Gotta Leave Now, So I’m Staying In A Big Canoe TreeTopper—Plus, A Fabulous Dress!

Welcome to the 805th Metamorphosis Monday! I am looking forward to a few slower days sometime soon. Right now every day is jam-packed. I just got back from donating some things to Goodwill, including some of the mirrors that I had down the front staircase wall. I’m preparing to have the upstairs hall painted so it was time to remove everything along this wall.


The boxes are growing in the garage! They are filled with china from the china cabinets in the dining room, living room, and the dining room sideboard. I hope I can get most of these into my SUV the next time I head up to the Dollhouse.

Moving Boxes Filled with China, Dinnerware


The hardwood flooring company that I’ve used several times in the past and trust with my floors, will be arriving on Monday to redo the floors in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it looks like they will need to refinish the entire downstairs since my hardwood flooring is continuous all the way through. That means I will need to vacate the premises for a few days. Rather than stay in a hotel, I booked a little “Treetopper” cottage at one of my favorite nearby getaways, Big Canoe.


You may remember when I visited Big Canoe last September and took this photo from the deck of the charming cabin I stayed in during that trip. (Read more about that visit here: In the Mountains of Big Canoe)

Beautiful Long Range Views, Big Canoe


When I return after the 4th, the flooring should be finished. That means the refrigerator can finally be moved back to its normal spot and the rebuilding will start.


Several of you suggested that instead of rebuilding the small desk back, to do something different in this space. I like that idea and would love to have some pretty cabinetry that looks a bit like what you would see in a Butler’s Pantry. Not sure what the cost would be for something like that, but hopefully the custom cabinet maker will have some ideas that are beautiful and affordable. I’ll share what happens in this spot once it’s underway.


Changing gears, recently in a comment on the post where I shared the Speed Queen washer that I purchased (which I still absolutely love!) I was asked if I had a favorite laundry detergent. After experimenting with several, this is by far my favorite. It works amazingly well, everything comes out sooo clean! I have almost used up this tub, so it’s time to buy more. I like how well it works and can definitely recommend it, no matter what type of washing machine you use. You’ll find it available here: OxiClean White Revive Whitener and Stain Remover. Update: Apparently, this is mainly for whites, but I’ve been using it on everything. It says that it’s safe on colors and so far, I haven’t seen any fading in my colored clothes.


A few days ago, I was watching a video on YouTube and the woman in the video was wearing the prettiest dress. She never mentioned where it was from but there were so many comments left about the dress, someone in the comments recognized the dress and gave the name of the brand. I was able to find it online. It’s a brand that I had never heard of before and it’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for a special dress for summer (Don’t think you’ll see yourself coming and going in this one!) this would be a great dress for a summer party, special event, ladies luncheon, church, work, or just running to the grocery store. Notice the pretty button detail down the front…sooo cute!


The design and fabric remind me of the dresses I’ve seen by Dolce and Gabanna or by Zimmermann, just without the D & G or Zimmerman price tag. If you love the look of this beautiful dress, you’ll find it available here: Floral Summer Dress, AND here: Floral Summer Dress.


There are a ton of great 4th of July sales going on right now, including at Talbots where they are offering 40% off everything, even their just-in, new releases.


The sandals that I shared recently that I think are so pretty are now 40% off. They would look amazing with the dress above, wouldn’t they?  You’ll find them available here: Summer Sandals.


Love this beachy-themed shirt, perfect for a trip to the beach or sitting around the pool when you want to stay cool but keep the sun off your arms. You’ll find it 40% off here: Scenic Beach Design, Summer Vaca.


This top is exquisite! The embroidery work is so beautiful! This top is currently on sale 40% off here: Embroidered Eyelet Top.


Cute, cute top with palm tree imagery! I would love to be on an island surrounded by palm trees right now! This top is 40% off here: Palm Tree Summer Top.


Love the look of this summery cardigan! It would be great for chilly evenings and would be a great transition piece going into autumn. It’s currently 40% off here: Organic Cotton Cardigan.


Another great top for summer—love the colors and the hibiscus floral design! This top is currently 40% off here: Non-Iron Summer Top, Hibiscus Design.


You can tell I’m drawn to the tropical designs, they make me feel like I’m on vacation when I wear them, even if I’m just out running errands. This colorful summer top is currently on sale 40% off here: Tropical Shirt for Summer.


I’ll be taking my laptop with me to Big Canoe. If the wifi is good, I’ll share some of that wonderful mountain community with you while I’m there this next week. Looking forward to sharing some kitchen updates soon. What are your plans for the 4th? Any trips planned or will you be relaxing at home?

I’ll be heading back to the Dollhouse later this month for a desk delivery. Lots happening there almost every day, too! My son has been so helpful in letting plumbers and such in while I’m away. The whole-house water filter was just changed out in the Dollhouse yesterday. I’ve never had a whole-house water filter, so excited to have one of those at the new “old” house. Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday! Pssst: Did you know Between Naps On The Porch is on Instagram? You’ll find me on Instagram here: Between Naps On The Porch. Like to know when a new blog post is up? Subscribe for email updates (it’s free) and your e-mail will never be shared. Subscribe for free post updates here: Subscribe.

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  1. SharonFromMichigan says

    We use the OXI Clean White Revive often. Works like a dream. My husband is on the local American Legion Honor Guard & they wear white gloves for funeral services & when they shoot the rifles, the gloves get dirty from the guns and gun powder. OXI gets them back to bright white! Enjoy your much needed down time!

