Pickiest Lamp Person In The World

Welcome to the 283rd Metamorphosis Monday!

I love lamps, but I guess you kind of knew that when you saw this picture of my screened-in porch. I mean, who has a porch added to the back of their home and doesn’t have a single overhead light installed? In the immortal words of Jim Carrey in the movie, Liar, Liar, “It was meeeeee! ” 😉

Screened In Porch at night


I do love lamp lighting in a room because it’s gentle on the decor and kind to the occupants. Just as we look better in softer lighting, the rooms in our home look more inviting when bathed in soft light. In this older picture taken around Christmastime, you can see I have quite a few lamps in my living room/den.  I have them spread out all around the room.

Funny story: Many, many years ago, during the height of the brass lamp days (which appear to be back now-yay!) I was lamp-poor and was in the process of buying lots of lamps for my home. I went to a big warehouse lamp sale and purchased a BUNCH of brass lamps. I was quite pleased until a decorator friend stopped by and told me I had way too many brass lamps in one room. He declared it looked like I had been to a brass lamp sale. And I had!  HA!

Family Room with Hunt Nature Themed Judges Paneling


I don’t normally let the opinions of others sway me when it comes to decorating…I just do what I love. But in this case, he was totally right. I had overdone the brass-lamp thing in this one room so I moved a couple of them out and replaced them with other styles.

As you can see, there’s usually a table in the spot where the Christmas tree was in the above picture.

Family Room With Judges Paneling


This is the lamp that lives there.

Sculpted Bronze Dog Lamp


The small table beside this wingback chair sports a lamp I had made from a ceramic dog found while antiquing/thrifting one day.

Make a Doggie Lamp


I still have plenty of brass lamps in the room. There’s a fat, round one on the heart-shaped table between the chairs in this little seating area in front of the fireplace and a tall brass one in the corner near the bookshelves.

Living Room With Judges Paneling and Jewel Tone Fabrics 2_wm


The taller height of this lamp makes it work well in this corner. I love layering in a room when it makes sense and this lamp gives depth to this little corner of the bookshelves.

Brass Lamp with Black Brass Shade


There’s a wee rooster lamp on one of the bookshelves; did you notice it on the shelf in the picture showing this side of the room? It adds light in a spot where you don’t expect it…love that!

Small Rooster Lamp for a Bookcase Shelf


The tables on either side of the sofa also have brass lamps as seen in this older picture. I still love brass lamps but I’ve been keeping my eye out for a non-brass lamp to break up the “looks-like-you-went-to-a-brass-lamp-sale” motif.

Living Room With Judges Panelinga_wm


In this old photo taken when I still had a wooly tree in the corner, you can see the brass lamp that’s been at this end of the sofa for many years.

Burgundy Leather Wingback Chair


Several months ago I came across a warehouse sale and spotted this lamp. In my ongoing quest to break up the monotony of too many brass lamps in the living room, I purchased it for this spot.

It was a great price, I couldn’t find the receipt this evening but I think it was either $39 or $49. Since it was a warehouse sale, it was a “final sale” item so I was hoping it would work in this corner.

New Lamp For Family Room


This is the fabric on the sofa next to the table…colors of navy, green, gold/yellow and a touch of  burgundy red.  There’s a burgundy-colored leather wingback chair on the other side.



So, what do you think?

You know what really captured my heart about this lamp, well besides the fact it has a bird on it, and I do love birds? Notice the fish scale design…remind you of anything?

New Lamp for the Family Room


This is what it brought to mind for me…my favorite china pattern, Herend’s Rothschild Bird in the green border. I first spotted this china on a home tour and it was love at first site. You can read about that in this old post from 2009: Herend Rothschild Bird…My New Obsession

Herend Rothschild Bird, Green Border


I was curious if Herend had made a similar lamp and maybe this was a knock-off of one of their designs. I Googled this evening and couldn’t find a Herend lamp with the fish scale design. I can’t help but think the china was the inspiration for this lamp, though.

New Lamp For Family Room


So, that’s my wee metamorphosis for this week. The living room has a new lamp and I think at last, it may not look like I went to a brass lamp sale! 😉

Judges Paneling Living Room

This room still needs curtains. It’s never ending, this decorating thing…ya know? And aren’t we glad?!


