Celebrating The Coming Of Spring With A Table Full Of Sunshine!

Welcome to the 804th Tablescape Thursday! Oh my gosh, we’ve had the most beautiful, sunshiny weather the last few days! I’ve never thought of myself as being someone who is affected by sunshine, or the lack thereof, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m one of those folks. I’ve definitely had more energy and felt a lot more zip in my step with all the glorious sunshine we’ve been experiencing. Do you notice that this time of year, too? Do you get a burst of energy and start wanting to clean every thing in sight? I really want to get out there and clean the porch this weekend, even though I know Pollen Season is coming!

Soooo, I’ve had this table set for several days, trying to work out just how I wanted to finish the centerpiece.

Spring Table Setting with Whimsical Bee Theme


I wanted to set a springy, bee-themed table, incorporating the decorative bee skep I made recently, but I knew the centerpiece needed a little something else, maybe something to go under or around the skep. I finally decided on a bit of Savannah Holly from the holly trees I have growing in my yard. They are covered in red berries right now which may give this table a bit of a Christmas feel, but I love the contrast of the berries with the other colors in this table so decided to go with the holly.

Spring Table Setting Ideas, Bee Themed


This table is very much an ode to spring and to the hard-working bees who pollinate our world and keep the flowers and plants going strong. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bee!

Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Plates and Bee salad plates


When I purchased these rattan chargers this past autumn, I had no idea I would be using them so much. They always seem to be exactly what I need to create the contrast I want with the other elements in a place setting. Can’t recommend them enough! They are suprisingly still available and are currently on sale here: Rattan Chargers. (See other table settings where I’ve used the rattan chargers HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

Cabbage Plates, Bordallo Pinheiro


Love these cabbage plates I found so many years ago in either HomeGoods or Marshalls–I think it was HomeGoods. I looked to see if they are available online and I found some here: Cabbage Dinner Plates. If you prefer the non-scalloped edge (I love that design, too!) you’ll find those for a more reasonable price here: Cabbage Dinner Plates. The bee salad plates I’m using for this bee-themed table are available here: Bee Salad Plates.  The full service for 4, which is probably an even better deal, is available here: 4 Place Settings—16 pc Set.

Bee Skep Centerpiece for Bee Themed Table Setting


The last time I set a bee-themed table setting, these were the napkin rings I used. I really like these but I have always wished that the bee was a bit more prominent—more noticeable.

Bee on Yellow Daisy Napkin Rings


I went searching to see what was available this year and I found the cutest bee napkin rings! (Bee napkins are available here: Bee Napkins.)

Bee Napkin Rings, Bee Flatware, Gold Accent on sale


You know that feeling when something you order arrives and it’s even better than you expected? That’s how I felt when I opened these bee napkin rings!

Bee Flatware with Gold Accent, Best Price on sale


I love the size of these—they are perfect and so pretty! (Napkin rings are available here: Bee Napkin Rings.)

Wallace Napoleon Bee Flatware with Gold Accent, on Sale


I splurged a bit to create this table setting. I have some Napoleon Bee flatware that I purchased many years ago from Horchow or Neiman Marcus—forgotten which now.


I’ve often admired the gold-accented version of this flatware but I just couldn’t justify buying it when I already had the regular version, especially since it’s always so expensive when I look for it online.


But I couldn’t get it out of my mind and kept thinking how perfect it would be for this table. I checked online again and found it for the best price I’ve ever seen! That was the push I needed and I ordered it right then. When it arrived, I was thrilled with how beautiful it looks and how wonderful it feels. It’s definitely quality flatware and so much prettier than I ever imagined it would be!

Wallace Napoleon Bee Gold Accent Flatware Set on Sale


The gold accent is done so well! It’s softly accented so it comes across in a beautiful, elegant way, not at all garish as some gold flatware can look. I absolutely love it and I’m so glad I finally went ahead and purchased it. If you’ve always admired this flatware, you’ll find it for the best price I’ve ever found it, here: Wallace Bee Flatware with Gold Accent.

Wallace Napoleon Bee Gold Accent Flatware Set on Sale



Daisy Stemware for Spring Table


If you have spring fever as I do, you’ll find a detailed tutorial for making this fun Bee Skep in this previous post: Make a Decorative Bee Skep for Spring. I wish I could find more of these adorable daisy wine glasses. I think I found these four in HomeGoods.—been several years so hard to remember now. I would have purchased at least 8, but they only had four in stock that day. The painted daisy design is beautiful and I love how I can feel the raised design when holding the glass.

Bee Skep, DIY Project


I do love me a themed tablescape! Determined to bee-bling this table setting out, I went on a search for all things, BEE! lol

Beeswax Bee Votive Candle with Adorable Bee


I found the cutest bee candles! I’m not sure I can actually bring myself to light one, though. Ha! They are too cute to light! These were super reasonably priced, not sure how they can make them for what they charge. They come in sets of 12 and you’ll find them available here: Beeswax Bee Candles. Set of 12.