    • It does, I love it! I also like that it’s not scented. Wow, I can imagine that would be hard to get off white gloves. That’s great that it works so well! Thanks, Sharon!

  2. Susan, looks like you made a good decision to get away while the floors are being redone.
    I have only used liquids in my SQ. Do you add that powder and let the water fill before putting in clothes? One thing I have started using in addition to liquid detergent that I love is Lysol Liquid Sanitizer. You put it in the center agitator depository ( for the rinse cycle). It’s great for towels especially, but I started using it on summer clothes overall.
    Funny story…I mentioned I bought four tees from Talbots. I visited a sister in Cincy this past week and she gave me a belated birthday gift. It was a duplicate of one of the tees I chose! I love having two of that same one now.
    I’m helping a bestie pack up and move (locally) by the 23rd. Sat I helped her with a yard sale. It was 79° at 6am that day, and progressively hotter through the day. But it’s done. Whew.
    Carry on, friend.

    • What a great friend you are! Garage/yard sales are one of my least favorite things to do. The preparation for them is a lot of work!
      I have been sprinkling the detergent in as it’s filling up with water. So far, that seems to be working great. I really prefer powder, not sure why, I just find it less messy to use. So far, my colors are coming out great with this detergent, too.

  3. Susan, do you use the OxiClean White Revive alone as a detergent–or do you add it to the laundry with another regular detergent?
    Thank you!

    • I’ve been using it alone, didn’t realize it was mostly for brightening whites. It’s supposed to be safe on color clothes and my Lilly Pulitzer tops are still colorful and bright. I’ll probably start using a detergent, too…maybe the Arm & Hammer one. I prefer powder detergents over liquid.

      • I love the White Revive! I use the pods because I have three small doggies and I’m liable to spill powder. I use the White Revive on white sheets, towels, socks and men’s undies but also on any prints that have white in them. No fading at all. I use it in combination with Kirkland free and clear detergent from Costco.

  4. Susan, the Oxi Clean says to use with detergent. What detergent do you use ?

    • I’ve been using it by its self, even on my colored clothes. Everything has come out great. I didn’t realize you were supposed to use it with a detergent. I usually use about 1/2 a scoop since my clothes are not that dirty. It definitely has brightened my whites.

    • I’m going to try this Arm & Hammer detergent and I guess I’ll save the OxiClean for my white shorts and pants which I pretty much live in from May to September.

  5. This may have already been suggested, but what a great space for a beverage station where your desk was. I would love to have a dedicated coffee and beverage space in my home but I don’t have the room.

  6. I’ve always been leery of using OxiClean on my colored things for fear of fading. Have you not experienced that?
    I’m getting ready to make my own detergent. I follow several ladies on Instagram who make their own and I want to try it.
    Sounds like you have a lot of things going on at both houses. Btw, I love the mountain cabin! My favorite place to be….

    • Yup, way too much to keep up with! lol No, it hasn’t caused any fading, they look the same, the colors are nice and bright. I probably shouldn’t use it every wash as I’ve been doing, but so far it has been fine. Yes, I’m looking forward to some time there. If I could live anywhere, it would be in the mountains.

  7. Your getaway is a smart idea. You might need it more than you realize and I hope you can relax–body and mind.

  8. Hi Susan, not sure if I missed this detail but what’s your favorite laundry detergent? I love adding Oxi White Revive to my detergent too.

    • I’ve just been using the Oxi White Revive, didn’t realize it wasn’t considered a detergent. lol So I guess I need to buy something else to go with it…thinking about the Arm & Hammer powdered detergent. The Oxi White Revive has been working great, though…even on all my colorful clothes.

  9. Michele M. says

    I love you’re going back to Big Canoe. What a wonderful way to de-stress amidst all you have going on!!!! Oh my goodness are you in for a treat with a whole house filteration system. You won’t believe how happy your skin will be. And your hair will be as shiny as it was when you were a girl. GREAT decision.

  10. Susan,
    What caught my attention was your trip to Big Canoe… I am just about finished with everything that I need to do in the wake of Joe’s passing so now I have to decide what the rest of my life is going to look like….My son is actually going to Pittsburgh alone to honor his Dad. It was an annual trip that they made to see a Pittsburgh Pens Hickey Game and tour the sites in the area….He feels it is something that he just need to do….And I do know many travel alone but it is just something that I am not used to….Happy July 4th!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this charming party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  11. Thanks Susan, Happy July and enjoy your getaway to Big Canoe!

  12. Susan, have a great, relaxing break from the house packing! And I will definitely try the Oxy…our clothes always seem to be dull, even though we have a water softener. Happy 4th!

  13. Relax and enjoy your getaway; you have such a busy summer ahead of you. I know you’re loving all the projects with your homes. I can’t wait to see the dollhouse when you’re moved in. Happy July!

  14. Oh my goodness – what a whirlwind! But how nice to have an enforced “vacation” and get to spend time in such a beautiful place. So sweet of your son to help out too. I actually love moving, and especially the settling in part at the end! 🙂 Thanks for all the great suggestions, and of course for hosting. Happy Monday!

  15. Susan, are you still in the tree tops resting and rejuvenating ? What is the temperature ? The heat index here will be over 100 today, but thank goodness we aren’t getting the hurricane. Color us jealous of your mini vacation.

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