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  1. I love your new lamp! I have been on a quest for a particular lamp for over a year now. 🙂

  2. Renee Cook says

    Your home is beautiful, warm and welcoming! I love lamps, too. My husband used to tease me and say “time to turn on the atmosphere”, but I have found that if I delay turning on the lamps, he will go around and do it! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

  3. Love your new lamp Susan! It does remind me of the Rothschild Bird design pattern 🙂

  4. I am a lamp person as well, and probably have too many of them. I am stalking one at Pier One at the moment and once the mister leaves town, it will be mine! I’ll swap it out with an ancient one we have, donate the old one, and he’ll never be the wiser. I love your dog lamp. Wow!

  5. I love all of your gorgeous lamps…however, my favorite, favorite is the breathtaking porcelain lamp that also reminds me of the Rothschild Bird pattern….it is truly my favorite, favorite patterns of all !!…One day when I win the lotto, I will have a set of that exquisite china!…thanks for hosting Susan!

    • Shirley, I love that pattern so much! As you know, it is insanely expensive since it’s hand painted. I first spotted the china on a home tour and when I got home I couldn’t wait to look for it on eBay. I found a whole set and the auction STARTED at $4,000! Yikes! That ended that quest. It would definitely take winning the lottery for me, too. I think I would die if I dropped a plate and it broke. Last time I checked, a salad plate is over $300!

  6. I agree…the lamp does look like that plate pattern.
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. That’s really cool how the lamp and china look so similar! You might be on to something there Susan…

    Joining in today with my first MMSMP project. Thanks so much and have a great week!!

  8. Apparently, it pays to be picky. That lamp is stunning! Like you, I LOVE lamps, and like you, I buy them on sale or second-hand. I don’t think I’ve had as much luck with the sales as you have had though. Personally, I think brass is beautiful in that paneled room, but what do I know? Your new lamp made me a little jealous. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie! I love brass, too…still have three brass lamps in that room. I’m so glad to see brass coming back into style since I’ve never stopped likely it, shiny or antiqued. 🙂

  9. I forgot to tell you that I love the tassel on that brass lamp on the shelves! laurie

    • You know, I wonder if Angela has reopened her shop, The Tassel House? She closed when she was expecting, not sure if she has reopened it or not. Always loved her tassels!

  10. Hi Susan! I have long admired your beautiful lamps – especially the dog ones. Just gorgeous. Thanks a bunch for hosting – have a marvelous 4th! Jane

  11. I like the story about your lamp purchases and I agree that lamp lighting does look best. We had overhead lighting installed when we added on our living room. We run them on dimmers which helps a lot, but overall I prefer the table lamps. I love the new lamp you found. It sure does resemble your favorite china!

  12. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful lamp that fits perfect in your room. Great find and very expensive looking. I too am a big fan of the brass lamp. I have so many that quite a few are up in the attic catching dust. I also like stained glass lamps but I am getting away from them. I have cut my lamps down a little because lately I am a “less is more” kind of girl in decorating. I am trying to keep my home open and keep my many collections together. It is very difficult!

    • Peggy, hold onto them, quality lamps are getting harder and harder to find, unless you pay huge $! It is difficult, isn’t it…trying to decide what to keep and what to put up or donate.

  13. Love all your pretty lamps! Thanks for hosting! Have a fabulous week and a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

  14. LOVE that new lamp, too! Thanks for hosting!

  15. RuthE. Rupp says

    Hi Susan, Absolutely adored this post on your search for interesting lamps. Being a bird watcher and painter, I love the Herend’s bird plate, and the gorgeous lamp certainly looks like the same type of design.
    But, now you’ve done it! Given me a new quest, searching for unique lamps to put in special places. I am really looking forward to that. Thank you so much for all the wonderful columns you write. I enjoy them so much and love your porch. Ruthie, from Minnesota

  16. Gloria in Pgh says

    Susan: I love your new lamp! It works perfectly in your room as do all of your lamps. I, too, love the gentleness of lamps as opposed to overhead lighting. In fact, when I was doing my research for my screened porch two years ago, it was your post on your porch which inspired me to avoid overhead lights on my porch and light only with lamps. In fact, your porch post gave me lots of great ideas and I shamelessly took them all! (Hunter wicker look ceiling fans! LOTS of electrical outlets! wicker furniture! seasonal porch decor! haint blue ceiling! …) Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • Oh, I wish I could have done the haint blue on my porch…just wouldn’t work with the way the roof slants so far down. I do love that look, Gloria! So glad you were able to do it on your porch!

  17. I always agree you with except this time. You are not the pickiest lamp person because I am! 🙂 my hubby is an electrical contractor so we have MANY overhead lights everywhere. He has brought home lots beautiful antique chandeliers, sconces and swing arm lamps people are replacing with modern fixtures. love all your lamps and I am very partial to brass, dogs and birds on lamps. I think the new one is perfect. The swans are beautiful.

