanks for the good detective work Susan 🙂 Oh how I wish I were a size 7 and I’d grab those ones on Ebay. I’ve found a different pair on Nordstrom’s site called “Tania” that I think I’ll try. I don’t like them as well as yours, but they have a similar look and are cute.

  11. I’m in cold, cold Chicago so I appreciate your post. I’m personally never cold thanks to good ‘ol menopause! lol. Hubby is always cold and turning up the heat. I swear, I just went to Amazon and ordered him the heated throw! Thanks so much, Susan!


  12. I have everything but the ugg boot I am just not a fan of them. I couldn’t make it through the winter without my flannel sheets and wool socks.

    • I was the same about the Ugg boots, they’ve gradually grown on me. lol Theresa, do you have a favorite brand of wool socks? Would love the name of some to try.

  13. Kelly McDermott says

    Love your blog, and I was wondering if you have any favorite cook books? Or if you can share your favorite go to recipes?

    Btw, I am already getting my puzzles together for the fall and winter months using that great puzzle board that you showcased.

    • Isn’t that puzzle board awesome! I love mine! 🙂

      I don’t do a lot of cooking these days since my son is grown and gone, but when I do, I tend to turn to my old church cookbooks. I know that doesn’t help you a lot. I’ve just found over the years that the recipes you find in cookbooks put out by groups like garden clubs, historic societies, churches, Junior League, etc… always have the best “home-cooking” kind of recipes and they use ingredients that are normally readily available.

      I also love any of the Southern Living cookbooks. I’ve never had a Southern Living cookbook recipe fail, they are very reliable.

      I mostly cook now when I’m entertaining or have family here visiting. You’ll find some of my favorite recipes that I’ve shared on the blog here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/category/recipes/

      Is there a particular type of recipe that you’re trying to locate? I bet the BNOTP readers would have some good ones! 🙂

  14. Some of my favorites during winter:
    Candles, scented or not
    A cat in my lap
    Lots of yarn and a crochet hook
    Hooded sweaters

    • I’ve been tempted to start back up with Netflix. I never got to see all the Doc Martin shows! 🙂
      I definitely agree with the cat in the lap, best way to stay warm for sure! They are also great for snuggling in bed and purring is the best sleeping inducement ever! 🙂

  15. You’ve just anti-upped the Fall Season for me with your wonderful post!
    While letting the dog early this morning…and smelling the Fall crispness in the air up here in West Michigan….coming inside, sitting down with my hot morning beverage and reading your post… kicked off the season for me in such a fine way!
    My husband and I both are in need of up-ing our thermal underwear and you just hit it spot on with a some other great and good suggestions in which I need to get out and shop for!
    Thanks so very much and wishing you a Super Grand Fall Sunday!

  16. Another great ‘Favorites’ list. I live in coastal Alabama, but we still have our winter season. I just ordered the Teva boots in the dessert color. I have several light colored cord pants these will go perfect with. Speaking of cord pants, Talbot’s that you recommend are wonderful. Another favorite is the UGG boot. I have the ones that are knit & have the fur lining. My winter house shoe & out for quick errands. Next splurge may be the sheets. LLBEAN quality is hard to beat. Have a a Blessed Sunday.

  17. Bunny Rogers says

    Hi all. Here in Chapel Hill, NC it got down to 37 degrees. We kept warm last night by celebrating UNC’s victory over VA . A very big rivalry. We also keep warm at night because we have two 17 lb cats who sleep with us. They tuck up under our butts all night long!
    I love the microfiber throws from Kohls we keep around the house during chilly months. They are just the right size for one person while watching TV or reading and they launder well.

  18. I love all of your posts, and especially your favorite items. I have shared them with others too. Now I want that heated throw and the candle!
    Best, Dotti

  19. I am smiling after reading this post. I think you would be squawking at the winter in Boulder! I actually prefer it to hot summer. I have 6 pairs of uggs. I resisted them for a long time as not cute enough, but they are so comfy. I have home ones and going out ones. I also have two of the faux sheepskin throws for my twelve food couch which is cream. I had thought not to have any more doggies after the last of ours aged and passed on. It is so painful to lose them and we are getting older. But there was a little girl who needed care so here we are. She loves sitting on the throws and they are washable.

    • lol I know you’re right! I would be squawking for sure! lol
      I know exactly what you mean, I never liked how the original Uggs looked but finally but a pair out of desperation for finding a way to keep my feet warm.
      I just ordered these today from Nordstrom…I LOVE how they look, they are very un-UGG like! lol You can see them here: http://bit.ly/2ewVDZY
      The reviews sounded great at the Ugg website here: http://bit.ly/2el6WZR
      I think UGG is really trying to branch out and do more styles. I even saw summer shoes at their website.

      You are so kind hearted to do that! I agree, it’s so painful when we lose them. I don’t handle that well at all.

