A Cozy Autumn Winter Bed & A Big Sale Announcement

Welcome to the 558th Metamorphosis Monday

Happy Autumn to you! I’ve been playing around a little in my bedroom, changing out the summer sheets for something a bit cozier for fall.

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


You may remember I recently ordered these sheets to pair with my winter bedding. (Sheets are available here: Woodland Sheets.)


I’ve never shown my bed turned down here on the blog. Do you know what the hardest part was about creating this post? Trying to casually drape/toss the white furry throw and have it look “casual.” That’s the hardest thing in the world to do when you’re trying to make it happen. Any other time I could just toss it on the bed and it would be perfect! Ha!

Red, Green Plaid Tartan Bedding Duvet


Come on in and see what you think.

Tartan Red & Green Bedding


Ummm, I could have added my down mattress pad under the sheets for an extra, extra plush, cozy look! I may do that and take a photo to add to this post. That would be more of a “fantasy bed” look since I don’t sleep with it on the bed normally.

Cozy Winter Bedding, Tartan and Flannel


The two smaller plaid pillows are by Ralph Lauren. I found the one in front in Marshalls a few years back. The darker green one next to it…

Fall and Winter Bedding Ideas


…is from Ralph Lauren’s Duke Devonshire Collection. Isn’t this a gorgeous, room?! Perfect for a man…so masculine! No one does plaid or tartan better than Ralph! Don’t think it’s still available, but you can see this bedding better here: Duke Devonshire.

Duke Devonshire Collection, Ralph Lauren

Photo via Ralph Lauren


The LOVE pillow is from Pottery Barn several years ago. They actually had it available at Christmas but I also use it on the bed for Valentine’s Day. It looks like they have a new style in for this year and it’s currently on sale. See it here: Love Pillow.

Dressing the bed for winter in plaid, flannel and tartan


So how do you like the sheets? They are incredibly cozy and soft!

Woodland themed bedding, Flannel Bedding


I added the steps beside the bed for this last photo, although I just climb right in foregoing the steps when it’s time for bed.

Do you like these sheets with my tartan bedding? Tartan Bedding is available here: Tartan Bedding.

Romantic Winter Bedding, Stairs for Tall Bed


Huge Sale

I just noticed that Talbots is having a huge one day sale, 40% off everything on the site! Again, it’s just for today. You’ll find the sale here: Talbots Sale.


I may have to cave and get these boots I’ve been trying to resist! I love the style! You’ll find the boots here: Boots.

Boots for Autumn


See some of my other favorites that they have in for fall in this previous post: Touring Two Equestrian Homes and Dressing in Equestrian Style for Autumn.

Equestrian Style Clothes


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I love your bedding and your casually thrown throw! Isn’t that always the way? 🙂 Your whole room is lovely though Susan!

    And thanks for the heads up on the Talbot’s sale – 40% is a good deal. Happy Monday and thanks as always for hosting this excellent party!

    • Thanks, Barbara! lol Yes, that throw drove me nuts! How do they do it in all the ads we see online, everything always looks so natural and inviting. 🙂

  2. Linda Gurganus (Page) says

    Love those sheets!! Your bed looks great. It is finally in the low 60’s here today! But by Wednesday we will be back to summer weather! Using my new last name, so don’t let that throw you off as to who this is.

  3. Terri Santiago says

    I love LLBean.!!!!
    I have their flannel sheets and I would not put any other on my bed.
    Very cozy and soft, wash great.
    Happy Fall

    • I so agree! This set isn’t quite as thick/heavy as their “Heritage” line which is what my other flannel sheets are, but they were less expensive, too. They are plenty soft and warm, though. Happy Fall to you, Terri!

  4. Your bedroom is lovely. I like the winter sheets. Are they flannel? Do you find it hot to sleep on flannel sheets?
    I wish your white matlassee was a size larger. I think it looks skimpy on your big 4 poster bed.

    • Thanks, Mildred! It’s a queen-size matelasse and it’s a queen-size bed. It’s not a bedspread so I wouldn’t want it to hang any longer. To me, it looks perfect all the way around. The bed is quite tall so the bed skirt has a long drop which I love. Maybe you’re just not used to seeing a 26-inch drop on a bed skirt. I wouldn’t like it if the matelasse hung down any longer.

  5. Mary from Virginia says

    It looks beautiful! I’ll be glad when it’s officially cool enough for flannel sheets and shirts. It’s still warm here. Heading to the beach Friday!

  6. The sheets look perfect with the bedding, as I knew they would. Really, they’re ideal. I can’t imagine a better pattern with the tartan.

