A New Lamp for the Office & A Little Halloween Fun

Before I share something fun and lighthearted (a nice distraction on this day) I just wanted to say my heart and prayers go out to all effected by Hurricane Sandy.

A Little Halloween Decorating & A New Lamp for the Office

If you’ve been following the progress of the office, you know I’ve been hoping to find some new lamps better suited for this space than the polished brass lamps I’m currently using.   During the course of creating the office, I went around the house and pulled lamps from various places, planning on using those until I found something better.  I had a feeling it was going to take a while because I just don’t care for most of the lamps I see in the stores these days, at least not the stores I most often frequent.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office


The lamps I’ve been using in the office aren’t bad…I still like them.  But they are polished brass and everything in this room is either  nickel or oiled rubbed bronze.   (Pssst: If you were one of the folks who was looking for the Pottery Barn Wrapping Paper/Craft Organizer when I posted about adding this one to the office last summer, I noticed last night they are finally back in stock.  πŸ™‚

Craft Office Organizer


While shopping in Home Depot recently for a tool chest for the garage, I was shocked to come across a lamp I actually liked.   Whoo, hoo…’bout time!  Instead of just snapping a few pics of the lamp, I thought, why not have a little fun.  So I ran around the house, gathered a few things together and created some fun Halloween-themed vignettes. Are you ready for the big night?  Have the candy all ready?  You don’t want to get “tricked” ya know! πŸ˜‰

Halloween Decorations and New Lamp for the Office


I have this thing about fabric shades.  I prefer a lamp with an all fabric shade and preferably in white or cream. This lamp had both.  I love the colored, burlap, etc… shades but they just never give off enough light to suit me.

This lamp is made by Hampton Bay and since it’s heavy, it feels nice and sturdy when you turn it on and off.  I don’t like a wobbly lamp.

Halloween Decorations and New Lamp for the Office


It has a cute “swing-arm” design.  Love that style!  It works well with the ORB knobs on the chest. The price was right, just $49.97, which ended up being $45 with my military discount.  Not too shabby for a lamp this size with an all fabric shade.

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes



Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


Changed up the vignette, swapping the ghost for a mercury glass pumpkin under a glass cloche. 

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


Have some candy, if you can get you-know-who to move!

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


I think I had a little too much fun creating all these today.  It was fun playing. I found this vintage scale in a local consignment shop a few weeks ago.  Amazingly, it still works.

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


Okay, check this out.  This is Mr. Pumpkin with a tealight candle inside.

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


And here he is with a couple of eerie, purple glow sticks.  HA!

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


I wasn’t sure what I’d do with the scale when I bought it, but I’ve discovered it makes a fun pedestal for just about anything.

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


Sure you don’t want a piece of candy?

Halloween Decorating Fun Vignettes


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Decorations and New Lamp for the Office

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  1. Wow! That is the most beautiful office/craft room I have ever seen!



  2. I do like that lamp! It’s perfect in your room! I see you did have some fun with your decorations! I love all the looks!
    I’m ready for Halloween although we don’t get any little goblins! I hope it will be a nice night. We’re having rather cold windy weather after hurricane Sandy rolled through.
    My heart goes out to all of them in the East and my prayers are with them.

  3. Love, love the lamp Susan!!…and all the Halloween “vignettes”….I sigh every time I see your office/craft room…it is so beautiful!!…Happy Halloween!!!

  4. Susan,
    The lamp looks great! Enjoy all your halloween touches. You do such an amazing job!

  5. Susan, your office gets better and better. What a joy it must be to work in this space. Love the Halloween vignettes. I forwarded the post to my cousin so she can see the idea of using the scale w/ jack-o-lanterns, etc.
    Thanks~ Sarah

    • Thanks, Sarah! I never imagined how it would turn out when I started it. I think it has just sorted of decorated itself. Thanks for forwarding it to your cousin…hope she enjoys it. πŸ™‚

  6. So cute! And I love the candy bowl too!

  7. I am hoping maybe eventually This “office” of mine will truly become an office, with built ins or pieces like you have. I do love that lamp and your vignettes are terrific. I don’t think we will have any trick or treaters:( XO, Pinky

  8. Oh, Susan, I love your new lamp!
    Actually I have 3 lamps who could all be her little “sisters” because they are similar to her, that means that they too, are nickel plated and have white fabric shades, but they are “simpler” … and that means they are without decorative flourish and they don’t have a swing arm. (OK, maybe they are not siblings! lol) Their all name is “Arstid” and I found them at my “favorite Swedish store”… (Do you know whom I mean? lol) Actually I only needed a new lamp for my desk, but after seeing how pretty it looked on my table, I went back and purchased 2 more! (I don’t need them now, but you can never know… Their regular price was 30 euros/each, but with my family card I paid the half price! πŸ™‚ )
    But isn’t it astonishing how much a new lamp can change the look of a whole room?
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. I HATE that “Sandy”!!!