    • lol! Okay, there are two pickiest people in the world! I’m so glad all those old chandeliers and lights are going to someone who really appreciates them! I loved the swans, too…love how they worked them into the lamp. 🙂

  18. You do have a stunning collection of lamps Susan! I love your new one, isn’t it funny how we are so subconsciously drawn to our long time favorites~ Thanks for the Monday party~

  19. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into hosting every week.
    Me too, I love lamps and have them stationed all over the house even though we have resest lighting in the ceilings. They are fun to have and decorate with.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  20. Your screened in porch is simply beautiful – and I LOL’d over the brass sale lamp story!
    Hope you have a wonderful week – thanks so much for hosting

  21. I am with you all the way on overhead lighting! I don’t see the point of it. It isn’t enough light for reading and doesn’t do a thing for the atmosphere of the room. No overhead lighting for me! I, too, have over indulged in brass lamps and brass candlesticks. Recently, I drastically down-sized from a house to an apartment and took the opportunity to sell many of the candlesticks and am down to just two of the brass lamps (and they aren’t in the same room any more). I love your choice of lamps, particularly the “Herend-style” lamp. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your lovely home!

    • Thanks, Melinda! I dread the day I downsize, will be hard letting go of some things. I guess we distill down to those things we REALLY love when downsizing time comes, huh?

      • The downsizing was by choice, thankfully. I had inherited some beautiful but very large antiques in addition to five china patterns, crystal, silver, etc. and while they were spectacular they didn’t really fit my lifestyle any longer and I knew they didn’t fit into my son and daughter-in-law’s lifestyle either. I had a huge “estate sale” before I moved and let most of it go. I kept a few smaller pieces that are more suited to apartment living and things that had sentimental value to me. I saw a piece of needlepoint this morning that said “The best things in life aren’t things”. That is so true! I think one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is that our taste in furnishings and decor is so very similar. I should have gotten you to come down to Augusta for my Estate Sale!

  22. Linda Page says

    I love that lamp. It is the perfect companion to your china! How cool is that!!! You could not have chosen better. But, I have dibs on the lamp when you get another wild hair to go lamp hunting!!! I might have to bring an extra large suitecase when I come to visit so I can sneak it home with me!!! lol

  23. Pam ~ Crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I have the hardest time finding lamps too! Gosh, they sure do make some ugly lamps, and to make it worse, they over price them like they’re some type of prized jewel. I have seriously thought about starting my own lamp design company! Lol. (I feel the same way about handbags – mostly ugly and over priced!)

    I totally agree about lamps and the warmth and cozy atmosphere they bring to a room. I was so glad to see you feature you’re beautiful living room/den today, because it’s my favorite room in your house (well, I sure do love your napping porch as well, but that’s OUTside the house.) 😉 Anyway, I have some bookshelves I have been trying to illuminate and I wanted a teeny little short lamp like your little rooster lamp, but I’ve had the hardest time finding not only short lamps, but one that I consider pretty enough to actually purchase. I hadn’t even considered having an additional tall lamp, as you do. But now that I’ve seen how it looks, I like it and I want one of those, too. Haha.

    I’m so glad you found a lamp you like so much and that works in your room and is something other than brass, lol. (Although, I think the brass lamps suit the room perfectly.) The fact that it is so much like your favorite china is just icing on the cake. I think it looks great in the room and blends beautifully. And the handles on it remind me of the old one on that table. I hope you found a good new home for that one, because that is one pretty lamp! Even the shape of the shade is nice.

    Thanks. I know this room is pretty well ‘done,’ but it’s nice to see it and I wouldn’t mind seeing it more often. It really evokes a warm, inviting, tranquil feeling. I love it.

    • One of the problems I have is they are putting dark shades on so many these days. I love how the shades look (if they aren’t a drum shade) but darker, burlap-style shades just don’t give off enough light to suit me. It’s hard finding lamps I like with white/cream shades…and the shade feel so cheap. Gone are the days of real silk shades unless you spend some serious $!
      Thanks, Pam! The old one ended up in the other living room, the one that I’d love to make into a library. So glad you enjoyed seeing this room again. It’s been a long time since I had something to blog about in there…took me a while to finally get around to sharing the lamp.
      I still need some curtains in here but I’ll have to wait until the right thing comes along at a price I’m willing to pay…that could be a while! 🙂

  24. Oh, I love all of your lamps and yes, I did notice the little rooster lamp on that shelf. Lamps are soo much better than any overhead lighting and I don’t really care about what they say about brass – in or out – I like it. You have some really nice shapes, and that bird lamp is super fine. I’m having a major crush on tole lamps right now whenever I find them inexpensively. I think they’re underappreciated in my area – lucky me.

