2 Beautiful, New Lamps–Unique in Color and Size, Crazy About Both!

Welcome to the 656th Metamorphosis Monday!

Thanks so much for all your input on Friday’s post! Appreciate all of your suggestions so much! After three weeks in Ohio, I’m back home now. The weekend was spent unpacking, going through mail, washing clothes, and all the catch-up stuff that usually needs to be done after a few weeks away from home.

The two lamps I ordered prior to my trip arrived and I’m so excited to share how those turned out with you in today’s post. Spoiler Alert: Despite the fact that neither lamp worked in the original place I had in mind, I’m keeping both and have found new places for them.

You may remember that this recent lamp-buying spree started when I upgraded the bedside lamp in the guest room after coming across a really beautiful lamp online.

Guest Room in Blue and White


Unfortunately, the majority of the lamps I come across these days in local stores have the dreaded drum shade that I just don’t like. This lamp caught my eye with its more traditional shade and traditional styling.

Guest Room in Blue & White


I was so impressed with the quality of this lamp and how reasonably it was priced, I decided to take a look at the other lamps offered by the same company. (Blue and white lamps was purchased here: Blue and White Lamp.)

Decorating in Blue and White


As mentioned in a previous post, I ended up ordering this lamp below along with one other lamp. I’m not normally a big fan of the color, orange, in my home decor, but I really loved the look of this lamp. And as someone mentioned in the comments of that previous post, the color is kind of a dark, coral orange. Maybe that’s why it appeals to me so much.



I had thought about using it here in the upstairs living room/bonus room on the blue chest in this room since I’ve been adding a few orange accents to this room over the past year, but once I tried it there, the contrast between the blue in the chest and the orange in the lamp was just too much. (Photo taken before the clock was moved to the upstairs hallway.)

Blue Painted Chest, Addition to Upstairs Living Room


I loved the lamp so tried it out in a few more places including the chest seen here in the background sporting a tall, brass lamp.

Hermes Tray for Living Room Coffee Table


I love how it looks here although it’s a little smaller than the lamp I previously had in this spot. Yup, that’s garland in the background. I loved how the lit garland looked atop the armoire in this room at Christmas so decided to leave it there full-time to enjoy it lit in the evening time.

Orange, White Lamp


Okay, that greenery was too distracting so I took it down. Here’s how the lamp looks turned on.

Beautiful, Elegant Lamp in Coral Orange


I really do love it!

Elegant Lamp with Beautiful Shade


Here’s a close-up for a better view of its actual color. It’s a bit more muted in person than it had appeared in the ad, which I definitely like. I love the design and love the beautiful shade! This lamp is nice and heavy (as are all the lamps I’ve ordered from this company) and the shade is so much nicer than what you normally get with lamps these days. If you like the look of this lamp, you’ll find this one here: Beautiful Lamp.

Beautiful Orange & White Oriental Style Lamp


This was the other lamp I ordered with thoughts of using it in my home office where I have a reading chair in similar colors. That idea didn’t work out because this lamp is BIG–I mean really, really big! It dwarfed my desk! But it was so beautiful, I knew I had to find a spot for it somewhere.


Green and White Lamp



For now, this is its new home–here in my master bedroom dressing/exercise room. When I first saw how large it was, I initially thought about returning it, but it’s just too elegant to send back!


It started out in the corner of this dressing room atop this built-in drawer space. I liked the view as I walk across the bedroom and glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye.


Another view of it in the corner…


I decided to move it down closer to the built-in desk to see how that looked and I love it there, too. What do you think? Which is better: the corner position above or closer to the desk as seen in the photo below?


Here’s how it looks turned off. This lamp is quite large so it has a grand presence, especially when lit. It measures 31 inches tall! Last night I discovered they have a smaller version of this lamp. I don’t think it was on their site when I ordered this one. If you like this lamp but need it in a smaller size, you’ll find that here: Green and White Lamp.


To give you an idea of how big this green and white lamp is, let’s compare it to the lamps on either side of my bed.

