HomeGoods Shopping Trip: What Would You Keep & What Would Go Back?

A few days ago when I visited HomeGoods, I was surprised by how many things they had in for creating pretty tables and decorating for the holidays.  It felt like old times as I walked through and checked out the new offerings for fall. When I shop for items I may want to use in table settings or my holiday decor, I love to find pieces that aren’t necessarily holiday-themed so that I can use them all throughout the year.

Tiered servers like this one are great for that because they can be used to serve food or they can be used as a decorative piece in the middle of a table. Sometimes they do both at the same time. I didn’t take time to unload everything from my car and take it inside my son and daughter-in-love’s home for photos since it would all just need to be taken right back out and loaded back into my SUV for the drive home. As I took photos, I was thinking that this was kinda fun and different– an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment photo opt, aka a tailgating photography moment. lol

This 2-tiered server is designed simply with a beveled or turned-up edge on each level. I could see it filled with appetizers or fruit for a gathering or decorated with ornament balls and who-knows-what for a pretty Christmas centerpiece.


This 2- tiered server was very different from the one above. The tiered levels are plain and flat–no beveled or turned up edge, but it was decorated with pretty beading which I really loved. I couldn’t decide between the two so ultimately I decided to get them both, take them home and try them there. I may end up wanting to keep both. The top one would be pretty easy to paint if it ended up I wanted it in a different color. Would you paint either one or leave it as is?


I also liked this stained 3-tiered server, although the surface felt a bit less finished than on the other two. It definitely has a more rustic feel.


I’m a bit wishy-washy on this platform/cake/serving stand…not sure I really need or will use it. I’ll play with it at home and see how it works in the center of my breakfast table.


I’m always keeping my eye out for napkins because there’s nothing worse than dressing a table and being almost all done except for the napkins, then realizing you don’t have any napkins that remotely come close to working with the table setting. I have quite a few plaid napkins at home in autumn/fall colors so I’ll just have to see if these fill a gap or if they are too much like others I already have. I couldn’t resist the “thankful” napkin rings. Again, they are very different in shape, so will test one out to see how a napkin fits and looks tucked inside.


This sweet tumbler got me! There was just something about that one little pumpkin at the top and the simple words, Pumpkin Season. I’m not thrilled that the brand name is plastered across the other side, something I didn’t notice until I got home. So it may go back…not sure.


This was my final purchase, you know I’ve been on a real tear this year banishing all the tissue boxes in my home from view. Ha! Normally I don’t buy “stuff” that has wording on it, exceptions being made for the occasional Pumpkin Season tumbler, of course, but this heavy, porcelain, tissue box cover gave me a little chuckle. I always love a bit of silly in my decor and who couldn’t use something to smile about when you have a cold and you’re reaching for your 98th tissue of the day. I think this will work well in an upstairs bath or in the little closet/ dressing area where I usually get ready in the morning.



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  1. Love the tissue box. I’d prefer the first tiered server with the turned up edge. Looks like you had fun

  2. ellen clairmont says

    Hi Susan,
    If you have the room to store them, I would keep all three servers and I wouldn’t hesitate to paint one of them. The wood server would look great for Fall. I love all your purchases, but my favorite is that adorable tissue holder! Have fun playing!

  3. I love everything you got Susan!! Especially those tiered trays. So beautiful they are! The tissue box is so pretty with a bit of whimsey, gotta love that! The tumble is so pretty and simple but screams fall. I’m anxious to see those napkins and napkin rings in use on a table setting, love those napkins and rings but just wondering how they will work. Love the cake plate serving stand as well. But those kinds of things always get me. lol Awesome Home Goods Haul. I can’t wait until I’m up and walking again to go myself. Sure hope I can find a tiered tray like one of yours! Hugs, Brenda

    • My niece bought the 3 tiered stand for her wedding reception. She had different flavored cupcakes on each tier. Now she was recently given a baby shower, and the foods at the shower were placed on each tier. This 3 level tier is very handy.

  4. Jackie Allen says

    Hi Susan, Love the items that you purchased. I would just keep all of it! Well if you didn’t want all of the stands at least keep two – one for your porch and one for inside.