    Susan, that looks like a great deal on those boots you like! (Next Monday will we be seeing your sport those for your summer-to-autumn metamorphosis?) 😀

    • Thanks, Pam! They really work so well with the tartan design of the duvet. They out of my size now, unfortunately. I resisted since I have some boots almost exactly like them. I hope they get them back in though…I may cave yet. lol

  7. I’m swooning over all these plaids!!

  8. Very pretty! I, too, could never make a throw look “casual” when I tried to drape it over the left side of a small loveseat in my foyer. I finally got online to see if I could find out how. Fold the throw in half (both fringes on mine met at the bottom of the throw), then fold across into thirds, and drape. It has worked well for me and is very easy. Enjoy your posts so much!

  9. I love everything you put out. What ever the season your table settings, beds,
    dishes. It puts me in a good mood.


    • Aww, thanks Sandy! That the best compliment I could ever get because that’s always my goal. I want every post to either inspire, entertain or to at least bring a smile to the face of the person who’s reading it. So thanks so much for that!

  10. Susan, the sheets are perfection with that plaid! Love it! I took advantage of the Talbot’s sale very early this morning. The boots are sold out in anything above size 6.5 in the brown. They have every size in the black. Unfortunately, I want the brown.

    • I bet they will get more in since they’ve been so popular, hopefully they will! If I didn’t already have Frye boots in a very similar color/style, I would have bought those when I first saw them. Katherine, I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I see them back in stock. Another thing you may want to do is to call their customer service and ask them to see if they are in stock somewhere in a store. I’ve done that when something was showing out of my size online and they found them in a store and had them shipped to me.

      • I have black Frye boots that are very similar as well. I must say, they’re not very comfortable! I appreciate you keeping an eye out.

  11. Elena MacDermant says

    Love your bedroom! Where did you get the white matelisse/ knit blanket?

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love, love, love it! The woodland look with tartan pairs beautifully…you always come up with great combos. I so want this winter look for our guest bedroom, but there are too many pinks and blues in that room for it to work…perhaps if I redo that room one day (sigh). Wish I had gotten those boots while they still had size 6.5, dang it! Autumn is starting to come around; I see a red leaf here and there on some of the maples out back…can’t wait. I won’t put fall decor out until next month as we’re taking off again soon for the mountains. Then, it will be hurry up and decorate so we have awhile to enjoy everything lol! Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Bobbi, keep an eye on the website since occasionally things get returned. They need to get them back in again since they were so popular.
      I have my wreath on my door but I’m about to have the front porch painted next week so I need to remove it and wait to decorate.
      Have fun in the mountains! What a perfect time to be going!

  13. Who wouldn’t want to jump into that bed with all the cozy going on? Especially on a cool night with soft flannel sheets. I really like the pine cones with the plaid. Perfect.

  14. Susan….One question: do you keep your AC going all winter??LOL….I would just swelter in that cozy bed and I live where below zero temps often prevail….how do you do it in Georgia. On a more serious note: I agree with your fan who would love to jump into this warm pile of cozy and curl up for a warm winter’s nap!

    • lol Well, I am always cold it seems but I would get really hot at night if I slept under the down duvet. The duvet is more decorative on the bed than anything.
      During the winter, I turn my heat down to around 65 at night and I sleep always on flannel sheets under a top sheet, the matelasse, and a blanket on top.
      Last year, I treated myself to an electric blanket… I blogged about that at the time. So what I did last year was turn on the blanket when I started getting ready for bed, then by the time I had my teeth brushed and was in my PJs, the bed would be toasty warm which was delicious to climb into. I turned off the blanket when I got into bed and just slept under the topsheet, matelasse and the blanket in the off position. I guess the duvet would come in handy if I ever lose heat, but it’s too warm to actually sleep under since I have central heat/air.

  15. The new sheets are cha cha,

  16. Oh, this is so beautiful, Susan, I knew I L.O.V.E your new flannel sheets!
    I bet they make it hard for you to get up in the morning, don’t they? 😀
    Also love your matelassé and its scalloped edge! It’s so feminine and elegant! ♥
    No wonder, your bedroom is just perfection to me, Susan! 🙂

  17. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Lovely! Where can I purchase the plaid bedding??¿????????

  18. I love your bedroom and all your newsletters, but I must say I am not pleased with Talbot’s any longer. The last several times I ordered from them, I received “confirmation” of my items and that they would be shipped. Then, 3 or 4 days later, I received “notices” that my items were no longer in stock! 3 or 4 days later! This is after I gave up on other items at other stores because I had ordered at Talbot’s. If it happened once, I would say it was a fluke. But, it’s happened several times now, so I am not so willing to trust them any longer.

