Loved This Lamp So Much, I Bought It Twice!

If you’ve been reading Between Naps On The Porch for a while, you know I’m a crazy lamp lady. I don’t remember when my love of lamps started, but at some point many years ago, I discovered how much prettier, cozier and better the rooms in my home looked by lamplight–the more lamplight, the better!

Overhead lighting can make a beautiful room feel cold and sterile–pretty much the opposite of cozy. For everyday use, lamps are definitely my favorite lighting option. In my living room, I have seven lamps. Four are visible in the photo below.

Paneled Living Room, Christmas Tree


When it’s not Christmastime, there’s a 5th lamp on the table in front of the window.


In this ancient, blurry photo of the other side of the room, you’ll see a tall lamp in the corner of the bookshelves and a small lamp tucked into the bookcase.

Living Room with Judges Paneling and Built in Cabinetry


When I added on the porch, I purchased ceiling fans without lights and had my builder add a lot of outlets around the porch for all the lamps I had planned.

Soft Lighting for Relaxing on Porch at Night


You may remember a few years back when I added this floor lamp to the corner over behind the swing. This lamp has worked out really well here since it’s an outdoor lamp and rainproof. (It’s still available here: Outdoor Floor Lamp.)

Floor lamps are perfect for those areas where you would like a bit of lamp-light, but there’s no available surface space for a table lamp.


In this older Valentine’s Day photo of the guest room (before I added hardwood flooring) three of the four lamps in this room are visible: one on the round table beside the bed, one on the secretary and another in the corner beside the chair.


There’s also a small lamp on the dresser in this room.

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas


A floor lamp works great in this corner here by the chair. When possible, I like to place floor lamps where the whole stem of the lamp isn’t visible, but enough is visible to be pretty. Are you a fan of floor lamps, too?


I have one more floor lamp in my home, it’s here in the upstairs family room.


This floor lamp works great here at the end of the sofa where there’s not enough space for an end table and a table lamp. It gives much need light to this end of the sofa.


A floor lamp is really the only kind of lamp that will fit in that spot since there’s a closet door in that corner.


In my home office I have lamps spaced out all around the room…see arrows below.

Lighting-Lamps for Home Office


You may remember when I added lit houses to the bookshelves in this room a year or two back to add some light to this side of the room in the evening.

Dept. 56 Lit Houses Added to Bookcases in Office


A few months back I was thinking about the lighting in my master bedroom.

Romantic Winter Bedding, Stairs for Tall Bed


I have a small lamp on the secretary in this room, as well as table lamps on either side of the bed, but recently I realized I could really use a floor lamp in the corner behind the fan I use when riding my Peloton bike. A lamp there would give some much-needed light to that area of the room and create a cozy reading spot. Hold that thought.

Space Between Bed and Storage Cabinet


A few weeks back I shared the little mini-office area I recently created in the guest room of my son’s home. I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to have a lamp in this corner, but there’s really no space for a lamp on the desk. A floor lamp would be the perfect solution. I started Googling for floor lamps and found a bunch, but most were really plain with skinny unattractive posts/bases.

Desk for working at home


Then I spotted this one below and knew I had found my lamp! ♥

Beautiful Floor Lamp for Reading Chair, Office, Bedroom


When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to see it in place. The height is perfect for the desk. When sitting at my desk, I can’t see the mechanics of the light–the socket. If you can see the light socket thingy when sitting near a lamp, I think it ruins the aesthetics of the lamp and often you end up with a glaring bulb in your view.

This lamp is prettier than it’s appearing in the photo below. I didn’t want to turn it on and freak out my camera, so the photo is a bit dark. When my daughter-in-law saw this lamp, she jokingly threatened to steal it for her living room.

Floor Lamp for Office, Mercury Glass Ball Lamp


I love its mercury glass style! The reviews were great when I ordered it and it def didn’t disappoint. It’s so hard to find nice lamps these days that aren’t super expensive. This one is very reasonably priced, especially for how heavy and well made it is. I honestly can’t believe you can get a lamp of this quality for what I paid.

I loved this lamp so much after it arrived, I tried to order a second one to take back home for the reading corner in my bedroom but it was sold out everywhere I checked. It’s a popular style, apparently. I’ve been stalking it online and it just came back in stock yesterday.