Tartan Plaid Bedding for Fall, Winter, Autumn Bedding


I’ve always considered these lamps I currently have on either side of my bed to be a great size for my queen-size bed.

Tartan Bedding for Fall and Winter


Here’s a photo of my existing lamps with my current summer bedding.

4-poster Bed dressed for spring and summer


A closer view…

What's On My Bedside Table 02


Now take a look at this comparison! That’s the new lamp on the left and my current lamp on the right. See how much bigger it is?! If you live in a home with a big open great room or a large, open bedroom with a high ceiling, this lamp would probably look right at home there! It is truly the biggest table lamp I’ve ever purchased. It makes me want to buy two large, beautiful chests to go on either side of my bed just so I can use a pair of these lamps here!


Update: You guys convinced me, I went ahead and ordered a second green lamp and I’ll use those on either side of the bed. The size of the green lamp does work so much better with my bed. I’ve moved the lamps that were beside the bed to the dressing area. Once the new lamp arrives, I’ll share a photo of how those look. Now I really, really do need two large chests for either side of my bed!  Argggh, this is like that book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie!

Choosing Lamps for a Bedroom


I loved how it looked here so much, yesterday I left it on all day and all evening, stopping by periodically to take a peek. lol Really both lamps have exceeded my expectations just as the blue and white one for the guest room did! Love when that happens!


A view with the light off…


Here’s a close-up so you can see all the colors in this lamp. As you see, the colors in the lamps are much softer and prettier than the ad online normally shows.


Where did you like it best–in this spot near the built-in desk, or more toward the corner of the built-in chest/drawer space?


Let me know what you think about these two new additions.


You’ll find this large, green and white lamp available here: Beautiful Green and White Lamp.  To see everything they have in stock, you’ll find that here: Lamps.


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. The lamps are beautiful Susan! Thank you for the Monday fun!

  2. Anne C Lovell says

    Hi Susan! I like the new lamp in the corner, great post. Thanks! Anne

  3. Mary Ahern says

    May I ask where you purchased the green lamp? It’s just what I.be been looking for for my bedroom.

    Thank you !


  4. ellen clairmont says

    It’s such a beautiful lamp. I kind of like it in the corner. But, if you ordered another one, you could use them in your bedroom and use your bedroom lamps on the built-in drawers. Your bedroom lamps are so pretty. They would look great with the picture over the drawers. Of course that would mean you would have to find two larger chests for your bedroom! They would look amazing! I’m just having a jolly good time virtually decorating your house! Whatever you decide to do, it will look beautiful. Have fun!

    • Thanks Ellen for that suggestion. I think you’re right. I ended up ordering another green lamp today so I can use those on either side of the bed since the size is perfect for that. The two lamps that were on either side of the bed were really cute on the built in drawers, but I ended up putting one of the in the living room, swapping a lamp out there. It’s like musical lamps right now, not sure where the two that were beside the bed will end up. lol

  5. Personally, I like it better by your bed. I would order a second for the other side. Then, take the 2 current bed lamps and use them on the dressing room dresser. If you don’t go with that idea, I think it looks better on the left.

  6. I prefer the size of the green lamp next to your bed. Depending on what you need/want on your bedside tables you don’t really need chests.

  7. Carol Liebst says

    I definitely like the green lamp better near the built in desk. It seems crowded in the corner, and I don’t think you can appreciate it’s beauty in the corner. I do like it by the bed, and like the idea of a getting a second for the other side of the bed. I think the scale is great with your room and bed.

  8. Gorgeous lamps, Susan. I have a few I need to update. It’s easy for me to get in a rut with tabletop lighting. Thanks for the party, have a great week!

  9. I believe that a taller lamp looks better in the bedroom as your bed is so tall that a taller lamp isn’t lost in the room. I have an Ethan Allen bed that is tall and the lamps are Stiffel brass that are 28-30 inches tall and really balances out the room. But in the end it’s your room do as you please.

