All My Favorites For Spring and Summer

Happy Weekend! My head is completely in spring/summer mode now. With the daylight staying with us a little bit longer each day and my daffodils all poking their little heads up out of the ground, I know that spring is almost here and I can’t wait!

Sculptural Bunny Vase with Spring Daffodils


With spring just around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to share some of my favorites that I love and use on repeat during the spring and summer months. Before I share those, I wanted to let those of you who have asked about this brush that I shared a while back know that it’s finally back in stock. I love this brush because it somehow does a million times better job of brushing my hair than any of my other brushes. It can handle thicker hair with no issue and it manages to go through every strand of hair without pulling it. I’ve never had a brush that felt like this one does when using it. It does the most thorough job of brushing hair! I know that sounds weird, but once you use it, you will know what I mean. It feels wonderful! So if you could use a great brush, you’ll find this one available here: Best Brush.



Okay, how about some of my most-loved spring favorites? I’m still very much obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer’s Etta tops, especially the v-neck version that’s super flattering. I have a bunch of these tops and each year I usually add a couple more. They are very lightweight, almost like wearing nothing, yet you can’t see through them at all. They are perfect for our hot, humid Georgia heat!


I also really like how they come down nice and long in the back, again very comfortable to wear and super flattering. You can the designs/patterns they currently have in stock here: Etta Top.


I have three of these white cardigans now, they are my go-to sweater when I need a sweater during spring or summer months. I carry one with me in my car at all times in case I need to run into the grocery store (a place I always find freezing) or when I dine out because restaurants are always too cold for me. It’s super affordable and I love how hefty it is, so it lays well on the body. You’ll find it available here: White Cardigan.

White Sweater for Summer


During the summer months, there are three styles of sandals that I alternate wearing. You’ve heard me rave about my Ecco sandals that offer amazing support. They saved me in the excruciating heat we (Teresa and I) experienced during our 2-week trek across Egypt.

Camel Riding in Giza, Egypt, 2018


I sometimes even wear them with socks in the house during the wintertime because I love the arch support they offer. I find them so much more supportive and comfortable than slippers. They are especially great for those of us with finicky feet since they are so adjustable. They come in a bunch of different colors here: Sandals. I definitely recommend them for travel during the summertime!


Another sandal that I purchased a few years back—and have now repurchased a couple of times in different colors is this sandal by Skechers. Again, it has great arch support—a must for any sandal that I wear. Though it’s a casual sandal, I think it looks great with dresses during the spring and summer.

Comfortable Sandals for Summer


This version is a new color for this year, I think. Don’t think I’ve seen it before. You’ll find this sandal available in several colors here: Skechers Sandals.



This is the third style of sandal that I enjoy wearing a lot during the spring and summer. Once again, it has great arch support and comes in a bunch of different colors. I have it in both beige and grey and love both. You’ll find it available here: Hiking/Walking Sandals.


Love this versatile top for spring—such a beautiful; color! This is the way I love to wear my long sleeve summer tops: sleeves rolled up until I’m out in full sun where I usually roll them back down for protection. Notice the coordinating/contrasting collar and cuffs–so cute! It’s those special details that I always look for, they are my favorite! For those who hate ironing, this shirt is perfect since it’s advertised as a no-iron fabric. You’ll find this top available here: Summer Top with Coordinating Cuffs and Collar.


I never had a Barbie while growing up and I think I was traumatized from that! Hahaha! Recently, I watched the Barbie movie that was released last summer, and though I wasn’t too impressed with the storyline, I loved a lot of the clothes/costumes that were sprinkled throughout the movie. I especially loved the adorable pink and white gingham dress that Barbie wore at the very start of the movie.


The Barbie perfume below is the “Officially Licensed” perfume for the movie. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I’m a huge perfume lover, so I was super curious about how this perfume would smell. I had a feeling it would smell very feminine and pretty—spoiler alert, it does! I ordered a $10 sample from the company that makes the perfume and was truly surprised by how much I like it! I’m already halfway through the sample since I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past week.


The top notes in Barbie are Strawberry, Cherry, Pitahaya, and Pomelo. The middle notes are Peony, Magnolia, Rose, and Gardenia and the base notes are Whipped Cream, Musk, and Sandalwood. When the sample I ordered arrived and I sprayed it on, I literally laughed out loud! It has a special note in the opening that I KNOW without a doubt the perfumers who created this perfume must have included intentionally.


If you watch a lot of perfume reviews as I do, you are probably familiar with a note/scent that is often referred to as “doll-head.” Remember when you were 5 or 6 years old and you would get a new baby doll for Christmas? You would hug your new doll to your chest and there it was—that funny dollhead scent that all new baby dolls had back in the day. I wonder if new baby dolls still have that same smell today? If you’ve ever smelled it, you never forget it. Amazing how smell can be so tied to memories from our past!


When I first sprayed Barbie on my wrist, I had no idea how it would smell. I hadn’t watched any reviews on it, so I didn’t know what to expect. The second I sprayed it on, I immediately noticed it—dollhead! I felt like I had just been let in on an inside secret or inside joke. Ha! My hat is off to the perfumer who designed Barbie—is that not the perfect top note to include in this perfume?! If dollhead isn’t your favorite note, don’t worry, the faint baby doll scent goes away after just a minute or so and you’re left with a wonderful, very feminine scent. Barbie is a perfume that I would feel completely comfortable wearing out and around others because it’s such a pretty fragrance! Again, the dollhead note goes away after just a minute or two as it dries down, but I love that it’s there in the beginning. Just brilliant that the perfumers thought to include it! It definitely made me smile! Needless to say, I decided to order a full-size bottle of this fun fragrance here: Barbie Perfume.


