3 Whimsical Halloween Tables + A Gardening Project That Ended With A New Tablecloth

Welcome to the 786th Tablescape Thursday! I have not one, but three delightful Halloween tables to share with you today! BNOTP readers are so creative and I know you’ll find these tables as imaginative and fun as I did.

Recently, Norma, who lives in the south of France, was having some extensive landscaping and structural work done in her garden that required some very large equipment. Would you ever think a new tablecloth would come out of a large-scale gardening project? Ha! Norma said, “You won’t believe this, but when the men were working on the garden, they were using a tablecloth to cover some of their machines when they finished for the day. I saw it and when I said I liked it, they gave it to me. It was covered in mud and other stains, but it washed beautifully. I think they thought I was mad when I got so excited about it!” Ha! Now that is definitely a unique way to acquire a new tablecloth! I love that story!

Whimsical Witch for a Fun Halloween Table, Halloween Party


Norma said the tablecloth is covered with stars and zodiac signs. It works quite well with her spooky Halloween table setting. Regarding each place setting, Norma said, “I made the napkins a few years ago. The name of the fabric design is ‘Ghoul’s Night Out’ which I thought very amusing. The black hexagonal plates were from our local charity organization, they have no hallmark. The glass chargers also came from there. I got 8 for next to nothing, while I know they are very expensive. I have seen similar on eBay.”

Fun Halloween Table Setting in Black, White and Orange


Love this big candelabra! I’m stealing the idea of perching a crow on the candelabra–love that!


About this large green bottle, Norma said, “The large bottle was given to me by a friend who has an old house here in France. She found it in her cellar and knowing how I like odd things, thought of me. It is perfectly stained inside for this sort of decor! I just added the label. She has no idea what it once contained.”


I asked Norma how she created her spooky glowing cauldron. She said, “I was trying to make the cauldron look as if it had a fire underneath it with red battery lights. I put the green lights under some of that stretchy cobweb stuff that you can buy and pull apart to make cobwebs.”

Fun Halloween Table Setting for Halloween Party


Here’s how the cauldron looks with the lights off–very spooky and perfect for Halloween. Thanks so much to Norma for sharing her Halloween table for this year!

Glowing Cauldron for a Halloween Table Setting, Halloween Party


Now, we’re off to Kathy’s for some Halloween fun! Kathy shared her delightful table with me and I’m having serious FOMO over her black and orange Buffalo check tablecloth! I have the napkins, I think I need the tablecloth, too! (Buffalo-check napkins are available here: Buffalo Check Napkins. I found a Buffalo Check tablecloth in orange and black here: Buffalo Check Tablecloth, and I think these are the matching napkins here: Buffalo Check Napkins. I really like the placemats at that link, too!


Love the spider napkin rings! I found similar spider napkin rings here: Rhinestone Spider Napkin Rings.


The centerpiece is hysterical! This would also be a great table if you’ll be entertaining little ones…nothing too scary, just lots of Halloween fun!


A closer view of the candelabras…


Kathy added some Halloween fun to her china cabinet/hutch, too. I like the spiderweb apron.


I love Kathy’s table but I was really blown away by how she decorated her kitchen for Halloween! How clever is this?! Thanks so much to Kathy for sharing her Halloween table and decor…love it all!


Now, we’re off to Elena’s to see how she’s preparing for her Halloween entertaining this year!


Elena took inspiration for her table from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven. I love that theme for a Halloween table! (Elena found her spiderweb tablecloth here: Spiderweb Tablecloth and her napkin rings here: Black Mesh Napkin Rings.)


Love the salad plates Elena chose for her Halloween table! Elena said, “The salad plates are 222 Fifth Ave and the dinnerware is Mikasa Italian Scenery that I purchased so I could use my dining room more often. They go right in the dishwasher, unlike my old ones that I have to hand wash. Now I need some wash and dry tablecloths!”


Elena did something really unique in her table that I’ve never thought of doing, but now I definitely want to try it! Elena said, “I used sterling candle sticks that were tarnished and silver plate flatware that was tarnished, also!” I love that idea–using tarnished silver. How perfect is that for Halloween! I have some silverplate flatware that I almost never use. I should take it out and let the handles get good and tarnished for next year. Ha!


Here’s a neat little trick Elena shared that I think you’ll find helpful. Elena said, “I also wanted to share a little trick–whenever my plates are wobbly, I use a doily in between and they don’t move! I use it a lot with my antique plates and new glass chargers. I don’t know if it is the old plates or the glass chargers but they always wobble!

Elena said, “The Raven in the antique cage has been with me for years.”


“The raven standing on the silver skull came from TJ Maxx. The claws were over-sprayed with silver so I touched it up with craft paint. The book on the stand came from Michaels, as is.”


“The large book was from there, as well (Michaels) but the skeleton hands and the edge of the book were bright white, so I sponged and dry-brushed them darker and added some gold to the edges of the book.” Elena is super creative and incredibly talented with crafting. I have something wonderful to share very soon, a project that she’s just finished that really highlights how talented she is! I hope to share it early next week, so keep an eye out for that post coming up soon.


I’ll leave you with this Raven’s-eye view of Elena’s Edgar Allan Poe-themed Halloween table. Happy Halloween!


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  1. Wow! All three of those tables are so creative and fun! Norma’s lighted cauldron, Kathy’s black tableware, and Elena’s salad plates are my favorites! Thanks for sharing them, and for hosting of course! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. Wow, everyone’s tables and décor look amazing for Halloween! I love the tablecloth story, how fun that those guys just gave Norma the tablecloth, but even better was that it washed up beautifully. Such a fun story! Her caldron looks great, looks like it is glowing and that it has hot coals on the bottom keeping it cooking. Very nice! Kathy’s table and décor looked amazing too as did Elena’s. I’m in awe of all three of these ladies! Hugs, Brenda

  3. Such fabulous Halloween from all three ladies. It makes a Halloween lover like me giddy!! What beautiful pieces they all have to cherish!
    Thanks for sharing, Susan. Happy Halloween to all!!!

    • Thanks, Anne! Halloween was always such a fun holiday when I was growing up, so I love it, too. I love seeing the kiddos in all their costumes…fun night!

  4. Biodynamic Barb says

    I LOVE that you share other people’s tables! There are many talented host(esse)s that don’t have the time or inclination to manage a blog/website, and you are incredibly generous to give them a place to share their creations.

    All three of these tables are gorgeous, and filled with unique ideas.

    I also love that you ALWAYS share your sources! Even if something is no longer available, you give us the information we need to find it second hand.

    THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!! (And, thank you Norma, Kathy, and Elena)

    • Thanks so much, Barb! Appreciate your kind words so much! ♥
      I love to share where things are from when I know or can locate them because I know how much I love it when others do that. We really learn about the best things from each other, so I will always try to do that. I’m so glad you find that helpful!
      I hope you are having an amazing fall–it’s definitely getting chilly here!

  5. All these table settings are imaginative, beautiful, festive, and spot on for Halloween! But what a story about that tablecloth!

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