Stunning Room Renovation: Perfect Display Space for Beautiful Transferware

Welcome to the 587th Metamorphosis Monday!

Good Morning! Hope you are staying well and enjoying some beautiful weather in your area. We’ve been taking a lot of walks, I think it does us all so much good to get out of the house, especially now that spring has arrived in our area.

Last Monday, I shared Phyllis’s amazing Before and After of the armoire below. She and her hubby, Jerry, have some serious skills!

Cedar Wardrobe Makeover


This is how the armoire looked after its update! Stunning makeover! If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: Beat-up Wardrobe Becomes a Beautiful Storage Armoire.

Beautiful Wardrobe Transformation


Back in 2014, Phyllis and Jerry took on a much larger project when they decided to add built-in cabinetry to their living room, inspired by a picture Phyllis saw on Pinterest. These were the plans Jerry drew up for the living room cabinetry.

Design for Built in Shelving


Phyllis described the whole process saying, “We packed up the living room on 10/28/2014, this picture shows Jerry tearing down the old Thomas Kinkade border. He repainted the room a lighter shade of blue from the previous shade of blue.”

Removing Border, Preparation for Built-in Cabinetry


“In January 2015 we had Graber Plantation Shutters installed. Previously I had custom-made white sheers on the window.”

Plantation Shutters


“He also installed the column (which we ordered) at this time, modified a half-wall next to the column, and added 5-inch floor moldings.
He hung the crown molding previously in the old living room.”

Adding Column for Architectural Interest


“When I went to an antique show in Ohio in August 2015 I purchased a leaded glass wall hanging that completed the renovation. As you can see, he had to frame the leaded glass hanging. It was the perfect size for that empty space and looked as though it was custom made. ”

Sooo pretty!


“Because we live in Michigan with cold winters, and Jerry’s workshop is in our unheated garage, he had to take a hiatus
until spring and warmer temperatures.”

Building Shelving for a Living Room


“He brought the wall units into the living room in sections as they were built, which began on June 3, 2015.”

Built in Cabinetry, Construction Process


“The project was completed on July 1st. I wondered if the wall units would dwarf the living room, which isn’t real large, but they
actually made the room look larger. I was SO pleased with his work. It would have cost a small fortune if we would have had to pay someone.”

Ready to see the finished cabinetry and how Phyllis is using it in this room?

Build Cabinets for Living Room Storage


So beautiful! This is just stunning and it all looks so professional! I love the darker blue wainscotting background. It shows off the dishware so beautifully! Notice how the cabinetry created the perfect spot for the piano!

Update: A bit more info about the beautiful tapestry over the piano, Phyllis said, “The teapot tapestry over the piano, which was an unplanned perfect fit, came from your neck of the woods – Alpharetta, GA. I attended the World Tea Expo in Atlanta in 2007. While there, a group of Magnolia & Ivy alumni went to Vintage Teas in Alpharetta. The tapestry was for sale in the tearoom. I fell in love with it and bought it even though I didn’t know where I’d hang it. It sat in its shipping box for 8 years waiting for the perfect spot! Sadly the tearoom is closed now.”

Wow, amazing how well it fits in that spot–it was meant to be!

Phyllis has offered to share some close-up photos of the beautiful pieces she stores here. If possible, I’ll share those very soon. Would love a closer view of her beautiful collection!

DIY Add Beautiful Cabinetry to Living Room for Display Storage


Thanks so much to Phyllis and Jerry for sharing this wonderful room renovation! To see more of Phyllis’s beautiful home, be sure to check out her wonderful blog, The Relevant Tea Leaf.

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. That was quite a project, wowza! Thanks Susan!

  2. Wow – Phyllis & Jerry really DO have serious skills! Do they want to come over to my place next? 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this – I’m heading over to her website now. Take care over there, and thanks for hosting. I’m always inspired!

  3. Beautiful cabinetry work and love the dark blue background.

  4. I love the built ins and the leaded glass hanging

  5. What a beautiful display area and what a talented husband!!! I love blue and white transferware so it was a treat to see this. Yes, do send pictures that are closer up! Great renovation.

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    Very nice! Such a great feeling when you can do it yourself and it looks this good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for posting our living room renovation, Susan. It’s really my hubby who has the skills. I get the ideas but he’s the one who turns them into reality.

  8. I forgot to mention… the teapot tapestry over the piano [which was an unplanned perfect fit] came from your neck of the woods – Alpharetta, GA. I attended the World Tea Expo in Atlanta in 2007. While there, a group of Magnolia & Ivy alumni went to Vintage Teas in Alpharetta. The tapestry was for sale in the tearoom. I fell in love with it and bought it even though I didn’t know where I’d hang it. It sat in its shipping box for 8 years waiting for the perfect spot! 😉 Sadly the tearoom is closed now.

    • Thanks for that additional info…love that story, Phyllis! I just added that to the post, so amazing how beautifully it fits in that spot!

  9. Wow! So much skill to make the beautiful renovation.

  10. Jo Ann Bastanjoo says

    I love it when a husband makes a wife’s decorating dream come true!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share how to make your own cloche, DIY Mother’s Day gift, and how to create a relaxing spa bath. Hope you have a great day and are staying safe and healthy!

  12. I remember reading about this when it was first completed, and marveling at it then – and I still do! Such beautiful work, and I love how great blue transferware looks against the deep blue background. Perfection!

  13. Selma Kessler says

    Wow! Beautifully done, Phyllis and Jerry! Man, Jerry has some serious wood crafting skills! And I love, Love, LOVE the teapot tapestry! I look forward to seeing some photos of the gorgeous transferware!! Thanks so much for sharing, Susan!

  14. Phyllis and Jerry make a great team. He truly brings her inspiration to life! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks so much for continuing to host during this health crisis, spreading beauty, laughter and information!! Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!!

  16. My husband and I recently decided to get into wood working. We just completed our first cabinet and let me tell you, it ain’t easy to make things look professional and Jerry did just that. I love our funny little imperfect cabinet, and maybe we’ll improve in time. But Jerry’s handiwork with both the armoire make-over and the beautiful living room shelves is completely pro-level. Lucky Phyllis! Thanks to all of you for sharing the beautiful transformations.

  17. Wow, absolutely stunning! Jerry is pro-level and beyond. I’d love to see a wide-angle view of the whole room.

  18. I love blue and white and that it is making a come back! Thank you for hosting!

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