  9. Susan, now that is a nice Halloween vignette, not a creepy crawlie in sight!! πŸ™‚ Love your new lamp and the scale and also your pestal and mortar bowl. You find the greatest things, you have the best stores down there, I love it when we go shopping in the U.S. My daughter and I look forward to our trips to Spokane and Wenatchee.

  10. Susan, I’m with you on the lamps. I just don’t like most of what I see in the stores. Then I saw the one you bought, and I laughed. We have two almost identical to yours; I bought them at Home Depot too!

  11. Susan, the lamp you selected is just perfect for your room. It’s good to not be in a hurry to finish a room because the right thing will come along eventually. And that scale does make a good pedestal for your “punkinhead.”

  12. Jenah Parris says

    Great Halloween setting! I love it! Where did the bowl come from? I love the more unusual stuff you use! (Or when you make the usual, unusual!) Mr. Pumpkin looks great on the scale, and the lamp is lovely!

  13. You have had some good luck finding new lamps. The one on your porch was perfect and now this one. I also like the white shade. I groaned a little when you said you removed the brass, but this lamp is really perfect for this space. While this is none of my business, I am so glad to see the clock back in the room. It is the best one I have seen anywhere. I don’t think you are picky, I think of it as the Goldilocks approach and one of the reasons we follow your site. We count on you to get it just right. Good job.

    • Thanks, Madonna! I had forgotten about the porch lamp…that was a good find on that one. I missed the clock, too. It really looks better in person than in the pics. I was noticing today how the chest always looks so small in the pics and feels larger in person. It’s like an illusion. Maybe I should take some pics with my 50mm lens. I think it’s supposed to feel closer to reality than any other lens.

  14. Wow, Wow, Wow! I, too, love your office – it’s beautiful and I couldn’t find one thing in the whole room I wouldn’t love to have {especially the faux mercury glass – just gorgeous}! Fantastic job.

  15. What a beautiful office space!!!! I just adore it!

  16. I really do love this room! And I think I liked all of the different “scale toppers” equally! They were all so whimsical!

  17. MariaElena says

    This lamp is just perfect for your office!!! Gorgeous! Love, love, your Halloween decorations!

  18. Mary from Virginia says

    Just when I think you can’t make your office any more beautiful, you do! Love that lamp! I always find neat lamps at Home Depot or Lowes, but I haven’t see your lamp at my Home Depot.

    Clever and fun Halloween displays. I would probably eat that whole bowl of candy! πŸ˜‰

    My treat-bags are packed and ready for tonight! Have a good Halloween!

  19. Cathy Johnson says

    Susan, I could sit and look at pictures of your office all day! It is my inspiration for the office/craft room I hope to have one day. Love all of the pictures of the different vingettes, you are so creative!!!!

  20. I just love it when you post pictures of your home office. It’s so elegant and creative. Just like you, I imagine. The lamp is lovely. It fits very well in the space. Well done.

  21. REALLY good purchase – the scale!!! franki

  22. Very envious of this space! And aren’t you having just too much fun decorating and re-decoratng that little table. I think they all look great!

  23. Jeannie from WNC says

    Whata great lamp! I love your trick or treat bowl! Where oh where did you find it! Looks like you are all ready for the little tricksters! We just get our grands at our house, country road where we all live, not in town.
    Happy halloween! πŸ™‚

  24. What cute Halloween vignettes, Susan–I never thought to put the purple glo-sticks inside a pumpkin–cool idea! The lamp is very pretty, and I like the graphic on the side of the candy bowl as well.

  25. I really like your new lamp, Susan! I like the shade and swing arm style. I may be one of the few out there right now that doesn’t like drum shades. They reminde me of the lamps we had when I was a kid and I didn’t like drum shades then. Your new lamp looks great beside your chair and on the little chest you have there. I wish I had your office!

  26. You were having too much fun with your vignette, weren’t you? πŸ˜‰ I’m loving your scales! I think it adds just a touch of whimsy with the rust and chipped look against everything else in the room. And, I love the cloche with the mercury pumpkin!
    Oh, and I’ll have a piece of candy, thank you. If you’re all out of Snickers, I’ll take a Milky Way bar. Just don’t get pecked!! LOL

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