What Saying or Quote Would You Choose?

Recently I stumbled across these adorable hand-stamped spoons with clever, funny and sometimes poignant sayings. I’ve seen them before but these caught my eye because they looked especially well done.drink-tea-read-books-be-happy-stamped-on-vintage-spoon


When I saw they were endorsed by Martha Stewart and were part of the “Martha Stewart American Made Market” I knew they were going to be top-notch. Martha doesn’t put her name on just anything! The sayings and designs are hand-stamped/pressed into the spoon, so they are never going to come off or out.



So I decided to order one. When it arrived a few days later, I was so happy to see that it was just as pretty in person as the picture online had depicted. I purchased this one here: Drink tea. Read books. Be happy. Hand-stamped Spoon



I am so happy with my spoon, I’ve decided to start a little collection of these. I thought it would be fun to put them out with the coffee when I’m having a little party or gathering here at my home.

Wouldn’t they be cute out here on the porch hot cocoa bar? I need to throw a hot cocoa party! 🙂 (View Hot Cocoa Bar in detail in this post: DIY Hot Cocoa Bar and Hot Cocoa Sign)

Hot Chocolate Bar


So last night I ordered two more, including this one. I love the little tree with the star! ~~~sigh~~~ You’ll find it here: Baby It’s Cold Outside



I think I’m going to order this one below, too.

(See it here: Drink Cocoa, Read Books, Be Happy)



There are several “hot cocoa themed spoons, so I’ll have no trouble stocking my hot cocoa bar.  They have hundreds to choose from in all categories from coffee-themed to romance to holiday…you name it!

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post…just sharing these because I love them and think they would make darling Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. I can see tucking one of these into a stocking along with a cute mug, knitted reindeer cozy (like THIS one) and a jar of hot cocoa from Williams-Sonoma. Update: I ordered two of those adorable reindeer cozies today, one for me and one for a friend. Sooo cute!



Love this as a gift idea or stocking stuffer! If you want to really go all out, you could put all of these into a book tote and include a great book. You’ll find lots of cute book totes here: Book Totes



I actually ordered two spoons last night. They will personalize a spoon with whatever saying you would like, just has to fit on a spoon. (You can see the ones available for personalization HERE.)

So I ordered one with a quote from one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I asked for this on my spoon: the secret garden bloomed and bloomed

I hope it will fit on a spoon. I think it will since they can fit “still having coffee together since 2005” on a spoon. I also asked if they could squeeze in a little flower if they had one. If they don’t have a flower, a heart would be lovely, too. ♥



I thought about these two quotes for spoons: “the weather outside is frightful” and this one: “but the fire is so delightful.” Love that song and it would go well with my sign above my hot cocoa bar. (Tutorial for making this DIY sign can be found here: DIY Hot Cocoa Sign) Another one I dreamed up is: “Warm fire. Purring cat. Good book.” That pretty much sums up my idea of heaven. 🙂

Hot Chocolate Bar with Hot Cocoa Sign


This one would also be great for a hot cocoa bar. I just absolutely love these, can you tell?!  🙂 I also love supporting small businesses like this shoppe that’s located in Virginia.



What quote or saying would you choose?

You can see all their “holiday” spoons here: Holiday Spoons. You’ll find all the other categories listed in the menu on the left at that page.



They also have bookmarks and cutting boards…so many cute things to choose from and to personalize as you like. I noticed one customer said she’s purchased several of their personalized cutting boards and that they were always a big hit as wedding gifts. I’m keeping that in mind for future shower/wedding gifts, although they would be great for Christmas, too.



If you were having a spoon personalized, what quote or saying would you choose?

Update: A few weeks ago I shared these boots that I think are new out this year.



I ordered a pair and they came today. Perfect timing because it’s been raining pretty much all day. I haven’t taken them off since they arrived. Obsessed! I love the plaid wool fabric they’ve incorporated into these! They are so comfortable, just like the Sperry rain boots I purchased last year. If you’re in need of rain boots, I bought these here: Sperry Rain Boots. They are also available here: Sperry Rain Boots.



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  1. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – these spoons are just darling ! My husband and I have celebrated 35 years of marriage in 2016 so I think that still having coffee together since 1981 would be the cutest stocking stuffer for him ! I love these special little gifts – mud pie.com also has some funny spoons that go with sets too FYI. Hugs, Dorinda

  2. Thank you for the gift idea! I have a friend with a daughter who loves ice cream so I ordered her a personalized ice cream spoon. I’m sure she will love it! I’ll save this idea so I can get something for myself later on. You always fin the cutest gift ideas.