  20. My favorite way to stay warm is a darling pair of cupcake print flannel pajamas that a very sweet friend sent to me last April. It has finally started feeling like fall here in East Texas so I raised my bedroom window last night to let the cool air in (I think it got into the low 50’s) and put on my cupcake PJ’s and slept like a baby all night long!!! These PJ’s feel so good. I am still wearing them at 9am but will have to put on real clothes since I have to be somewhere later. UGH!!!! Love these PJ’s!

  21. raymonde van haver says

    I use to sleep in flanel sheeds,but not anymore, not that I mind though but they produce to much fluf for my liking , so I use coton now,and just put on a few extra duves on top,so that works fine to.love “bnotp” love to watch all the beautiful things and entereurs !

  22. I just got back from a week in Portland, Oregon. We had a great vacation even though it rained everyday. I was prepared because I had purchased the black suede Teva boots on your recommendation! I sprayed them with a suede waterproof spray as suggested by Teva. They were great!!! So comfortable with no break in period and after a week of slogging around, they still look like new with just a quick brushing. I got them for only $35 too. Thanks so much for your tip.

  23. Susan, I thought of you when I saw the new tartan plaid cookware at Williams-Sonoma. Did you see it?

    • Thanks, Chloe! I did when I was in there about a week ago. It’s soooo cute! So tempting! They’ve really been doing a lot of plaid each year and I love it all!

      I think I may order these plaid dinner plates this year: http://bit.ly/2eldiID . I visited Pottery Barn a week or so ago and they didn’t have them in yet, they may by now. I don’t need more plaid dishware but I love that pattern!

      • I love all things tartan so I was tempted by the Pottery Barn plates and platters. However, I prefer porcelain over stoneware so I was able to avoid temptation in this case. In general, I prefer Pottery Barn’s designs for dishes, but I prefer William-Sonoma’s materials…decisions, decisions…:-)

  24. Thanks for all your great suggestions. I would love to use flannel sheets, but my hubby is always warm, whereas I am always cold 🙁
    I found this youtube interesting about women’s clothes sizing. If the clothing industry ever could come up with consistent sizing, it sure would make our lives easier!

    Do women’s sizing makes sense

    • I hope this women’s clothing sizing youtube didn’t seem like it was out of left field. But it was a comment about your experience with the thermal leggings. I know I’ve tried on clothes before and wondered how it is that I can range from three different sizes!

    • That was interesting. I had guessed a few years back that the industry had gone to vanity sizing when suddenly I could wear smaller sizes in some stores than I could just a few years back, and I hadn’t lost any weight. You can see how that would boost sales. Most women would prefer to shop at a store where they wear a smaller size. I didn’t realize women were considered malnourished back in the day. That’s really sad. No wonder they had smaller babies.

  25. Love all your suggestions except flannel sheetsBUT I do have a top sheet I use as a light blanket in summer when AC is on.LL Bean sells them separate.

  26. Loved your top 10 Winter Survival list! You gave me some great Christmas gift ideas. Living in Michigan with a husband who loves the cold, I stay warm at night using my electric king size heating pad. It has a two hour automatic shut off. I would worry if it were left on overnight. Because of my night sweats, this size is great to kick away with my feet when I get overheated. I even sewed a flannel cover for it since I disliked the acrylic one it came with. I turn my heating pad on while getting ready for bed. It’s toasty warm when I climb into bed. No cold feet for me!

  27. Vicky from Athens says

    All wonderful suggestions but my personal favorite isn’t mentioned. My heated toilet seat! I’d said for years that the thing I hated most about winter was a cold toilet seat. Well, I got one for Christmas 4 years ago and winters have become so much nicer! I plugged mine in Saturday and will probably leave it plugged in till next April!

  28. I want to buy more leggings for the winter. When I’m off I want a t-shirt, leggings and my furry blood slippers. Totally comfy.

  29. Always love these lists. Even if I don’t own, or purchase, any of the suggestions, I feel so warm and cozy just reading them.

  30. I loved reading your winter favorites Susan. I ordered the waterproof boots in black based on your recommendation. I thought the price was very reasonable. I have had a lot of problems with my left leg/foot for a couple of years now and can no longer wear my “cute” shoes but did find a darling pair of taupe boots last year at T.J. Maxx with a low heel and they have worked out very well but was in need of a black pair. I hope these work for me.

    I would love to order the flannel sheets but my husband would not be able to sleep in our bed if I did. He’s so hot natured, he sleeps with a fan on him year round!

    • I hope they do, too! They tend to run about a 1/2 to a size small to me, but maybe that’s because I wear sock with them. I love them and the heel is just the right height.

      lol Those sheets are super warm so they would probably run him out of the bed.

  31. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Two things keep me warmish:

    1. A hot water bottle
    2. Activity

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