Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes: A Tutorial

Last week’s Tablescape Thursday included yummy cupcakes.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes

Here’s a wider view of the tablescape…

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


The cupcakes were decorated with little flowers in celebration of spring.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


Today, I though I’d share how I made the little flowers.  It’s soooo easy, you’re gonna love this!

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes

To begin, take a hand full of miniature marshmallows and cut them in half on the diagonal.  It’s important to cut them on the diagonal because they will become the “petals” for your flowers.  Cutting them that way will give them more of a “petal” shape.  Your scissors will get a bit gummy as you cut, so  just rinse/scrub off the blades along the way, as needed.  If they get too sticky, the scissors tend to squish the flower petals instead of cutting them cleanly.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


There are two different ways to do this next step: 1 Sprinkle some colored sugar into a baggie and drop in your marshmallows and shake ’em around a bit, OR…

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


Place your sugars into small bowls and dip the sticky side of the marshmallow into the sugar.  I opted for the second method.  I found it easier to get the sticky side coated well when dipping them into the sugar.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


After you’ve frosted your cupcakes and BEFORE the icing begins to harden up too much, place your petals on the top of your cupcake (sugar side up) arranging them in a flower shape.  You can give your flowers 4 or 5 petals…whatever you wish.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


Then just poke a small, round candy into the center to create the center of your flower.  I used these little mini  M&Ms and just turned them over so the M&M logo didn’t show.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


If you like, place 2-3 small flowers on each cupcake.  I have three on this cupcake below.  You can barely see the white one in the photos since I used white, sparkly sugar for it.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


Or, if you prefer, make one big flower.


I used regular size skittles for the centers of the bigger flowers.  Regular size M&Ms would work as centers for the bigger flowers, too.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes


That’s it…super easy!

View this spring tablescape featuring the marshmallow cupcakes here: Spring Table Setting.  For additional recipes, just click on the category, Tablescapes located at the top of the blog and scroll toward the bottom of that page.

Make Marshmallow Flowers for Cupcakes

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See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. cheap carport says

    Very creative of you. Lovely blooms by the way.

  2. Katalina Jewelry says

    Love the cupcake flowers…pinned it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betsy@coastal-colors says

    Always amazing! I love these marshmallow flowers! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! Your table is gorgeous!

  4. One has to bow to you. You managed Art from marshmallows. Lovely and Adorable and oh, so funny. Thank you.

  5. Very cute! I hosted a “cupcake decorating party” for my daughter’s 12th birthday and we had marshmallows so they could make flowers. My daughter saw the idea in a book but with big marshmallows. They didn’t look quite right – your mini marshmallows are definitely better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jana@Transformations from the Heart says

    I seen this last week on your table scape and loved the idea, so my daughter and I made some of them for the Easter cupcakes that she took to church Easter Sunday. They were so easy to make and I think they turn out cute!

  7. Suzanne @ The Wine{a}be says

    So cute! My daughter would love helping me make those. We will definitely have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Pamela Gordon says

    Susan, this is so pretty and springy looking! I love the cupcakes and those gorgeous tulips. Thanks for the tutorial! Blessings, Pamela

  9. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    AWESOME tutorial, Susan! Thank you so much, I soooooooooo want to do that one of these days soon. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Susan, These cupcakes are sweeeeet and not just in taste! They are sweeeeeet looking with some character that makes the cupcake experience a treat in more than one way. Sweet Spring blessings to you, d

  11. Susan, Your table looks amazing.I LOVE those marshmallow flowers.What a fun idea. Anne

  12. Love these! I cannot wait to try making them with my grandchildren! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Desire Empire says

    Susan I admired these last week and I’d like have a go at making them. I’ll let you know if it do. They are just so lovely. Carolyn

  14. Love these! I’m thinking summer or fall cupcakes with yellow sugared petals and brown m&ms for the centers – black-eyed susans! Thanks for making me smile!

  15. Alison @ The Polohouse says

    These are super cute! I am going to link my sister to this so she and her little girlies can make them. Those white cut-out paper baskets are so perfect with your dishes too. LOVE the room and the tablescape! Gorgeous!

  16. Sass - aka - Kathy says

    So cute, so easy! Great tutorial, too.

  17. Hi Susan, thank you for the tutorial. Its really easy and the result is amazing beautiful. And I guess it tastes as nice as it looks. Best greetings, Johanna

  18. wow. This is just beautiful – the table setting – everything. So pretty to look at. Best wishes, Linda

  19. Michelle @ Michelles Tasty Creations says

    These are beautiful and I would love for you to share them on my blog link party. Have a great week. Michelle

  20. Beautiful on cupcakes, I will be putting them on a strawberry lemonade layer cake. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Alicia@eco friendly homemaking says

    Oh, these turned out so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

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