14 Beautiful, Whimsical Flatware Designs & A Strategy For Acquiring Them All! ;)

Welcome to the 766th Tablescape Thursday! Have you ever done an online search for unique flatware? Every so often I do that just to see what fun, whimsical flatware has been created. I love a beautiful elegant table setting, but my favorite tables are the fun ones, those tables that make you smile or feel a bit like a kid again. Sometimes it’s the flatware that can really bring a bit of magic or fun to a table.

After sharing my table last week with this hilarious shark flatware, it put me in the mood to see what other unique flatware patterns were out there. Wow! There are a lot of new ones, ones I’ve never seen before!

Shark Flatware, Fun, Whimsical


I have a lot of gold-rimmed dinnerware and whenever I use it in a table, I always wish I had a set of gold-toned flatware, or at least flatware with some hints of gold. I really love the mix of stainless and gold in this pattern. It adds the look of gold without feeling too over-the-top or too formal. It’s also super reasonably priced at just $28 for 4 place settings! (Flatware is available here: Gold & Stainless Flatware.)



I love the look of bamboo flatware and have used faux bamboo flatware in tables before.

Green Bamboo Flatware for Spring Summer Table Setting


I really like the look of this gold bamboo flatware! I’m making that a goal this year–to add a set of gold flatware to my flatware collection. This bamboo pattern is available here: Gold Bamboo Flatware. I found several more gold flatware patterns here: Gold Flatware.


In early spring, I set a table that was all about the bees! I used this fun, bee-embossed flatware that I’ve had for many years in that setting. (Flatware is on sale here: Bee Flatware.)

Bee Flatware


I’m so tempted to buy a set of this bee-autiful flatware! I love its honeycomb design and that’s it made right here in the USA! I could see using it in many a spring tablescape. (Bee flatware is available here: Honeybee Flatware.)




I’ve never been tempted to buy black flatware until I came across this pattern! Based on its 4.7 rating in the reviews, it appears to hold up well to regular use. This would be so striking in an elegant table setting. I could also see it in a whimsical, Halloween tablescape. It’s available here: Black Silverware Set for 8 with Steak Knives.



I think this tropical jungle pattern is my favorite of all the black flatware patterns I found. Do you see the hummingbird, the parrot, the flamingo, and the sloth? Love it! This whimsical, tropical flatware is available here: Tropical Jungle Flatware.




I love, love, love this floral butterfly pattern, too! I had no idea there were so many great, black flatware patterns out there! I definitely want to add a set to my tablescaping arsenal this year! You’ll find this butterfly/floral pattern available here: Black Floral Butterfly Flatware.



Another fun black flatware pattern! This one definitely has a more modern feel, doesn’t it? I like it though…very different! You’ll find this checkered pattern here: Checkered Flatware.




I have this flatware and it is so much fun to use! Here’s how it looked in a Halloween/fall table setting. It pairs well with wicker/rattan chargers, too!

Whimsical Flatware for a Halloween Table Setting


This whimsical flatware is available here: Curly Handle Flatware.



Wouldn’t this flatware go great with my recently purchased flamingo napkins?! lol You’ll find this fun flamingo flatware (also very reasonably priced) available here: Flamingo Flatware.


This next flatware brought back so many memories of my trip to Hawaii a few years back where I saw turtles peacefully sunning themselves on the beach. I had never seen that before and it was such a great experience.

Sea Turtles Sunning, Maui Hawaii


I think I developed a turtle crush after that because I added these cute sandals to my summer wardrobe not too long afterward. (Sandals are still available here: Turtle Sandals.)


This would be such fun flatware to use during the summer months in beach-themed tables! You’ll find it available here: Turtle Flatware.



Another great beach-themed pattern–they even captured the look of sand in the background of the design! I already have several beach-themed flatware patterns, but I love them so much I can never have too many! This pattern is available here: Shell, Anchor Nautical Flatware.




Such a cute nautical anchor and rope pattern! Arggh, so many great beachy patterns! You’ll find this flatware available here: Nautical Anchor Flatware.



I have a friend who loves Palm Tree motifs on everything! Roberto Coin makes an adorable Palm Tree necklace that I’ve been eyeing recently. Palm trees make me think of soft ocean breezes and wonderful seaside vacations. This set is also very reasonably priced and is available here: Palm Tree Flatware.


Here’s another wonderful pattern I would love to acquire! Soooo, I was just thinking, I love so many of these beach-themed patterns, it would be fun to buy a 20-pc set (4-place settings) of some of these, and use more than one pattern in a beach-themed table! Doesn’t that sound like a fun idea? I think that’s what I’m going to do–instead of buying 8 or 12 place settings of one pattern, I think I’ll buy 4 place settings (20-pc set) of the patterns I most love and then mix/match them for a beach-themed table! What do you think? (This Seashell flatware is available here: Seashell Flatware.)