Mercury-Glass Floor Lamp, Beautiful


If you have a corner in your home that could use some extra light, I can very much recommend this pretty lamp. It was super easy to assemble, only took me about 2 minutes, if that long.

You’ll find it available for the best price I’ve found here: Mercury Glass Floor Lamp. It’s also available here: Mercury Glass Floor Lamp.

Beautiful Floor Lamp for Reading Chair, Office, Bedroom


Are you a fan of floor lamps? Do you use them in areas of your home where a side table isn’t practical?

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  1. Judy West says

    love lamp light also. I really don’t like a ceiling light I agree with you that it is cold looking can’t read by it . I like lamps because they can really change the looks of the room for a reasonable price.


    • They really do! It’s amazing what they do for a room, that actually elevate the rooms in my home and make them look better in the evening than they do during the day. lol

  2. Pretty lamp, Susan! You’re funny with your love of lamps, but I can totally appreciate that. I am too, and yes, floor lamps are great. I love light!

    • It’s an obsession! lol
      Me, too! I especially like the “warm or soft light” LED bulbs…not too big a fan of the “daylight” LED bulbs.

  3. Katherine says

    I have so many lamps in my house as well! I love them! I don’t have the light attachments on my ceiling fans either. I hate overhead lighting!
    What an excellent price on a really beautiful floor lamp! I was admiring a similar on at Pottery Barn several years ago but I ink I was more like $599!

    • I know, I couldn’t get over the price! You’re so right, I saw similar ones online when I was shopping, they weren’t as pretty and they were a lot more. I do think this one’s a steal!

  4. Franki Parde says

    Oh, dear…I’ve got “lamp lust.” They are all…just right!! franki

  5. I love all your lamps!! I agree it makes a room more cozy & inviting! I especially love your newest lamp! Good purchase. I’m looking around seeing if I “need” it lol!!

  6. You have so many beautiful lamps, Susan. I loved looking at all of them, but being a lover of all things tea, I couldn’t help noticing the chest on your living room coffee table and wondered if it’s a tea chest.

    • Thanks, Phyllis! It is…it’s quite old though I’m not sure how old. I purchased it about 20 years ago in an antique shop in Alpharetta, GA. Sadly the shop has closed now. It was one of the most popular antique shops around so I as shocked when it closed. It was a very large building with a lot of antique shops/booths. The owner of the booth where I purchased it traveled a lot and their booth was always stocked with beautiful tea caddies. I always drooled over them when I visited. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and bought one during one of my many trips there. It’s was pretty expensive, def not a bargain, but I had wanted one for ages so I finally bit the bullet and bought one. I wonder if antique tea chests are less expensive these days since I’ve heard not that many folks are into antiques as they used to be.

  7. Love it. Just bought it. I can think of at least two different places to use it. Thank you

  8. I really love the lamp behind the porch swing. I wonder why most floor lamps have such plain poles supporting the lamp itself? I wonder if there is some creative way to jazz them up?

  9. Biodynamic Barb says

    What an enlightening post (no pun intended!) I need to get more lamps for our house.

  10. Hi Susan,

    You always put out the most gorgeous posts! I also love lamp light! Now I’m super curious: why two computer screens? 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Wendy! I use them in so many ways! When I’m creating a post, it speeds up the process dramatically. I will have the photos I’m using for the post showing on the right screen and the post editor on the left screen. Then I just drag and drop my photos into the post where I want them…no “uploading” them which takes so many more steps.
      When I’m sorting and editing pics for a post, I’ll often have a movie or a video from one of the YouTubers I follow, playing on the right screen.
      That second monitor comes in handy for so many things, I can reply to an email on my left monitor while I have information I need for the email displayed on the right monitor. If you ever have two monitors, you’ll wonder how in the world you survived with just one before…they spoil you quickly!

  11. I hate ceiling light too, with the exception of high hats in the kitchen….(and I also have a lamp by the stove). I wish you could make it so your readers could post pictures of their favorites too. I have a varied collection from thrift store finds, to new, to inherited, to homemade.

  12. Lin Celoni says

    Now the you mention it – you do love lamps. But the big question, oh lamp lady – what type of bulbs do you use? I don’t have many of the horrid pig tail types left, but I haven’t figured out what is best. And when you get it wrong it can be very bad!! That should be a post!