  3. Did you see the Tomato Server stamped with “from my garden” that was a pretty piece!

    I also liked the Harry Potter reference on one spoon “Ron’s Emotional Range” that was cute!

    I have no idea what I would have stamped, but there certainly are a lot of cute sayings and ideas.

    You always find clever things!

    • Thanks, Mary! I love finding little surprise gifts to give at Christmas. I saw that and wondered where that phrase came from. My son and dil would have gotten it since they are big Harry Potter fans. 🙂 Can you just imagine all the quotes you could use from all those books/movies!

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    “I’m going to hell? At least I’ll be warm.”

  5. Love your hot cocoa shelf display.

  6. I love the Comfort & Joy, but I wish there was one about books and coffee! (Or even just coffee.)

    • Kirby, you can have one custom made. That’s what I’m having done for three spoons I purchased last night and today. Just tell them what you want and they’ll make it. You can see all the spoons that you can choose from here: http://bit.ly/2gGG7yp
      After you choose a spoon design that you like, add it to your cart, then when you go to the cart, you’ll see a box that says “Add an optional note to seller” and that’s where you tell them what you want it to say.

  7. Susan,
    I know I would get a snicker from my wife but I would order, “good morning beautiful”.
    She would say I bought it for myself 🙂


    • Awww, I love that! Even with the kidding, she would secretly love it. What woman wouldn’t love seeing reading that over coffee each morning. 🙂

  8. You need one that says: “Between Naps on the Porch!” 🙂

  9. Not a creature was stirring…

    Hot, hot chocolate!

  10. On my spoon I would put “God, family and sweet ice tea.” Love this site.

  11. Oh these spoons are great!! I would choose the “all I need is cocoa and warm socks”
    because I don’t drink coffee but love cocoa! I also live in my cozy socks when I am home:) So, that one is perfect for me. Gonna go check them out now!

  12. I favorited some of these (be silly, be honest, be kind, and others) until there is time to spend on this great site…thanks for sharing. I am planning a set of six! Like the inspirational ones.

  13. Juanita in OH says

    Susan, this is a WONDERFUL and fun idea!! I LOVE them all. I am not able to think of the words I would want at this time. The “Between Naps On the Porch” sounds truly special. TFS.

  14. Super cute! I love all the sayings you’ve chosen, and I especially like the graphics stamped into the spoons too (tree, snowflake, squiggly scrolls). It’s the little things like this that make me smile….hey! maybe that’s what I’d have stamped…”it’s the little things”.

  15. Chris Wells says

    Susan, you have been finding the most adorable things and I just order them…it’s like having a personal shopper! The spoons are adorable and I must buy some for my family….and those boots will look perfect on my daughter-in-law! Thanks for all the help this year! They need to pay you!

  16. Cute boots and adorable spoons with quotes, someone is ready for winter 🙂

  17. Nancy Elizabeth says

    “Susan” I just love the spoons! You always have something new and interesting to share with your friends. AND, My mother is from Richmond and father is from Roanoke! My sister and brother will love the spoons so I’m planning on ordering.

  18. Nancy Elizabeth says

    I think the little cocoa guy looks cute sitting at the cocoa bar. Who knew spoons would bring such fun to our lives.

  19. What a cute idea to gift or keep for yourself! I don’t know what saying I’d choose- perhaps just one they’ve already created! I have some of the WS hot coca mix- so rich and decadent! The boots are cute!

  20. Oh how cute these are! I just ordered one for each of my six grandchildren. I ordered the personalized cocoa spoons and asked if the Santa hat could be replaced with a snowflake, so they could use them all winter long. Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t wait to put them in their stockings.

  21. Kay from Kansas says

    Susan, I just ordered a spoon for my daughter, Thanks for such cute and innovative ideas! And I am enjoying my Jacqui Larson Advent Calendar today! That was a neat idea also! I joined for the one year card membership and the Advent Calendar was part of the package – great deal!

  22. Love these cute spoons…found 4 I’d like to order right away. Also, thank you for connecting us with the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendars, purchases both scenes for myself, 3 sent as gifts.

  23. Love the spoons! Love the boots! Love this blog!!! Happy Holidays, Susan! Thank you for all you gift to us, all year long!

  24. Mine would definitely need to read: Love Never Fails

  25. Linda Page says

    Dang it, Susan!!! Here you go spending my money again!!! What great gifts these cute spoons will make. All sorts of sayings are flying around in my head. So glad you posted about this.

  26. Happy holidays to you! Really enjoying your blog! Just love these sweet spoons! I think I may order a few. The quote I would choose is “Always in Hot Water!”

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