    I find that it is more tedious to return than to be out the $20-30. I really like that tissue box – so cute! It’s nice to have something different like that to put out on the non-decorating seasons 🙂

    I was in Home Goods last week and saw the Thankful napkin rings – love them. I did pick up 8 new Halloween plates – My store did not have the one with the bride and groom – it had the one with the skull on it with black webs and gold trim. I already have the table set with them. Will send pictures when I am totally finished decorating – I think it will be mid September. Enjoy your goodies.

  5. Jan Emerick says

    I wish you would provide more appetizer/entree recipes for the many, many gatherings with your friends. You must entertain all the time. Love you.

  6. The smile-inducing tissue box cover is a great find. Are the words on both sides?

  7. Love all your finds. The flat tier I probably would not keep as without an edge….it could get very messy with food falling off of it as people helped themselves and for decor….an edge is helpful in holding things together. Just my 2 cents! Love the napkin rings…I’ll be looking for those today at my local HomeGoods which is just down the street…..too close sometimes!!!

  8. Love the things you bought. So fun to shop that store. I have been using the tiered trays for a few years now as my “seasonal” decoration for my kitchen counter. I love to collected small and unusual goodies to change out each season. Gives me a pop of colors of the season without decorating the whole house. And it’s fun to search for small vintage things.

  9. I love finding things like these at HomeGoods! My personal preference would be to keep the first 2-tiered tray and return the flat ones, but that’s just my taste. I love the napkins and napkin rings and the tissue box cover.

  10. Biodynamic Barb says

    Do those tiered stands come apart, making them easier to store. I have a few tiered stands and they take up so much room! If they don’t come apart, I’d keep the first and the third, or the second and the cake platter.

    The tissue box is adorable – keep that!

    How many times have you bought napkins at Home Goods and come home to find that you already have them from a previous trip? Been there, done that….

  11. Love the natural wood tiered stand. Would look great with my Fall decor. Thanks for the tips. Going to check out Home Goods in some of my local Georgia stores

  12. I like the insulated coffee cup. It makes me think of a Willaraye design.

  13. Since I have a black and white bathroom the tissue holder would be perfect for me. It is really cute! I like the napkin holders…three months to Thanksgiving how can that be? You had a fun shopping trip!

  14. Love all the tiered stands and I think you will definitely find a place/purpose/need for all three. I like to use a tiered stand on my potting bench to corral gardening items. I also like to use in the guest bath to contain items guests might need while they visit. And of course, for holding little tea sandwiches and pastries they are great. BUT my favorite find was the tissue box. Glad to see shopping at Home Goods has returned with its many fun offerings!

  15. My new motto is “Learn to return” We get so caught up in pretty. If the tiered stands came apart, good deal, but all of them take up a lot of room. I like the first one.
    I admired a white wire two tiered piece a woman had in her hand so much, she gave it to me to purchase. Seems like all I do is move it move it move it because it takes up so much room.

  16. Wow! I’m off to HG today. You made quite the haul of great loot. I absolutely love all the tiered stands. They really are pretty. The possibilities are endless with them. I can picture lots of ideas during all the holidays, and not just with food. I’m like you, and I’m not that sure about the cake plate/stand.
    Love the napkins and even if they are similar to some you have the price for 8 is too good to pass up. You can always mix and match. The napkin rings are so pretty. The pumpkin tumbler is festive for fall. The kleenex box is adorable. A keeper for sure!
    Enjoy your goodies. You did good girl!

  17. I have 2 two tiered stands on top of my china cabinet with fall pumpkins & fall flowers & then change them up with vintage bottle brush trees and ornaments that I have collected over the years. It works!

  18. cleo headley says

    What great fun you had !!! You wild woman !!! Love the first 2 tiered tray with turned up lip, very classy………. I have a 3 tiered tray from Hobby Lobby and it has the turned up lip, and just looks more finished. I change it out for the seasons on the dining rm. buffet. I already have two cake stands that I use for desserts and such. I am NOT going shopping…….

  19. Deborah Passi says

    Hi susan, Love your Home Goods haul………………the trays are beautiful. You cant go wrong with what you chose. I agree with you about “words” on things, I’m not crazy about it!! Have fun.

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