    • I so agree! I like the LED bulbs that are “soft white” or “warm light.” The ones I don’t like are the ones that are labeled, “Daylight.” Those always make everything look so stark/harsh and less cozy, or at least they do to me. So if you like cozy and soft lighting, order the ones labeled soft white or warm light.

      For my new floor lamp, I ordered the two-pack of these in the “soft white and like how they look:
      I ordered the 100 watt and that’s a bit brighter than I want so I’ve now ordered them again in the 75 watt, again in the soft white. That should be perfect for this room.

  13. Susan, thanks for the tour of your beautiful home! Your decorating taste are similar to mine, even the dark colors in your Living room. I have been married for 57 years (same man) and my taste has never changed. As far as lamps I have starting passing them around to my daughter and granddaughters, so hopefully the traditional feeling will continue with them!

  14. Jenny Young says

    Do you just use regular lamps on your screened porch? I have a ceiling light on mine but would love a softer light there for the evenings. But the weather does blow in a bit at times.

    • I have in the past, even near the windows, but I find the ones designed for porches hold up better near the windows.
      Two of the ones currently on my porch are indoor lights…the one on the small table by the chair going into the living room and the one on the hutch. Both of those are indoor lights. They are so far into the porch, they never get any rain on them, even during big storms.
      The other two on the porch…the floor lamp and the one on the table near the screen/window are exterior lights.
      Here are the links for those two in case you want to check them out:
      Table Lamp:
      Floor Lamp:

  15. I Love your blue chair or maybe it’s gray, in the corner of the bedroom. I have been trying to find some furniture I like for my living room. My style is probably a little victorian, but I would like something that is comfortable at the same time. I have to admit this has become quite a challenge. I like alot of the white that people decorate with, it looks nice , but just not for me. Can you give any information on that chair?

    • Thanks, Maureen! Do you mean the blue and white check/gingham style chair in the guest room or the pale green damask one in the master bedroom? The blue and white one came from an antique shop, although it was new furniture…not old, many years ago in Atlanta. They are no longer there, though…been out of business for many years.
      The damask one in the master bedroom belonged to my mother and father in law. It has a matching, smaller chair that’s currently stored in my basement. The one in the basement was covered in a rose velvet and badly needs to be reupholstered now. Both are quiet old, they belonged to another family member who passed them down to my mother and father in law when she passed away.

      • Maureen Davis says

        Thank you. It was the Damask chair. I didn’t realize it was green. It is a beautiful chair. That is what I run into when I find furniture pieces all the time. They are not available. I guess I will have to wait for “my style” to come back into style!!!!
        Thank you again, I love your blog,especially all the lovely tablescapes.

  16. Well…I love this lamp too ! Just placed my order. Thanks so much for posting.

    • Hope you love it, Vicki!

    • This is a little follow up on the lamp I received today. When we opened the box all the packing was crumbled and everything was covered in those tiny little ball that you can’t brush off.Had to vacuum them off of everything. Unpack the shade and it is damaged. Next we break up and cut away as much of the packing we can..filling 3 trash bags don’t know where that stuff comes from I think it multiplies in the box ! Finally get the pieces of the lamp out without breaking as that heavy base was laying right on top unprotected get all the stuff cleaned up everything out of the box and start to assemble. It’s now been over two and a half hours..they said somewhere about 15 minutes to assemble.So,he has everything out ready to put together got the top ,middle and bottom sections together and tried to assemble the base..WELL let me tell you there was no way … how that base was going on the lamp section straight. Forgot to mention that on two sections one of the ball has a blemish nothing drastic but they are there. He tried all the tricks there was and he knows them all !We finally give up and I call Amazon ask them what could be done. They were so easy to work with solved the problem right away. I love the lamp even if today was the lamp form you know where day !