Which pattern was your favorite from all of the above? Do you own any black flatware or gold flatware? Do you like mixing different flatware patterns in a table setting?

Mixing Flatware in Table Settings, 4th of July Table


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  1. After seeing the Napoleon Bee pattern on your blog years ago. I bought a set. I use it every day.

  2. Wonderful post!! I loved looking at all the flatware patterns. A place setting goes to new heights with the right coordinating flatware. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i have the honey bee set from liberty and enjoy it very much! it becomes my everyday set during the spring and summer!! that company has so many fun designs! you are tempting me with the black options but thankfully i dont have dishware (yet!) to coordinate with them!!

    • I love that pattern! I also love that it’s made here in the US! I’m tempted to buy a full set to use during the summer…such a cute, cute pattern!

  4. Margo Kuhn says

    I like the checkerd flatware. I could see it with McKensie’s child pattern table setting. I also am fond of the curly handle for halloween. It is so hard to resist all the fun patterns and place settings. Right now patriotic is on my mind for flatware and tableware.

  5. I just purchased a 65 piece set of Honey Bee from Liberty Tabletop’s web site. They are having a special of 15% off of some flatware for the month of June. Use the code “allamerican”) Also free shipping. I especially like that Liberty flatware is made in the USA and is quality flatware. They have some very unique patterns to choose from.

  6. Cowgirl Diva says

    I tell my husband that “Shopping” is a skill and I’m good at it..!! So are YOU, Susan…!! I just went to Amazon from your website and bought the Tropical Jungle pattern flatware…!! Thank you…..Thank you….Thank you…..For the wonderful TIP…! We all need “A Little Help From Our Friends” when it come to improving our own shopping skills…!! You are the BEST…!!

    • Awww, thanks! I love that flatware! Let me know how you like it afer it arrives. I ordered a few of the beach themed sets to combine in a table, but I really want to order the one you did. I love the jungle scene with all the animals/birds!

  7. Tina Reynolds says

    Flatware really adds a lot to the table. What a great post today! I never think to look online. I own 3 operational sets: 1. A very plain set which was our first…nearly 50 years ago. What fun it was to purchase that together! 2. a large set, again super plain. I have 20 place-settings of this because I was gearing up for a huge family dinner at the time and this was being offered as a premium at my grocery store! Super cheap! It is Reed and Barton and has done surprisingly well for something I spent a small amount to acquire in 2001. 3. My silverplate, again I chose a plain pattern! I have a lot of it, again 20 place-settings and accessories. Big family occasions are to blame! I bought this in 1987. I was so proud of it. It still makes me feel special when we use it! Now, I wish I had gone “over-the-top” on this and had chosen something more elegant and ornate, although this serves me well. Still, I am always attracted to the fun, cute, creative things I see online in table scapes. My husband is not a fan of gold-trimmed, but I AM! I also like the many kinds of bamboo-style. I think I’d really use some colorful stuff, too. Red or blue for the summer holidays! Thanks for this fun posting. It gave me a lift!

  8. Tina W Reynolds says

    The internet takes us down the rabbit holes and off on other tangents!
    I hope this link will work for the “bee lovers” out there.
    (just last week I went to some great lengths to save the life of one bee…)

  9. LOVE all the fun flatware! I’m always inspired by yours. 🙂 Question, though – I’m not finding where to link up to Tablescape Thursday this week. Maybe I missed it. Should I be looking in a different place? Thanks for any direction – I love the party!

    • Like a dummy, I forgot to put the code in. lol I just realized it a few minutes ago when I scrolled down to look at the tables, so it should be there now. Everyone was so polite, no one mentioned it was missing. Ha! Barbara, thanks for mentioning it in case I still had not noticed it wasn’t there.

  10. Love the sea shell pattern that you showed last. So many cute ones, but the shells win for me! Can’t wait to see what you purchase! Love the bee ones too, always have!

  11. franki Parde says

    Well, I never!! Good grief…think I’m stuck in the 90’s!! Never have I seen “black” tableware…tarnished, yes, but these are gorgeous!! Luv!! ftanki

  12. I love the bees. The curly handle always reminds me of fiddle head ferns. A lot of you have the curly and the twig handles that seem really slim. Are they hard to hold and use during dinner ? I think World Market has sold both patterns in the past.

  13. I’ve had gold bamboo flatware as a wedding present for 46 years. I just acquired 5 Piece place settings of the black treble clef flatware. I got it at a thrift shop for $5 for service for 8 people.

  14. My goodness! I love all the styles of flatware that you showcased!! So pretty!! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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