In the BNOTP Library: Country Living Decorating With White

If you missed the video I sent out in my morning post, you are in for a treat! I had to watch it several times and I still want to watch it again! lol It’s pretty awesome! The comments you’ve left are pretty awesome too, I can tell you loved it as much as I did.

In this post I’m sharing a book I ordered a few months ago and have really enjoyed. When it arrived, I was surprised and delighted by the cover. I knew the book had a wicker “look” when I ordered it, but I was amazed to find it actual feels like wicker, too! A book that feels like wicker!  Don’t know how they did that, but I love it!

BNOTP Library 3


In the BNOTP Library: Country Living Decorating with White
Author: Gina Hyams
Published: Hearst; 1 edition (May 7, 2013)
Hardcover: 160 pages
Book size: 10.3 x 8.8 x 0.8

Country Living Decorating with White


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Filled with beautiful rooms similar to what you normally find in Country Living Magazine. Lots of pretty ironstone, too.
  • There’s a full chapter on decorating in blue and white, one of my fave color combinations in decorating.
  • This is not one of those books where the rooms are all white and soul-less. The rooms in this book have plenty of warm tones and incorporate color, too.

You can read more about this and preview it at Amazon where I usually order my books, via the affiliate picture link below. 


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In the BNOTP Library


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  1. OMG, Susan,
    that book’s cover is amazing!
    If I had seen it on your shelf, I would have thought it’s a box with a tag on it!
    (Especially if I had not worn my contact lenses!)

  2. Thank you for another fun book to read! I can’t bring myself to do the all white room. There are some things I like about a white room, but I find myself too drawn to color, although I do love white walls, or off white walls.

    • I know what you mean, Mary…I’m the same way. I love my color! I was afraid that book would be all white rooms when I ordered mine, but there’s actually a good bit of color and lots of warm tones.

    • Mary…”.maybe it’s in the water”….I live in VA, too, and your comments are so on target for me!! πŸ™‚ franki

  3. Loving that cover! I’ll have to check it out! πŸ˜‰

  4. Peggy Thal says

    Cool book! I have to check it out on Amazon. Must be good if you loved it.

  5. Susan,
    I have had this book for a while. I got it when it first came out. I give it 3 hearts! πŸ™‚ I am using more white, but I do not think I can go all white. I will be buying a white sofa with slip cover soon to replace my english garden sofa with flowers. I like too many things that are not white to go all white!

  6. Hi there! Are you by any chance working for Country Living? If not, you should. I am going to Amazon as soon as
    I am finished with this, and am going to buy this book! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the heads up on this book, and thanks for making such a fun blog!
    I really enjoy it!
    Love and Happiness always!

    • lol No, not working them, although I do love the magazine. Thanks, Toni! So glad you are enjoying it. Makes my day to hear that. I’m having a blast sharing the things that inspire me.

  7. SUSAN – I LOVED THAT VIDEO!! My husband was Department Chairman for I.A. classes in our city. He often took our children down to the schools and they loved to watch the big machines at work. This brought back many memories for me.
    P.S.. I bought a book at Sturbridge in Mass. one summer and gave it to him for our anniversary hint-hint ! He made all our furniture, and once it was finished, guess who finished the job of sanding and staining ? I still have so many gorgeous pieces. Thanks for the memories !!
    Your posts are great and so much fun to read.

  8. Angela Muller says

    Susan: I don’t have that book, but I did pick up a copy of the new “MILEU” magazine, which comes out quarterly. The second issue of the magazine (still on newsstands) is called “Decorating with White”……..sounds a lot like the book…..beautiful. Loved that video, too!

  9. I have that book and love it Susan!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Elaine in Laguna says

    I’ve seen this book on Amazon and have been tempted to buy it. If you’ve given it 3 hearts then I need to take another look! You are such a good influence. πŸ™‚ PS I have a lot of white in my home with some blue and raspberry thrown in. Wishing all a great weekend!

  11. Susan
    This looks like another lovely book in your collection. I love books also, but I don’t have quite as many as you do. I was wondering when you get a chance to keep looking through all these. I can’t seem to find the time anymore. Do you read while you have your meals, or do you just sit there in front of that beautiful bookcase and pull out various books to look through. Do you use them for inspiration or just entertainment. Just curious, sometimes I will pull out a few before I go to sleep, but I’m thinking I should try to just schedule in some time to read and relax.

    • I used to sit every evening in the chair here in the office and read them with Max curled up in my lap. Since he passed away last summer, I don’t sit in that chair anymore, just makes me too sad. Now I usually head for the sofa in the bonus room. I usually read the before going to bed or occasionally on the weekend. It always nice to see beautiful rooms and look at something nice before turning in. Back when I had lots of empty rooms in this house and Amazon wasn’t around, I poured over my Colonial Homes magazines (which later became Classic Home) and my Traditional Home magazines for inspiration. Then Amazon and half.ebaydotcom came along and you could suddenly buy “Like New” or Good used books for the price of a magazine. That’s when I started buying books instead of magazines. Now, I mostly look at my decorating books for enjoyment and entertainment but I still get ideas for making small changes when I’m looking through them. I have a feeling I’ll be moving in the next few years, I’m almost mentally ready to downsize. If I do, that will open up a big ole can of worms, I’m sure. Then I may be using those books for inspiration more than entertainment. We have all gotten a bit too busy, haven’t we? πŸ™‚

  12. Love the cover… I’m so torn! I think I need one room to do in shades of white and maybe pastels. Soothing! But I’m a gypsy at heart and I love the drenched in color rooms… Plus some wood is just too gorgeous to paint.

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