Happy Independence Day!

Welcome to the 823rd Tablescape Thursday! This is the current state of my garage. Crazy times! The floors inside are looking great, though.


Here’s a view of the living room at present. In case you’re new to reading BNOTP, the hose to my icemaker leaked and it damaged a small section of the flooring underneath the refrigerator. Since my hardwood flooring is continuous throughout the downstairs, every room had to be refinished. When I took these photos, the sanding had been done but the natural stain and poly had not yet been applied. It looks very different today since that has been done now.


This process has taught me two things: Choose either tile of LVP for a kitchen floor. If you don’t like the idea of tile since it can be a bit tiring for standing/working, consider LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank.) My neighbor remodeled her kitchen a few years back and went with LVP and it’s beautiful! You would never know it’s not regular hardwood flooring.


She and her husband have enjoyed having LVP in their kitchen so much that they will be using it throughout the downstairs of the big, beautiful home they are currently building in Big Canoe. They have a large doggie and LVP is pretty impervious to anything a big dog can dish out.


The only room downstairs that still looks “normal” is the screened porch. I’m still working on getting the chain covers back on the porch swing now that the exterior painting has been completed. I had removed the covers when the house was being pressure washed prior to painting. I have the lower chains covered, but I couldn’t bring out my tall ladder to do the other chains with everything that’s been going on inside.


For my first two nights out of the house while the floors were being redone, I stayed in this cute Treetopper in Big Canoe. Here’s a view of the living room and kitchen as seen from the door.


This stay made me a big fan of Treetoppers. There are quite a few Treetoppers in Big Canoe and they are perfect to rent for a couple or an individual—just the right size. They would even work for a family of three if the sofa is a sofa sleeper. I don’t think I’ll ever rent a full cabin again unless I’m visiting BC with a big group of friends or family.


The bedroom was charming and had wonderful views.

Beautiful Views, Treetopper Cottage


The bathroom was really nice and updated, although I didn’t take a photo of it while there.


I was fascinated by the construction of the Treetoppers. I’m not sure how many Treetopper homes exist in Big Canoe, but I’m pretty sure they are original to when BC was first conceived over 50 years ago. Just looking up at the ceiling, they appear to be built to stand the test of time.


This was my view from the deck.


During my three-day, two-night stay in BC, I saw a lot of activity out on the water. Big Canoe has three small lakes and this particular Treetopper overlooks the largest of the three lakes, Lake Petit. Do you see the little island there in the center of the photo? Eagles nest there every year and Big Canoe residents have captured some wonderful pictures of them over the years. The eagles love flying down to capture fish from the lake.


The white posters/signs visible atop each post along this section of the bridge that spans over the dam, depict images of those who have served. I’m pretty sure they are past family members of those who are currently living in Big Canoe. It’s a beautiful tribute that BC does every year for the 4th of July. They may also do that for other patriotic holidays, I’m not sure.


Though I wasn’t able to share a table for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m so looking forward to seeing all the beautiful tables linked below this week! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. The tree-topper concept is intriguing; it does seem the perfect size for one or two. I hope more places adopt that idea.
    Happy Independence Day, Susan!!

  2. What a perfect time to see your furniture out of it’s normal setting to help you envision what you want to move to Ohio!

    • I had to box up all the dishes in the china cabinet and buffet, and all the decorative small items in two secretaries, so it was like getting ready for a move. My head is spinning! Hope you have a wonderful 4th, Nancy!

  3. Do you have a projected big move date? Or are you waiting until your home in Georgia sells? Just curious. Too bad you can’t move while everything is out of the main level or it will be like moving twice to put everything back only to pack it all up a bit later.

    • No, I haven’t fully decided if I am going to sell this home. I probably will, but not sure just yet. I need some time to fully let go after living here for 34 years. If I do decide to sell it, homes always how show much better with furniture in them, so I think it’s best to not move stuff out just yet.