Beeswax Bee Votive Candles


You know I had to bake a Bee cake yesterday with all this bee business buzzing through my brain! lol I made a newbie mistake since I hadn’t baked in so long. I forgot to tap/bang the pan on the counter a few times before placing the cake in the oven for baking, so my bees ended up with some holes here and there. If you have this bee pan and make these delicious, honey-glazed, pull-apart cakes, don’t forget to tap your pan several times on the counter to settle the batter before baking. That way your bees shouldn’t have little holes in them once the cake is done. And they really do pull apart easily! I want to bake these for my grandsons the next time I visit. I think they would love them! (Bee baking pan is available here: Bee Cake Baking Pan with Pull-Apart Design.)

Nordic Ware Bee Honeycomb Pan


As I was baking away in the kitchen yesterday, the sun briefly danced across the table letting me capture a quick picture in natural light.

Late Winter Sunshine on Bee Themed Table Setting


A view from overhead…

Bee Tablescape for Spring


Happy Spring to you! I hope you are seeing and experiencing a lot of wonderful, energy-inducing sunshine today!

Spring Table Setting with Whimsical Bee Theme


If you love bee-themed table settings, check out this previous Bee-themed table with bee skep soup tureens, here: Bee-Themed Table Setting.


Look forward to seeing all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Your table is so cute Susan! I love the skep you made and it looks so good as your centerpiece. You have found some really cute bee things, I love the flatware and napkin rings especially. Thank you for all the links to your sources, they are hard to resist!

    • Thanks, Jenna! It was a fun table to set. That flatware is so much prettier in person than I had expected. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Susan, this has to be one of your cutest tables EVER! What’s not to LOVE. The candles are adorable and the flatware perfect! The napkins, napkin rings and plates (drool) and the bee skeep is the PERFECT centerpiece. I just love it all! You’ll have a hard time putting it away! Great job and thank you for the eye candy!

    • Thanks so much, Toni! So appreciate those sweet words! I do love those adorable bee candles. I don’t know how they made those cute bees out of wax the way they did but I do love them.

  3. Oh your table is just darling Susan! I love the skep and all the bees – especially those little fuzzy ones! And the flatware is beautiful. Yaay for sun – we have some too, today, and it’s just lovely! Thanks so much for the ideas, and for hosting. Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Your bee-themed table is truly enchanting, & your darling bee skep is the perfect centerpiece!

  5. So adorable, Susan! Every little detail, both new and old. It’s truly a picture of spring. I have resisted that Wallace flatware so far, but just realized my oldest is nicknamed Queen B by her circle of friends, so anything I would buy bee-themed would likely end up in her cache, right? Hmmmm…..

  6. What an adorable table, Susan! Your bee skep just makes it! I took the plunge on that flatware a while back, too, and agree it’s just beautiful. Oh, my,I love your bee candles! We are all so ready for spring!

  7. You certainly did “bee-ling” this table. Adorable
    Thank you for the cheery bit of sunshine

  8. Susan, I applaud your use of holly around your crafty bee skep! The dark green leaves and the bright red berries add that pop of color and contrast that my bee table idea is lacking. Thanks for that moment of clarity. You’re right, those bee napkin rings are even more beautiful in person. I bought them last year and have been patiently awaiting the opportunity to use them for my bee lover friend’s birthday this June. I won’t have holly, but a few Rhodies might still be in bloom. Also, thank you for reminding me to bang that cake pan a time or two to get the bubbles out of those honeycombs and bees. Keep that inspiration coming.

  9. OMGoodness, if this table setting doesn’t make one smile, I don’t know what would! It certainly gives me all the spring vibes. I love all the attention to detail on this table setting. Those candles are amazing and so cute. The bee napkin rings are beautiful, your homemade beehive makes a beautiful centerpiece, love the dishes and chargers….I love everything about this setting! Especially when the sunlight streams in…it just makes me happy. Hugs, Brenda

  10. This tablescape is so fun and in harmony with your patio. I already bought the yellow bee napkin rings and was tempted to purchase the Wallace B 45pc set for $170 except it is handwash. It does sound like a great deal. The set looks amazing and I have some of the glasses with bees. Thank you for sharing your creative table. I like to refer to your photos over and over.

  11. Susan, your bee-themed table is so perfect for welcoming spring! The plates are adorable. The bee-skep you created makes a wonderful centerpiece and it looks great on the holly. I love the Wallace bee flatware – it looks so pretty and elegant. Funny that I have been searching for those daisy wine glass too with no luck. The napkin rings are gorgeous. Thanks for all this wonderful inspiration and happy almost-spring to you!

  12. What a cheerful Spring tablescape. That gold-rimmed flatware is gorgeous, Susan. I’m glad you got it for yourself. And those little bee candles are adorable. I love the little fuzzy bees on the skep and the bee salad plates. The daisy glasses add to the Spring feel. This is such a happy-looking table setting.

  13. I love the bee themed table. It just screams Spring! I agree about the sun shining. I seem to have more energy when the sun is bright. Beautiful table from a very creative person! Happy Spring!

  14. I loved the layers of plates and chargers that you used; I would not have thought that combination. There is a small area in the back of our building that is a bit protected and the 3 cherry trees there on well on their way to blooming–dark pink buds with bits of pink petals in a few spots!

  15. Susan,
    What a delightful tablescape!!! So pretty and spring like!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! I hope you are having a great week!! And thanks for providing so much inspiration!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

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