    • Me neither…we have to do what makes our hearts sing, right Rita? Oh, I love tole lamps too. I think they are going to be harder and harder to find in the future so get them when you find them! I love the dark red ones and the green ones!

  25. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. I love those dog lamps, but your new bird one is so pretty too. Have a great week. 🙂

  26. I am crazy ~ really crazy for your new lamp! It is perfect in the spot at the end of your sofa and yes it reminds me
    of Herend’s Rothschild Bird. Like you, I have lots and lots of lamps. I really don’t like overhead lighting unless it is from a pretty chandelier or soft recessed lighting. Lamps are the perfect way to add charm and character to a room and you have done that in spades! Thanks for hosting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Oh, thanks Susan…you are a love! You know, this lamp reminded me of days past when lamps were “pretty” and not so plain, if that makes any sense. lol I so agree about chandeliers and recessed lighting especially when they are on a dimmer where you can control the brightness. Thanks, Susan! XO

  27. Pat Bradley says

    My children and grandchildren grew up knowing that you do Not turn on ceiling lights in MY house. But I love pretty lamps and have 4 or more in every room. Have one in the kitchen and one in the bath rooms.

  28. When you see something that you know you like you should buy it immediately. I have talked myself out of certain things and when I went back for it I was too late it was gone. It belongs in your home and the price was amazingly right.


  29. Beautiful lamp collection! I love the one with the birds. I agree with you totally–there is nothing like table lamp lighting. I have overhead lights in my family room that I never turn on!

  30. I can appreciate a room needing lamps. My husband likes to count how many lamps I have in a room. But when it’s a large room with little natural light it takes a lot of lamps. I don’t like the overhead lighting either. It isn’t comfortable to sit in a room with it. I love the lamp you found. For some reason when I looked at it I saw a swan on each side! The shape is similar! Thanks for hosting Susan.

  31. Susan,
    I’m glad “this decorating thing is NEVER over”, dear friend!!!
    . . .and just when we think it is, new styles and trends emerge and we begin again!!!
    Love the newest lamp!!!
    Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week!!!
    I come away fully inspired to “freshen” my own Traditional decor!!!

  32. Thanks so much for the party!!


  33. I guess I like lamps too. Our house some type of light on in every room. Even if it’s a 12v window candle in the bathroom, it’s on. you can walk through our house with out turning a single light on. Thanks for your post and I love your back porch.

    • Oh, I love a light in a bathroom! They are so nice for parties in the evening…a nice glow so when guests go in, the room is already lit…no fumbling for the switch. Thanks, Cathy!

  34. I love the lamp. Did you order it online? What was the website (if you did). Or did you find it in a store? I love the colors in the lamp. . . and I love your blog! Best one I’ve seen and I look forward to it every day!

  35. Rose Marie says

    Hi Susan
    I love your blog. . . it’s the one I look forward to reading every day. Did you find this lamp online or did you visit the store? I would love to have the warehouse outlet info if you have it. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Rosie! No, not online. There’s a company here in Atlanta that occasionally has a warehouse sale. It’s kind of dog-eat-dog and rather stressful to go to them but I decided to brave it this time and go. Thanks again for your kind words…appreciate you!

  36. Charlotte says

    I love the new lamp! I have a hard time finding lamps too, but am always on the hunt.

  37. Oh, I absolutely agree, Susan! I love lamps and the lovely shadows that they cast in a room. I don’t have very many, but I’m constantly moving around what I do have. I love lamps outside, but my hubby thinks I’m just a bit wacky! Thanks so much for hosting!

  38. Hi Susan,
    I been quiet awhile due to my surgery then work loads coz summer then busy at home coz have to do things to be done before heading for a summer vacation.

