5 Autumn Table Settings

Welcome to the 314th Tablescape Thursday!

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Tablescape Thursday

I don’t have a new table setting for this week. Actually, I think I may have had a touch of the flu. Is there something going around right now? I slept almost all day yesterday and this evening my fever broke. So, I think I’m over the hump and winning the battle. Hope you are staying well!

Since I didn’t get a chance to create a new table setting, I thought I’d share some of those “buried in the archives” fall tablescapes from the past.

The titles below are links to those past table settings so just click on the title and it will open up to that table setting in a new window.

 Russet Shades of Autumn: A Table For Two On The Deck

Cozy Fall Table Setting for Two


A Cozy Woodland Setting For Fall

Fall Tablescape, Plaid Dinner Plates and Deer Salad Plates


A Colorful Autumn Table Setting

Fall Autumn Table Setting With Magnolia Leaf Chargers


Celebrating The First Days Of Autumn

Autumn Table Setting Tablescape with Scarecrow Centerpiece


Autumn Table Setting with Spode Woodland and Pumpkin Tureens

Fall Tablescape Table Setting with Spode Woodland, Pumpkin Tureens and Twig Flatware


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for your fall table inspiration! I love your Russet Shades of Autumn on your deck! Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  2. So sorry you’ve been under the weather [ok, where did that phrase come from? ] Thanks for the party, and it’s always fun to see your tables again~

  3. Beautiful inspiration, Susan. Each tablescape is so pretty. Hope you are feeling much better. Thank you for hosting the linky. laurie

  4. Hope you feel well soon. I enjoyed seeing past tablescapes that had slipped my memory except for the pumpkin tureens. Saw something like them at Pier 1 recently. Now on to the party. . .

    • I saw the orange ones this year, wonder if they are bringing back the white ones, too. They are good about bringing things back a second year if they are popular the first year they have it. Thanks, Barbar!

  5. Fun to see your tables again. I really need to do this every season. I look back and just love to relive my tables and wonder where I ever came up with any creativity!!

  6. Hmmm…did you recently get a “flu” vaccination?? Headache and weary…spent most of the day “relaxing” and I figured flu shot… You’ve inspired me to “get the lead out” and start fixing for Fall! franki

  7. Carolyn Price says

    I love deja vu! The tablescapes are all lovely this turn around the block, too! So sorry you’ve been ill, Susan. Hope you’re back to feeling more like yourself soon!

  8. Oh Susan,
    so sorry you aren’t feeling well… drink lots of warm lemon water! 🙂
    Susan, you know I love ALL your tablescapes but I am having a hard time decorating for fall this year… while I love decorating the exterior of my home using all the typical autumn colors, (the leaves already have begun to change their colors here, although we are still having very unusual warm temps!) this year I’d like to try decorating indoors with a neutral color palette like white, taupe and grey… Now, the grocery stores in my area don’t carry white pumpkins at all 🙁 and I thought I could paint the orange real ones I usually buy, but then I have doubts whether the paint is toxic and passes through the skin…? Do you have any suggestions? Have you ever painted pumpkins and then cooked them?
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Ummm, I’ve never painted them before. The white pumpkins are kind of hard to find here, too. Were you planning on eating the pumpkins later, like in a pie? I’m not sure I’d eat them if you do paint them. Thanks, Cecilia, I’m must better today!

  9. Beautiful table settings. Your attention to detail is “spot on”!

  10. Yes, there is lots of something going around. I just got over it with my chicken soup. I was at the optometrist that is in the same building as internal medicine. I must have caught it from there, at least that is my suspicion.

    Get well.


  11. Dear Susan …Sorry to hear that you have taken ill. Get well soon. Thank you for the beautiful link parties. You are an inspiration.Please do visit me too. Love sujatha…:)

  12. I am so looking forward to “Postcards From the Porch”! Thanks Susan!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Susan, why reinvent the wheel? Your past tablescapes are to die for gorgeous and so well done and such inspiration!!!!

    I am so truly sorry to read you are under the weather. Best of health to you- be good to yourself and take it easy, ok?

    Healing prayers and hugs to you.

  14. So beautiful and so much inspiration.

    Love them all.


  15. All your tablescapes are over the top dear Susan! So much inspiration, all amazing!
    Hope you are better soon my friend, what a drag it is to be sick! I was a month ago and lasted me two ugly weeks.
    Thank you for having us this Thursday too!
    Have a better rest of the week.

  16. It is always so entertaining to see your tables

  17. Get well soon, Susa. Prayers. Once again adore you gorgeous Fall tables. You are my “Idol “for tablescapes and more. Yours are the best ever.

  18. They are all beautiful tables! Great inspiration too. Glad your fever broke and I hope you feel better now. Thanks for hosting!!!

  19. I hope you are feeling better, Susan! Thank you for hosting, even tho you didn’t feel well. Good to see all those pretty ‘scapes! Maybe I forgot about them, but I don’t remember seeing them before! You always do such a wonderful job!


  20. Susan ~ I’m glad you are feeling better. I haven’t felt good today, but I felt like I should come by. Kind of like being in school and being really late because you felt bad but you want to come and say hi to your friends and knowing you have handed in the wrong assignment!

  21. bobbi duncan says

    Every table setting is beautiful! So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Michael has had something for over a week now, and haven’t felt 100% myself for a few days…seems a good amount of folks have been sick lately. Thanks for the party, especially when you should just be caring for Susan.

    • Bobbi, that’s what I’m hearing from folks. It always seems like folks get sick when the seasons begin to change. I’m much better now…just felt yucky for a couple of days. Hope you are feeling better!

  22. Susan,
    Absolutely gorgeous Autumn Tablescapes, dear friend!!!
    Each has amazing detail and variety of creative accessories!!!
    The centerpieces are always the first thing to catch my eye!!!
    I’ll be setting a tablescape to celebrate the first day of Autumn
    in the condo on our Annual Trout Fishing Trip!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thrusday each week!!!

  23. These are all lovely…impossible to choose a favorite.

  24. Anastasia Michas says

    Thank you Susan for the beautiful tablescapes,how can i post on a tablescape
    from mine?Looking forward for your answer.Thanks a lot

  25. Hi Susan,
    I’m thinking ahead to fall tablescapes. Last fall you used some large mercury glass pumpkins on your tables. I think you got them at Marshalls. Can you confirm that and also, have you seen them anywhere since you purchased yours. I think you’ve had yours for a few years. thanks, Dele

    • Yup, I got most of the ones I have in Marshalls. I may have one from Pottery Barn but I don’t normally buy them there because they are usually a lot more $ that they are in Marshalls. I’ve also seen them in Hobby Lobby, TJ Max and HomeGoods. This (and the next few weeks) is the time to start looking for them in those places because they go quickly once they start getting them in. Oh, and I found a little one once in a Ross store.

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