Halloween Table Craft Featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem, The Raven

Several years ago I shared this wonderfully creative Halloween table craft by Stephanie at the blog, Brooklyn Limestone. After seeing this idea on her blog, I really wanted to do this for a Halloween table setting. I even went as far as buying the plain white plates to create it.

Unfortunately, I never got around to making this clever Halloween design featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven, because I had the same issue Stephanie did: I was unable to find food-safe markers with which to write the words of the poem and draw the crow. I love, love, love the “Nevermore…” on the salad plate! I really wanted mine to look just like Stephanie’s but I didn’t want to put a lot of work into creating these amazing plates if no one would be able to eat from them.

Inspiration Setting for Halloween


Jackie, whose home and Halloween tables I featured recently, came up with a similar idea for her upcoming Halloween dinner party. Using a Sharpie marker, she wrote the words of the poem on silver charger plates. To create the crow, Jackie used craft paint from Michaels, the kind that comes in tubes. By placing the poem on the charger plates, this eliminates the issue of the markers having to be food safe. Awesome!

Edgar Allan Poe Halloween Chargers, Halloween Craft


To ensure Mr. Crow is still visible when the dinner plate is placed on top, Jackie is using clear-glass dinner plates. Brilliant idea! I really love how Mr. Crow looks through the swirl of the glass! It really enhances the design!

I just had to share this awesome idea because this is so perfect for any Halloween gathering. This would even be great for serving pieces if you didn’t want to do this for all the place settings.

If you would like to make these Halloween chargers for your Halloween gathering, you’ll find silver charger plates, including beaded ones like Jackie used, here: Silver Charger Plates.

Tabletop Charger Craft, Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


Thanks so much to Jackie for sharing this clever Halloween craft, party idea!

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  1. I often just place a clear glass plate over the plate that is not food safe. Problem solved.

  2. Write Nevermore… on a dessert plate with chocolate sauce or a salad plate with Balsamic or dinner plate serving beef with A1 sauce.

  3. Write Nevermore… on a dessert plate with chocolate sauce or on a salad plate with Balsamic r even a dinner plate if serving beef with A1.

  4. Jan Edmonds says

    I was so excited when I saw your post on The Raven as I had just finished setting up my table with similar elements. My tablecloth is black, the chargers are silver, and I used clear plates with a black printed raven on paper between them. I do not blog but change my table about every two weeks including the decor in the dining room. Love Tablescape Thursday for ideas. Thank you for hosting it. Jan E.

  5. Very clever. When I saw the opening page, I couldn’t figure out how you got the “pleats”. Now I see the clear plate has swirls.
    Today I was at the hospital and they have the greatest gift shop. They had a white and a black Halloween lace poncho that was actually a big circle you could lay on a round table. The centerpiece would fit in the neck hole.
    Creative minds are always working.

  6. Clever ideas! That swirly glass plate really ups the effect even more. (even more–see what I did there? lol)

  7. Great idea. I love the way the raven looks thru the swirly glass.

  8. This is just fabulous! I would love to try this, but will have to find a template for the raven. Any ideas? Susan, do you know if her chargers were plastic or melamine? I love this idea for Halloween! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jackie Allen says

      Hi Martha, I bought the charges at the Dollar tree – and they have them at Michael’s too. They are just plastic. I had Raven cut outs – they were Martha Stewart Brand that I picked up from Michael’s a few year ago – so I just used one to trace. I have seen a stencil on Amazon and online at Joann’s fabrics.
      Thank you for the nice comments.

  9. Very cool! Loved your solution. Unfortunately, the only way for the plates to be food safe would be to create the pattern before glazing.

  10. Jackie, again! Susan, you’ve got to meet up with Jackie. I hope you two can arrange that. 🙂

  11. This is so fun! I love the whole concept! Thanks for the marvelous tips!

  12. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Spooktacular ideas! The swirl on the glass plate reminds me of old cartoons where someone is being hypnotized, which is perfect for lulling a “victim” to sleep by reading them The Raven poem lol!

  13. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Me again. I just read my comment and realized it might come across wrong if someone doesn’t remember the hypnotic swirling that old cartoons used to make someone fall under their spell. Hope it didn’t come across that I thought The Raven idea would put someone to sleep! I love this plate!

  14. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    There goes Jackie getting all clever again! lol I love how she did the chargers with the printing and bird, what a great idea and even greater idea to use clear plates so that it shows through. Hugs, Brenda

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