    Hope you visit D+Box. I starting to dislike the deer. they been eating all my plants, flowers name it. Hu hu…

    Happy MET day

    • I didn’t know you had surgery! Glad you have that behind you and I’m sure you are too! I’ve heard that about deer, it’s raccoons around here that are driving me bonkers. lol

  39. I’m the same way about overhead lights! I have no overhead light at all in my living room, it’s all lamps! And that pillow in the leather wingback chair in the corner? I have that very same pillow, with the animals on it with the dark background…..it’s one I inherited from my Mom. I’ve always loved that pillow~~so much. Unfortunately, that’s the only belonging I have that looks anything like yours…*sigh*. You have beautiful taste, Susan. Oh, we should go together to the dog-eat-dog sales…I grew up with five older brothers so I will block anybody who tries to get in our way, or kick ’em in the kneecaps, K? LOL~~~~

    • LOL! Denise, you made me laugh! Sometimes I’d just rather pay more than fight the frantic shoppers, ya know! 🙂 Oh, so glad you have that pillow, Denise. I’m sure it brings back a lot of memories of your Mom!

  40. Mary from Virginia says

    You always find the prettiest things! What a great find in matching your favorite china. Your room looks lovely!

  41. Love your new lamp Susan, and your room. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great 4th!

  42. I’m a lamp person also and your Herend Rothschild style lamp is beautiful. I love all things Herend. Your new lamp looks great in your den.
    I have a question about the auto e-mail. I use gmail and it is putting the mail from you in “Promotions.” Do you know how I can change that? I tried using the “Move to” feature hoping I could move the latest post to my Inbox but I’m not given an option to move anything from Promotions to my Inbox. HELP! 🙂 Vikki in VA

    • Hey Vikki,
      I tried that system when Gmail first introduced it and didn’t like it. I know there’s a way to turn it off and go back to just having the primary Inbox, if you end up wanting to do that.
      I think I read somewhere that if an email is going to the wrong section or tab, you can drag it to the correct Inbox and that is supposed to tell gmail to not put it under promotions from then on. Here’s some info I just now found online that mentions about dragging the email over to the Primary tab: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/WiyXtGIgHpA
      And here’s how to turn off the different tabs so you don’t have all those to check, if you wish: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/u-Qn6Lo9BSc
      I’m wondering now if that’s why some folks weren’t getting emails…probably going under the wrong tab/category.
      Thanks Vikki for telling me about this. I need to do a post and mention it so folks will know to watch for that.

      • Thanks so much for the help. Using the link you provided I was able to tell Gmail to put your mail in my in box!! Have a wonderful Independence Day! Hope you are cooler than we are. Today our “feels like” is 102. Vikki in VA.

  43. Love all your lamps! I too love a good lamp. You know a great source is qvc, which is surprising but I have found a few unique lamps to accent small spaces on there! Thanks for hosting Met Monday -Jennifer

  44. Omigosh Susan,
    love that lamp, she is a beauty! You always find the most beautiful ones! 🙂 Susan, I am one of those who have overhead lights in every room but I rarely switch them on, since I have a little obsession with lamps, too, they make a home so much more “cozy” and romantic, don’t they? I only wish they would make every lamp with dimmer and touch sensor! 🙂
    Susan, unintentionally, you confirm what my mother always said: whenever she had to clean the chandeliers in her dining room or in her living room, which were both very huge with tons of glass to dust, 😉 she regularly complained: “Why, oh why, don’t we have homes like Americans do?!” I asked: “What do you mean, Mom?” She answered: “Americans don’t have overhead lights! They only have lamps, lamps, lamps! Everywhere lamps! HA! So much easier to clean! I want an American house!” Me: “Mom, how do you know that?” – “In American movies you never see chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, just lamps, lamps, lamps!” LOL
    I swear, she didn’t know you but I so wish she could read this post! She would be proud of her convinctions and ask me: “Ha! What did I tell you?!” lol
    ~Hugs to you~

    • That is too funny, Cecilia! I never thought about what was used in movies. We do love our chandeliers, too…at least I do, although until recently, you mostly just saw those in the dining room. They are appearing in a lot of other rooms now, even bathrooms. They are a job to clean but so worth it!

  45. Oh Susan – I absolutely ADORE your new china lamp – yes I def can see their inspiration from that gorgeous china dishes pattern.

    You were destined to own this beautiful addition to your lovely home.

    I like your style and unique lamps. : – )

    Thanks for hosting. Always fun to join in.

  46. I absolutely LOVE that lamp and think it looks great! I always get nervous buying lamps, I really don’t know why.

  47. Such a classically beautiful room! The lamplight certainly lends to the room exuding a welcoming, warm atmosphere! Fabulous woodwork, love the handsome elements added, especially the couch! Really pretty. Thank you for sharing and hosting this week!

