You’ve Been Asking For This–Sorry It Has Taken So Long, But At Last, It’s Ready!

Happy Weekend! I hope you’re having a great one! I finally, finally got around to doing something I should have done ages ago, so I apologize in advance for it taking me so long! A few weeks ago (or has it been months now?) someone left a comment asking if I would add a link somewhere on the blog, linking out to the things I often mention in posts–those products I love, recommend and repeatedly use/buy. I have been meaning to do this but I knew it was going to take a bit of time to set up. A few days ago I received this lovely email (and follow-up email) from Maureen. The timing was perfect since I was fairly caught up for once, so I got to work yesterday and updated the “SHOP” link at the top of the blog.

Good Morning, Susan!
I am now in the market for an air fryer, and I know you really like the one you own. I tried to research on your blog under the category SHOP, and then clicked on “for the home”, but no items are seen. Could you please tell me what air fryer you own, how many quarts is yours, and would you buy the same one again? Thanks! Maureen

Hi Susan! Thanks for the info and the link! That would be a great idea for you to have a place on your blog for your faithful followers to locate items you love & recommend. Not that you don’t already have enough to keep you busy!! Just know we appreciate you! Maureen

Thanks so much to Maureen and others who have kept after me to get this done! If you are one of the dearhearts who has been asking for this, you’ll find the “SHOP” link on the far right at the top of the blog, just underneath the Between Naps On The Porch banner.


Once you click on the word “SHOP” it will take you to a page where I’ve created a lot of different categories. Click on any category and you’ll find my favorites (for that category) that you’ve so often seen me share in previous blog posts. As I think of things that I love and use regularly, or, those items that I’m often asked about, I’ll continue to add items to the different categories. (Note: If you’re reading this via a mobile device, you may not be able to see the categories. Try this link and hopefully, it will work: BNOTP Favorites.)


You’ll notice that I’ve currently “pinned” three categories at the top, those being: Gift Ideas for Children, Gift Ideas for the Guys, and Gift Ideas for Her. Once Christmas has passed, I’ll unpin those, but I thought it would be helpful to have those at the top for now. Another thing you’ll notice is some of the items I’ve linked to are currently “not available.” I still wanted to include those because often items get restocked. For example, I keep hoping the lamp I purchased a while back for the guest bedroom (See it here: Guest Room Lamp) comes back in stock. I would buy a second one in a heartbeat–love that lamp!


For those of you who have been asking for this, once again, thank you for your patience! I will do my best to update the “SHOP” category as I discover new favorites. If you think of a category I’ve missed or something I’ve left out, please let me know via a comment or email, and I’ll try to get it added this weekend. Hope you find this new link helpful!

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  1. A lot of your things are on Amazon so I go to the item when you mention it and add it to my list on Amazon. This will be great though to have everything. Thank you.

  2. Wow, thank you so much, Susan! This is wonderful. I know that it took you a lot of time but it is much appreciated, as you always make the best recommendations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased things from your links and I’ve never been disappointed.

    • Thanks so much, Niki! That makes me so happy to hear that! Funny story, my DIL texted me this morning. She wore her bag out (for the first time) to dinner with friends last night and the reaction was something else! lol She wrote, “OMG, everyone stopped and said something to me about it, like at least 10 people.” She said that one of the people working there in the restaurant “went back to the kitchen and had someone come out to look at how cute it was.” I love these Gingerbread House bag stories! 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking time to put all of those items together for us.
    Is that the same air fryer you have? One of my favorites was the phone charger with a longer cord.

    • I think it may be the latest version of mine. They changed the controls a bit to make them slightly more user friendly on the one I had linked. I just found a refurbished version of the one that has the same controls as mine and linked it, so if you go to the Kitchen/Cooking category, you can see them side by side now. I’m not sure if mine is 6 quart or 10 quart because it doesn’t say what size it is in the manual that came with it, but if I were buying it again today, I’d purchased the 10 quart with the easier to under stand controlls. I’m super tempted to upgrade mine to that latest version that I linked. I like how they separated out the controls for each basket…just makes it that much easier.

    • I just ordered the newer version with the easier to understand controls. I have a feeling mine is a 6 quart or 8 quart and since I use it constantly, I wouldn’t mine having the slightly bigger 10 quart size. Oh, and they also added a 6th cooking mode called Air Broil. Mine doesn’t have that.

    • Myrna, you gave me an idea for another category. I created a category called TECHNOLOGY. I looked back at my previous purchases and linked the phone chargers that I could find. Not sure if it’s the one you have but hopefully, I found that one. Thanks for that suggestion!

  4. Jane Hyder Clary says

    Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you

    Looks like lots of work- but it’s appreciated

  6. What a great idea!

  7. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!

    I frequently add the item to my basket while reading the post and then move to saved items for future reference. But there are always those items you suggest that I come back to later. This will make finding them so much easier.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. This is great! As I have said before, when I say, ‘Susan recommended this’…he KNOWS who Susan is! 🙂 I have bought several things based on your recommendations and have never been disappointed. Though, with ice cream being the latest item, I am not sure my waistline will thank you! LOL Merry December to you!

  9. Donna Reesor Boyd says

    You had listed a Hermes 4 perfume gift box which I really have liked using.
    I haven’t had any luck finding it just searching online for it. would you care to try?

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