How Santa Prepares for the Big Night, Christmas Eve

When Marie decorates for Christmas, she includes a bit of Christmas in every room. The master bedroom has beautiful green walls and red draperies so it looks especially beautiful at Christmastime.


A pretty tea set is ready for when the mood hits for a spot of tea.


Each room in Marie’s home gets its own Christmas tree. The living room and master bedroom are the only rooms where Marie uses a live tree. The whole time I was in this room taking pictures, the smell was wonderful!

I love how Marie went with a gold and white color scheme for her Christmas decorations in this room. It works so beautifully against the green walls and the red draperies. So elegant!


Beautiful mantel!


The tree is absolutely stunning. I love, love, love the angel topper!


A closer view of this beautiful tree…there are angels on the tree itself, as well.


To the left of the tree is where Marie displays her beautiful angel collection. This is breathtaking to see in person! They are all sooo beautiful!


The master bath gets a Christmas tree, too.


Oops, looks like the bathroom is currently occupied! Sorry Santa, we didn’t know you were in here!

Looks like Santa is getting all prepared for the big night. I see his suit hanging there on the left. 🙂


In case you would like to recreate this in your bathroom for a party sometime, Marie removed the metal tops on a gazillion clear plastic ornaments she found in Wal-mart and placed them in the tub pointing downward. They make pretty realistic bubbles, don’t they?


Hope you enjoyed this tour. I’m spending time with family this upcoming week, but I’ve prepared a few posts in advance. Also, Metamorphosis Monday and Tablescape Thursday will go up this week as usual.

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Merry Christmas, dear Friends!

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  1. Pretty trees. Santa in the tub is too funny!
    Merry Christmas Susan~

  2. Susan I hope you can help me. I have lost the name of the blog that has red couch other purple couch in it
    She does beautiful christmas decor
    & has a pizza ovenot in her kitchen. I hope you can. Tell me the name of the blog
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. Oh my goodness, Santa in the tub is so creative (and hilarious)! Your friend really knows how to do it right Susan!

    Merry Christmas Susan, and a happy new year to you and yours!”


  4. A merry, merry, merry Christmas to you and family!

  5. Susan, please tell me that Marie has help with her decorations! I can barely get up one tree and wreaths on the windows! Her house is lovely but my cat would make a huge mess with all that temptation around him.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. That tree is wonderful. I love the gold and white combo. Next time you are there, please snatch up the angel tree topper and I will get it on my next visit!!! It is beautiful. I’m house and dog sitting for my friend Sunny for 2 weeks while she is in Colorado with her family so I am working on card kits for my January and February classes. Busy busy!! Have a great Christmas in Ohio. Be safe.

  7. Loved the bubbles! Loved everything! Precious angels. Enjoy your precious family time Susan. Merry Christmas!

  8. Okay, so the Santa in the tub with the upside down clear 1/2 plastic ornaments is amazing. Marie has most definitely thought of EVERYTHING!
    Vikki in VA (with oversized grin on her face)

  9. Marie’s decorations are beautiful! She really brings Christmas Magic into her home. Have a wonderful time with your Family, how exciting to be there when your Grandsons wake up to see what Santa has brought for them. Merry Christmas!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! What I am wondering is how long it takes Marie
    to decorate from start to finish and where does shes store all the decorations in the off season?

  11. Love the Santa in the tub 🙂 The most wonderful part of all her Christmas decor is the magical memories it must bring to her grand children.

  12. Always fun to see what Marie does to decorate for the holidays. The Santa in the bubbles is adorable and very clever!

  13. Purple Chocolate House is the blog of the lady with a pizza oven in her house. Her sister has a blog called Red Couch Recipes. Hope this helps Jean Killen. Merry Christmas.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Every blog from you is like a Christmas gift to me, whatever the season! I love your friend’s beautiful home, those angels are just so wonderful. Looking forward to more BNotB in the New Year.

  15. Carol Wilson says

    Merry Christmas. I enjoy your blog sooo much. I was in the Atlanta area recently and shopped in so many of the stores that you write about. Just loved it! Also, I use so many of your decorating ideas.
    Many thanks.

  16. Merry Christmas Susan!
    After the day could you please ask Marie where she got the Holly patterned linens. I am a holly person and the patter is delicate and scarlet velveteen is just right.
    Am becoming gunshot looking at this blog…have spent some serious money…we have very similar taste, but I hate shopping in stores. Slipped disc really hates it and makes me pay dearly for meandering aimlessly..LOL
    Lots of dishes, pillows, linens….gifts for kids and granddaughters this Christmas all big hits…so guess you are my official shopper! Soooo appreciate it. Enjoy the heater on the porch…it is fairly warm here in Va so Georgia must be too. Latest is search for house like your yellow one for new granddaughter…you are a troublemaker!
    May 2017 be peaceful, full of positivity, and improvement. Here in DC already huge difference…everyone wishing Merry Christmas…forbidden last several years….remarkable change!

  17. Juanita in OH says

    This is too much for me, my heart can’t take it! If I ever get to Marie’s beautiful home I think I would stow away in the attic or basement, lol. Or, as they did in the old days, hop a freight train like a hobo. She is so abundantly blessed with talent. The bedroom is a haven. These are the things my dreams are made of. TFS to both of you…

  18. Thank you (and Marie) for sharing! She could make a fortune giving house tours!!! Amazing!

  19. Beautiful pictures! I’m wondering where to find the bed linens and pillows and other decorations? Everything looks so peaceful and inviting!

    • Mary Ann, I emailed Marie to ask her about the linens. She replied back saying, “I bought this so long ago I don’t remember, but I just found a beautiful set on Amazon.” I asked her if it was the same set and if she had the link, but I haven’t heard back from her. If she replies back, I’ll let you know.

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