  48. OMW, you have the coolest lamps ever! I just love them all!

  49. Susan, we only have lamps on in the evening, unless we have to do something in the kitchen. I agree with you on soft lighting, I always look better by candlelight!! 🙂
    I also agree with, buy what you love, you have to live with it.
    I thought the *brass lamp sale* was funny!!! 🙂

  50. Love the new lamp, very pretty and bright in that corner!!! And I love little lights in out of the way places, like a surprise in a cereal box…………but I love brass lamps everywhere, who cares what a designer says, do what makes you happy!!! Love your den also, very comfy and warm……what are you thinking for curtains?? Just a valance??? Or some lace???

    • I’m thinking about just some long curtains/drapes to hang on either end of the window, I like that long look of drapes. It won’t be anything fancy, just something to soften the hard lines of the window and add some softness to that area. Hoping to find something that works with the colors in this room.

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Susan, just wanted to let you know Country Curtains is having a ‘up to 79% off select curtains’ sale right now. I remember you liked their buffalo checked curtains, so maybe they’d have something you’d like.

        • Thanks for the heads up, Pam…I’ll have to stop by and see what they have. I keep hoping they’ll have something just right for my living room I like their prices and their quality.

  51. Cheapdiva says

    From the look of things, this post should have a pol, “lamps or overhead lights”. Count me in as lamps ONLY!

  52. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, Susan. This post really hit home with people, didn’t it? I used to think I was the only ridiculously picky lamp person, then you admitted to it too. Apparently there are lots of us, lol. I liked Denise’s offer to go with you to the bargain sales, lol. That cracked me up. “kneecap them.” lol. 😀

  53. I love your blog, but I have to tell you that I will need to revisit another day because the witches advertisement keeps appearing obscuring the pictures and I had to x out of it at least one dozen times.

    • Sandy, what is the witches…is that for a movie? I haven’t seen it but I wish it would pop up for me so I can see if I can tell where it’s coming from, then I could stop it. Any other info about it you can share would be helpful. Thanks!

      • Yes, it was for the movie on the right hand side of your blog. I see the advertisement is still there today, but I am finally able to view this post without the pop-up. I would scroll down, then the pop up would appear over your pictures. I would x out of it, then seconds later it would appear again. I had to x out of it at least a dozen times before I finally gave up and posted my experience. Today, I am finally able to see the wonderful pictures without the pop-up.

        I too am a great fan of bronze lamps, rejecting the new modern drum style shades and bright colored bases; so I was happy to finally be able to view the post! 🙂

        • Sandy, I’m so sorry it was doing that. I emailed someone who helps me with tech things on my blog last night and shared the info about the ad. Hopefully he can help me figure out what was going on. I wonder if there was just something wrong with the ad. Thanks again for letting me know. If it happens again, please let me know. Unfortunately, I have limited control over the types of ads shown. I have opted out of a lot of categories like religion, drugs, politics, sex, etc… Hopefully the ad won’t block the content anymore…I don’t like it when they do that either! I know, what is it with all these drum shades. lol I don’t mind all of them, just wish they would give us a few more choices instead of almost all of them being in that style when you’re shopping in the stores. 🙂

          • No worries about content of ad on my part. I was just so frustrated that I couldn’t see all of your beautiful pictures! I have returned several times and I have not had the problem since. It was probably my limited tech skills, but thought I should bring it to your attention in case other interested readers were experiencing the same issue.
            Thank you so much to responding to my comment. It means a lot that you are interested in what your readers have to say!

            • Oh, I’m just so glad you told me! I heard back from my tech guy yesterday. He said that when he checked one of the networks that puts ads on my site, some box wasn’t checked to prevent ads that can automate or activate…or whatever the proper wording is. lol I don’t speak ad talk very well. Anyway, he checked the box and he said that may be why that was happening. Also, I know in the past, every now and then an ad will just go crazy and do something it’s not supposed to do, which it sounds like that one was doing. Even an automated ad shouldn’t keep popping up after it has been closed. So hopefully that won’t happen again. I’m so glad you told me though because I never saw it, so had no idea it was doing that. I hate to think of anyone visiting my blog having to put up with that! So glad you mentioned it, Sandy! If you ever notice anything like that again, please do let me know and I’ll try to fix it. 🙂

              • I am glad I mentioned it too. I wasn’t sure if I sounded like a complainer or if you knew I was just trying to be helpful. 🙂 I didn’t want other readers to be as frustrated as I was. I visit almost daily and love your blog. You are very welcome!

  54. Susan, I know that your post was about lamps, but I just adore your fireplace screen! So pretty, I need one immediately! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and the party!

  55. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for a lovely party. I love your lamp. I am a lampaholic too.

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