  10. I’m so glad others had the idea that I did: I LOVE the idea of getting a mate for the larger lamp in your bedroom and using them there. It would make reading in bed easier, too! It is such a beautiful lamp and I think a pair would be stunning in your bedroom.

  11. Hi Susan I like the green one next to the bed, I would order another one. The height and structure is much better between the Highboy and your poster bed. Your bedroom is very grand with tall ceilings and big furniture so it balances the space much better. I would let the green one come out and play, the current bedside lamps will look great as a pair in your dressing room. If you feel they aren’t tall enough play with some accessories in there and stack them on a couple of books.

  12. Thanks so much for hosting this charming party each and every week!! I so appreciate all the time and effort that does into it along!!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  13. Sara Grant says

    Love both lamps; especially the green. The corner is my choice as corners need lighting up and the end kind of stops the eye from traveling around the room. Both might benefit from a few books under them. Can’t hurt to try. I love your home btw!

  14. I think you should order a second one for your bedroom. It’s more in proportion than the ones you’re currently using. I think they would be next
    to something a little smaller than the bed. They are lovely but would be better seen on something smaller. Perhaps in your dressing area.

  15. Kathy Battistelli says

    Hi Susan, I was just perusing all of the lovely lamps from this company and happened upon a smaller version of the green lamp – 21 inches tall vs. your 31 inch lamp. For some reason the description calls it ‘multicolored’, but it looks green and white to me! I really liked your original idea of using this lamp next to the reading chair in your office – maybe this smaller version would work and the larger lamp could be returned? Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/3ybdVHx

    • Thanks for finding that Kathy! I saw it last night but then couldn’t find it again today when I looked so thanks for that link. I’m am tempted to order it for the office, although I was thinking of putting it on the end of my desk. It may be a bit too dressy for the office…not sure.

      • Kathy Battistelli says

        I just saw your update, and I think the two large lamps will look spectacular on either side of the bed! Would you consider also adding the smaller version next to your desk in the dressing area? It would add a nice cohesive touch to your bedroom suite – and besides, you can’t have too many of such a beautiful lamp!

  16. I’d prefer it next to the desk in the dressing room. Looks like there’s plenty of room on the dresser in the dressing room to put another on the other side of the one on the dresser.

  17. Hey Susan, Just a thought about the orange lamp in your FROG. To make it appear taller put a it on top of a couple of your books. That always works for me. Glad to read your update about getting another green lamp and using both next to your bed. The size is better suited I believe. All your new lamps are beautiful. We have the same taste in lamps.

    • That’s a great idea! I usually do that but didn’t think about it this time. Thanks, Vikki! 🙂
      I know, it’s so weird how I thought those lamps were a great size until I saw the big one in place. Def a better fit, size-wise. I hope the design will work well with my winter bedding, too. I think it’s neutral enough that I can pull it off.

  18. Mary Ellen says

    I love the green lamp on your bedside table. You could buy one chest the height of your round table for the other side of your bed. Your smaller bedside lamps may work in your dressing room.

  19. I am loving both of these new lamps Susan! The orange/coral looking one is just beautiful up in your bonus room. I also love the large green lamp in your exercise room AND in your bedroom by your bed. The larger lamps looks amazing beside your bed. In the exercise room, I love it at both locations, so use it where you love it most. Hugs, Brenda

  20. Great finds Susan and they look great! The green one is especially unique.

  21. I like the largest green lamp in the corner in your dressing area. But I agree they are a better size fit beside your bed too. You can’t go wrong either way! And I’m with you on not caring for the drum shades!

  22. Susan, Absolutely love your orange lamp! Just tried to order a set and it shows not available! Argh, I LOVE that lamp and the accent color in my office is orange so they will look fantastic. Will keep trying and hope it is back in stock soon! Love all your lamps and will order a set of the blue and white when that is back in stock as well. Both spots look good for your new green lamp, it is gorgeous!