      • Vicki, sorry you ran into a problem. I’ve ordered the lamp twice now, once for my office here and a second one to take back home. I assembled the second one yesterday and it was packaged beautifully. If you found the heavy base on top, you may have opened it from the bottom. When I opened mine both time, the base of the lamp was in the bottom of the box. The packaging both times was excellent and everything arrived in great shape. I wonder if your shade got bent when you were opening it from the bottom. I opened mine from the top and the shade was sitting on top, surrounded by triangular cardboard supports.
        Neither of my lamps had any blemishes.
        I think if I had been you, I would have not put it together at all, or if I had, I would have taken it back apart, removed all the styrofoam packing from the box, placed the lamp (in pieces) back in the box, seal it up with packaging tape and do a return at the Amazon website.
        Anytime you order something from Amazon and it arrives damaged or unsatisfactory, you don’t have to put it back in the box exactly as it was. Just get it back into the box the best you can, seal up the box, go the Amazon website, click on your Account, then click on your Orders and select to do a “Return.”
        When it gives you the options of how to return the item, select that you would like to have it picked up from your home. Then the next morning, place it on your front porch. Amazon will have UPS pick it up.
        I’ve done that with large items in the past, like a chest that I orded and received damaged.
        If you have any trouble with those instructions, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you screen shots step by step of how to return it.
        Then you could just order a new lamp and hopefully you’ll have the same experience I did with the lamps I ordered.
        I personally would not accept a lamp with a bent shade or blemishes.

        • The box was opened from the top.The shade was on top with corner pieces which were pushed into the shade.No damage on the outside of the box.Thanks for the info about returns but if you buy on Amazon and have a return it’s pretty much self explanatory.As ,I said the Styrofoam was broken like I have never seen.It was everywhere inside the box.All I can say is “Lucky You !”

          • It almost sounds like you received a lamp that had been returned. The Styrofoam in the boxes I received was so hard that I had to cut the tape off of it to even get it out. I wonder if they accidentally somehow mixed up the lamps and sent you one that had already been opened by someone else and returned. In any case if you ever get something like that again, just close up the box and do the return. I don’t do “exchanges” if I have to return and rebuy something because I find it takes longer to receive it again so I just do a return and then immediately repurchase it. Then it shows back up in a couple of days and I’m all set. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy purchasing on Amazon is because they make returning something so easy.

          • Oh, and about returns, I just had a reader email me recently to ask how to do a return at Amazon, so I wasn’t sure if you knew the process. I do find it really easy.

  17. Mary Mackenzie says

    I love floor lamps and have several throughout the house. The one in the office is a floor lamp because for some reason my desk is always completely covered with who knows what, just lots of stuff.

  18. Yes – I’m a fellow lamp lover! They’re so cozy! Thanks for the tour and the sources. It’a so nice to have recommendations!

  19. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I love lamps, especially floor lamps. I make the custom shades. For many years, I sold them to antique shops. I love any lamp that is quirky, or pretty, and old. I had four floor lamps in my den and one table lamp. One floor lamp has a “foot light” in the bottom of the lamp that is operated by a button to use with foot. It also has a small lamp over the three arms. Sometimes, when I entertained, I only used to top lights that had 7 watt bulbs in them. Okay, can you tell, I love lamps. I have one to use by my chair that has an arm that swings around for reading. Instead of a regular switch, there is a key to turn it on. I paid a shop to redo all my lamps.

  20. Michele M. says

    LOL – yes yes yes a definitive YES! I have a lamp fetish and I totally get you on that. In fact – lol – I just got a new one today. I know I have issues. But when I change up my sister gets my hand offs so everybody wins in the lamp situation!

    I absolutely adore your new mercury floor lamp! I have but a few floor lamps but when they’re perfect, they are perfect!

    This was a great post – and yes, I counted them in each room since you made it so much fun.

  21. Brenda Lawrence says

    I love this floor lamp Susan, it is just beautiful. I have all floor lamps in my living room because of the size of my room and 3 dogs, I don’t have a lot of room for tables. So floor lamps it was for me. This one would look great in my room as I have darker grey chairs with silver nail heads, no sofa and a lighter gray console table. I will have to try and save up for this lamp, I too love anything mercury glass looking! Hugs, Brenda

  22. I love the ambience a great lamp can create! Your back porch looks so inviting with all the lamps, OK, it looks inviting without them too actually!! But they definitely add a comfort factor!

  23. sharon ferguson says

    Susan, I love the iron bed in your guest room. Is it an antique one or new? I’ve been thinking about getting an iron bed for my master bedroom and am curious.

    • Thanks, Sharon! I purchased it in an antique shop about 15+ years ago. I don’t think it’s an antique but it’s definitely vintage. It wasn’t very expensive…I purchased it after my son took our guest bed off to college with him and I needed a new guest bed. There are some gorgeous iron beds out there and the prices range from one extreme to the other. This one looks a lot like mine: .

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