    • I had that happen with one pair of sandals this summer but that’s the only time I’ve had it happen. Sounds like they are having a little trouble keeping up with how fast things sell out. I guess it’s the good sales they’ve been having. Sorry you are having that issue, Susan. Hopefully they will get it worked out.

  19. I love all your plaid!!!!

    Thanks for hosting!

  20. The sheets look nice but your bed looks soooooo comfy I could just jump in!!!

  21. Very pretty bed! Is the coverlet white or cream? Do you generally favor one of those colors over the other? I see that you don’t have pictures to the left or right of your bed behind the lamps. Is this a seasonal thing or all year long personal preference?

    • It’s a light cream color. I use it with both my summer and winter bedding. A white matelasse wouldn’t work with either, so the light cream is just right.
      I have a white matelasse on my guest bed, you can see it here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/hardwood-flooring-for-the-guest-room-a-reveal/
      I just haven’t looked for anything to put there. I’ve tried several things over the bed itself and never kept any of them until I hung the preserved wreath. I love it there and leave it up all year long. I’m not sure I want anything over or near the lamps. Kinda like how it looks without anything there.
      I’d love to add some beautiful draperies to this room but haven’t found any I like so far.

  22. Love how tall your bed is and the long dust ruffle. This is such a great wintry look especially with those sheets. I think I’ll try some flannel sheets this winter!

  23. The new flannel sheets and the tartan look like good friends already! Beautiful together.

  24. Susan,
    I’m the admin at a small church in Sparks Nevada. We do an annual Christmas tea. We found your picture online of a tea setting and fireplace, looks like posted in 2010. We would like to use this picture on our invitations, menus, announcements. Please contact me regarding permissions and any costs and I can let you which picture we’re looking at.
    Thank you.

  25. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  26. thank you Susan, your bedroom looks very cozy!

  27. Oh, Susan, your bed looks sooo inviting ! Love your new sheets (bet the flannel feels yummy) and it coordinates so well with your bedding. It must be hard to get out of bed on a cold morning! Just beautiful, as always.

  28. Love your winter sheets Susan! They are perfect with your comforter.

  29. Thanks for hosting, Susan. Have a great week ahead. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  30. Your bedroom looks very cozy and comfy – the sheets go very well with the tartan – perfect for fall and winter. I’m wondering though — do you read in bed? The lamps cast the light below the level of the bed. Have you thought about getting taller lamps?

    • I don’t normally read in bed. I see what you’re saying. When I bought a new mattress a couple of years back, it’s a bit taller. I love my lamps and don’t want to change them, but what I would love (if I had the space) is to place a chest on either side of the bed. I’ve seen that done and it’s a gorgeous look plus offers so much storage. I don’t have the space on the left but could do it on the right side of the bed.
      Maybe I could just place a few large books under the lamps. I looked to see if I could use a taller harp but I think it would raise the shade too much. I also don’t like it when a lamp is too high beside a chair. I have that issue with one lamp in my living room. It sits a bit high and it’s glaring when you are sitting reading beside it. So I’d rather they be a tad low than too high, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the suggestion, Barb! I think I may play around with placing some of my larger books underneath and see how that looks.

      • I’ve seen chests placed bedside for “bedside tables” & love the look too. But your idea for stacking some books under the lamps is terrific! It would add to the character of the room and up the cozy-factor too. Love your blog, Susan – always something new to learn.

  31. Your bed looks beautiful; love the Tartan plaid and the Woodland sheets look just right with the plaid. Just two questions…have you ever considered to have a rug under the bed, and once Spring arrives do you remove all the plaid and have a different look? Thanks!

  32. Franki Parde says

    “Sweet Dreams!!” You know I love the bedding & boots!! franki

  33. Cyndi Raines says

    Perfection with fluff! LOVE IT! Those sheets are a perfect match for the beautiful plaid and the cream colored matelasse is beautiful as well. Good job Susan! You’re all set for those cold winter nights!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! Are you gearing up for fall and winter up your way? I have plenty of puzzles and books to keep me company this winter as I hold up and stay warm inside. lol

  34. Susan, I’m an old reader of your blog; have loved it for so long and enjoyed all of your posts. Re: the matelasse bedspread, I once used my pale yellow twin spread on my big kitchen table as a tablecloth and it was really pretty with the design showing. I needed yellow at the moment so I made it work. I used it several times after that. Thought you and your readers might like to know.

    • That’s an awesome idea! I’ve used a throw in the past and one used a duvet cover, but I don’t think I’ve used one of my matelasses, yet. I love that idea though! Great way to make those pieces do double duty and really work for us!

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