Installing A New Bluebird House For My Backyard Bluebirds

Welcome to the 786th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! Many, many years ago when my son was in elementary school, I worked at the Chattahoochee Nature Center as a volunteer. Back then, on weekends during the month of October, the Nature Center would host educational Halloween Hikes through the woods that surround the nature center. The hikes also ran out the boardwalk that runs alongside and out over portions of the Chattahoochee River. During the hikes, the children (and adults) would come across costumed woodland creatures (river creatures on the boardwalk) who would share information about themselves. One year I was a bat in the woods, another year I was a beaver on the boardwalk. Ha! I just checked and it appears that the hikes are still taking place each October—read more about those here: Halloween Hikes.

Throughout the rest of the year, I volunteered in the Nature Center Gift Shop each week. It was around that time that I really became interested in learning more about birds. From the Gift Shop, I purchased some great birding books that I still use today to identify the birds I see coming to my feeders. A favorite of mine that I purchased back then is the Peterson Field Guide to Birds.  Because of how the book is laid out, it makes it really easy to identify the birds I see coming to my feeders or nesting in my yard.


During the time I was working in the gift shop, I purchased a bluebird birdhouse in hopes of attracting bluebirds to my yard. At that time, there was a real push to help the bluebirds whose numbers were waning every year. I remember a lot of bluebird houses were being put up along golf courses and those efforts back then really helped and their numbers began to increase. I hope that is still the case. I think this may be my second bluebird house, seems like I remember the one I purchased from the Nature Center Gift Shop didn’t have a metal predator guard around the opening into the house. In any case, this one has seen better days for sure. It’s starting to look pretty rough after being here in the elements for so many years.

Old Bluebird House Before New Bird House Update


It has deteriorated quite a bit, although I still see the bluebirds nest in it each year.

Old Bluebird House Before Replacement


A few months back I purchased a new house with plans to replace the old one before nesting season. The birds in my yard are definitely more active lately, I think they know spring is just around the corner. So yesterday I removed the old birdhouse and installed the new one. There was still an old nest in the house from last year.

Old Bluebird Nest from last year, last spring


I ran into a little problem while installing the mounting plate for the birdhouse, the screws that came with the house were way too long. I ended up using the original screws that had come with the mounting plate, but even those were a teensy bit too long and just barely protruded into the back of the house.


Hard to see, but here’s a close-up of the tip of one of the nails that was sticking out into the house.


Several weeks ago I ordered a set of Dewalt cutting pliers to replace some old pliers that I’ve had for many years that stick badly and are difficult to use. It took a couple of weeks for the new pliers to arrive but they arrived a few days ago, just in the nick of time.


I removed the screws and snipped off the very tip of each one with a pair of my new cutting pliers. I seriously LOVE these pliers—they were worth the wait! (Cutting pliers are available here: DeWalt Pliers/Wire Cutters, 3-Pack.)

DeWalt Pliers, Best Pliers


Even though a nest will most likely cover that area, I didn’t want to risk a bird bumping into a screw tip and getting scratched.


Now the back of the nesting box is nice and smooth.


The new bluebird house is up and ready for its first residents. Sometimes that turns out to be chick-a-dees if they happen to beat the bluebirds to it, but usually, it’s bluebirds that move in. lol

Bird House for Bluebirds


I wonder if the bluebirds will nest here this year or if it will feel too new to them. I’ll have to wait and see. The house is made of cedar and doesn’t seem to have any smell that I noticed, so hopefully the birds will love their new digs this spring.

Bluebird Bird House for Springtime


The bluebirds who visit my yard also love nesting in the two dovecotes I have in my front yard. I had to replace this one a while back after a woodpecker destroyed the wood roof two different times. Argh.


Do you see Mrs. Bluebird sitting on her front porch, waiting for Mr. Bluebird to bring home the bacon, uh, I mean mealworms? They love dovecotes, which reminds me, I need to clean those out so they’ll be ready for nesting this year. (Dovecote is available here: Dovecote Birdhouse. I really like the pretty scalloped roof design of the new dovecotes! Here’s one more design to consider: Dovecote Birdhouse. I like it, too!)


Every spring I put out fresh mealworms for the birds. So many birds love them, not just bluebirds.


Mr. Bluebird heading back to the nest with dinner.

Bluebird Taking Mealworms Back To Babies


Bluebirds meeting for lunch…

Bluebirds dining on mealworms


If you would like to put up a bluebird house this spring, the house I purchased is available here: Cedar Bird House. I know your backyard birds would appreciate the help! 🐦 Update: I found this information online about what size birdhouse is best for the the types of bluebirds (and other birds) that like to nest in this style of house.

My house is on a 15-square-inch floor since we have Eastern Bluebirds here.

Bird House for Bluebirds


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  1. I love that you get bluebirds consistently, so does my sister. You have some awesome photos of them. I like the new real estate development (and the tools!). Th bluebirds are bound to love it too.

  2. franki parde says

    Perfect! You did all the “leg work!” Four bluebird houses ordered! TY!! franki

  3. Such a handsome bird house. Which reminds me I need to get one of these, as we have several bluebirds around here. Have a great week!

  4. It’s so important to take care of the birds and the bees. Your new birdhouse looks nice, I hope the birds love it! Great photos, thanks Susan!

  5. Merlin has an app that will identify the birds in your area. I have it installed on my phone and was quite surprised of the variety of birds here.

  6. Your birdhouses are so cute! And thanks for the links. We’ve been thinking about getting one for quite a while. I don’t know how many bluebirds we have in our area, but it’s definitely worth putting one up as an invitation! 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting the party – Happy Monday!

  7. I need a new birdbath. I leave things in the yard for the birds to build a nest. My mother loved to sew and we would put leftover threads in the yard. I put leftover floral excelsior and bits and pieces birds will take to build a nest. We have hawks in the area, so I have to be careful where I feed birds.

    • Love that, Myrna! Last year I purchased some nest building materials online and stuffed them in a suet holder. I think they were used since I kept seeing pieces pull part way out of the feeder. I put it back out again a few days ago. If I still had a cat, I would brush him and save the fur. Some birds love using animal fur in their nests.
      I know what you mean, I have Hawks that visit too. I can always tell when they are hanging out in my backyard trees scoping out the chipmunks that eat the seed that has fallen from the feeder because the birds all vanish and are sometimes no where to be found for days. Eventually, the hawk does move on, though.

  8. Susan,
    Great birdhouse!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!! I hope you are having a great week!! And thanks for providing so much inspiration!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  9. Bummer, condo provides no place for a birdhouse but what great, amazing photos you’ve taken!

  10. We love our bluebirds and chicadees and just yesterday my hubs put out a bunch of mealworms and the robins went nuts – I am afraid they left none for those beautiful bluebirds.

    We have a few houses – I forget which nasty bird always shoots them out of their own house – is it starlings? (Starlings are obnoxious nasty birds.)

    May need to put that birdhouse on my Mother’s Day wish list. Thx, Susan. Hope it goes well for you!

    • Oh, those robins do love them! My chickadees and titmouse love them, too.
      I know. I’ve heard that house sparrows do that, too. I would be so upset if I witnessed that! 🙁

  11. Loved seeing your blue bird home update!

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    How precious! I love that awesome “electric blue”, they are so beautiful.
    Some years back, my husband made two birdhouses that go on our front pickets. Sometime the blubirds get their first and other times the chickadees, who I also love.
    I sit on my front porch swing and watch them make their endless trips back and forth. What a delight!

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