    • Gina, I’m sharing a second lamp that I just purchased for my upstairs living room and I noticed today that the orange lamp is now showing back in stock. You can see it here: https://amzn.to/3A8kLiZ
      I remember that you had asked about it so just wanted to pass that along in case you were still hoping to find it.

  23. That is one huge green lamp! lol Doesn’t it go well with your upholstered chair in your bedroom? I thought so. The lamp looks perfect on your table on the right, but too big for the round wood table, right? That’s why you need to look for new chests! It was a bit big for the dressing room and you’d spend too much time peeking at it! I’m getting caught up in your excitement over your new purchases. The orange/coral lamp is just gorgeous and looks great where you placed it. It’s like a piece of art. Glad you had a safe journey to family and three weeks is a really nice visit time. Wish I was that close to mine so I could drive. Florida is a long way from California.

  24. Maureen Khalil says

    I would place the lamp in the corner where it feels more anchored.

  25. Love the bigger lamps in your bedroom. I think the lamp in the corner looks just right

  26. Diane Westbrook says

    I like it best sitting to the left…and I really love the larger lamps in your bedroom,!! I need to look up those lamps!!! Like you, I am not a fan of drum shades…so always look for lamps without those… BTW, do you have a good method for washing lampshades?? Thanks!! Diane

    • I do too, I ordered a second one to go on the other side of the bed. 🙂
      All I do is just vacuum them with a vacuum tool to get the dust off. That’s really all I do.

  27. These really are beautiful lamps and they look so nice in every spot you put them. Makes me want to add more end tables in the house just to get more lamps!

  28. Trish Euler says

    Hi Susan, you love a beautiful lamp as I do! There is something about a unique and beautiful lamp that just “makes” a room. I am also in the market to update some of the lighting in my home, so will check out this vendor.

    You asked for opinions on which side of the built in bureau the green chinoiserie lamp looks best. Personally, I like it in the corner, although placing it on the right side also serves to provide light to the built-in desk, so I understand why you might prefer it there. Great choices all!

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Cyndi Raines says

    “Let there be light!” Haha, happy for your new lamps. And yes, maybe it’s time for 2 pretty chests to hold them. Happy hunting!

  30. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I like the lamp to the left in the corner unless you need it for light. But, putting it by the bed and buying another is a great idea.

  31. The new Green Temple Jar lamp is wonderful Susan! So glad your ordering another one and changing up with the shorter ones in the Master Bedroom. It allows for more emphasis on the grandeur of the Master poster bed and the height allows for better lighting while reading or being in bed. The smaller bed lamps will be perfect in your master suite room on the dresser. Both will anchor the large artwork and one will anchor the corner and the other will provide lighting at the desk at the same time. Wonderful selection of chic lighting!! Love the new fresh vibrant colors as good pops of color and smart inexpensive way to update the decor.

  32. Susan, I like all the lamps you have purchased. I still like your blog; I have been reading now for over 10 years and never get tired of it. I have a question. How do you clean your plantation shutters and how often? Thanks.

  33. Oh wow, I really love the coral orange lamp! And the green one! I love how the green lamp looks in your bedroom especially on the skirted table. Have you tried seeing what the two bedrooms lamps would look like flanking that chest in your dressing room? Hahaha…..just read your update! Good going! Love the domino effect.

  34. Elaine Woodford says

    Yes, great choice about the larger lamps. Love it! I went to the lamp website after you had featured yours and ordered one for myself. I LOVE the lamp and the shade. The ones from the store just aren’t that pretty. Thank you for your posts about this lamp company. My friend walked in and went to see the lamp and asked if it was an antique. And she should know! Fooled her.

  35. I like the larger scale lamp with your tall bed. And frankly, I don’t think it overpowers the table. I’ve seen this done many times and have done it myself.
    By keeping the tables you still have a nice open feeling that is quite soothing.
    However, if your heart is set on chests, I caution you to be mindful about the height. If you go much taller with the chests you will have to take light diffusion into account. You don’t want to look up into the bulb when you are in bed. BTW I have loads of large lamps. I love them!

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