  4. What a fabulous little place to stay – I love that treetopper – a what a fun name too! I love seeing more of the actual achetecture of your home with all the furniture out. There’s something so exciting about an empty house – maybe it’s all that potential! Hope you’re having a great holiday, and thanks for hosting, as always!

  5. Happy 4th of July Susan! Looks like so much work is getting done at the house in GA. Love the views you have in and out of the Treetopper. Enjoy and have fun!!! You’ve earned a rest, and there is plenty more to be done, so rest while you can. Hugs, Brenda

  6. Jane Clary says

    I am currently having my floors redone also. Would you share what stain you are going with. So many decisions. My floors are white oak.

    • Mine are white oak too and he just did a natural stain. I think he just put the poly on and he’s doing three coats and it’s giving it this yellow and look that I like. So it’s not really a stain color, just the poly going on top of the White Oak.

  7. Kathleen says

    What a great place to stay and recover from the destruction the leak caused! For that to happen when you have so much going on I am so sorry. Water damage is right up there with fire and so sneaky! Happy Independence Day to you too.

  8. Did you take any photos of the treetopper from the outside? Sounds amazing. Glad you got away for a few days. You have been so busy for the past year. I was thinking how difficult it would be if you were 10-15 years older making this move. I think you are smart waiting until the time feels right to sell the house in GA. This way you won’t have regrets.
    Happy 4th of July.

  9. I came back to scroll through the photos. Susan, you take spring cleaning to the extreme. LOL I have been moving things around for a year because of some damage and I keep saying I should have rented a truck, taken everything out, and put it back.

  10. Susan, I can hardly believe that leak caused that much of a hassle for you!! So sorry, what with everything else you’re juggling as well. But wow, your living room looks so pretty, even without all the furniture! Such a beautiful room. I know you fell in love with it at first sight. I certainly would have. I hope you’re homeowners insurance is covering all this.

    Happy Independence day to you, Susan. I hope every generation learns about and appreciates all that our forefathers did for us in founding this country.

  11. Susan, we have LVP floors in our kitchen and bathrooms and we love them. We used to have ceramic tile and I hated it. It was hard to keep clean and the grout never looked clean. I will always have LVP floors!
    Happy fourth of July! God bless America!

  12. Susan, we have LVP floors in our kitchen and both bathrooms and love them! We had ceramic tile before and they were hard to keep clean and the grout always looked dirty. We will never have anything but LVP again!!! Happy Fourth of July!
    God bless America!!

    • I love the idea of LVP in a kitchen! Good to know you love yours! My Oakwood kitchen has original hardwood flooring or I would put it in there. I hope I never have a icemaker leak issue there!

  13. Franceil Parde says

    What a CHARMING Tree Topper!!! I hope you..
    “Let It Go” & “that problem” will be better. What a mess, though, huh… franki

  14. Jeannie Terry says

    Susan, do you have contact info for the treetoppers? Looks like a great getaway!!
    Love seeing your processes in moving. You really know how to “grab the bull by the horns” and get things done. There are so many details in prepping both houses. Thank you for taking the time to show and tell. Living close to your grandchildren will make it all worth it. We couldn’t have guessed how wonderful it is to be a grandmother. But here we are, having the time of our lives!!

  15. Deanna Morrow says

    Hi Susan! Congratulations on purchasing your new home! We’ll miss you here in Georgia, but I can’t wait to see what your future holds! I am in the Smyrna area and always in search of honest, reliable contractors for making repairs and improvements. Would you mind sharing the company you are using for your hardwood floors?

  16. Terry Lloyd says

    I am so happy for you and the opportunity to move close to family. The cottage is darling and just right for down sizing with room for family to stay over. Dreams do come true❤️

  17. I have plank flooring in my whole house. It’s not vinyl, but wood plank. I have had more compliments on this flooring than anything in the house. I love it. It’s a dark brown with variation in wood tones. Think about trying that next time possibly. Carol

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