Spring Valentine’s Day Table With A Most Unusual Floral Centerpiece

Welcome to the 799th Tablescape Thursday! When I awoke at 4 am this morning and came downstairs to set a table for Tablescape Thursday, it was 15 degrees out on the porch. As I type this, the temps have finally reached a balmy 30 degrees. All this cold weather has me yearning for spring! Today’s table is a combination Spring/Valentine’s Day table with a most unusual centerpiece.

Valentine's Day Table, Lego Floral Style Centerpiece


Springtime always makes me think of beautiful spring flowers.

Spring Table, Lego Floral Centerpiece


A few years back, I purchased two floral building block sets: one in pastel colors and one in brighter primary colors. I’ve always wanted to use those flowers in a table setting, but just never got around to doing that.

Lego Flower Centerpiece


This Christmas I received a LEGO brand floral set from a lovely friend. (Thanks, Teresa!) I had so much fun creating all the flowers. Once I was done and saw all three sets together, I knew it was time to set a table with a floral centerpiece. I used almost all the flowers from all three sets in this centerpiece.

Lego Floral Centerpiece, Floral Dinnerware


The dinnerware for this table setting is Mikasa’s Sketch Floral, a delicate pattern that’s perfect for a spring table.

Mikasa Sketch Floral in a Spring Table Setting


Just as I was finishing up taking photos, an early morning sunbeam made its way onto one of the place settings.

Sketch Floral, Mikasa


Don’t remember where I found the napkin rings or the napkins, probably TJ Max or Marshalls. The chargers are by Kim Parker and the pattern is Emma’s Garland. Those were a find in Marshalls many years ago.

Mikasa Sketch Floral, Floral Napkin Rings


Spring Valentine's Day Table with Lego Floral Centerpiece


I will never have to water these flowers or worry about them wilting and dying. 🙂 Gotta love that!

Lego Floral Centerpiece for a Spring Valentine's Day Table Setting


If you would like to create a similar centerpiece, you’ll find two of the sets I used still available here: Floral Bouquet in Bright Colors AND here:  LEGO Floral Bouquet. The pastel set that I purchased a few years back doesn’t appear to be available now, but it appears they’ve added this set now: Floral Building Block Set. You’ll find many more floral building sets to choose from here: Building Block Flowers/Floral Kits.

Lego Floral Centerpiece for Spring Table Setting


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Springtime Valentine's Day Tablescape, Lego Flower Centerpiece


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. franki parde says

    Oh, my…it is just “Love” at first sight!! HOWEVER, “that vase!!!” Any rememberances about it…that color…it glows!! franki

    • Thanks, Franki! My son sent flowers for Mother’s Day one year and they came in that vase, so it came from the florist he used. Sorry, I don’t have a good source for it. It is a pretty color and I think this is first time I’ve ever used it in a table setting.

  2. What a cool idea with the flowers. I did not know Lego had these kits. It is difficult to source the same thing as I am in Canada and you are sourcing US. Love..love these…told Tom a good Valentine’s Day gift especially since these flowers will last.

  3. Anne Lovell says

    So springlike! Wonderful to see especially with all the snow we have!

  4. Your table looks amazing! Love the bouquet that you built so quickly. It is great that the floral will last a long time. The dishes look very elegant and dainty. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh wow – what fun! It took me a minute to notice that they weren’t regular flowers! I love the way you’ve arranged them, and the vase is lovely! Beautiful table setting too – so springy and fresh on this cold day – plus those little hearts around the vase are darling. Thanks for the peek into springtime, as well as hosting the party, and all the fun! Stay warm!

  6. Wow, what fun!

  7. So creative!! I am so over winter. We have been having to let water run in bathrooms and kitchen each night and still one toilet has frozen twice. Fortunately my dear husband has thawed it out each time.
    Your table reminds me Spring is coming soon!! Halleluia!

    • Ugh, that sounds like a pain to do. Sheri, I hope it warms up there so you don’t have to keep doing that every night. Yes! It will be here before we know it!

  8. Ready for spring here too! What a beautiful table all around – love the floral dishware! Next week will be the 800th Tablescape Thursday… are you planning a big celebration? I have my table all photographed, but still working on the blog post. Can’t wait!

  9. What a beautiful tablescape. Those rose napkin holders are gorgeous. Thank You for sharing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  10. How very fun! And so colorful. Love it. Toni

  11. Had no idea those were Lego florals; what a great gift idea for you! Love the colors of the vase and little hearts.

  12. Oh my goodness Susan – I simply cannot believe that those flowers are lego flowers. They look amazing! Such a very cool idea and you have arranged them beautifully. The china is gorgeous and I love love the sunbeam making an appearance on the table – so pretty! Happy upcoming 800th tablescape Thursday – wow, what an achievement. I hope you are staying warm and cozy down there.

  13. Susan, Love you table and those flowers! I couldn’t see that they were building blocks, and had to check the links to be able to visualize building them – So Cool!! and such a pretty tablescape! – Patty

    • Thanks, Patty! It is amazing how realistic they look until you get right up close. They were a lot of fun to make, too!
      Hope you are staying warm!

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty table. Never knew Legos made flowers! Lol Today felt like a heatwave, we got up to 34!
    Can’t believe how fast January is going! Spring will be here before we know it and Easter is in March!

    • I know, it’s amazing how many Lego sets they’ve come out with that are designed to appeal to the big kids, aka–grownups! lol Legos are for everyone now, not just the kiddos.
      Yes! Can’t wait to see the first signs of spring! Hope you are keeping warm, Cyndi!

  15. That arrangement is adorable! Not sure if I have the patience to do that, but I sure love the look!

  16. This is so cute Susan! I thought at first glance it was paper flowers in the vase. But then after reading that they were Lego’s, I remembered that you had a post a while back about them. How fun to get another set as a gift! It sure makes a lovely spring table, those dishes are gorgeous. Yep, most of the country has been in this artic cold, I will be glad when it is out of here. I’m so dreaming of spring, hope it comes early…but I have my doubts. LOL Keep warm Susan and thanks for the spring table setting. Hugs, Brenda

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