Another one of my favorite scents for summer is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I love experimenting with a lot of unusual, unique scents (like Racquets from Penhaligons) but I find that my favorites are the ones that are feminine and beautiful! You’ll find Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet available here: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and here: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet & Baccarat Rouge 540


Another Dior fragrance that always gets amazing reviews is the original Miss Dior. I have sampled it while shopping and it is a beautiful fragrance, although Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is still my favorite of the two. I’m super tempted to get this gift set though, what a beautiful set for summer, and would make a wonderful gift for someone with a spring or summer birthday. You’ll find this lovely gift set here: Miss Dior Perfume Gift Set.


Another beautiful fragrance that I wear a lot during the spring and summer is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Flowerbomb smells like nothing else you’ve ever smelled before. It’s a feminine, fresh gorgeous scent that’s perfect for spring and summer! You’ll find it available here: Viktor & Rolf, Flower Bomb, and here: Flowerbomb.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf


Need a happy dinnerware to brighten up your summer tables? This very affordable, Bee-themed dinnerware is one of my faves for spring and summer. You’ll find it available here: Bee Dinnerware.


Bee Dinnerware on Sale


Here’s how it looked in a table I set last spring. I’ll be setting another table with it again real soon. Bee dinnerware is available here: Bee Dinnerware.

Bee Themed Tablescape


My everyday glassware for the past 10-15 years has been these adorable bee glasses. When I’m not drinking water from one of my many Yeti’s, this is what you’ll find me using on a daily basis. I love it for spring and summer but also use it all year long. They are a nice big size, 12 oz, so they will hold a lot of your favorite beverage. You’ll find this glassware here: Bee Glassware.


Bee Glasses


Hats, especially sunhats are a must-have for me during the spring and summer months, especially when I travel.

Home Office, Decorate with Hats


Over the years I’ve collected several and love wearing them all!

Decorate with Hats, Hat Storage


I have enjoyed wearing the one with the big bow so much, I ended up buying it in three colors: Pink, Cream, and Navy.

Summer Hat Storage, Decorating with Hats


It’s the style that I wear the most during the summer months. The fit is adjustable, making it very comfortable to wear. But mostly, I just love how it looks on! You’ll find this style available here: Summer Hat.

Pink Sneakers, Pink Sunhat


If you’re looking for a similar style hat that’s a bit more budget-friendly, I also have this one and find it very comfortable, too. I bought it while visiting family when I forgot and left my bow hat at home. It worked great for our hikes and walks in the sun. You’ll find it available here: Beach Sun Straw Hat.


Need a fun beach hat that has a nice wide brim? This one comes in several colors and designs, perfect for a beach trip! You’ll find it available here: Sun Hat with Fun Message.


Here’s one more style that I don’t yet have but I think is super cute for the beach or to wear around a pool. You’ll find it available here: Sun Hat for Spring/Summer.



Hope you find these suggestions helpful as you get ready for a busy, fun spring and summer!

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  1. Hi Susan. LOVE your office. May I ask what color you have it painted? And, did you use that color in other rooms? It’s so warm and cozy.

  2. Hi….I’m always curious about all the different perfumes you (and others) wear. I don’t usually launder my good clothes after every wearing….so I use the same perfume for long periods of time and I do change but not often. I certainly don’t mean to offend you by asking…..and I’m wondering if I rode the same camel at the Pyramids! He kinda looks familiar…..:-)

    • lol It could be the same one. I usually spray perfume on my wrists and the tops of my hands and sometimes on my hair. I rarely spray it on my neck, so it probably doesn’t get on my clothes very much. Also, I usually have on a necklace and I don’t like the idea of getting perfume on my necklace.
      Another reason I don’t like spraying it on my neck is always seems a bit too strong initially since it’s so close to my face. So I prefer to spray it on the top of my wrists and the top of my hands. As I type and move my hands, I notice it all througout the day, which I really enjoy. When I wash my hands, if the scent seems to be gone, I’ll reapply it or I may change to a different perfume if I’m ready for something different. I’ve also read that a great place to apply perfume if you’re wearing shorts or a dress is on the back of the knees. I’ve never done that but I may try that this summer.

  3. Please tell me where you got that adorable bunny vase on your table that’s filled with daffodils! So durn cute! Thanks.

  4. I bought my Spornette Porcupine brush the first time you recommended it and am now on my second one. I, too, was thrilled to see recently that they are available again, and plan to buy another to have on hand. Love it! Thanks for sharing all your “bests”!

    • I did the same thing, just bought a backup a few days ago. We were thinking the same thing, Margaret! lol I like having backups of my favorites.

  5. Is there a link for the $10 Barbie fragrance sample??
    That was an awesome Spring post!
    Thank you!

    • I ordered the sample directly from the company that makes the perfume. Here’s a link to their site.
      You’ll see the “Samples” category at the top of the page.
      I just looked back at my receipt and it was $7 for the sample when I paid, and I wasn’t charged for shipping or “shipping protection” which they appear to be charging now. Currently they are charging $10 for the sample and something called “shipping protection” that’s another $1.50. It’s a very small sample, like you would get in a department store, so that annoys me that they’ve hiked up the price to $10 now, plus the shipping protection fee. Grrrrr! I just ordered mine less than two weeks ago, so I guess they raised the cost for a sample just since then. 🙁

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes, I love that brush also. It really is a great brush! Thanks for all those great suggestions! Those tops look super comfortable.

  7. What a great post today. Thank you & enjoy your weekend!

  8. Thank you for turning me onto “Flower Bomb”!!! I’d never heard of it. And I recently heard that FB is Taylor’s Swift’s favorite go-to!

    I love the pink tennies!

    Wendy in Suwanee

  9. I got two pairs of echo sandals when you recommended them years ago and I love them. Great arch support!

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